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Kong Hugga Wubba Teaser Cat Toy

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The Kong Hugga Wubba Cat Teaser is great for catching and keeping your cat's interest. Made with soft fleece filled with catnip, the Hugga Wubba cat toy is attached to a cord and 2 piece wand. Just wave this silly toy in front of your cat and he or she will go crazy! Hugga Wubbas have a rattle inside and the legs crinkle for lots of fun!

  • Covered with soft fleece fabric and have extra long tails.
  • Contains irresistible catnip.
  • Body rattles and tail crinkles.
  • Interactive fun for you and your cat.
  • Encourages play and exercise.
  • Hugga Wubba toy with attached teaser pole.

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  • Useful Information

    Wubba for Cats Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) What do cats find interesting about Kong Wubba for Cats?

    A) The combination of scent, texture, and sound make the Cat Wubba particularly attractive as a plaything for cats. The scent of the catnip which is included inside the Wubba initially attracts most cats to the play object, and the sound of the rattle ball and crackle tails provide added sensory stimulation. In addition, the longer tails on the Hugga and animal-shaped Wubba are well-suited for wrestling and hind-leg kicking.

    Q) Wubba for Cats is what category of toy?

    A) KONG’s Wubba for Cats is a "cross-over" toy in that it meets several play needs of the cat. There are elements of each of the following categories:

    Catnip Toys - each Cat Wubba is infused with premium, North American catnip
    Active Toys - the Hugga and animal styles are well suited for wrestling and active play
    Interactive Toys - the two teaser styles are designed for interactive play with a pet parent
    Comfort Toys - the softer animal and Hugga fabrics make nice companion toys for cats

    Q) How many styles of Cat Wubba are available?

    A) There are a total of nine styles of Cat Wubba now available from KONG:

    Cat Wubba
    Cat Wubba Teaser
    Hugga Wubba
    Hugga Wubba Teaser
    Five animal varieties: Pig, Duck, Cow, Mouse, and Bunny

    Q) Are there any safety precautions for using Cat Wubba?

    A) As with all toys that your cat plays with, it is recommended that you can supervise your cat’s play. Teaser poles and the string that connects them to the toy should never be left out for a cat to play with unsupervised; they are designed only for interactive play. Finally, you should frequently inspect toys for frayed, loose, or worn parts and discontinue use if this should occur.

    Q) Can I clean my Cat Wubba?

    A) To clean the Cat Wubba, wipe with a warm, damp washcloth and let air dry. It is not recommended that you machine wash due to the plastic rattle ball, crackle paper, and catnip contained inside of the toy.

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