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KONG for Cats

KONG for CatsKong Company has a variety of toys to satisfy any feline's appetite for hunting, catnip or scratching fun. Expect the best toys from Kong!

KONG Incline Cat Scratcher
KONG Incline Cat Scratcher

($7.99)  $5.79
KONG Cat Wubba
KONG Cat Wubba

($3.99)  $2.69
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy

($5.99)  $3.89
Kong Kickeroo Cow Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
Kong Kickeroo Cow Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")

($6.99)  $5.39
Kong Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
Kong Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")

($6.99)  $5.39
Kong Premium Catnip
Kong Premium Catnip

Kitty Kong & Stuff'N Easy Treat Salmon Combo
Kitty Kong & Stuff'N Easy Treat Salmon Combo

($5.99)  $4.39
KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo (Assorted)
KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo (Assorted)

($3.99)  $2.79
KONG Cat Naturals Natural Mice Teaser
KONG Cat Naturals Natural Mice Teaser

($4.99)  $3.79
KONG Cat Naturals Crinkle Ball w/Feathers Teaser
KONG Cat Naturals Crinkle Ball w/Feathers Teaser

($4.99)  $3.09
Kong Kickeroo Wrestling Catnip Toy - Giraffe Pattern (11")
Kong Kickeroo Wrestling Catnip Toy - Giraffe Pattern (11")

($6.99)  $5.39
Kong Cat Naturals
Kong Cat Naturals

Kong Field Mouse Catnip Toy
Kong Field Mouse Catnip Toy

($4.99)  $3.69
KONG Active Cat Play Mat
KONG Active Cat Play Mat

($12.99)  $9.89
KONG Active Treat Ball
KONG Active Treat Ball

($3.99)  $2.89
KONG Active Maze Craze
KONG Active Maze Craze

($10.99)  $7.99
KONG Active Tunnel
KONG Active Tunnel

($18.99)  $13.89
KONG Laser Toy
KONG Laser Toy

($5.99)  $3.99
KONG Extreme - SMALL
KONG Extreme - SMALL

($7.99)  $7.64

KONG Incline Cat Scratcher will satisfy your cat's natural need to scratch.

This environmentally friendly scratcher is made to be reversible and extend the life of the scratcher. It includes a hiding hole where your cat can hang out and play with the hidden toy inside.

  • Approximately 18" long
  • Ergonomic scratching surface for maximum scratching comfort
  • Made with renewable resources
  • Made to be reversible
  • Directions:
    1. Remove plastic wrap. Sprinkle about a quarter of the enclosed catnip bag onto honeycomb scratch pad.
    2. Place Kong Scratcher in an area familiar to your cat. Rub a pinch of catnip between your fingers in front of your cat and sprinkle on honeycomb scratch pad to release the essential oils that appeal to your cat.
    3. Important: your cat may need some time to get used to the scratcher. Reapply catnip as needed to recharge scratcher. Recharge with Kong Naturals Premium Catnip or Catnip Spray.
    4.50 rating based on 10 reviews
    Featured Reviews for KONG Incline Cat Scratcher
    Incline Cat Scratcher by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC10/30/2013

    My cats love it. The only problem was it came a part at the bottom and I had to tape the bottom portion back onto the box.

    great by mb from ny08/20/2014

    cat loves the incline. uses this much more than a flat one. well priced.

    Great value by Black Jack from Kansas04/12/2014

    We have a kitten that is half siamese and very energetic. This does keep him busy for a little while before he gets into something else ;) He tends to roll around on it more than scratch but it's still worth buying!

    Cats love it by Dick from Lowell, MA04/03/2014

    I love the Incline Cat Scratcher. My cats use it faithfully. I only wish we could purchase the inserts by themselves. I orfdered the scratcher in multiple pieces and they are large and take a lot of room to store. I reccommend this product to all cat owners and I have given a member of my family one to try out with her cats.

    NOT SCRATCHING by Ninja from NEW YORK,NY06/11/2014


    by ju t from NEW JERSEY08/21/2014

    The kittens Love this scratcher.... most of the time they hide inside and pop their head out of the hole...... Use the scratcher also for keeping those nails trimmed.......

    good purchase by Grannychick from Waupaca WI03/25/2013

    Our cats love this incline scratching post. It is a good value and product.

    Great scratching box by JesterPester from Gainesville, FL06/12/2013

    We just moved into a house with carpeting and my cats were using that to scratch. I bought this as an appropriate outlet for their scratching needs. I barely had it out of the box before my one cat was laying on top of it. I was worried it wouldn't be big or sturdy enough for my other cat. He's a big squishy orange cat. Once I taught him *this* is where he was allowed to scratch, he uses it all the time with no issues. And they both love the toy dangling on the inside. I find them stalking it all the time.

    by from 05/16/2013

    cat scratcher' by emma1dyna from Massachusetts06/02/2013

    My cats loved this until my large 16lb cat collapsed it. Not made for monster cats I guess.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Cat Wubba
    they love it by 3 cats from Stanford, KY06/12/2010

    I bought one of these, mainly to fill my order for the free shipping. My 2 indoor cats don't show a lot of interest in cat toys, but when I took this out of the package, they immediately wanted to play with it. It makes crinkle sound and jingles plus is catnip scented. They are actually fighting over who gets it! It has been 3 days since it arrived and still playing, I will have to order more to keep the peace.

    Kong Wubber--Material Not As Described by absolutelycats from Shreveport, LA03/18/2012

    TheKong Wubbas received are not made of the original nylon fabic and as pictured on your website. Material is soft and fuzzy. My cat is a chewer and enjoys destroying the nylon Wubbas. Not what my cat wanted!

    one not enough by valrydee12/26/2012

    Bought for cat, dog takes it away and keeps it, should of bought two. Light enough for cat to carry around and toss, Puppy actually like this one better than the small one for dogs, may be because she knows it is the cats tho. :)

    Shadow loved it by 3 Dog Night from Pennsylvania12/05/2012

    My cat Shadow found the Wubba in the box before we had even fully unpacked it. It was supposed to be his Christmas present ~ Christmas came early this year!

    Destroyed in one day by theal8r from Northern idaho12/30/2012

    My cat wanted to play with this before I even got it off the card. And play he did! He loved it to death, had it in three pieces in less than a day. But he did continue to play with the ball enclosing the bell for several days. Wish it was sturdier because he had a lot of fun with it. Have always had Kong toys for my dogs and found them to be incredibly sturdy, big disappointment here.

    Great toy by lmdkewl from Lexington, KY11/01/2012

    Gave this to my sis and her cats love this. Good quality and keeps your cats entertained.

    Our cats love them! by Dee02/01/2013

    We have bought several. They are machine washable and our cats are always trying to swipe them out of the clean laundry. I give them for gifts to other cat lovers!

    Disappointing by Purrfect from MI11/06/2012

    Totally ignored by our cats neither one showed any interest in playing with it.

    Happy Day by justy from PA10/27/2011

    It's a good day with Wubba. The legs are a crinkly enticement along with the catnip. It makes us all happy! Kitty feels good and we enjoy watching.

    Puppies love this toy too by Whytedog from Northern MN06/27/2013

    The puppies love this toy! The legs make a crinkle sound and the soft material feels good when they're teething.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
    Refillable by Tammy from Midwest01/13/2013

    The catnip was old. But the toy is nice and I grow my own catnip but due to the drought in the midwest the crop was not so good this last year. This is washable and refillable, bonus! As long as I can keep the dog from taking it outdside, she has taken a liking to it also. Cats do like it they can pick it up and carry it around like real hunters.

    FURRY fun by Jay from Florida10/29/2012

    As soon as I took this out of package my cat grabbed it and began tossing it in the air.He stopped briefly to rub against my legs in a feline thank you. Then he went back to playing with squirrel. That was a year ago and he still loves his toy.

    Good value. by Connie from Owensboro, KY06/06/2013

    My cats have been rolling around in the floor with this quite a bit, high as kites, because of the catnip I put in the pouch inside. It comes with enough catnip to re-fill 4 or 5 times. And it's good for holding and kicking with their back feet like Kangaroos having a seizure! They love it, and the price wasn't bad, so I am very satisfied with it. Took a month to get my $54-worth of items from Entirely Pets. I had to threaten to cancel the order, then they sent them immediately. But as for the toys, I am happy with them. Don't want to give the toys a bad review just because of the company selling them, because that wouldn't be right. So I recommend this toy, two thumbs up, just like the Play N Squeak. They haven't played with the other toys yet, just smelled them. Time will tell.

    Not for my cat by Max's Mom from Los Angeles10/22/2012

    My kitten has his favorite toys but will play with just about anything - I have had this for a while now and he hasn't so much as touched it. Not a winner in my book

    KONG squirrel by Dusty JoJo from Kansas02/07/2014

    My kittens LOVE this squirrel and beat it up/wrestle with it often. It holds the catnip, just great, at first I thought it would leak it out, but it doesn't! Great past time!

    Great Toy by LP05/31/2012

    I bought this and two other gifts for my daughter's brand new kitten. The toys varied widely in type and size as cats are so unpredictable. I just re-ordered THREE more so that my daughter can swap out the much loved little beast, which has been dragged through the house and is always nearby. She was worried what would happen when number one finally wore out and wanted reserves!

    Squirrilly baby by lthur1512/27/2012

    Excellent toy for my cat. After playing with it he gives it a good cleaning. This is his second one since after a year of his attentions the first one was looking rough.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Kickeroo Cow Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
    my cats love them!!!!!!! by George08/05/2013

    My cats go from rubbing on them to kicking them hard with their back legs

    Great fun for cats by Diana from North Carolina08/16/2012

    My cats just love this toy! Chance was tossing it up in the air and just all over it. Never has he done this with any other toy :-)

    Color by Lena07/10/2012

    The kickaroo is a fun toy for the cat... a boy who recieved a pink kickaroo, despite the color on the display being black. I'm glad he likes it, but I hate pink.. I was disappointed it came in pink, but happy to see him attacking it and having fun.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
    Great cat toy by Peyton07/04/2009

    My kitty loves this toy. She plays and sleeps with it every day.

    Dink's favorite by Pete12/05/2011

    My dog Dink loves all of his Kong plush animals, but this one is his favorite.

    Save your arms! by Angela of Texas from Texas09/24/2010

    My cats love this toy as a replacement for attacking forearms or legs. Sometimes we engage play with the kickeroo by simple dragging it along the floor. Most times, one of the cats will get all wound up and try to "hug" one of us so they can get that back foot action going on while biting, at which time a people part is quickly replaced by the kickeroo to save on bandaids! Works like a charm. They love having something this big to kick, claw, and chomp on all at the same time. I think it makes them feel powerful or something.

    Featured Reviews for Kitty Kong & Stuff'N Easy Treat Salmon Combo
    Kong is great, paste, not so much. by Desert Lover from Scottsdale, AZ09/03/2013

    I love the kitty kong, it bounces in all kinds of directions, great fun for the kitty. I would warn against using the salmon paste, though. It left all kinds of unsightly goop and stains on my floors. I wish these kongs still came with a paper tail that is anchored inside the kong, and is dipped in liquid catnip. I will have to improvise and make one myself.

    Smelly for me, but cat loves it! by Michele02/26/2013

    My indoor/outdoor kitty can't go out during rainstorms or an occasional flurry because she hates it. But she also hates being cooped up and bored -- this solved it! She loves it. Personally, i think the salmon treat paste is stinky...but she adores it.

    good purchase by Joal from Central Iowa10/23/2012

    My kitten enjoys the stuffable Kitty Kong, more so with soft treats inside than with the paste that came with it, so I'm sure it will be enjoyed for many years even if I don't purchase more tubes of the "easy treat".

    Featured Reviews for KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo (Assorted)
    good toy by sandi from South Carolina01/23/2014

    good toy. my toy baskets are filled with a vast variety of cat toys for our eleven cats. this one is often taken out of the basket so I know it has been played with and bounced around. cats can be fickle with their toys. this is a good toy to add to your toy basket. it does not require any adult supervision. I like to play with our cats with the fishing rod toys but I can NEVER leave those type of toys out. This is a toy you can leave out.

    Cat likes it by Yolupe from Wilkes-Barre, PA06/13/2014

    The size is a bit big for my small cat but she carries this toy around the house. She seems to like it.

    There are better options by Max's Mom from Los Angeles10/22/2012

    My kitten preferred the longer giraffe kickaroo - he never so much as looked at this twice.

    My little guy loves this toy!! by BabyJ from NY03/07/2013

    My little guy loves this toy!! He plays with it every day and it is still in one piece. It doesn't fall apart like some other cat toys can do. Great product and price!!

    Featured Reviews for KONG Cat Naturals Natural Mice Teaser
    great fun time by katlady from Fairless Hills,Pa02/08/2012

    My three very spoiled,jaded kitties LOVED these. I will purchase more.

    surprised and delighted by amyways from ny12/20/2010

    i was skeptical that my cats would like these mice; they are not covered in real fur, and they are a lot bigger than all of their other toy mice. they went crazy for them though! they are probably their favorite toys at this point, and they don't get lost under the refrigerator either, although that's really more of a treat for me i guess :)

    Orion Loves these by Dee11/06/2009

    These mousies are my kitty Orion's favorite. He throws them around, maybe because they occasionally stick to his claws.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Cat Naturals Crinkle Ball w/Feathers Teaser
    Loved it so much by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA05/06/2013

    My cats, all ages, loved this. It was ripped up in 2 days, which is not a good thing, but better than all the toys I have just laying around no one will play with.

    by from 12/27/2013

    Lick... and lick.... and lick....... by mc from VA04/06/2013

    My chubby cat actually likes this toy. She played with it but then one day she just started to lick it.... and lick it......... and lick it. Dunno why, but all she does when its around is constantly lick it. They're fuzzy green and blue fur on the outside so that might be why, or the catnip smell. Not sure; but she actually pays attention to this toy, and for that I'm thankful!

    Featured Reviews for Kong Kickeroo Wrestling Catnip Toy - Giraffe Pattern (11")
    Hide it away by maumom08/28/2013

    Cats like this. It's kind of large for our small cat. Hide it in the closet so it's not destroyed.

    My kitten loved this toy by Max's Mom from Los Angeles10/22/2012

    My kitten went right to it and started grabbing and kicking it - unlike some of the other toys that he just neglects - this one is a winner and I would recommend it

    Great cat toy by Teddy's mom from Northern California01/22/2014

    My cat Teddy just loves to beat up his Kickeroo then take a nap with his head resting on the body. This is the best cat toy he has ever had.

    cats LOVE it by Sharon03/24/2009

    My 6 year old cat LOVED this toy--more than any other toy. It's great to see him enjoying a good wrestle and energetic kicking! The Kong Kickeroo was really well made as well. I will be buying more.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Field Mouse Catnip Toy
    Great toy for my kitties by Boo05/30/2012

    I find this toy everywhere in my house and know it's been delivered there by one of my kitties. It's always in a different place. The cat nip inside, and the interesting textures outside, captivate them!!

    Intoxicating by Pete12/05/2011

    I bought this toy for the little feral cat that I have more or less adopted. Being an outside cat with very little socializing, she is not accustomed to playing with toys. But with this toy being embellished with catnip on the inside and catnip spray on the outside she is totally euphoric.

    He really loves it! by Jay from Florida Keys10/29/2012

    Actually he's holding the squirrel but it was too late to add to my review. Travis is fond of fuzzy toys he can sink his fangs in. LOVES Kong Toys

    Featured Reviews for KONG Active Cat Play Mat
    kong by jc09/26/2013

    my cats love the Kong, I didnt how they would like the noise, but they do.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Active Treat Ball
    Kong active treat ball for cats-too big? by Naturegirl from Cleveland Hts., Ohio10/17/2013

    Couldn't get my cats interested in this. I think it's too big for cats, but that's just my guess. It's about the size of a tennis ball, and in my experience, not many cats play with toys that large. Also would be nice to be able to adjust the size of the opening. Would probably be great for a small dog.

    by from 10/15/2013

    It's easy to fill the toy and easy for your cat to get the food out, which makes it a fine entry point for cats who have little or no experience with puzzle toys. It could be improved by enabling users to make the puzzle harder as the cat gets more skill.

    understand by the from negativeI


    Kong Ball for Cats by Jene10/04/2013

    This is one of the worse products I have EVER purchased. It's just a hunk of plastic! Don't waste your money.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Active Tunnel
    Disappointed by kittenmom from N.Olmsted, OH10/23/2013

    I bought this product for our disabled kitten who spends most of her time on the floor. She loves crawling into boxes so I thought I'd try this tunnel. The problem is that it rolls when the kitten tries to go in and it scared her. She avoids it like crazy. Our other normal cats won't play in it either due to the rolling. So I am giving it 3 stars. If I could figure out how to stabilize it maybe it would work.

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