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Joint Max Liquid for Cats and Dogs

Joint Max Liquid for Cats and DogsJoint MAX Liquid for CATS & DOGS helps combat the stiffness and achiness that occurs when the cartilage between your pet's bones breaks down. It naturally lubricates your pet's joints and helps to keep joints healthy.

Reviewers Ratings ::
My cat has been taking JointMAX liquid for just over 3 weeks. I sincerely thank you for creating a formula for cats that is "doable". I purchased another brand's chewable tablets for him, but a steak knife would not cut those pills and my cat was not interested. I think I already see positive results and am thrilled!

Reviewers Ratings ::
Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste.

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3 PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (96 fl oz) + FREE Joint Treats
3 PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (96 fl oz) + FREE Joint Treats

($94.99)  $72.99
6 PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (192 fl oz) + FREE Joint Treats
6 PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (192 fl oz) + FREE Joint Treats

($179.99)  $143.99
6 PACK Joint MAX Liquid HA Concentrate (360 ml) + FREE Joint Treats
6 PACK Joint MAX Liquid HA Concentrate (360 ml) + FREE Joint Treats

($72.99)  $53.99
Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (8 oz)
Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (8 oz)

($27.99)  $17.99
3-PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (24 oz)
3-PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (24 oz)

($115.99)  $51.99
6-PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (48 oz) + FREE Kitty Kuisine
6-PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (48 oz) + FREE Kitty Kuisine

($119.99)  $101.99
Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (32 fl oz)
Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (32 fl oz)

($32.99)  $24.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaSave more with the 3 Pack and FREE Joint Treats! for a limited time only.

Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs is an excellent option for pets suffering from conditions affecting the joints. Joint MAX can also be used long term on normal dogs to help keep their joints healthy.

Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs incorporates a balanced formula of Glucomsamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin C into one highly palatable liquid. It also contains Aloe Vera, MSM and Manganese for added joint support.

Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs helps combat the stiffness and achiness that occurs when the cartilage between your pet's bones breaks down. Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs naturally lubricates your pet's joints and helps to keep joints healthy.

Reviewers Ratings ::
Just wanted to let you know that our favorite joint supplement is Joint MAX Double strength. Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!

Reviewers Ratings ::
Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste.

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Guaranteed Analysis per 1/2 oz Serving.

Glucosamine HCl
750 mg
750 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate
500 mg
Aloe Vera
300 mg
Ascorbic Acid
175 mg
Manganese Chelate
10 mg
1 mg

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, USP Purified Water, Glucosamine HCl, MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate, Aloe Vera, Ascorbic Acid, Astaxanthin, Potassium Sorbate, Manganese, Aloe Vera, Natural Flavors

Daily Dosage Information:
Size of Dog
In Morning
In Evening
Under 10 lbs
1/4 oz
10 to 24 lbs
1/2 oz
25 to 49 lbs
1/2 oz
1/2 oz
50 to 100 lbs
1 oz
1/4 oz
Over 100 lbs
1 oz
1/2 oz

Pour measured amount of Joint MAX Liquid over pet's food or mix with food.

4.80 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (96 fl oz) + FREE Joint Treats
works great by clayman from south Arkansas04/12/2013

tried other products (she wouldn't eat the chews and pills no way) but found my lab liked the liquid mixed with a little milk best. when we give her the joint max we can see almost immediately that it helps her mobility been using it for last 2 years. the chews are a great evening snack bonus

by from 06/19/2012

I could not be happier with the service and product that I recieved from Entirely Pets. As always, ( and I have been a cutomer for quite a while), they came through with a great product and fast servive. My 115 pound dog's walking and running has improved greatly.

Beacon Falls Ct. by from Thanks"


Preventive Medicine by tish3 from Tucson, Az. & New Milford, Ct.07/24/2012

This is a prophylatic remedy for good joint health. Liquid form allows precise dosing and even mixing of ingredients unlike powder form..

joint-max by RAY from blossom, texas06/13/2013

I use this product on my elderly pets and also puppies to give them strong joints and bones. it really seems to help.

A Wonderful Addition to the Diet by jazz1 from Drums PA11/09/2011

Jake is my 4 year old foxhound. Until I added joint max to his diet, he acted like he was 10 years old. All other glucosiame/chondroitin products gave him a upset stomach so no food would stay down. Since adding joint max, he is 4 years old again...running and playing with his sister.

Featured Reviews for 6 PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (192 fl oz) + FREE Joint Treats
help old dogs act like puppies by ray from blossom, texas11/15/2011

i have been using joint max on two of my older dogs (cooper and spike) for 2 years. they both had joint problems and could not get up or walk without a lot of effort. since they have been getting joint max daily, they run around and play like a much younger dogs and sometimes act like puppies again.

Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (8 oz)
easy to use by Ralph from Long Island, NY01/11/2012

I inherited 2 older cats (12) and one of them had some issues. When i picked her she would howl and did not run around much. I started giving them the jointmax which is easy to use (except remember to put in in the fridge after opening) and they are much more active. And they like the taste I just put it in their wet food and they clean the plate. This was much easier than opening a capsule and sprinkling it over the food.

Joint Max liquid-cat by fatotto1201/12/2013

my cat does very well with this product. He has been on it for at least 5 years. He feels and acts like a kitten again at 12 years old

Works Miracles! by MK10/23/2012

I don't write reviews about products, but I feel that I need to tell others about this: My 19 year old cat has profound arthritis and has a hard time getting around. I started giving him Joint Max Liquid in his food and the difference has been amazing. After a week he was climbing stairs much easier and has been going outside and exploring. If your cat has arthritis, get this stuff!!

by Lori from NJ12/10/2012

This seems to help with cat's arthritis but have only been using it for 2 weeks.

manx mobility by Bunny from clarksville , tenn.10/26/2012

I rescued an adult female manx. During cold or rainy conditions she had trouble walking and fell down the steps one day. Since her back legs are longer than her front a dear friend reccomended joint max. After two weeks on joint max I caught her jumping up on the window sill ( she has never done that in the year that I have had her.) She is also running around faster and more agile. I think it is due to the joint max since the weather is no longer affecting her back legs. thank you joint max!!!

works be patient by francy12/03/2011

my baby girl is now 18...Thank You God! Love that's it a liquid and not a pill ....makes her life easier and mine. I just put on her dry food, not her canned food, and she eats at will. She is ONLY a fish eater but accepts this easily....surprising! You MUST give it time and you will see results. Look for promo offers on net to save.

My Cat Loves it! by cpt_mommy02/07/2012

My cat loves this! Hes 18 years old it has helped him with his arthritis and he doesnt notice the taste!

Joint Max Liquid by Fat Otto from Lansing MI08/14/2012

If it was not for Joint Max liquid, I would not be able to be the young 11 year old 22 lbs fat cat ;) Joint Max has made me a happy cat and also made my "mommy" happy to know that I am well cared for with this product. I would recommend this to all my other friends who have aches and pains and want to run around like a kitten. It also taste very good, I will even drink it out of the dropper. thanks Entirely Pets

Works like Magic! by Colonel05/27/2013

First of all, I like the fact that it is a liquid. This makes it so easy to mix into my cat's food! The flavor must be delicious, because she loves her food when I sprinkle the product on top of it. Isabelle, my 17 year old cat, really benefits from "Joint Max"!! Thank you!

by Daisy's mom05/15/2013

Seems to have really helped her joints to feel better. She's jumping up on the sofa more easily and having an easier time with the stairs. It must taste good, because she eats all of the food with it mixed in!

Joint Max Liquid by Ramona11/19/2008

IMy cat of 14 years was having problems jumping on the bed. I didn't realize how his stiffness was effecting him until I saw the improvement. Since taking Joint Max he is more playful and grooms himself more. He licks up every last drop in his food dish so it's an easy supplement to give.

Finicky cats by Letty06/23/2008

Our cat who has suffered a pelvic and leg break as a youngster, was having joint and leg pain now that he has reached 9 years of age. The Joint Max liquid for cats has worked wonders even in the cold winter months. And for a finicky eater, 1 to 1-1/2 oz. under or on top of his wet cat food, and he eats it just fine. Our younger cat loves it's flavor. I researched this product and others from Joint Max, and have confidence in it's safety. I am happy to have found Joint Max and Entirely Pets.

SUPER!! by Cindy L.04/29/2008

In the spring of 2007, our vet informed us our then 9 year old cat had arthritis in her left front leg. Glucosamine was recommended, but try to find an appropriate cat dose. I found liquid JointMAX here. After about 2 months, we were amazed. She doesn't limp and she back to her younger self and it now has been a year.

A good product by catman01/03/2013

I've been giving this product to my 17-year old cat for the past two years to alleviate his left rear leg limp. It hasn't cured him completely but his limp is less pronounced and I think it has prevented his condition from getting worse. One thing I like is that it's easy to mix with his food and he seems to like the flavor,

Great joint supplement by Dogandcat07/11/2012

One of my cats has a little arthritis and since she's been on this liquid supplement you would never know it. She has no problem jumping up to high places or getting down.

Thrilled by Teena G.01/16/2008

My cat has been taking JointMAX liquid for just over 3 weeks. I sincerely thank you for creating a formula for cats that is "doable". I purchased another brand's chewable tablets for him, but a steak knife would not cut those pills and my cat was not interested. I think I already see positive results and am thrilled!

Joint Max works by justforjunk08/06/2012

This works well to ease the aches and pains of our older cat.

The kitties love it too! by kjet10/22/2012

I have several cats, one has a little touch of arthritis and this seems to help a lot as she constantly running around with the other cats....and one of the cats I adopted is missing the lower portion of a back leg so we give this to her to make sure she has no problems supporting herself on 3 legs......she's the fastest one of all the cats!

Harley The Maine Coon LOVES this stuff. by Dieselgal from Texas02/05/2013

I purchased this Joint Max Liquid thinking I would slip it into all of the cats bowls and thereby treat the one cat that really needs it. Harley is a big maine coon and he has some substantial issues with his front legs. We normally give him glycoflex II treats for cats and he will almost take off a finger for those so I decided to try to give him the Joint Max right out of the dropper. He not only stands there and drinks it off the dropper he comes and stands by the sink 2 times a day to let us know its time. I have only been using it now for about 10 days so I can't say for sure if it is making a big difference. I will update later after a few weeks. The one thing I can say is he loves the stuff!

Cleo Thanks Joint Max by MR from New Castle, PA04/25/2013

Cleo at twenty three is getting around fine now that she is on Joint Max. We thought she was going to leave us because she kept falling over because her back legs failed her. That was a few years ago and she is now doing fine, thanks to Joint Max.

My cat moves more easily by GG Catherder11/22/2011

I haven't tried other glucosamine products, so I don't know how this compares to anything else, but my cat enjoys her "special sauce" and she definitely seems to move more easily.

Works! Finicky eater got used to it. by r.st.michel from Nashville10/23/2012

My cat started limping in January 2012. He was sleeping all the time too. I presume due to chronic pain. In September I decided to use a glucosamine supplement. He got used to it in his food after about a week and a half. He did not like it at first - but he's super finicky. After 3 to 4 weeks, he was running around again, not sleeping all the time, and his limp was better. He also has a mal-formed jaw, and this has helped that condition also - he shakes his head far less. Noticeable improvement. I really like this supplement. The chewable tablets are great and palatable for dogs. Have not had luck with the soft chews for either cats or dogs - they don't like them. The liquid for cats and the chewable tablets for dogs are great. Recommend.

great product...buy it elsewhere. Can't change ord by ernman102/12/2011

cudnt' fix wrong ship address.CS lame. the shipping address defaulted to my billing address...duh...i have bought from them before???. Tried to call less than 15 minutes after the order got confirmed and they said they cud'nt change anything...that from a "supervisor" fine...i'll pay a bit more and take my business elsewhere. if you buy from them, just dont' expect any service if you need to do anything other than recieve the order as it was entered...mistakes or not and don't expect them to step out of the box. And, never had to re-enter the shipping address before???

can't recommend by bk from CT05/17/2013

I wish I could recommend this product, but unfortunately I can't. Joint Max smells like it is beef flavored, and I was really happy when I opened it thinking my cat would love it. My cat is over 17 years old and very arthritic. I was hoping this would really help him, but my hopes were quickly dashed as he doesn't like it at all.

Not worth the price by Julie from Hallsville, TX10/25/2011

I have been trying any number of joint products for my older cat. One seemed to help for a few weeks and then just didn't anymore. Thought maybe a liquid would be faster acting and ordered Joint Max. There has been no change in her limping at all. It was a waste of money for my cat's problem.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (24 oz)
Great Product by Joanne Aquino09/26/2008

My cats wont eat there food without the liquid, its like I got them to eat anything with this on it.

Joint MAX Liquid for Cats by Bonita from Pompton Plains, NJ04/29/2013

Joint MAX Liquid for Cats gives my aging cat relief from her aches and pains.

Great purchase! by Kitty Lover from Long Beach, CA05/30/2011

Thank you Joint Max! I couldn't be happier and am most thrilled with the results. My 19 year old cat actually "runs" (at this age meaning trots along faster). I give this product to both my older cats and definitely see positive results in both. I recommend this product every chance I get!

Don't delay, buy it for your cat! by Letty from South Texa07/12/2011

The Joint Max liquid for cats does wonders for my 12 year old cat. He loves the taste on his wet food and it helps his sore joints from injuries as a young kitten (broken pelvis, and leg). Our kitty now runs and jumps like he has gained 5 years of his age back! Joint Max for cats is worth every penny.

Featured Reviews for Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs (32 fl oz)
It works by Kylie from South Florida02/05/2013

Joint Max does help my dogs stiff joints and the liquid makes it easy to serve up.

wouldn't recommand it. by Rocky from Brooklyn, NY11/06/2012

my dog Rocky, isn't crazy about it. I wouldn't buy it again or recommand it.

I love this product. by Sherry from Nashville,TN11/06/2012

This joint Max works very well. My Rottweiler has hip problems and has arthritis. I will keep on purchasing this item.

by from 08/02/2011

My 16 year old dog has very bad joint condition and was on Rimadyl? for her joint treatment. There were times she would hop like a rabbit because her hip joint was so tight she could not walk properly.

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Joint Max is the best by Ghost from Lovelock, Nevada05/28/2013

my dog almost immediately was more active. he was even running when before using joint max he had troubles just walking. I love this product and so does my dog.

better than i thought by sadie may from brooklyn, michigan02/01/2012

i used to buy another product that was 2 times the price i had to force down my dog. this workes better and my dog loves it. even with shipping it is cheeper.

Joint MAX Liquid for Dogs by Jlou05/30/2012

Product arrived promptly and in good condition. We are very satisfied with the results using the Joint MAX Liquid daily for our dogs. Our dogs must like the taste because they never hesitate to gobble down their food.

Great Product by fujimato from Glenmoore, PA11/02/2011

This stuff is great. I have been giving it to my nine year old Akita for the past six months and I can't believe the change in him. After about three months he was getting up and down with much more ease. Now he is running around like a puppy. People cannot believe that he is nine! I have seen more expensive products on the market, but have not tried them. No need. This is the stuff.

Great Deal-----Almost A Steal by Walt S.02/13/2012

My dog is doing great since we have started him on JOINT MAX. He's like a puppy again. The price I got through ENTIRELYPETS can not be beat. They have a customer for life.

I see results! by cali girl12/17/2011

My German Shepherd is 11 years old and suffers from arthritis in his hips. I have noticed a big improvement in the last few months that he has been taking the joint max.

Lucy approves! :) by katekate from Virginia05/30/2012

Our 10-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, LOVES this stuff! I pour the correct amount on her dry food in the morning, and she licks the bowl completely clean, just like the dog in the video. When her vet told me to supplement her diet with glucosamine a couple of years ago, I started with hard tablets that had to be cut in half, which was quite difficult. Using this liquid Joint MAX couldn't be easier! Great product.

by from 01/23/2013

My lab is going on 14 years old and is getting creaky in his rear hips.

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can cats have Joint Maz? by FRANCES DAWSON10/31/2008

has any one given this to a cat? My cat has artritis so bad. This is a liquid and I can give it to him with a dropper. He won't take tablets.

Wonderful ! by Eileen01/17/2008

Joint Max had done wonders for my 9 year old choc. lab. After several months she is like a young dog again, full of energy and ready to play. I highly recommend this product I am so happy to see her so active again.

No more limping! by Rhonda01/16/2008

We have tried many products including prescription pain relivers and anti-inflamatories. I started my 11 year old dog on this for a bad knee and lots of joint cracking. She was limping and had difficultly getting up from laying on the floor. Within 1 month, I have seen a significant difference. She has not limping she has more energy and acts like a puppy again. I can't reccommend this product enough.

Proactive investment in my dog's health paid off. by Beth from New York, NY01/30/2011

I began giving my dog, Molly, Joint Max liguid for Dogs when she turned 6 year old. My vet suggested a liquid joint suppliment to insure optimum absorbtion. Molly is now almost 14 years old and has slowed down some but she doesn't have any of the crippling joint problems that many dogs "of a certain age "get. It's definitely saved on vet bills and most importantly has given Molly good quality of life in her "golden years"I highly recommend it!

good product for our dog by bowhunter from tampa, fl11/01/2012

Our dog is been feeling better and walking better since taking this product

The dogs love it by Keldawwg from Brentwood, Ca05/30/2012

I have a couple of aging Pugs, and this seems to help keep them mobile and agile and active. They love a little of this mixed in with their food. The dispensing feature (Just like what you would find on a bottle of gas stabilizer for your car) makes it really easy to dispense the exact amount each time.

Joint Max Liquid for Dogs by jlou04/09/2012

It is a very simple way to give the daily dose recommended by our vet to our dogs. They must like the flavor and don't seem to have joint discomfort any longer.

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