• (Box of 30)  Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy (10-12

    (Box of 30) Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy (10-12")

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    Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy (10-12") is a delicious and healthy treat for your dog. The great thing about this jerky is it won't stick to your dog's teeth! Dogs love the taste and will go nuts for this yummy dog treat. Because Merrick only produces top quality products you know you're giving your pet only the best. Buy your dog what he really wants, Merrick's Jr. Texas Taffy.

    Ingredients: Beef Jerky.

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (Min.) 83.00%
    Crude Fat (Min.) 2.70%
    Crude Fiber (Max.) 1.20%
    Moisture (Max.) 9.30%

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    my dog's favorite! by Joy Bells from chicago, Il05/14/2013

    this is the only treat my dog's get once a day. they are super good and obey cause they know they will get this treat with the right moves.

    Texas Taffy by Patti from San Francisco03/05/2013

    My pups, Wheaten Terriers, now 13 and 11 years old, love their Texas Taffies. Each night after our walk, my boy Max comes and stares at me until I go to the closet and bring out the Texas Taffy for him and for his girl, Kiley.

    Too Expensive by cavalier lover from Selinsgrove, PA01/21/2013

    Dogs like but treat it is way too expensive. Advertised as 10 to 12 inches long and are actually only 6 inches long.

    Another great Merricks product by Dog Mom02/09/2013

    My Standard Poodle really, really enjoys Texas Taffy and Merricks Wizzlers. He'd be happy to eat them by the bunch, but we use them as special treats and give them to him just a few times a week.

    Texas Taffy by Jilly01/28/2014

    My dogs love these .Need to have them in the house at all times!!

    Great stuff! by scottiemum from Hartland WI02/18/2014

    My two dogs absolutely love Texas Taffy! Entirely Pets has great prices & fast delivery - especially if you wait for a sale! One of my dogs very often will not eat his kibble (he's a rescue) but will always eat his taffy!

    Very hard to find by thowell from Dublin Ohio10/01/2013

    My three shih tzus love texas taffy - the pet stores in my area don't carry merrick taffy or flossies anymore - luckily I found itthe taffy at Entirely Pets! My dogs are happy again!

    Small - False Advertising by Elaine05/15/2012

    The size of these treats is advertised as 10-12 inches. The last 3 boxes I bought are all 6-8 inches. Way too small for the huge price of this treat! My dogs like these but the high price and small size has made them too pricey.

    by from 04/29/2013

    First, let me say that my Akita loves these things. The product itself, despite a recall in 2011, seems to be great.

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    Small dogs ... Big taste! by deb from Richmond, Virginia09/08/2013

    This is a favorite of my 2 King Charles Cavaliers and sometimes they share with their bigger friend, a german short hair pointer . These are his favorites, too. I break in half for my cavaliers and the pointer gets a whole one.

    texas taffy by arlene church12/18/2009

    my dogs love these. I actually cut them in half because I have cocker spaniels. One is enough for both dogs.

    Texas Taffy by Joyce01/06/2014

    My pets LOVE THESE!!! Absolutely excellent. My dogs are satisfied after they've had their crunchy treat and they settle down totally contented. I love these because my dogs love these.

    Best treat! by sharingpuppylove from Vista12/04/2013

    Have been getting them for years. ALL my dogs favorite!!! Almost half the price than in stores.

    Not as advertised by Cavalier Mommy from Selinsgrove, PA04/30/2013

    Taffy is not 10 to 12 inches long as advertised. The majority of pieces are barely six inches long. A big disappointment for what the price is.

    Bad Item Description by Cavalierlover from Selinsgrove, PA01/08/2013

    The treat is described as 10-12 inches long. They are actually only 6 inches long. Way too expensive for being that small.

    Specify Correct Size Please by Debby from Maryland11/02/2013

    My dogs really like these taffys. The only problem is that EP says they are 10-12", which is not correct. They are smaller than that. Please give the correct size in your description.

    Vikki has high hopes on deliveries now. by rjb11/25/2013

    She hopes the package will be for her - when she sees or smells a Texas Taffy strip, her attention is completely focused on figuring out what she can do to get it.

    by Ken05/24/2013

    I thought I ordered the Texas taffy 10- 12 inch but most of the Items are 6-7 inches. So not impressed with the size and neither was my dog!

    Fabulous Treat by sunmanmom01/31/2013

    My dog loves these treats, as do all his friends. Great product.

    Good Treat by Mia from Montgomery, PA09/05/2013

    My dogs really like Texas Taffy. It's not artificially flavored and is all natural. They can't wait till bed time to get the Texas Taffy treat.

    Quality Treats at a Great Price by Bogart from CT11/17/2012

    We raise European and Russian boxers and only feed them the highest quality food. Like most of our canine friends, they also love their treats but finding high quality protein treats without grains and chemicals was hard to do. Then I found Merrick treats, specifically the Texas Taffy, which is like beef jerky. They love it! Entirely Pets is the only store on the web or in the community that offers the full box of 30 at a discounted price. I'm a loyal customer and now buy them two at a time.

    dogs love this treat by love dogs from new jersey11/29/2012

    i have three large dogs and they prefer this treat is texas taffy no. 1, nawsomes no.2, busy bones no.3 and dog biscuits no 4. They are all three male dogs and they are all brothers!! Very people friendly!

    Favorite Dog Treat by Deb06/26/2012

    I have to say that our dogs love the Texas Taffy treats the best!! They expect this treat every evening. We usually split one Taffy between our 2 dogs.

    dog loves it by Pat from New york, new york03/03/2013

    My dog waits every night after dinner to ask for her treat. She loves them.

    by from 02/05/2013

    your dogs love them by bigdog52 from shelton,wa.08/28/2013

    dogs love them,and a good price for the box !!!!!!!

    Yummy for the Dogs by Azdogmom from Coolidge AZ07/22/2013

    Made in America, satisfys dogs desire to chew. My dogs love them, easy to digest, and no mess on the carpet!

    MUCH SMALLER THAN STATED IN AD! by Bluntandhonest from Near Scottdale, AZ12/05/2013

    These are our dogs' favorites, however, they are NOWHERE NEAR the 10 to 12 inches as stated in the ad! They are 7-9 inches and very thin! I wish EntirelyPets would update and change the description to truly reflect the size of the product. I have seen the larger ones at pet stores, and they are much more expensive!

    If my terrier had thumbs, this would be thumbs up! by Mocha from Chicagoland05/26/2013

    This is absolutely my pets favorite treat. The best thing is that it takes a while for him to enjoy and savor it. He knows that when I get out the scissors to cut open the wrapper that he is in for the best treat ever made.

    happy dance by gabrielle from CT07/24/2010

    We have 3 boxers. When they see the Merrick box delivered, they all start the happy dance. Texas Taffy is their favorite although they also love some of the others almost as much. This treat lasts a long time and it brings a smile to their faces. I recommend it to everyone and bring it to friends who have dogs. You simply have to try it.

    Three Happy Puppies by Sissy from South Carolina11/14/2012

    I have ordered Texas Taffy many times from not only Entirely Pets, but from other pet supply stores. My girl, Dixie, and my grandpups, Bo and Roc, absolutely love Texas Taffy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the experiences I have had in order their taffys from Entirely Pets. The shipments were made quickly and my order experience was easy and quick. There is no doubt that all of my pet supply products will be ordered through Entirely Pets. Thank you.

    Dog Loves Them by fran09/18/2013

    Excellent treat for dogs. My very picky dog loves Merrick Texas Taffy and I don't feel bad giving them to her since they are made in the USA and good for her.

    These are the greatest by mommydog from coastal delaware04/08/2012

    My dog loves to shred paper. I'm not so fond of her doing it, though, so I give her these instead. They shred like paper but are good for her and she loves them. Total win-win.

    by from 03/17/2013

    I have bought this since my Akita was a puppy in 2008. I always buy the (Box of 30) Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy (10-12"). In the last couple years, the size of the taffy's have been inconsistent and the price has gone up.

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    merrick texas taffy by joan from california10/22/2012

    my two chows love these more then any other treat i give them. would highly recommend to any dog owner as a special treat for their doggies. they will do anything for them!

    Texas Taffy by Deb from SE WI10/21/2013

    My dog absolutely loves these treats. They are her favorite.

    The One and Only Choice by Mocha from Chicagoland08/01/2013

    This is the only treat my dog will eat......and I love that it takes him time to finish it. A quality product and in bulk it is a great price. Five paws up! Welsh Terrier approved!

    Merrick's Texas Taffy by katiemom12/31/2012

    These are a favorite of my dog and your prices are often the best of all suppliers. Sizes within an order do vary somewhat, but Katie loves them all.

    Oreo's Favorite Treat - "The Big One" by Christine02/28/2014

    My dog Oreo loves these. All I have to do is ask if he wants "The Big One" or hold my hands about 10" apart and he goes wild. He runs into the kitchen barking and tail wagging constantly until he gets "The Big One". I'll ask him if it's necessary and he'll start barking again letting me know that it is necessary. Oreo isn't allowed to eat in the living room unless it's on his 49's blanket. Once he gets "The Big One" he will run into the living room and lay on his 49's blanket and eat his treat. Also, when they are delivered, he knows what they are and who they are for.

    Dog Treats by Colleen from Illinois11/07/2012

    Merrick Texas taffy has been Colleens favorite for years she gets one each morning. Entirley Pets always seems to have the best price.

    Taffy = Terrific by Joyce03/29/2012

    My dogs also love these, same as the Wizzlers, however they love these because they can tear them lengthwise. I think they love the tug while their foot holds down the other end. For small dogs, I use food scissors to cut these in fourths before letting 'em have it. They love 'em same as the bigger dogs. The dogs use their front teeth as well as their back teeths on these and I love that. I also love these 'cuz they're made in the USA.

    The Absolute Favorite Treat by sassy04/19/2012

    Have to keep at least 1 or 2 boxes of 30 count on hand because my dogs push me to the treat drawer for them - they LOVE LOVE LOVE their Texas Taffy!!!

    27% Smaller and costs 19% by wolfen from Southern USA05/07/2013

    I have measured the last 3 boxes I have bought from Merrick and looked at my receipts for the past 4.5 years and this is the percent increase in price and decrease in size I have come up with. I posted a more comprehensive review here (they didn't post it) and elsewhere. Also, Merrick CS confirms that the size should now be advertised as 7-9".

    Lucy loves these! by CB from Cincinnati, OH02/07/2013

    My dog, Lucy, looks forward to her daily Texas Taffy treat. I cut them in half (so they're long) and she settles down in her favorite eating spot to munch her way through them. I don't worry about them since they are made in the US of US beef.

    by MoxiesMom04/18/2012

    These are a great value and my dogs love them - easy to cut when you have multiple dogs. They aren't a long lasting chew but they provide the crunch the dogs crave.

    My Dog's Favorite Treats! by BellaAnn from Dyer, IN03/12/2014

    I have 3 Chihuahuas and they love these. I cut them into pieces and they each get a piece after they eat there dinner.


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