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    Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews - PENNY SAMPLE

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    Joint MAX TS Soft Chew is a powerful Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Creatine, Antioxidant, Vitamin and Mineral supplement with added EPA and DHA for improved skin and joint health.

    Joint MAX TS Soft Chews contains more Glucosamine than Synovi G3 Soft Chews. Joint MAX TS Soft Chews also contains Chondroitin, which is important in rebuilding of arthritic joints and Glutathione, an antioxidant, which helps combat harmful compounds that break down joint cartilage. Protect your pet's joints, pick some up today.

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    Usage Information

    Guaranteed Analysis Per Serving Size: 2 Chews
    Glucosamine HCl* 1000 mg
    Chondroitin Sulfate* 100 mg
    MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM)* 600 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 400 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 180 mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 120 mg
    Manganese 12 mg
    Vitamin C 50 mg
    Vitamin E 50 IU
    Grape seed extract 6 mg
    Zinc 2 mg
    L-Glutathione 2 mg
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mcg
    Citrus Bioflavonoids 200 mcg
    Selenium 2 mcg
    Other Ingredients: Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natural meat flavors (non-bovine origin), Bioflavanol, Sucrose, Soybean Oil and Magnesium Stearate.

    Usage Instructions
    Size of Dog Daily Dosage
    Up to 15 lbs. 1/2 chew
    15 to 30 lbs   1 chews
    30 to 60 lbs. 2 chews
    60 to 100 lbs   4 chews 
    Over 100 lbs   5 chews 

    After 6 weeks, the dosage can be reduced if positive results are seen. Since each pet's body is different, results may take longer in some pets. Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews can also be used long term on normal dogs to help keep their joints healthy.

    Chondroprotective Agents

  • Glucosamine HCl: Necessary for the production of key connective tissue components that replenish and maintain healthy cartilage. Glucosamine is a building block for the cartilage and ligaments and the cementing materials that pack the calls together.
  • Manganese Sulfate: A material vital for growth and development, normal bone structure and in the form of components necessary for healthy joint membranes.
  • Vitamin C: An essential nutrient for ligaments, bones, skin, capillary walls and other tissues. Ascorbic acid can help to accelerate healing after surgery and the formation of components necessary for healthy joint membranes.
  • Zinc Sulfate: A mineral found in almost every cell in the body, zinc stimulates the activity of many enzymatic biochemical reactions, and is important for a healthy immune system and normal wound healing.
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatories

  • MSM: MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a dietary sulfur essential for proper functioning of the muscles and joints. Clinical evidence on MSM shows significant relief of pain and stiffness and reduced swelling and inflammation.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) are Omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. EPA can also competitively inhibit the arachodonic acid cascade triggered by mast cell degranulation.
  • Energy and Endurance

  • Creatine Monohydrate: A vital amino acid found in skeletal muscle, creatine combines with phosphorus to regulate and enhance skeletal muscle metabolism, increasing muscle energy, strength and endurance.
  • Antioxidants

  • Citrus Bioflavonoids: Citrus Bioflavonoids help in the absorption of Vitamin C and protect it from oxidation. Bioflavonoids promote circulation and are involved in maintaining the health of the collagen that holds cells together.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant, being oxygen-free radicals that can cause tissue damage and may also play protective role in the coronary arteries from the damaging effects of cholesterol.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: A "universal antioxidant" because of it's solubility in both water and fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid scavenges more free radicals than most other antioxidants while recycling Vitamin C and E, thus increasing their effectiveness.
  • Grape Seed Extract: Grape Seed Extract is a potent antioxidant that can also recycle oxidized Vitamin C. It as the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain and nervous system from free radical damage. Grape Seed Extract has also been shown to reduce histamine production, reducing allergic and inflammatory responses.
  • Selenium: A trace mineral that can help control free radical damage and in conjunction with Vitamin E, protects tissues and cell membranes. Arthritic patients given selenium supplementation have shown improvements.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione, the master antioxidant of the cell, increases the effectiveness of the body’s other antioxidants. It is involved in various reactions, such as the destruction of free radicals and the detoxification of harmful compounds.

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    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.Click here to see all reviews
    4.70 rating based on 1737 reviews
    Awesome by Cordie's Mom08/16/2012

    Good way to check these out or share with friends

    by Herdabout10/22/2013

    Great product--love the joint max!! So do my dogs!

    penny sample by n/a01/01/2013

    I cannot say much other than I never received my penny sample with my order.

    by from 07/16/2014

    Start when the animal is young. Joint supplements have backfired in our older cats.

    cut by the from suggestedIn


    Joint max chews...gone in 60 seconds! by Iluvleonbergers from Ny, ny10/22/2012

    My large size leonberger absolutely loved these treats! Highly recommend them for any large breed.

    chews for my baby girl by CECE from Vegas08/08/2014

    i think they are good but should be used on a regular basis

    Not impressed by Spooma from FL09/07/2014

    dogs all seemed to like the taste initially, but after a couple weeks, they refused to eat them. Didn't use long enough to evaluate effectiveness.

    Great for our arthritic dog by Hike from East Tennessee06/22/2014

    Title says it all. Our older (in her 13th year) dog seems to enjoy life more when taking these Soft Chews. More tail wagging, more interest in smells, and more interest in other dogs. Walk times are easier on her and more pleasurable for her. We purchased the tub of the Chews and continue to give these to her.

    3 tries by js11/15/2011

    My dog was not thrilled with the taste and 3 samples is not enough to know if they work

    Paid for, didn't receive by Karen from VT06/26/2013

    Paid for this penny sample, didn't receive product

    products by jo the birder10/04/2011

    the products and delivery were great,but I had ordered and was charged for penny products and they were never included in the package.Otherwise everything was great.

    Didn't receive by Nan03/24/2013

    Wasn't included with my shipment. I have no idea about this product since I didn't receive it to give to my pet.

    She loved the taste! by Breezy02/07/2012

    My dog has arthritis, so I love getting her treats that could help her mobility. It is hard to tell if this treat actually made her feel better or if it truly improves her mobility, but I can attest for the fact that she loved the taste. She gobbled it up without a second thought! Also, the active ingredients are exactly what I have been looking for based on my online research. Particularly the glucosamine, MSM and zinc are excellent supplements for joint health- all of which are included in this treat.

    by Phil09/18/2014

    These chews seem about the same as the Synovi ones I used to get.

    Great Product by Boxer Mom from North Carolina08/01/2012

    Great treats and always moist. Hopefully they will figure out a way to keep the tubs of treats you buy fresh.

    Helps old dog with CHD by tobysmom from sweet home chicago12/09/2011

    This appears to be helping my old gal with CHD. And it isn't a chore to get her to take them.

    Keep my pup moving! by fwreed3 from NJ09/04/2014

    Joint MAX Chews seem to help my pup from getting too stiff so I plan off keeping him on them!

    Keeps my team pulling that sled by musherman from Oneida NY03/16/2012

    I have a small team of Huskies, all highly trained sled dogs. They're getting on in years, (9, 8, and 7 years). I use joint max to keep them from getting "old joints" as they age. They're all still pulling my sled and dog scooter with the same energy they displayed 4 years ago when they were in their prime. One has even had ACL surgery and has no symptoms whatsoever. Thanx, Joint Max. And my little poopsters thank you too. 3,000 miles plus and still truckin'!

    good stuff by stephbny1 from tyler, tx05/17/2014

    i got a bigger thing of this free when i ordered glycoflex for my dogs and i liked this for my one rescue dogs pups. they are large breed so we started them on these to help their joints. when the one female went to a new home, i gave the chews to them to continue giving her them on a daily basis. i would definitely recommend these. they are a great alternative to glycoflex if you cant afford the glycoflex.

    Does not work! by Lance11/05/2012

    I have been using this type of product for many years. It takes 4-6 weeks to determine if they provide a benefit. Stay away from this brand since it produces no benefit at all. After I switched to this brand my dog started limping again. I changed back to a national brand and the limping stopped.

    Free sample but would purchase! by Kris from Virginia02/21/2013

    This must taste good because my dog ate it right up! It was a free sample but I would definitely purchase full size if needed.

    Tasty by lyra12/28/2013

    My dog scarfed these treats up and would gladly eat more.

    Makes pup perky by JeanG from Pensacola, Florida11/06/2012

    My pug loves the taste of Joint MAX TS Soft Chews. They seem to relieve his joint stiffness. I can see the difference ...he now jumps off the porch, again. And, chases the neighbor dog up and down the fence line. Before Joint MAX, Butch had problems with stiffness.

    great product by Julie05/29/2012

    My dog loves these. Chows them right down. Seems to move better.

    Dogs love them! by liz12/09/2011

    Our dog loves these & he gets a healthy treat all in one. Thanks Entirely Pets!

    by from 02/26/2014

    My Keeshond has been getting GlycoFlex II soft chews for a couple of years. He has a very refined palate & I wanted to try the Joint MAX TS soft chews just to make sure he would eat them. No Problem - he usually sticks up his nose at something he's never had - but he ate it right up with no hesitation.

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    Maxwell by is from veryNo


    TS Soft chews by John from Duluth, MN11/11/2012

    My dog eats them like they are candy and I am happy to know they are helping keep her joints healthy as she gets older.

    Product that really works by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida11/13/2013

    My 4 beagles get triple joint max soft chews everyday in their dinner meal. It keeps their hip joints moving without any discomfort. They are 11, 10, 8 and 6 years old and have I have been using the joint chews for several years now and will continue to do so for each and every dog I bring into my home. I order 2 and 3 buckets at a time to make sure I never run out. Excellent product, excellent investment in your dogs well being.

    thanks by robin04/13/2012

    thanks for the sample. i am always afraid that my dogs wont like the taste of something but they had no problems eating these!

    Really Helps by Mel03/11/2013

    These really help my dog with his hip and knee.

    by from 10/26/2013

    My dog took one sniff of these and refused to eat them. We tried to get him excited about the treat/work for it and he still wouldn't eat them!

    him, by they from dontI


    Dogs Enjoyed it by Christa from Florida04/15/2014

    I requested the sample to make sure one of my very picky dogs would eat it before I bought the bucket and they both readily took it and asked for more. With 2 dogs and 3 chews you will not see any value from the product, but the sample served its purpose to make sure my dogs would eat it first. The science should stand behind the ingredients being effective so I would try it.

    no rating by Renee03/04/2012

    Never received this item. was shorted from my order

    Did not receive this item by Ginie from Las Vegas, NV07/01/2013

    I did not receive the Joint MAX TS Soft Chews PENNY SAMPLE.

    My family loves them! by cje08/07/2013

    Great product, with lots of good ingredients for my two old beagles and manchester terrier.

    Definitely helps my dog's joints by karine from Oregon coast, Oregon04/17/2012

    I get the regular Joint Treats for my shih tzu who is 18 years old. I have noticed that they help her with her aches and pains. She readily eats two a day, one in the am and one in the pm. They are chewy, like licorice drops, and she likes them a lot. Would recommend this as a preventative measure and as a good daily treat with "side" benefits of helping her joints.

    Great stuff by Pat from Yreka, CA12/31/2011

    My dog likes the sample so much that I purchased the 120 tub. It is a small dog so I cut them in half which is so easy to do as they are soft.

    Joint Max sample review by beutynthbst from Peoria, Az07/15/2012

    I received a sample of these joint chews and my dogs really liked eating them. Since it was only a sample I cannot say much on how well the product works, only on the fact that my dogs had no problems wanting to eat them.

    Love these by LAP from Dallas04/02/2013

    My lab takes joint max daily. I get the sample pack for traveling. Anything to simplify packing.

    Wouldn't touch them by Gretcheypoo03/20/2013

    I have 13 cats and not a single one of these got eaten.

    Great sample by LT from Thayne, WY08/19/2012

    Dogs loved the soft chew for joint health. Will probably order full size.

    Has helped her leg problems by Bobbybo from Lindenhurst n.y.01/24/2013

    My dog loves the tast. Looks forward to her Joint max everyday. Would buy again,has helped her legs. She is active again.

    Great Joint product! by jax22 from Cherry Hill, NJ08/07/2013

    My dog like to roll around on this a bit before she eats it up. this is a great delivery system for a very good dose of glucoseamine & chondrotin!

    dog gone good by Pookie10/26/2012

    i really enjoyed this product before the new and enproved because I was able to place meds in it, now it crumbles apart, but non the less my dogs love it

    My dogs loved these by Monica01/08/2013

    My two dogs thought these samples were treats so I may purchase in the future when my present supply of Cosequin runs out.

    NEVER RECEIVED PRODUCT by goldenlady from Mission Viejo, CA12/10/2013

    I've ordered the penny sample twice and although they have no problem billing me for it they seem to have a problem including it in my order. I get a lot of never received or expired products from HP/EP.com and right now I've been billed $100.00 twice for one $90. gift certificate!

    Great product, my dog loves them by chumley07/18/2013

    My dog has old aching bones and this product help a ton. He is getting around lots better and he loves to eat them, like candy for him.

    GREAT Taste And They Work! by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/29/2013

    My two dogs both limped badly and we had to drastically reduce the length of their walks... These have really improved their quality of life and we're back to hitting the trails!

    by Alice from Hong Kong05/22/2013

    I get a trial version for this joint max in my first purchase of the joint minis. I gave it to my aged snauchzer once when the weather was terribly humid those days and he seemed to be in great trouble moving even after taking joint minis. Seems it really is a double strength compared to joint minis. I think I will only use this product when the joint minis does not work for him anymore or in extreme condition. This is good but I just dont want to push him to take it while he can still bear the lesser strength product.

    Will buy again by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/02/2014

    I have an 11 yr. old Chihuahua that has worn joints so it's painful for him to get around. Joint MAX has improved his ability to move around. He's even started to go up and down the pet steps.

    one of her faves by M's mom from Virginia11/01/2012

    Purchased this little sample pack for $0.01. I only use these for treats, because I give my dog Joint Max glucosamine/chondroitin tablets both morning and night. She loves these chewy treats better. But their ingredient-mix isn't the same as the tablets. And she's done so well on the tablets (is 15 now and has been taking them for almost 10 years) that I don't want to change the mix.

    My dog wouldn't touch this by Lily's Mom from Florida02/13/2014

    How could I not try it for 1 cent but my picky little dog wouldn't go near it.


    Questions and Answers

    6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (1440 Chews) + FREE Joint Treats®6-PACK Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength
    Reg price: $347.99
    Sale price: $246.99
    Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)Joint MAX TS (240 ct)
    Reg price: $65.99
    Sale price: $45.99
    Joint MAX® Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)Joint MAX TS (120 Tabs)
    Reg price: $52.50
    Sale price: $36.99
    Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (120 Doses)Joint MAX TS Granules (960 g)
    Reg price: $36.99
    Sale price: $34.99

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