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    RuffDawg - K9 Flyer

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    The K9 Flyer is the next generation of flying discs. Perfect for medium to large dogs, the K9 Flyer soars through the air with ease, and will provide your dog with hours of catching and retreiving fun.

    The K9 Flyer is:
  • Great for medium to large dogs
  • Rugged and bendable
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • 9.5"

  • Assorted Colors ruff dawg

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    Another Sinker by Jac05/14/2009

    My golden also loves these. He's very tough on all toys but these will last about 2 months before he has a hole big enough in the middle of it to affect flight. He folds them over like a pita & carries in his mouth which eventually cracks the thin middle portion - once he crammed 3 in at once! They do sink - I lost one in a pond and one in the ocean. The smaller size flies pretty well & is the most durable.

    Luv Luv Luv! by Pattie P06/12/2009

    Charlie loves this frisbee. We use it in winter too because it stays soft. Ours have lasted for years now. He isn't a big chewer. We did have one rip once when another dog and he played tug of war. Would recommend 100%. Charlie also brings it back like a huge taco. He can even pick up off the cement by using his legs and mouth. A hard frisbee would not be as easy to pick up.

    K9 Flyer by T. Blake, Pittsford, NY11/19/2008

    Our golden doodle's FAVORITE toy - she would fetch it endlessly if we had the energy. She carries it around the house constantly. The flyer is a flexible, bendable nylon, an excellent product, but as the previous customer said, hard to find.

    Flyer not Floater by Jen P01/01/2009

    My flyer loving dogs love this flyer and its gentle on their mouths. Inside or out, this flyer is on the bringing it a long list. However, the key to remember that the flyer (unlike the other RuffDawg toys) DO NOT float! I lost my first one in a pond with one throw. Overall - great toy.

    Wonderful by TFTMom from Southern California06/19/2012

    We live in the high desert..... they last even in this heat/cold... they are very well balanced.. my dog loves it when we throw it and it lands on it's edge rolling along the dirt so she can run after it and grab it on the run. She has learned to pick it up off the ground by taking both paws on the outside and squishing it in to make a bump in the middle she can grab with her mouth so she doesn't get sand in her mouth... wouldn't be without these for her, hours of good exercise chasing them. Very High Quality and well worth the price. Lady is a 30lb WireHair Fox Terrier (fault color of blue) and very athletic.... needs her exercise every day.

    These are the Best Frisbes ever by incenselady from Lima, Ohio10/11/2011

    I have a 100 lb German shepherd who loves to play frisbe. I had purchased 3 a year or so ago one has survived I think the lawn mower guys took or runover two. I sent for two more. They are absolutely the best, they don't cut his mouth or gums and they fly really good, even the old one still would fly decent. He loves to jump in the air to catch them. These frisbes are the best I'm glad Entirely Pets sells them, I hate those plastic ones for the dog. Truth is I can't say enough about them.

    Absolute Best Flying Disc by beardiemom08/07/2012

    RuffDawg-K9 Flyers are the best flying discs available on the market. I have tried numerous brands over the past 11 years but these are by far the most durable and yet the most gentle on my dog's mouth and teeth. I would give this product 10 stars if I could!

    Great frisbee! by Jackie03/05/2013

    These are the greatest frisbees ever! They are rubber so there is no chance of chipping teeth or cutting their mouths. They throw as good as a hard frisbee.

    by Pip03/30/2014

    These are very durable and fly well also, just need extra spin when throwing as these are heavy rubber

    Best by voucheragent from Indian07/27/2012

    We had bought a K-9 flyer from Feeder Supply several years ago. Dallas(german shepherd) loved it. He lives to catch fris-bee and this was his favorite. His last one finally gave out and I went to buy another, and Feeder Supply no longer carried them. He was not happy with any other flyer. I can't tell you how excited I was to find it on your web site. To be safe, I ordered 2. His picture was taken for Fitness Source, a local magazine, while catching a K-9 Flyer.

    most durable one yet by junior from honolulu11/08/2012

    this is the best frisbee so far being that it very durable. the kong ones are almost as durable. the nylabone brand isn't.the plastic ones is good for for about 5 minute with either our little staffy or lab playing with it.

    Tuffest Dog Toy Ever by Jake07/01/2013

    Bought 4 of the RuffDawg K9 Flyers and it actually took 3 weeks for my Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler) to destroy the first one. All other brands and types were gone in the first afternoon. We play at least once every afternoon when I get home from work. He is very hard on the Flyer but it pretty much stands up to everything he does to it. I will definitely buy more when he has finally destroyed all 4 of these. Thanks for making something that's actually worth the money.

    I love catch.Can't wait till spring! by Bella from Maine12/29/2012

    It is winter and we haven't had too much outdoor time to test the K9 Flyer yet,but I like it so far with limited tosses and catches. I am trained to catch either in the air or ground rolling.

    The Best by ID Spud from Boise, ID02/07/2013

    This is the best flyer I have found. Tough but is easy on the mouth.

    The only disc that works by Valkyrie from San Juan Island, WA04/30/2013

    The RuffDawg K-9 Flyer is the only disc that we've used over the years that I would endorse and continue to use. We've tried them ALL and given up on the others for various reasons. Most won't fly well and provide very poor sport for an athletic dog. Others get destroyed after a day or a month of use and get tossed in the garbage. The durable ones are usually bad for your dog's health as many are made of hard plastic that can break your dog's teeth, while others are made of cordura nylon cloth that seriously abrades your dog's teeth after a year of use. Only the RuffDawg K-9 Flyer can be thrown a great distance while being gentle on your dog's teeth and last for years of fun.

    jumping dogs by J. Robinson05/19/2008

    This is the best flyer by far. It's the only one my dogs will chase now. The only problem is you can't find them in the stores. I highly recomend these because they don't hurt the dogs teeth and fly forever.

    Seriously sturdy! by Melanie04/25/2010

    Our border collie/australian shepard/blue heeler mix is crazy about frisbees, but he'll destroy a typical frisbee in a single session. We bought two RuffDawg discs several months ago. He absolutely loves them, and has not managed to do any damage (in spite of some very energetic attempts). I highly recommend them!

    RuffDawg K9 Flyer by Bim59 from Olney, IL07/27/2012

    We bought our first K9 flyer 5 years ago and it became our Aussie's favorite toy. After 5 years we wore the first one out and were afraid we could not find another one like it, but luckily we did from Entirely Pets. This K9 flyer is a great exercise toy that both the dog and human will love. The flexible rubber flies great and is easy on the mouth when caught. Very durable. Hopefully this one will last just as long!

    The disk is fun! by bmdresq from Ortonville, MI07/28/2012

    Our gang like to play tug in the water with this. Floatsa gerat and they can find it quickly.

    Happy to have found this for my disc dog1 by Patt06/24/2010

    I bought one K9 flyer several years ago at a craft bazaar. My Golden Retriever loves it so much he refuses to chase or catch any of the other flying toys I've collected, they rot in the bin. This time I'm getting two RuffDawg flyers different colors! This flyer is easy on my hand when I throw and looks easier on the dogs mouth when he catches it.

    by AKLab from Anchorage, AK01/21/2013

    Our black lab loves these frisbees and he has a tough time chewing through them. We take it away when were not throwing it for him but it still seems pretty robust. Compared to other bendable frisbees these can be thrown a lot further.

    Fun Flier by BMDresQ07/14/2012

    Another great water toy. Easy to carry and throw.

    Good Product by lotusdivine10/09/2011

    My 4 year old lab loves the K9 Flyer. They are very durable and can take a beating and even chewing. Also very easy on his teeth which I love and I'm sure he loves too.

    Great frisbees! by k9flyerfan from New Hampshire08/10/2012

    Our dog would play frisbee all day if we let him. These frisbees are durable and last a long time. They usually get lost in woods rather than wear out.

    my dog's favorite toy by dogsmomma05/27/2014

    RuffDawg has this great K9Flyer in 2 sizes. My Yorkie loves the junior version. It is soft and pliable. We play with it both outside and inside. It keeps him in good shape and very happy!

    K9flyer by nanc from stockholm,wi05/23/2014

    best dog toy ever! our golden retriever is addicted to it. flies well, doesn't hurt her mouth when she catches it and usually easy to find if she drops it. The first one lasted for over a year of all weather tosses and being bent in half. I have extras on hand as one went missing(got distracted by something else). Definitely recommend!!!

    best frisbee by junior08/21/2012

    These are the most durable frisbee I have bought till now. Have Kong & nylabone brands too but this one is the longest lasting ones especially when 2 dogs grab it and pull at it while bringing it back to me.The other brands break alot faster. the regular plastic ones from pet smart is good for about 5- 10 throws if 2 dogs go to get it & about 20 throws if only one plays with it . the ruffdawg is good for 100's off throws with 2 dogs retreiving it.

    RuffDawg K9 Flyer by Diceman from Louisville, KY07/10/2012

    These are by far the best dog frisbees available! We have two dogs that love to play and these frisbees are what they love. They are easy to throw and they are easy on the dogs. We have tried other frisbees that are hard and plastic or heavy rubber... what's that? Throw a heavy rubber frisbee for your dog? I wouldn't. Throw a hard plastic frisbee for your dog... Come on!!! These are the best for you dog. Just ask your dog which one he likes best... they'll tell you they prefer the RuffDawg Flyer.


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