• Knockout Area Treatment by Virbac (14 oz)

    Knockout Area Treatment by Virbac (14 oz)

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    Kills fleas and ticks. Contains a unique combination of ingredients that kills both adult and pre-adult fleas. Even kills fleas before they grow up to bite. Contains IGR, which continues to kill fleas for 120 days after application.

    To Use: Hold can 2 or 3 feet from surfaces to be treated. Apply to pet bedding, carpets, rugs, drapes, and all surfaces of upholstered furniture.


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    by from 11/17/2013

    good stuff by jarb11/28/2012

    don't waste money on other products. go straight here!

    Fleas by Kittymom05/29/2012

    Had quite a flea infestation but they're gone now, so I would say it works well :)

    by Rosalina10/26/2012

    This is a great product, at a great price.

    Good Flea Killer! by ajaffe06/07/2012

    This product works great without any really bad odors. I did have to spray once a day for 3 days in certain areas, but the fleas were pretty bad to begin with. I only used it in areas away from my bird and gecko, and I had the windows open and fans going just in case, but no issues to worry about. It did knock out the fleas and so far, in conjunction with regular pet treatment, the problem is under control again. Flea season is outrageous in Central Florida due to a mild winter, so under control is about as good as things will get for a while! Good product!

    Works very well! by gaantra from Newville, PA10/23/2012

    Recommended by my vet but twice the price at his office! So glad I can get it online!

    Love this stuff by dragonflower from Ct06/13/2012

    This is the only product that really works!! I had a problem with feas a few years ago and tried everything from bombs to powders and nothing worked. It was like the fleas were laughing at me! They would bite just hours after I bombed. Then I found this product and read the reviews and decided to try it. It was the only thing that completely stopped the infestation. Now I keep it on hand just in case. I spray with the first flea I see and I never have a problem.

    Best in the Market by Mark R from Findlay, Ohio03/01/2011

    Spray where you need to..unlike foggers. Keeps the fleas out of the house. I also use Virbac Ecto-Soothe 3x shampoo to keep the fleas and ticks from getting on the dogs. Both products work great. Keep the dogs happy and we dont have the flea issues.

    by from 07/19/2012

    shipping takes FOREVER!! (they can only ship it by ground. so no over-night shipping EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR IT!)!! I had a flea problem and I had to wait for over a week for the product to be delivered. By the time it got here, I had to pay for an exterminator. They said they would give me the shipping money back but never did. The dude on the phone was a dick to me, also (just so you know)... I mean, a complete a-hole.

    a by good from productI


    by from 10/26/2011

    knockout by cj06/06/2012

    I have used knockout for years. After using it for the first time, we let our exterminator go. This was a hundred times more effective than he was. We spray our house thoroughly twice a year...no fleas, spiders or even flies. Works great.

    Best on the market by Tom02/01/2013

    This is the best flea product on the market. I worked for a pet store and used every product we sold and they didn't work. Bought a can of Virbac from the Vet and it worked almost instantly. Found them on this site for more than half the price and bought 4 cans and my flea issues are gone.

    Virbac Knockout spray by doggie friend from Wilmington NC02/16/2013

    This product is a miracle...killed fleas on the carpet instantly

    Spray really works! by purrs from Merritt Island, Fl09/08/2014

    This is the best way to get rid of ticks. A few years ago, one of my dogs got ticks at the groomers, of all places. I did not realize how bad it was until they were everywhere. I tried everything to get rid of them but they kept reappearing. My vet recommended that I use Knockout spray and put Preventic collars on my dogs and end of ticks! I recommend this to everyone.

    Desperate by Dee from The Villages, FL09/13/2013

    Followed directions to the letter.... Still fighting those horrible critters!!!

    Not enough product by Angie10/05/2013

    I believe I have a fairly small house, but this product did not even cover my area rugs. Further more, it did not work. I had to flea bomb my home.

    Kills Fleas by Steve H.04/09/2008

    Knockout helps kill the fleas that are living in your house all your long. But do not spray knockout on your pet.

    Excellent Product by Amanda W.12/10/2008

    I had excellent results with this product. Effectively killed the fleas and has kept them away. What I really like about this is you spray where you want it unlike a fogger that goes EVERYWHERE. So you would have to wash your dishes, counters, etc

    Best Deal on the Internet by TaysGammy from Texas02/24/2012

    This stuff is great. Once you get fleas in your carpet it's hard to get rid of them. Knockout is very effective. I haven't been able to find it in stores anywhere so I'm thrilled that I found a place online at a great price!!!

    by from 06/24/2012

    We cannot use flea control products on our dog because she has an auto-immune disease, so we must control fleas by laundering her bedding, vacuuming rugs and floors, and spraying.

    fantastic by product. from ItKnock-Out


    Berkeley, CA by from moxie"


    Excellent by Brenda from IL07/20/2012

    Very effective for carpeting, furniture, draperies, and bedding.

    Excellent purchase by Dog mom11/16/2013

    Love it! Lives up to everything it says in the description 100%

    Satisfied with Knockout Flea Spray by surfbird from Fremont, CA10/21/2011

    My house was really infested with fleas and I've tried a lot of products, so with that said, Knockout didn't kill every flea but I think it made a difference and really reduced the population. Even though it says it will last 120 days I plan on using it monthly until I don't see anymore. That and vacuuming everyday, and using Advantage on my dog. Don't expect one product, or one application to wipe out all the fleas.

    Knockout by margaret from Arkansas07/04/2013

    Why use flea bombs and have to leave the house for hours when you can use this. It works far better too. Our vet recommended this and even sells it but it is far more expensive at the vet.

    by Fleafilled10/21/2011

    This product is a good product, but I had a problem with this company. It gave me the option on line to select express shipping and my product did not arrive for over 10 days. Satisfied with the product, but not the company.

    Awesome by Moo from SF, CA06/08/2014

    This spray is strong, smells, but kills the fleas.

    Best carpet flea control by Linda from NY01/16/2015

    My vet recommended Knockout to kill the flea in my home. It worked quickly. I now buy it from Entirely Pets as it is more cost effective.

    just what l needed by flossie4 from waynesville, nc12/26/2011

    I was referred to your web site by a friend. and was very pleased with the product. it worked just like it said it would.l am very pleased with this product.

    Knockout - Great product by Mel from NY10/25/2011

    I have 4 cats & a dog. The last few mths have been horrible at our house with fleas. We put the flea stuff on the animals & sprayed the house with knockout daily & then vacuumed daily. My fleas are gone after only a week.

    Best ever! by hunt10/03/2013

    Love it! Works wonders. Just keep spraying and vacuuming and within 3-4 days, the fleas will all be gone. Need to make sure cat has some meds too!

    great product!! by groomer6410/04/2011

    I have my own grooming business in my home. I have used Knock-out spray for years and have Never had a flea problem in my house. I would and do recommend it to my clients and to anyone who is having a problem with a flea infestation.

    Sweet! by Bennie from Florida10/30/2012

    This stuff is amazing! I had a flea infestation despite treating the yard, the dog and the house. I sprayed with this according to directions and that was it.

    seems to have worked by robinblueyes7 from niagara falls ny07/28/2014

    so far so good did house twice its been about 6 weeks....still flea free :)

    not worth it by sun01/05/2014

    best to call in a professional since these products just are not strong enough when you have an infested house and you will waste more money. professional treatments are guaranteed and will work with you til the issue is resolved. I purchased this from my vet and online and went through two cans and it just did not work.

    No smell by jarb from Calif07/01/2012

    I just used this product yesterday so I can't rate the effectiveness just yet. However there is no nasty smell which is usually associated with this type of product. Ease of use was great. Shipping was extremely fast as with everything I purchase from this website.

    by Yvonne from Charleston SC11/06/2012

    Tried everything for 2 months to no avail. Maybe the fleas were ready to give up but this did the trick ...

    always have it on hand by pitygirl from akron,ohio04/22/2012

    This product is a must in my home. Used it for years. I have even bought a can for my sister to use in her 'stray cat' house.

    First-Time Flea Horror by Maman from East Coast08/08/2012

    We have sprayed this several times within two weeks. It is better than Raid certainly. I only rate four stars, because the young neighbor downstairs must have a resistant strain of fleas that got onto her dog. He is a sweet cockapoo that wails from being left alone for hours and bugs visibly fly around and off him, so Lord knows what the poor mutt is infested with that has spread to our unit. The student never reported the dog to avoid the pet fee and pet rent and seems not to clean or vet Bear at all. This is a "gated community" and the management and maintenance are too lax and cheap to tackle this crisis. We will order more. Our two little dogs were always on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. Our home is not! We alternate Virbac or an herbal shampoo every other week for their weekly baths. Do every closet, and follow instructions. Seal off rooms, and remove food, toothbrushes, etc. We did the walk-in closet, bathroom, then bedroom, closing each door for two hours, then airing the section out. Then the kitchen in only a few wall areas, pantry closet, foyer, L/R and dining were done the same way, while we were in the other part of the apartment or away.

    Virbac did the job by Marian from Florida07/31/2013

    Our pet sitter applied Virbac to all our carpeted areas while we were away in June. It's now August and we haven't seen any more fleas in the house. I will certainly reach for Virbac if the fleas ever reappear.

    Great product. by silerhome from Archdale, NC12/21/2012

    Since having to have our cat put down we have been overrun with fleas. Knockout is the best product we have found to kill them. We can safely spray knockout just about anywhere (drapes, carpets, sofas, etc.). We ordered the spray and were told it had been back ordered, Even so, it didn't take too long to receive our order. We have been very satisfied with the spray.

    incredible product - unbelievable results by tlshcenck10/18/2011

    my entire home was infested with fleas, my stepdaughter and myself were severly bit by the fleas on our ankles. after using your product we finally found relief. we also used the flea control product on our 2 cats so they would not bring in additional fleas. i will continue to buy this product and highly recommend it to family, friends, and acquaintences. thank you ENTIRELY PETS for your wonderful product.

    Knocked out the fleas. by calijames from Sacramento, Ca07/07/2013

    We needed a product you could use indoors to help rid fleas and this worked for us. It works on carpet and fabrics.

    Great Product! by melissa from Indialantic, Florida07/14/2012

    This stuff is really awesome and very easy to use. Best of all...it works!


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