KONG Wubba

KONG WubbaKong Wubba Toy is the ultimate interactive play toy for dogs. Wubbas are designed for you to play fetch and other interactive games with your dog. Durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two rubber balls (a tennis ballon top and a squeaker ball on the bottom). The long tails make it easy to pick up and throw.

KONG Camo Wubba (SMALL)
KONG Camo Wubba (SMALL)

($7.99)  $5.99
KONG Mega Wubba
KONG Mega Wubba

($23.99)  $17.99
KONG Puppy Wubba (Assorted)
KONG Puppy Wubba (Assorted)

($5.99)  $4.49
Kong Snugga Wubba - Small (Assorted)
Kong Snugga Wubba - Small (Assorted)

($5.99)  $4.29
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Small (Assorted)
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Small (Assorted)

($4.99)  $3.49
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)

($5.99)  $5.39
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy X-Large (Assorted)
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy X-Large (Assorted)

($7.99)  $6.89
KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)
KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)

($8.99)  $6.59
KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy X-Large (Assorted)
KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy X-Large (Assorted)

($11.99)  $8.49
KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)
KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)

($8.99)  $6.69
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Small (Assorted)
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Small (Assorted)

($5.99)  $4.89
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Large (Assorted)
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Large (Assorted)

($7.99)  $6.59
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Extra Large (Assorted)
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Extra Large (Assorted)

($12.99)  $9.39
Wubba Dog Toy - Large
Wubba Dog Toy - Large

($12.99)  $10.79
Wubba Dog Toy - Extra Large
Wubba Dog Toy - Extra Large

($11.99)  $8.79
Wubba Dog Toy - Small
Wubba Dog Toy - Small

($6.99)  $4.69
KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends - Small
KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends - Small

($7.99)  $5.99
KONG Wubba Floppy Ears - XLarge
KONG Wubba Floppy Ears - XLarge

($12.99)  $9.99
KONG Snugga Wubba  - Extra Large (Assorted)
KONG Snugga Wubba - Extra Large (Assorted)

($13.99)  $10.99
  • Durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two rubber balls- a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath
  • The long tail make it easy to pick up and throw
  • Dogs love to squeak the Wubba and shake the flapping tails back and forth

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  • 5.00 rating based on 3 reviews
    Featured Reviews for KONG Camo Wubba (SMALL)
    Love IT! by lmdkewl from Lexington, KY01/11/2013

    Does justice. Love how long it lasts. I have two 50lbs + dogs that tug of war it all the time. I've had it for almost 2 months now and it is still going strong. I love it.

    toy for my dogs by anetia07/15/2012

    i like the toy kong camo wubba and the parice nice pet supplies store

    Puppy Luv by Hiwyre05/16/2014

    I have given these to two friends for their puppies...fast became a favorite toy.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Mega Wubba


    by Snkrsalab05/14/2013

    My 42 pound dog loves her Mega Wubba. She flings it around and shakes it like she is trying to kill it.

    mega wobba kong by brennan from nj01/03/2013

    this is a great toy and a great price worth the price. sells for alot more else where

    Featured Reviews for KONG Puppy Wubba (Assorted)
    by from 03/27/2012

    The product is OK, not a real favorite for our new puppy, but the shipping speed is HORRIBLE. It took 3 business days for them to even get the order out the door and I did not receive it in their stated 3-8 business day arrival.

    ordered by from from EntirelyPetsI


    great gift for puppies! by jenmcclendon from Tulsa, OK12/18/2012

    Our dog loves her big wubba so it's one of our favorite gifts for new puppies! It's very durable so it will last a long time as well.

    Best Dog Toy by Chris from Fairfield County, CT01/18/2013

    My puppy LOVES her wubba! She has one for outside and one for inside. She loves to take it and run back and forth and toss it in the air and catch it.

    Still going strong by ANDAR from Sacramento03/08/2014

    One of the few puppy toys still whole from all the toys purchased for my 7 month old whippet

    adorable toy!! by danny from biloxi, MS.10/23/2012

    My puppy adores this toy!! She can't get enough of it :)

    Featured Reviews for Kong Snugga Wubba - Small (Assorted)
    dogs love it by junior from honolulu09/22/2014

    dogs love it but break it on the day it's given to them

    Very Nice Toy for a Cairn Terrier by Celticgael from Ohio09/09/2013

    I purchased the Kong Snugga Wubba-Small toy for my Cairn Terrier. It is a wonderful toy that a Cairn Terrier can shake, tug and flop around with. It is very well made and I would recommend this product.

    Kong Snugga Wubba by Melody02/18/2014

    I bought one for the 4 week old Poodles and all the dogs loved it. I kept having to take it out of my 13 yr old poodles chair. (The recliner) I wish I had bought 6 of them...

    Kong snugga wubba by mastiff mama from Loomis, CA09/19/2013

    My BC tried to steal one from another dog, so I bought her one... she loves it to pieces!

    Dog loved, not too durable though by Krans from Indianapolis12/04/2012

    My dog loved this, and took great pleasure in immediately ripping it apart. There didn't look to be any choking hazard parts, so long as you purchase the right size Wubba for your dog. To be fair to the product, no matter how "tough" a stuffed toy claims to be, she has no problem destroying it :)

    Featured Reviews for KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Small (Assorted)
    Durable toy by Connie12/30/2013

    This toy seems durable. I'm always looking for toys that my little dog won't destroy.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)
    Great tug toy by JWCWestminster from Maryland09/03/2013

    Great for puppy tug play-durable-love the bright colors

    Pretty Good Tug Toy by GoPete from Phoenix AZ09/11/2014

    My corgi loves this one. He does love rope toys, and proceeds to shred them all as soon as he gets them. A month in, he's only gotten a small section of the rope shredded on this. He is definitely having fun with this one.

    by junior from honolulu04/23/2013

    Dogs love it and so far seems very durable

    Not for compulsive chewers by Shan08/24/2013

    My medium-sized dog had the fabric strips chewed off (and swallowed) pretty quickly. The middle part is not as destructible, but the dogs lose interest after chewing off the tassels.

    Tugga wubba by Micunurs from Noblesville,IN09/15/2013

    My dog liked it, but not nearly as much as she likes her wubba.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy X-Large (Assorted)
    My dog loves this... by HAPPY from Connecticut04/01/2013

    These wubba toys are my dog's favorite... he always brings this to the door to meet us when we get home.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)
    Great tug toy by JWCWestminster from Maryland09/03/2013

    Durable, fun to tug toy, great for pool play

    Do not buy if your dog is a chewer by chris from Los Angeles, CA06/28/2013

    Initially I was happy with my purchase as this toy was another 'pool' toy for my labrador. It floated well and my pooch dove in the pool to get it. However, 10 minutes later the Wubba was completely destroyed. If you do not have a chewer then this is probably a good product.

    by from 05/10/2013

    Our golden retriever is quite the swimmer. This wubba has been great for tossing into the pool & our golden retrieves it, again and again and again.

    Sherrie by Monrovia, CA from Love

    Great For the Pool

    Featured Reviews for KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy X-Large (Assorted)
    Wubba by Micunurs from Noblesville, IN09/15/2013

    My dog loves her wubba. This is her favorite toy of all time. They are very durable as well.

    Great Toy by DogLover56 from North Port, FL06/14/2013

    My dog is rarely seen without this toy and even sleeps with it. She's had it about a year now and it's still in good shape. I like that I can just rinse it off when it gets really dirty.

    My favorite toy! by CHLOE from Indiana07/25/2013

    My name is Chloe Grace and I'm a golden retriever. My very favorite toy is the wet wubba. My humans let me swim in their pool. I've trained my dad to throw it for me and I get and swim and bring it back to him (most of the time). I could do that FOREVER! Sometimes he even swims with me and we race to see who gets to it first (I usually win). I give it a 2 paws up for sure!!

    kong wubba by stooges714 from wappingers falls ny01/02/2014

    We have a large very playful black lab. He loves it and has not destroyed it. He has been playing with it since Christmas.

    Super-Fun! by Desert Diva from Lake Havasu City, AZ08/20/2014

    I have two active swimmers who argued over a water frisbee for years and the toy-driven, faster-swimming cattledog would never give it up. I bought a Wet Wubba for the poor lab mix who never won and he's now on his third. They last a (surprising!) year in desert heat and chlorinated pool water. His favorite was orange, next yellow. (Green is difficult to see floating in water or it would get 5 stars.) Added plus...he can smack his pushy "sister" with the tentacles when he shakes it.

    not good if your dog is a chewer by chris from Los Angeles, CA06/28/2013

    Initially I was happy with my purchase as this toy was another 'pool' toy for my labrador. It floated well and my pooch dove in the pool to get it. However, 10 minutes later the Wubba was completely destroyed. If you do not have a chewer then this is probably a good product. This toy was not worth the money.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends Dog Toy - Large (Assorted)
    Good Toy by GoPete from Phoenix AZ09/11/2014

    My corgi is a shredder. He absolutely loves ropes and pulling, but he definitely shreds them. When he got his hippo, he proceeded to chew off the ears. Not too bad. So far (a month later), there is only a small hole on the bottom of the head and one of the tails is almost chewed off, besides the missing ears. That's not bad at all.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Small (Assorted)
    great item by rescue org from Wausau, WI12/23/2012

    We have a 9 month old puppy in rescue right now that takes his Wubba everywhere with him, if you have a small dog this is a great choice.

    Shakables by Sun Lion06/28/2013

    I was trying to duplicate a similar toy that was a little larger. These are small, easy to shake toys. The squeeker is a little bit harder to use than our pups current toy. Over all, I think this is a great toy for the small breeds.

    dogs love it by junior from honolulu09/22/2014

    three of our dogs love it but the usually break it the day I give it to them. but then again that's what they do to most toys anyway

    Featured Reviews for Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Large (Assorted)
    wubbas by hilary from chicago12/02/2011

    my 3 dogs love this toy,I have a sm/med and lg dog..and they all equally enjoy this toy,and unlike so many others,it doesn't fall apart,my dogs have a good long time to enjoy wubbas..

    Not worth it by dpg1011/03/2012

    When it arrived, I sat and played with my puppy with it. Within less than 5 minutes the seam around the ball was broken. I thought these toys were supposed to be tough.

    Kong Wubba by Paul from Stow, Ma05/29/2013

    My Boxer Major chews squeekie toys up in less than ten minutes the King Wuppa has lasted over a month and still in good shape. Major has made minor rips in the legs and has chewed part of the face but this is a good strong durable product.

    Great Value by Rosemary-PA from Pittsburgh, PA05/12/2013

    MAX loves his KONG WUBBA Friend for Dogs. It strong enough to withstand his chewing and tugging.

    by Mom12/15/2012

    How can I review an item that I never received!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Featured Reviews for Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Extra Large (Assorted)
    kong wubba friend by dwpm2dkennemer@aol.com01/02/2013

    My Dogs love these Kong Wubba Friends. I just looked on your web site to order more and it was not listed as a toy for me to buy. How can I buy more from you? Love your company and the prices are reasonable. Shipping is quick.

    He loves it by Black Dog's Mom from Ormond Beach, FL09/19/2013

    Awol loves toys and he loves Kongs. This one went on vacation with us to the mountains and actually lasted longer than any of the others. He finally tore the 'stomach' with the squeaker out of his 'bear', but it took him almost 2 weeks. Now he has two toys!

    Finally, a toy that lasts by Lynn from Moore, SC11/01/2011

    My lab carries this toy around for hours, squeaking it as she goes! I was worried when I received the rabbit, noting the long ears, but the ears and legs are still intact. She seems happy to carry it around, squeak it, and nuzzle it. She has destroyed almost every toy we have purchased, although we have had good luck with wubbas before. This furry style seems to be sturdy and a special favorite.

    Major by Paul from Stow, Ma09/05/2013

    Major detroys all other squeeky toys but not this one

    by from 11/08/2012

    My English Mastiffs loved this toy, until the squeaker stopped squeaking.

    their by babies from butThey


    Love this toy by Boxer Mom from st. petersburg, FL05/11/2010

    I have 5 boxers! Finding toys which they can enjoy and that will last is hard. Kong's Wubba Friend is a great toy for them. It can handle the tug-of-war games and constant chewing. I have given these as gifts to other large breed moms and they love them as well.

    Featured Reviews for Wubba Dog Toy - Large
    love this toy by Kayla01/04/2012

    My dog is crazy about this toy. From the moment it was unwrapped on Xmas day, she has played excitedly with it.

    Great training tool by GSD lover from Ossining, NY12/14/2013

    I brought the large size because it fits in my back pocket when I have training sessions with my dog. If I wanted the dog to play with a Wubba I would use the x-large one which is much stronger.

    strong toy by billp996 from Massachusetts10/23/2012

    this toy will last a long time unless you have one of those dogs that inssits on destroying every toy you give them on purpose. I suggest the regular style instead of the neoprene water type. the regular works in water just as well as the water one but it's much tougher.

    by from 12/14/2012

    I have used the kong wubba as a reward toy for my search and rescue dog for about six years now. He jerks his head too hard and pulls the rope out of other rope tug toys. I need a toy that floats, that isn't too big to carry in my pack, and that has a tail so our volunteers don't have to touch a slimy toy. My dog loves it.

    things by about from theTwo


    Wubba makes him happy! by morfun43 from Council Bluffs, Ia12/02/2012

    This is a toy that gets played with daily at our house! Enough squeak to entertain the dog, but not so much to bother us ... much! It lasts forever and is always in his mouth when I get home! A must have for a dog owner!

    One of our favorite toys by Bonnie from California07/16/2013

    There are two favorite toys our boxers love that can't be destroyed, the Nylabone keys and this Kong Wubba toy, Not only do the love to chew on it, but this is their favorite toy to play tug of war and chase with. Even the puppies figured this toy out right away. Lots of exercise to be had. The only disappointment was one of our boxers was able to chew open the thick fabric on the top so I had to take the small, top ball out of the toy. That is why I gave it 4 out of 5, rather than 5.

    Fun for awhile but not indestructible by Coopersbud01/08/2013

    I got this for my Aussie who had lots of dental work done and can't have anything hard to chew on. He loved to play fetch and tug with it, it's heavy enough to throw a good distance. He did, however, also love to chew on the seams until he ripped it open enough to get the squeaky ball out and then lost interest. I went through 4 of them and then gave up.

    Have several by spedteacher from No Kingstown RI03/10/2013

    Great play/toss toy esp after training--my dog goes crazy once I take it out Fun to watch him "beat himself up" swagging it back and forth!

    Must have..LOVE!! by lmdkewl from Lexington, KY11/01/2012

    Have had this product for a good year and still going strong. With two pit bull mixes playing with it it is still going strong. Great product for quality.

    meh-got 2 weeks out of them by Big gsd Lady11/06/2012

    We got 2. The squeaker failed on one, on the 2nd day we had it. The top came off one, and almost was swallowed. The stitching comes apart if left for the GSDs to work on.

    kong products by Crissy from Vermont12/25/2012

    if you dogs love squeaky toys, then Kong products are the ones to get. Good prices at Entirely Pets helps fund my dogs desire for these toys.

    Wubba - The Best Toy Ever by Anneke01/19/2009

    This is the perfect toy for my dog: its sturdy, the squeaker never dies, its a great pull toy and throw toy. And it lasts just about forever. My dog begs me every evening to play 'Wubba'. I let her choose her toy from a basket of toys, and she always goes straight for the wubba.

    by from 06/05/2008

    One of my dogs is able to easily entertain himself for hours tossing this toy by the tails and catching it; then he swap it up and chews on the toy area. It has also survived countless hours of tug between both dogs and it has enough tails for a three-way tug-if-war.

    covering by is from greatThe


    Featured Reviews for Wubba Dog Toy - Extra Large
    Wubba Dog Toy by Critter House01/19/2014

    Our big dogs like these toys and they hold up well.

    by Grumpy Boy11/13/2011

    We adopted our dog and she came with a Wubba Dog Toy in the crate. She loved to play with it to the point that it finally was worn out, (seams ripped if you can believe it.) She immediately went for the new toy and packs it around the house asking anyone to play with her. A totally excellent purchase.

    Wonderful Wubbas by sallie wald03/21/2009

    My 4 boxers love the wubbas...best toy I've ever purchased and extremely durable. Each dog grabs a strap, and the game begins...entertains them for hours. When they are finished tugging with each other, the winner enjoys gnawing on it or squeaking the squeaker. Its great to see them have such a good time. They do eventually wear out as my 4 dogs work very hard at removing the squeaker ball...but it lasts a long time. However, then the inner balls are new toys, and they still tug of war with the tails. Try it, your dogs will love you for it!

    Busters Favorite Toy! by Busters Mom from Yorba Linda, CA10/23/2012

    Super fun toy. Would have given 5 stars,but it feel apart too soon. My dog LOVED it! I guess I have to buy another one.

    One of the toughest squeaky toys out there! by Chris from Waterville, ME04/28/2014

    My dogs are relentless chewers and Kong seems to be the only brand that holds up. I love the quality of this toy, and my dogs go nuts at the sound of the squeaker. Two thumbs up!

    Great Dog Toy!! by Babe from Freeport, Il12/20/2011

    My dog Tweetie loves this thing! He usually chews all of his toys up within a day. It took him two weeks to completely destroy this toy. He even carried the chewed up pieces of the Wubba around everywhere with him. The squeeks drove him nuts!! I love this toy!! I have been thinking about getting a case of these toys, and that way I will have them on hand. My other dog, Scooter, likes the Wubba too! She never got to play with it! Extremely Pleased!!

    My dog loves this, but the squeeker is annoying! by CaraEvie from Philadelphia, PA10/22/2012

    My dog loves this toy. It is great for fetch and tug-of-war. The squeeker can be really annoying though! I have to hide it from her when I don't feel like playing with it.

    Great indoor play toy by Helsev from Pennsylvania11/06/2012

    This is a great tug of war and chew toy. It lasts a long time and does not shred into a million pieces of strings. The big size is great for bigger dogs as it does not get stuck in their mouths. I use it indoors. I think it would get too dirty if used outside. It is easy to clean if it does get dirty. Just wash it under the sink faucet and let it air dry. I had Reuben's first one for 4 years. The tails finally fell of after he chewed and tugged forever, but the ball part is still good. When he tugs at the tails, I think it helps to clean his teeth. I know that sounds wierd and I may be wrong but along with eating a few good hard biscuits, his teeth are very clean and white.

    Featured Reviews for Wubba Dog Toy - Small
    Luvva the Wubba by Jeannine11/20/2008

    Just bought the Wubba for my toy poodle. She loves it.!!.. I just wish the fabric was indestrucible....but she eventually chewed most of the fabric away...within 4 days !!!!

    Great for smaller dogs! by jenmcclendon from Tulsa, OK12/18/2012

    Our border collie/lab mix has several of these in the larger versions but we thought this would be good for my mother-in-laws smaller dog. So far, it's a hit!

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