Krazy Kitty Catnip PENNY SAMPLE

    Krazy Kitty Catnip PENNY SAMPLE

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    Krazy Kitty Catnip PENNY SAMPLE is 100% All Natural and grown high up in the mountains. This is the freshest catnip you'll find anywhere. Your cat will love this catnip!

    Put some in it's toys, on it's scratching post or just leave it out for kitty to play with. Watch how your cat reacts. Cats love to paw at, roll in smell and get wired with catnip.

    Catnip is 100% safe for cats, there are no side effects to playing in, smelling, or even eating catnip.

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    Meowow!!! by Petal from Pittsburgh Pa12/09/2011

    My kitties are crazy for this catnip! One sniff and they were climbing all over me to get to the bag! I'm going to use it in a larger plastic bag and put some of their toys in so they pick up the scent. Lots of kitty crazy antics after they get their paws on this!

    Kitties are CRAZY! by Christina from Lorain, OH06/14/2013

    The LOVE it and I have to hide it in the cabinets where the cannot get to it or they will take it upon themselves to help themselves. It is fun to watch them play/roll in it.

    Great way to try a product by Singwenow from Chicago, IL11/04/2012

    I love the penny samples! You get quite a bit of catnip. My cat liked it, but it took him a little while to warm up to it. Once he did, though, he went crazy for it. I will purchase the larger size.

    Cat loved the catnip! by cherieopoo02/09/2013

    Cat was uncharacteristically up on table and I realized he was rubbing against the empty packaging after I had already taken out the catnip. Loved it obviously!

    Legal Kittycrack by Eri05/15/2013

    Hah - the two cats love this stuff (of course - they're KITTIES!) Strength of the stuff is better than some catnip I've purchased elsewhere.

    Catnip by Rita from Keswick, VA10/23/2012

    My son's cats love this stuff! They get excited when they hear the paper wrapper!

    Your cat will love it! by Laura from Eastern, NC06/05/2012

    My kitty could tell it was something good before I even opened the package.

    Catnip by MEEK from Oak Creek, WI01/19/2013

    I barely had the box opened before my cat jumped in the box and had the catnip ALL over the livingroom! She LOVED it!!!!!

    Disappointed by Karen02/01/2014

    I had just become aware of your penny samples, which led me to include this catnip in my order. Altho, I would rate all other products I have purchased thru this company as excellent, exactly as expected, and shipped quickly, my cats were disappointed that the $.01 sample was NOT included in the package I received. Because I felt that the value of the product was not worth my time to complain, I did not notify the company. However, when I received this survey request, I thought I'd share my experience.

    Kitties love it! by Josijot2 from Oklahoma11/05/2011

    It's great to get a product in a sample size to try it out first. Cats loved this product, out of eight cats, six enjoy catnip.

    money waster by joni02/08/2013

    We have three cats. If the cat nip was good they would have found it , eaten through the package and then commensed to party. This did not happen. Due to lack of response I finally opened the bag and placed the entire package on the floor....... Nope nobody cared, 3 paws down.

    Best catnip by Donna from Houston, Tx.02/08/2011

    My cats & pomeranian all love this catnip. It looks, smells fresher than what I was buying from the stores. I keep an extra bottle on hand for some fun time for you & your pets. They'll love you for it. One of my cats comes running when I head to the cabinet where I keep it as he knows that's where the fun stuff is.

    Krazy is right!! by jefe from Central Illinois11/07/2012

    Thought what the heck, it is only a penny. For that penny we received $20 dollars of entertainment. Put it in an old sock, tied a knot in the end and the cats went krazy! We have had catnip toys before that went ignored. This was the "good" stuff ;)

    Geriatric cat by Cat owner11/13/2013

    I opened the padded envelope that included the penny sample and left the invoice laying on the kitchen table. My 17 year old arthritic cat paced around the kitchen and after several tries got himself on a kitchen chair (something he hadn't done in a few years!). He pulled the paper off the table and down to the floor. He then jumped down and proceeded to roll around on the invoice and then licked a hole in the paper. He was in heaven and I hadn't even opened the catnip package yet. It's good quality and fresh!

    Best Catnip (according to my cat) by Pet Lover from Michigan08/27/2013

    My cat loved this catnip, she just went crazy with it. When it was finished I used some other catnip I had purchased and she was not even interested in it. Definately will purchase this brand again. Thanks for the sample.

    Krazy Kitty Catnip (Penny Sample) by LC from Monroe, WA06/18/2012

    We have a 16 year old cat, who thinks she is a kitten. Because of the coyotes, bears, and other unfriendly critters, we choose to keep her inside. She loves her catnip, and will go to the drawer where we keep it, and look longingly for her "treat"! I have not seen her eat, roll, and go crazy for a catnip like she did this one. It is very pure, does not have hard stems, and she is one happy kitty!!!

    by kitkat6510/08/2011

    Very potent catnip! My cats went crazy for this! One even found the stash in a cupboard and took off with it!

    The cats love this! by timy from Mississippi06/22/2013

    Before the package was opened the cats were trying to open it!

    Kitty goes Nuts! by lilas01/02/2012

    My cats go nuts over this!!! they love it!

    My Cats Loved this! by stevensirovai from Central IL03/03/2012

    This sample catnip was excellent. I didn't try it myself (of course - but was tempted :-) but I gave to my two cats and they went nutty crazy in love over it! If you are looking for quality catnip with a KICK, try this. The sample amount was a perfect size for several uses!

    Great sample- Wish she liked it. by mc from VA04/06/2013

    I guess my cat doesn't like catnip that much because she gets angry and bats this sample away when she takes a sniff. Catnip toys though she seems to be fine with. A generous amount for a penny- especially if you need to see if your cat likes the catnip first.

    Cats love it!!! by S. Graham01/09/2012

    I could not believe how my cats were acting. I had unpacked items on our counter and had only been there for a couple minutes and had to actually make my cats get down which they do not get on our counters. One actually kept getting up there and rolling around. As I was sewing a bag to put it in I was circled by all four of our cats. It was amazing how much they liked it and it has been a month and they still roll around on the bag I made and lick it to death. A real strong product apparently. Thanks best penny I have spent and I will be buying more.

    VERY potent! by kit from Pittsburg, CA11/29/2012

    I got a sample with my order- my cat came immediately, sniffing around, and pawed at the packet. He doesn't really play with catnip anymore, though, just wants to eat it!

    Cats love it! by Janet from KY04/08/2014

    I gave these to a friend and she was very satisfied with this Catnip. She plans on purchasing some. :)

    not impressed by momwulfe10/09/2011

    Just one of my 5 cats even showed any interest in this stuff, and it was only fleeting

    Catnip Addict by Max06/24/2013

    Krazy Kitty Catnip makes my crazy cat even crazier! :-)

    Kitty Max loves his Catnip! by Kodiak from Hartford, Wi08/21/2013

    Max is 13 years old and still loves his Catnip! We enjoy watching him get crazy over it too! I ordered a few things and decided to get the catnip, it was only a penny!!! You can't go wrong for that price!

    Never Received by Nan03/24/2013

    Was not included with my order. Have no idea about this product, since it didn't arrive.

    Cats love this by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN12/05/2013

    Gave this to my sister for her cats. They attacked the bag before she could open it

    very good catnip by Susie from Seattle WA12/28/2013

    Both of our cats, who are used to eating other catnip brands and so are fairly picky, love this brand!

    Krazy Kitty Catnip by pattymac from Edgewater, NJ02/17/2013

    My cats were going nuts for this before I event opened the packet. They were batting the envelope around trying to get at it. Once I opened it they went Krazy for it! Definitely good stuff.

    I don't have cats. by bizwiz01/19/2014

    I gave this away as I have dogs and no cats. I haven't heard if it was any good.

    Pretty Weak by JannieB07/28/2012

    My cats normally love it when I give them catnip, but they were not at all impressed with this. It didn't smell very strong or seem very fresh.

    not much intrest by momwulfe from WV10/29/2011

    my cats were not interested at all, don't waste your time

    So good that... by HarpoVal from Saint Louis Park, MN11/24/2012

    So good that... my cat pulled the cardboard insert out of the recycling bin and played with and chomped on that too. I guess she liked the catnip smell a lot!

    Kitty was Thrilled by AbbysMom from Boston, MA02/02/2013

    My cat was thrilled to get some catnip as a treat. He enjoyed himself all afternoon! I would buy this catnip.

    Never received by ca05/13/2013

    Never received ordered item........................

    Good Nip by Christopher from texas08/12/2013

    Ima cat and my brother, sister, and I really liked the catnip. We would recommend it to our friends ;)

    Cats love it! by catlover2 from IL01/21/2012

    Great bonus buy for $1! Cats were going crazy before I even opened the package!

    Krazy Kitty Catnip Makes Kitties Cuckoo by bleufishh from Chicago, IL01/04/2013

    Krazy Kitty Catnip is super good stuff. It stays potent a long time. I put a sample inside a gift basket for a friend and she told me she had to lock the basket away in a room because her cat kept trying to get in it. That's potent -- through a sealed plastic bag! I give Krazy Kitty Catnip semi-weekly as a treat and also right before bi-weekly client nail clipping sessions, as it relaxes the cats and makes it easier to handle them. So we're all very happy.

    by Mar12305/16/2013

    Can't go wrong with good catnip, my cats liked it.

    great product by whiskrkisses from Detroit, MI05/03/2013

    Both of my cats love this brand. I didn't think that one of my cats liked catnip until I gave her this brand.

    Krazy Kitty Catnip is a hit with our cats! by winnsboro2 from South Caroline09/14/2013

    I use this product to stuff baby socks for "nip" toys for our cats. They all LOVE it! They have the best time playing with their socks, stealing each other's socks and then just going to sleep after wearing themselves out. Krazy Kitty Catnip is a favorite...All I have to do is open the drawer that I keep the "catnip socks" in, and out they come and play until they are totally "nipped" and take naps! Great product! I don't have a picture to share of the happy cats; but I think you get the idea!

    Too funny by redrubies from Southington, CT12/13/2011

    When the package arrived with the frontline plus and Krazy Kitty Catnip, I put it on the counter and went to work. When I arrived home, the bag was shredded open and the catnip bag empty. Does that say enough about the product? What a great freebee!

    very funny by tonkhanh from canada08/19/2013

    See the cats rolling on the floor as soon as they smelt the herbs powder. Cats love it

    by Rich12/03/2011

    Cannot review product as it was not included with the rest of my order. Also, your website said that my product would arrive within 4 to 8 days. I did not receive delivery until 12 days later. Not your best effort.

    My cat goes crazy over this stuff! by Pet mom10/13/2013

    This is super fresh catnip - My cat goes crazy for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cat nip by cher from southeast florida08/22/2013

    My cats absolutely loved the cat nip and the leftovers on the floor were still being rolled in the following day

    by from 05/11/2010

    I usually buy organic bulk catnip (meant for human tea) for my cat, which was much better than anything else I'd found. Until this.

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    thanks by robin04/13/2012

    thanks for the sample my cat loves catnip and this bag was nice and fresh.

    no product by Vince from North Port, FL01/24/2013

    we received the 6 fishflakes and our cat loves them but there was no catnip in the box...hence the low rating. The fish flakes are a 5 star though.

    Fun Fun by Mel03/11/2013

    My kitty had so much fun running around after a few sniffs of it.

    by from 08/20/2013

    Kitty loved it! by steph08/03/2012

    My cat loved this catnip. I put it on the rug and on the cat scratcher and she was happy as a clam.

    Great deal for a penny by Gretcheypoo03/20/2013

    The quality of this cat nip isn't the best but for a penny? It worked just fine.

    Cat Goes Nutty! by fwreed3 from New Jersey08/07/2013

    I got Krazy Kitty Catnip with my last order and my cat loves it! I sprinkle it on his scratching post and he goes absolutely nutty!

    Did not receive this item. by Ginie from Las Vegas, NV07/01/2013

    I did not receive the Krazy Kitty Catnip PENNY SAMPLE.

    Krazy Kitty Catnip PENNY SAMPLE by kcat10/23/2012

    I love the penny sample offers! My cats enjoyed the catnip. :-)

    Did not receive by OreoCatLover04/19/2012

    I can't review this product because I did not receive it. I received everything else that I ordered.

    by robinthered12/10/2013

    I did NOT recieve it!!! Not in shipping container!!!

    MAKES THE CATS HAPPY by paisleygirl57 from Houston, Tx.10/26/2012

    This catnip is the best stuff. My cats (& Pomeranian who thinks he's a cat) loves this brand of catnip. It's always fresh (not like that dried out discolored stuff you see in the store).The only problem is they send you a whopping ONE & that's it! You'd think if you requested 5 or 10 with the amount of $ spent they could send more since there are many of us who have more than one cat. Good Product tho'!

    BEST CATNIP EVER! by Lynda W. from Va.08/16/2012

    My cats went crazy! So much fun to watch them as they play! They really enjoyed this stuff!

    My Cats love this catnip!! by Atomicmom from Boise, Idaho07/10/2013

    It's the GOOD STUFF, dudes. My gatos really dig it!

    Great Catnip by Maxie08/06/2013

    I have four cats none of which have ever cared about catnip. When I had the opportunity to try Krazy Kitty Catnip for a penny I figured why not. You can imagine how surprised I was when all four of the kitties went "Krazy" for this catnip. They absolutely love it. I have shared this with all of my friends who are owned by felines of their own. Great product. Cats truly enjoy!

    Loves it. by Bob from TN03/17/2012

    I rubbed some on one of my cat's toys that he rarely plays with anymore. He played with it vigorously for some time and also with the spot on the carpet where the catnip came off.

    Paid for this penny sample, didn't receive product by Karen from VT06/26/2013

    Paid for this penny sample, didn't receive product


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