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3-Pack Joint Treats® minis (360 Soft Chews)

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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaIf you're going to give your dog a treat, make it a healthy, low calorie treat like Joint TreatsŪ Minis

Joint TreatsŪ Minis is a tasty all-natural pet treat with Glucosamine, Creatine & MSM that helps keep joints healthy and dogs happy. Give them to your dog as a treat, and to provide joint relief or help prevent joint problems. Start your dog on Joint Treats MINIS today.

  • FOR SMALLER DOGS - UP TO 40 lbs.
  • All Natural - No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No BHA, Added Tallow or By-Products
  • Can be used with joint supplements such as Joint MAX, Synovi or Glyco-Flex
  • Both healthy and delicious for younger and older dogs alike
  • Joint TreatsŪ Minis is low in calories - only 5 calories per treat
  • Dog Tested, Veterinarian Approved!

Joint Treats can also be used along with joint supplements such as Joint MAX, Synovi or Glyco-Flex.

Ingredients: Glucosamine HCL, MethylSulfonyMethane (MSM), Marine Lipid Concentrates, Soybean Oil, Natural meat flavors, (non-bovine origin), Vitamin E, Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate.

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Adding Joint Treats To Your Dog's Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

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4.40 rating based on 20 reviews
My two guys love these treats by Philly Hirl10/29/2012

I give my dogs two of these treats every night and they love them.

by from 06/26/2012

I have been using these for nearly a year and have noticed that my dogs no longer have stiffness in the mornings, or when waking from a nap.

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Dog loves it by Sunshine from Massachusetts07/22/2013

My dogs are doing great and no problem jumping around alot.There in good shape and happy all the time.

Great Joint treats by Kelly07/18/2012

I gave this a 4 star because if they were all with the new formula my beagle can't resist the flavor. I got 1 old formula and 2 new ones. The old flavor I have to coax Anna beagle to take it.

Keepin em strong and mobile! by Stormy from Ann Arbor, MI03/21/2013

This product was recommended to us by our Dog Whisperer ~ our little Daschund just loves them~

by from 07/27/2014

We ordered and received a 3 pack of joint treats recently. We have used this product for several years and have been very satisfied.

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My pet loves it ^^ by nanni01/08/2013

My four Pomeranian are getting older and are having joint problems. I started giving them a joint treat in the evening and noticed that they were on their best behavior knowing what they were about to get. They seem to love the taste and at the same time it's helping my dogs with their joints.

Joint Treats MINIS by krawz from Phoenix, AZ03/05/2013

These make great healthy treats and my dogs love them. I get the Joint Max for my lab's joint problems and it has really helped him. I bought these because now I can give something to our little Papillion so she won't feel left out. Now that she's 8 yrs old, it's not a bad idea for her to get this as a prevention anyway. And she loves it.

My dogs love them. by Shannon05/29/2012

My dogs love these, and there does seem to be less creaking and cracking of their joints when they take them. They do seem to be a little more energetic as well.

Great Treat! by Paula10/21/2010

These are the best treats ever. They are soft enough to be easily pressed into the ends of a bone so it takes time for the dog to lick them out. Great for the problem dog who doesn't like taking pills...just press the pill into the treat and the dog gobbles it up. A treat that is low cal and actually healthy for your dog. Who could ask for more?

Good product and my dogs like them by Ginny C from Long island ny11/22/2012

i believe these have helped my old dogs. they not only have glucosamine but fatty acids as well. i had so much trouble getting my one old girl to take glucosamine but this she loves.

Great purchase by Glenna from Freeport, Fl11/28/2012

My dog is able to run now - at one time he was lame. Its great to see him run again like a puppy!!!

Joint Treat Mini's by Harley from New Hampshire02/19/2014

My dogs love these joint treats. I have been giving them to my dogs for several years now and they really do help. I have two Shih Tzu's and one is 13 yrs old., but she does not show it. I believe it is due to the joint treats.

Great stuff by peggyp40805/29/2013

My dogs love these joint treats! My breeder recommended them! Great price for a great product!

Great treat even for my young dogs by Lync from Phoenix, AZ11/09/2012

I give these to two out of my three dogs. They are young but very active. My other dog gets the full size version of these so I get these mini ones for the other two. They are so cheap why not?

by floann@floannscottages.co10/29/2011

I am disappointed. I opened the package and found it to be 1/2 full. My dogs like the bits, great. I like the premise of treating and medicating at the same time. The packaging is totally misleading.

Joint Treats by Nickki from Virginia12/03/2011

I have been using these with my pets for several years. They think it is a treat and love them. My pets are 2-9 years old and all are very agile. They run like pups.......

Hide and Seek by Stella from New York02/22/2014

I'm the luckiest golden around. These mini treats hide nicely in the deepest of snow and I always manage to find them! It beats cabin fever in what must go down as the worst of winters!

Terrific Treat! Two Thumbs Up!!! by Queenofa11/10/2011

We received a sample of these treats with a shampoo order we had placed with Entirely Pets, so we ordered some. Our 12 yr old Cockapoo, "Mister", absolutely LOVES them. He acts like a puppy again. He is back to... jumping up on the bed (yeah...we're those kind of people, he sleeps with us) jumping up on the kitchen stool (to watch me fix meals so he can see if I happen to drop something... so he can scarf it up in a flash)...and jumping for joy when the kids come to visit. He knows where the Treats are kept and if he doesn't get "2" he'll sit and stare, and start to whine incessantly until he gets them (who said dogs can't count?). I would give these Treats two thumbs up! So would "Mister" if he had thumbs...

great by Pat from Denver, Co12/08/2011

I bought these for my Corgi Eric who had very bad hips and lost control of his legs eventually. My CHUG (Chihuahua/Pug) got them just to keep him from meddling in Erics affairs and now demands them every morning even tho he's only 3. They worked great for my Corgi (seemed to give him more spunk) until he just couldn't hold himself up anymore. Now my CHUG gets them just because.

Bad Batch by kninenut07/06/2012

I tried these and my dog loved them. I ordered more and they changed the flavor. My dog looked at me and spit them. Waste of $30.


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