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Kyjen Dog Games

Kyjen Dog Games

Kyjen Dog Games Ball in Ball
Kyjen Dog Games Ball in Ball

($19.99)  $12.99
Kyjen Dog Games Cross Slider with Treat Ball
Kyjen Dog Games Cross Slider with Treat Ball

($23.99)  $14.99
Kyjen Dog Games Jigsaw Glider
Kyjen Dog Games Jigsaw Glider

($11.99)  $8.99
Kyjen Dog Games Mystery Tree
Kyjen Dog Games Mystery Tree

($24.99)  $13.99
Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle Kibble Drop
Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle Kibble Drop

($10.99)  $7.99
Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle Paw Flapper
Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle Paw Flapper

($11.99)  $8.79
Kyjen Dog Games Tennis Slider
Kyjen Dog Games Tennis Slider

($24.99)  $13.99
Kyjen Dog Games Treat Triad
Kyjen Dog Games Treat Triad

($15.99)  $10.99
Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle
Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle

($14.99)  $10.99
Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle
Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle

($19.99)  $14.99
Kyjen Treat Wheel Dog Toy Puzzle
Kyjen Treat Wheel Dog Toy Puzzle

($14.99)  $10.99

Kyjen Dog Games Ball in Ball is an interactive game for dogs that love tennis balls.

Engage your dog's mind by encouraging them to retrieve the tennis ball from the inside of the larger rubber ball. Your dog will be entertained for hours trying to retrieve the tennis ball or any toy you decide to place in the larger ball. Kyjen Dog Games Ball in Ball also offers an appropriate outlet for your dog's natural behaviors, keeping them out of trouble.

  • Approximately 6" in diameter
  • One tennis ball is included
  • Engage your dog's mind
  • Offers outlet for natural behaviors
  • Caution:
    Not a chew toy. For supervised play only.
    3.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Ball in Ball
    not recommended for power-chewer by Libby's mom from NH01/28/2015

    my 14 month lab puppy loves tennis balls but is an aggressive chewer. she liked this but shortly grew frustrated trying to remove the tennis ball so she chewed it to bits until the clover-leaf hole was big enough to put her whole face in. If it were a bit easier to get tennis ball out, it would last longer. The quality is decent, but not for power-chewer.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Cross Slider with Treat Ball
    One of the better ones by Ju08/18/2014

    My dog figures out puzzles and games within seconds. This one is at least a little challenging in that it takes some time to get the ball out and then once out, to get the treats. For the reviewer who says it's too hard, use smaller treats. I use my dog's kibble with one or two tiny pieces of hotdog to get his smeller going. Only complaint: the door guards are too easy to get off. He figured out how to swipe them off right away. Still one of my favorites.

    Too hard by Jmjones07/27/2013

    My lab couldn't get the kibble out of the ball once he got it out of the toy. I couldn't even push them out of the ball with my fingers. Way too stiff.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Jigsaw Glider
    Great puzzle for small dogs by Dog Mom from Herndon, VA03/31/2014

    My dogs love it! Good for small dogs not a hard puzzle.

    BEST FOR LARGER DOGS by Tibbie lady from Sun City, AZ02/18/2014

    I got this for my 9 pound Tibetan spaniel who figured out the other toy so quickly that I thought this would be more of a challenge. It is somewhat but it's more for larger dogs. Her treats are tiny so she's able to work around the green pieces without having to move them. The toy is plastic; not as well made as the other one which is wood but which Entirely Pets doesn't carry anymore. for the price, it's ok. Dolly loves when I get out this toy for her.

    Food toy by Nancylynn from Houston, tx03/22/2014

    Works great. Dog enjoys this toy. Figured it out quickly. But still seems to enjoy it. Use almost every day. Would not leave with dog unattended. Can hold about 1/2 cup of food. Cute.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Mystery Tree
    Cool Concept by Colbie from Los Angeles, CA09/26/2014

    My golden loved this toy, he's nuts for tennis balls. The reason I give it only two stars is that it is not durable. Within two weeks all the doors were broken off. The plastic is too brittle to handle the paws of a dog.

    Great Concept - but a fail with my pup by ouskamp from Sunny So Cal01/12/2014

    My little one loves puzzles and often times will play a game of rolling his ball under the coffee table and then smacking it through to the other side & so forth. So when I look for toys for him, then need to be 'thinkers'. He doesn't care for this hard plastic game at all but I'm giving it 3-stars because I think it's pretty nifty...the only issue is, I'm not the one who's s'posed to play with it :(

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle Kibble Drop
    Some get it, some don't by Janet from KY04/08/2014

    I have a couple who love this and get it. I have a few who won't "work for food." But, they're min pins. I should expect no less and no more.

    There is better out there by Kimagirl from New York09/04/2014

    Its cheap and very light. My dog pushes it all over to get the treats out. Maybe if it was heavier it would work better. The only thing that is positive is that it does keep her occupied.

    great by lynn from canton new york09/04/2013

    This one Dickens works harder at. Gets his nose under the tab and just pulls it out. Again also at times will tip it over so all the treats fall out. He def likes this one

    Too easy by Jmjones07/27/2013

    My lab had this figured out and empty in about 15 seconds. No challenge

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle Paw Flapper
    slight variation on the Kyjen theme by Janears12/15/2013

    My dogs have already mastered the Kyjen treat wheel, and this new game is pretty similar, with the substitution of the flaps for the yellow cups. I will say that the flaps added a new dimension, since they have to be re-opened each time the wheel spins to a new treat compartment (with the yellow cups, once the dog removes them, the treat compartments are all very readily accessed). Note that you shouldn't leave most dogs alone with this toy, as they are likely to chew up the hard plastic. Also one of my dogs, if given a chance, will just flip the toy end-over-end until the treats fall out by force! While a creative solution, it's not great for my floors, or the toy. I just hold the toy down with one finger for her to play the 'proper' way.

    Good challenging game by Rgutro04/20/2014

    This is great product to get a dog to think and solve problems. I would recommend putting felt pads on the bottom of it, or placing it on a towel or carpet so it doesn't slide on a tile floor.

    Great Buy by Mols from North Vancouver, BC08/20/2014

    Our 14 year old Corgi Cross cannot get enough of this puzzle. It is great because it keeps him engaged without being high impact (like chasing his beloved ball which can be too much at times). It took him about five minutes to figure it out the first time around but now he knows exactly what to do. Regardless, he just loves it. Great puzzle!!!

    Great Puzzle for Dogs by MarFazio from Dallas, TX10/12/2013

    We love watching our "Wolfie" lift up the flaps to find his treat. This is a great way to keep your pet entertained. Very durable product too!

    Don't forget about the CAT! by Chriscat from Ft. Myers Florida05/23/2014

    Oh yes, cats like it too. I have bought many interactive toys for the cats and they have mastered all of them. The two who needed something to do as 4 mo. to 18 mo. olds they learned very fast and want to play with them all the time. I switch the toys out. Use cat treats inside and their favorite dry food they never tire of the games. This toy has no parts to come off and get lost. Like it!

    Not as easy for some dogs by de from Sacramento, California11/08/2013

    Having a hard time catching on to the concept of searching for the reward. I like the concept behind the toy and so I am not giving up.

    Play with your treats not your food by Piper's Dad from Bucks Co Pas.01/29/2014

    My 2 yr. old girl Loves this toy . It is fun for me to watch her hunt for the treat . I do think she Loves the work ,since she is a working class dog. PWD

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Dog Games Treat Triad
    Concept 2 step reward easily ignored by granny vic from Texas08/20/2013

    Dog was able to nudge step one triad out of way, then turn over so all doors come open. She hasn't bothered to learn to open the 3 hatches.

    GREAT Puzzle by Bevie05/14/2014

    My Bullmastiff puppy LOVES this. It is a challenge that really keeps her occupied, and the reward is food. My neighbor has a border collie recommended it to me. So glad she did!

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle
    Not for some dogs. by shiner302/07/2014

    My Doberman tore this up in no time flat.

    Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle by Mishka01/02/2013

    This product took only a few minutes for her to figure out. The yellow caps are not tall enough to remove them individually with her teeth, although she did try that first. She then used her paw to flip the entire light-weight plastic "paw" over & all the caps fell off & the treats fell out. End of challenge.

    by from 02/04/2013

    My Cairn Terrier didn't take long to figure out she just had to put her whole mouth around the puzzle pieces and lift them up. All told, it keeps her busy for about 1 minute.

    the by Mazee from BallHowever,


    More features than listed by weisster from Long Island,NY03/21/2013

    Even the puppy got the hang of looking for snacks hidden under certain covers. Even better, when the puppy was bored looking for the snacks, she chewed the covers. I must say , they're pretty indestructible and time consuming. Reasonable price, many uses.

    Dogs love it by Marialow01/02/2012

    My 2 dogs love this - even my old one. He was the first to figure it out and the cattle dog followed next. They really like it and I would recommend this.

    good puzzle toy by winnielou12/09/2010

    My dogs love this toy. They figured it out pretty quickly but they enjoy pawing at the cups to get the treats. You do have to hold the container on the ground for the dogs otherwise it won't stay in place (maybe some suction cups would hold it on the ground). But it's a good interactive toy for dogs that have a ton of energy.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle
    Great toy by Charlie & Bastian from Vancouver, BC12/30/2012

    Our dogs loved this toy. The ability to adjust the tension is great when you have two different size dogs.

    Lasted less than 5 minutes by Shera from Los Angeles10/15/2012

    I have a 17 lb doxie/beagle pup who figured out the chambers on a loose setting immediately. I tightened it slightly to increase difficulty so my brilliant 10-month old ripped it apart--layer by layer. Total cost per minute of total use = 5 bucks. Don't waste your money...great idea, cheaply made. Also, I was glad I was there when he broke it since thr center connecting pieces are small enough to choke on.

    Not as much exercise as the balls and wheels by cher0401/21/2012

    Although this toy does slow down my dog's eating, he does not get as much activity as he does with balls and wheels and his new Canine bottle-shaped toy. He enjoys it, but since he is an inside dog, I like his activity toys better. It is built well and good quality.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Treat Wheel Dog Toy Puzzle
    Great toy by lynn09/04/2013

    Took Dickens one day to figure out if he just tipped upside down they would fall out. BUT he is a 90 pound yellow lab & no dummy. This would be great for a smaller dog.

    by from 12/30/2013

    Before purchasing this I thought it was actually a puzzle but feel I've wasted my money.

    puzzle by - from theThere


    Treat Wheels by Doe Eyes06/25/2011

    I just received this toy for my MinPin and she just goes nuts. I have two other toy puzzles and she gets them immediately. But treat wheel really gets her blood going. It is really worth watching her worth the pleasure watching her playing with it, or she I say trying to get to the treats!!!!!. This one is so far the best one yet.

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