JW No Skid Plastic Bowls

JW No Skid Plastic Bowls

JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl (Medium) - Assorted
JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl (Medium) - Assorted

($5.99)  $3.99
JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl (Large) - Assorted
JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl (Large) - Assorted

($7.99)  $5.99
Works Great With BoniesThe Skid Stop Slow Feed Pet Bowl from JW Pet is designed with unique walls inside the bowl that put the brakes on hasty feeders. Gulping and fast eating can cause serious internal problems, such as bloat. The base of every Slow Feed Skid Stop Bowl has a bottom rim of thermoplastic rubber, that is designed to keep your dog from moving the bowl around the floor. The Slow Feed Skid Stop Bowl is the most cost effective solution to this very common problem.
  • Slows rapid eating.
  • Prevents bloat and discomfort.
  • Promotes regular digestion.
  • Thermoplastic rubber rim keeps your dog from moving the bowl around the floor.
  • Heavy-duty plastic bowl resists rust and bacteria; dishwasher safe.
  • 4.12 rating based on 17 reviews
    Featured Reviews for JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl (Medium) - Assorted
    This product works! by C. Conway from Aurora, CO11/28/2011

    We have 3 Labs -- one who inhales her food to the point where she chokes, coughs and gags, another who "wolfs it down" and a 14-year old who eats slowly. We bought 2 bowls. The two chowhounds now have slowed to the point where they are just finishing their meal at the same time the goldie-oldie is finishing hers from a regular dish. No more running to steal food out of another's bowl! You can actually hear all 3 dogs chewing their kibble. Remarkable!!

    Dog bowl by Chellelyn01/01/2012

    Its a great bowl, but the noskid does not work. The bowl needs to be bottom weighted. My puppy first thing she did was scoot the bowl across the floor , then proceed to tip it over to get the last of the food! We needed something so this works for now.

    Does a good job slowing the little piggy dog down by pj04/14/2014

    I have an English bulldog that inhales food and sounds Iike a little.piggy. This bowl slows her down about 40% so she won't get the bloat. She still sound like a little piggy. Just beware this does Not help prevent stinky dog farts.

    JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl by Eddiepoochini from New York12/25/2012

    Love this bowl! Eating out of a regular bowl, my dog consumes his food in about 20 seconds! With this bowl, it takes him 2 or 3 minutes.

    Slow Feed Bowl for Fast Eaters! by Pinot46 from Temple City, Ca.09/17/2013

    One little rescue eats so fast she often throws up. This slow feeder bowl resolved my problem! By eating slower it allows her to better digest her food. Highly recommend this for pets that eat too fast.

    Horrible by suz07/31/2012

    My cat couldn't get her face in to get the food out. Also, it skid all over the floor. Maybe it's not meant for cats, but doesn't say that any place. Worst purchase ever. It's not a slow feed bowl, it a no feed bowl.

    Stops them in their tracks by PWD breeder/trainer/groom from Linwood,NJ01/11/2011

    I purchased this bowl as a replacement for one that the Doberman chewed. He used to inhale his food. This stopped him in his tracks. As a PWD breeder/trainer, I decided to try it out on a 10 mos old Portie that is at my house to be conditioned for conformation shows. She could eat her food in less than a minute. Now she takes her time and seems more satisfied when the bowl is empty. Now she looks for toys instead of more food. I only wish they came in stainless steel.

    Good bowl for wide muzzle breed by Play01/25/2014

    My 4 month old puppy Spirit, eats too fast, so I put 1/2 cup of food in it and it takes her a little bit longer to eat it. I think this design would be better suited for a wider muzzle breed, but I can use it for my older dogs as well.

    Great Bowl for Gulpers! by Renee from Alabama11/07/2012

    Our (big) Lab was a gulper. He ended up with a twisted stomach, but survived. Our vet recommended getting a bowl that he had to work to get the food, even though she had stapled his stomach so it would not twist again. She said he was still getting air, when he ate. This bowl is great. We feed him less, more often and he has to work to get it. It does slide a little but he is pushing it pretty hard.

    Still Skids & Does Not Slow Down My Dog by PJ from Columbia, KY03/13/2013

    Had to resort to holding my foot against this 'non-skid' bowl to stop the slide. Also had to water down dog's food to slow down her eating. Food turns to mush which she finds more difficult to get out of this bowl.

    What's Up? by pats1071 from New Braunfels, Texas07/16/2013

    I've bought them and haven't received them yet, but I know they have to be perfect; except the obvious, you don't have any SMALL....That's what I need, I have "2" Chihuahua Mix's. Silly buying all that much BOWL for little rascals as they are, but they have a problem of eating fast, both rescue dogs. Can you help us out here?

    Great Product by skootier from wallkill, NY10/24/2011

    Great price, have seen the same thing go for just under $20.00. This worked great!

    Slowed them right down! by Jeannie from Sacramento, CA04/23/2014

    We have two dogs and they woof everything down as fast as they can for fear the other might get something else. Never happens, but they never give up. These bowls have done the trick of slowing them down so they can taste and enjoy their meal! Thanks for a great bowl!!!

    We love this dish! by Sycamorekid1 from Northern Illinois12/12/2011

    My food 'hound' can eat his entire meal in about 2 minutes using a regular stainless bowl. This slows him down a lot which is better for his digestion.

    great slow feed dish by debbie from spartanburg sc03/23/2012

    I have one of the more expensive slow feed dishes and it really didn't slow down my doxie. This bowl is awesome. No it is not nonskid however you can put a nonskid placemat done problem solved.

    Misleading Size by Scott10/23/2012

    when looking for a slow feed bowl for our 3.5 yro Choc. Lab I came accross this one. after reading the description I decided to buy it. the old saying you get what you pay for. well when it arrived to my surprise it was WAY to small for a 90lb lab. So i have it to my brother for his puppy. they should at least put the size of dog that the bowl is for on the description.

    Excellent product by Linda B10/25/2012

    My rescued puppy was a chow hound and would practiclaly inhale his food. The bowl has slowed him down significantly!

    Slows gulping by Bama from Texas08/13/2013

    Rudy is a rescue who gulped his food so quickly that it caused digestive problems. We tried several types of slow feeder bowls with mixed results. This bowl works the best by far. It definitely slows his eating and has improved his manners.

    Featured Reviews for JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl (Large) - Assorted
    Takes him three times as long to eat! by coopersmom from Rockville, MD02/07/2012

    Skeptical, but I had tried everything. This bowl works like magic. Cooper takes a nice long time to finish his meals, now. No gulping and then throwing up later. It really works!

    Size by bp04/26/2014

    I love the bowls but they were not the size that I had thought.

    Works like a charm! by macygma from Grand Junction, CO09/03/2013

    Our dog ate his entire serving of food in 17 seconds (we timed him). I'm amazed he didn't barf it back up. This bowl stops that and makes him take time to eat. He's still pretty fast but nothing like before.

    by LindaSue from Laramie, WY04/22/2012

    This bowl is ok! It's advertised as skid stop but just like other bowls it Does slid around the kitchen floor. Not sure I would spend the money for another!

    Happy dog bowl by Pam09/18/2013

    Our dog, Chuck, is a gobbler! He would eat so fast that he burped afterward. Since we bought this bowl, he eats slower and seems to enjoy what he's eating. I would definitely recommend it.

    I love the slow feed bowl!! by Diane Maun from Pagosa Springs, CO09/02/2013

    I can't say that my dog, Roadie, likes the slow feed bowl, but it has really slowed him down with his eating. He now takes about 5 minutes to eat compared to before it took him about a minute and a half. He has even walked away from his bowl with some nuggets still in it, that means he is eating less. I love it, not sure if he would agree.

    slow feed bowl by Becky from Washington09/03/2013

    I bought this bowl because I have a dog that woofs down his food and than chokes on it, this bowl slowed him down so much that he now lays down to eat his food. Best purchase ever. Thank you, Becky

    Great Dish for the money by 4-Quarters Ranch & Rescue from Bell Buckle, TN06/05/2013

    This is the 2nd dish I have purchased like this....the 1st I paid more for in a Sporting Goods Store. This was a while ago for my Labrador Retriever who does everything too fast, including eat. So when we rescued a Golden Retriever, who ate too fast as well, I was more savvy to find the same brand at a better cost! It does exactly what it is supposed to; slows them both down to a respectable pace!

    Great for Rapid Eaters by Spyder Z.'s mom02/14/2013

    My dog literally gulps his food down in about 10 seconds. After reading about the possibility of bloat, I purchased this bowl. It definitely slowed him down. I am glad I bought it as I would feel terrible if he had an issue with his rapid eating.

    Dutch loves his bowl!! by Dutch from Rockport, Texas06/25/2011

    This is a great bowl... really slows down my dogs eating. He loves it. ;o)

    Good buy by pumpkindn09/02/2013

    This did help my lab slow her eating down. The non slip is not very good but we just figured out an area so it wont move.

    great purchase by snnmoon from boise idaho09/06/2013

    these slow feeder bowls are excellent what used to take my dogs about 30 seconds to eat now takes minutes. there has been now more gagging and throwing up food. would highly recomend these.

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