• Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Flower - Purple

    Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Flower - Purple

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    The Kyjen Dog Games Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Flower sports a unique floral design of raised plastic to slow down dogs that devour their meals too quickly, thereby promoting healthy eating habits.

     Dogs that eat too quickly risk the chance of bloating, choking, regurgitation, and obesity. The bowl reduces these risks by separating food with a small barrier, forcing dogs to move and reach for their food rather than consume it all at once.

    The simple design of this slow feeder is easy to use and holds up to two cups of dry dog food. The bowl is made with high-quality materials deemed food safe and has a rubber foundation to prevent the bowl from sliding and spilling.

    This flower feeder comes in a vibrant purple with a floral design that slows feeding- but there are also other designs that make great slow feeders. The other designs include drop design, coral design, and hill design. These slow feeders are perfect for promoting healthy eating habits, so order one for your dog today!

    Key Features:
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • Constructed with food-safe materials
  • Dishwasher safe

    Usage Information

    Height2 Inches
    Width13 Inches
    Length12 Inches
    Weight1.70 lbs.

    Customer Reviews

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    Slo Bowl by john g from Dahlonega, Georgia08/20/2014

    Our Irish Setter used to eat like a vacuum cleaner and then way too often return the food to us. The Slo Bowl does exactly what it is supposed to do and makes her eat at a more normal pace. We had guilt feelings at first, but quickly got over them when we saw she could get to all the food.

    Really works by Bu01/19/2015

    No way your dog is going to rush eating with this. Sturdy. Won't tip. My shepherd is 115 lbs and initially clawed at it and it never tipped over. It really serves its purpose. I always supervise my dog with new things, it was good to see she could not gobble her food. You can pour the food all to one side or spread it all over depending on how slow you want them to eat.

    Great purchase by Dog owner from Michigan04/29/2014

    This bowl has helped slow down our 5-mo. old Aussie. With a regular bowl, he was inhaling his food and finishing in a few minutes. Then he was moving on to the bowl of our miniature Aussie. This bowl requires him to work for the food. I'm amazed that he doesn't get dizzy from eating because he circles around the bowl until it's gone. The bowl is sturdy and a good deal for the price.

    Good but... by Emchu from Canada10/29/2014

    This bowl is HUGE. Much bigger than I expected, and way deeper. This is ideal and basically perfect for someone feeding a kibble diet, but my dog is on raw. She's fed a smaller amount of raw than kibble (because of the lack of fillers and whatnot) so she probably could have made do with the mini version. Does the job, though. Her sister (a slow eater) is much faster than her now. And meal time has become more entertaining.

    She figured it out - still recommend by JLS01/13/2014

    First, let me be unequivocal that I highly recommend this bowl. My friend calls this the Mensa dog bowl. However, Jillian is a very food motivated greyhound which is a tall order. It definitely slowed her down for about 2 weeks - longer than any other bowl. But, she is a smart one and has figured out a way to still shovel the food in her mouth in record time. It may have increased her problem solving skills in the process. This 13 sec video is the first day she tried it.


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