• 3-PACK K-Plus Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry (300 Tablets)

    3-PACK K-Plus Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry (300 Tablets)

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    K-Plus Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry is a supplement for use in dogs that promotes optimal urinary tract health and function as well as helps to maintain normal kidney function. The active ingredient, Potassium Citrate, helps promote proper urine mineral balance while supporting normal kidney detoxification and healthy waste elimination. Potassium Citrate helps maintain normal pH, which may reduce the likelihood of crystal formulation. When pH is normal in urine and less acidic, the kidneys don't form kidney stones. The other active ingredient, Cranberry, assists to maintain normal bladder health and control. This unique formula was developed to enhance renal function and promote optimal urinary tract health and function in dogs.

    These chewable tablets have a liver flavor, which makes them easy to give to your dog. K-Plus can be used with prescription drugs.

    For Use In: Dogs

    Usage Information

    Administer chewable tablet directly to dog. K-Plus Chewable Tablets are formulated with proprietary, highly palatable liver flavor base to ensure dogs readily consume the tablet.

    Maintenance Administration:
    Give one tablet per 20 lb (9 kg) of body weight every 12 hours. Dosage may be adjusted to maintain a urine pH between 7.0 and 7.5.


    Active Ingredients per (Tablet):
    Potassium Citrate (micro-encapsulated) 680.0 mg
    Cranberry Extract 115 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: Compressible Sucrose, Dried Dairy Whey, Iron Oxide Blend, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Proprietary Blend of Vegetable Flavoring and Non-bovine Liver Powder, Silicon Dioxide, and Stearic Acid.
    Product contains dairy and soy-derived ingredients.

    Customer Reviews

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    Tabs work Better by Joe from Northwest, Arkansas07/09/2013

    On our vets recommendation, we began giving our Schnauzer a scoop of the Potassium Citrate Cranberry Granules twice daily in her food. After a few months we retested her and the levels we were concerned about did not come down enough, as expected. We switched to the tabs instead of the granules, and when retested, the levels were better. It seems that more of the product is digested into the system from the tab form. The dog loves the taste and thinks its a treat.

    Exactly the same but much lower cost by Don Rousseau from Florida01/04/2014

    I switched from purchasing K-Plus potassium citrate Plus Cranberry from my vet to purchasing from Entirely Pets and have saved a lot of money for the very same product. Can't beat Entirely Pets!

    Good Value by paulaspups07/18/2013

    Last year my male Australian Shepherd needed surgery for bladder stones. My vet recommended he start taking potassium citrate to prevent future stones. I shopped around and found K-Plus to be the best value and my dog loves the taste.

    Great stuff by Penn03/10/2013

    So far this stuff has been great for my dog who has a habit of forming crystals in his bladder. After 2 surgeries to remove them (about 2 or 3 years apart), the vet my dog will probably just keep making the crystals. I make sure my dog drinks lots of water and in the past his urine near the end of a good walk would look a little rusty indicating irritation of the bladder lining by the crystals. Since using this product- his urine has been clear at the end of his walks! I really think this stuff is great!

    by from 06/05/2013

    My item was on back order. I called and asked when it would be available and was given a date 3 weeks in the future. When nothing came in 3 weeks, I called again, and was told it would be to your company in 2 weeks.

    another by company." from train your customer service phone operatorsI


    good deal by guest from Massachussetts08/03/2012

    Exactly what I need for my dog to help him from developing calcium oxalate stones again. He gets 4 tabs per day with his vets approval and is doing well. Thanks

    Good delivery service of much needed product by Mo from Chester uk05/07/2014

    My Westie has had calcium oxalate stones removed from his bladder and as he is diabetic I can not give him special food for that condition so needed potassium citrate with no sugar as a supplement. Hopefully this will keep his urinary ph just right for avoiding further stones. So far after a month of treatment he has no crystals in his urine so that is a good sign. He loves the tablets and eats them first in his bowl.

    Life Saver by Sugar from Orlando, FL12/06/2012

    My Bichon mix takes these as recommended by his Vet to maintain a neutral pH in his urine. He had surgery to remove bladder stones so this product plus special food are essential in keeping him stone free.

    Good Value by guest10/23/2012

    This product helps prevent my dog from having a reoccurance of bladder stones, check with your vet first, my dog takes 4 tabs per day

    Great Product by Clive from New Zealand06/27/2013

    My dogs love it like a treat and it prevents crystals forming in their urine which can lead to major complications.


    Questions and Answers

    NASC Certified

    This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

    The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) is a non-profit self regulatory group that set specific guidelines to which manufactures must strictly adhere.

    This seal is meant to minimize risk by providing an easy way of communicating to consumers that a product and its manufacturer meet particular standards of quality, customer safety and service.

    Those products that have the seal for NASC Quality and Safety standards have been strictly audited and were determined as meeting the following criteria:

    • Consistent manufacturing quality control
    • A system for evaluating complaints and adverse events
    • Clear and accurate labels compliant with codes and restrictions for all forms of labeling
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