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Squawkie Talkies

Squawkie Talkies

Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Chicken Dog Toy
Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Chicken Dog Toy

($14.99)  $10.99
Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Flamingo Dog Toy
Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Flamingo Dog Toy

($14.99)  $10.99
Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Toucan Dog Toy
Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Toucan Dog Toy

($14.99)  $10.99
Cheech the Cheeky Chicken will squeal as your dog ruffles his rubbery feathers! The Squawkie Talkies dog toy line features the longest squeaker on the market. A simple squeeze will cause Cheech to squawk for a continuous 10 seconds. Designed to satiate your dog’s natural attraction to birds, you’ll have a hard time pulling this loud mouth from your dog’s jaws. Made of a durable yet soft latex rubber on the outside, this toy is ideal for any medium to large sized breed of dog.

  • The longest squeaker on the market!
  • Soft, durable outer latex rubber
  • 4.75 rating based on 4 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Chicken Dog Toy
    Best Toy Ever by chris06/26/2012

    Sound extreme, material durable, Boxer will play until she collapses, and she also sings with it cause sound last so long. Everyone who sees this toy absolutely loves this toy.

    Squawkie Talkies Chicken by Dan from Modesto, CA05/31/2012

    Very durable, and entertainment for my dog. He is fascinated by the noise it makes. Also a great value.

    NEW! Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Chicken Dog Toy by Sharon10/13/2011

    This is the best toy for my dog so far and even surpasses "Mr. Bill." It also has been great fun for me and my friends. I have purchased four more Squawkie Chicken Dog Toys and one has already been taken to Germany and has caused quite a bit of laughter at the airport and in the hotel. And that was before it was given to the dog!

    by from 01/16/2015

    Our dog absolutely loves it and cannot put it down - literally! He rolls on it, squeezes it, steps on it, and takes it everywhere with him. It is a great size (quite large) so he never misplaces it or loses it under the couch.

    best by toy from IThis


    You Gotta Squawk When Your Chicken Don't Talk by Cowchick from Billings, Montana11/15/2011

    Within 48 hours of receiving this toy, the squawk device had come loose rendering the toy mute. Not that it ever squawked very well to begin with. I was able to glue the squawk tube back into place with rubber cement, and it seems to be working. But this toy was a HUGE disappointment, especially for the price and shipping costs involved.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Flamingo Dog Toy
    Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Flamingo Dog Toy by CH from Singapore07/04/2012

    My two Huskies love the bright red Flamingo especially when I put food or dog treat in its mouth. My huskies go crazy when they hear the squawky noise from the Flamingo. Really good entertainment for my dogs.

    Great buy. by CC from Pittsburgh, PA06/27/2012

    I've bought three of these now they are such a hit with my Rottweiler. She cannot resist the "siren call" of Fabio and plays with it more than any of her other toys. The squeak just keeps on kicking, and the rubber is incredibly durable. She finally chewed off the head of the original the other day, but I could not believe the beating it took. These things can let out quite a wail, so probably not best for a timid dog. Definitely recommend for boisterous dogs that like rubber toys!

    Dogs' Fave by Kathy from Tahoe City, California08/04/2013

    Our two border collies think this is the best toy EVER! My guys don't destroy toys, just wear them out and this toy lasts a very long time. The "squawk" is CRAZY.

    Great Squack by Val06/27/2012

    My pup loves to run and shake this toy, jump on it and kill the bird. Then I toss it for him and the game starts again. However, it is not a chew durable toy. It requires supervision. This is our second one, but he had so much fun with the first one, before it became tiny squares of pink rubber, that I am getting him another.

    Hysterical! by mpbnice from Cincinnati, Ohio12/16/2013

    These critters make the most un-godly noise you've ever heard, so be warned, but my dog and my son's dog both love them. The only problem is, it's fairly easy for the dogs to chew the "squawker" out of them.

    Featured Reviews for Kyjen Squawkie Talkies Toucan Dog Toy
    Dog pleaser by Mom from Minnesota12/12/2013

    Our dog will only play with soft latex dog toys-not plush and not the hard plastic/rubber. Seems like they are getting harder and harder to find. This one is still new but working great. It has stuffing inside which we have found helps the toy last longer-slower to tear. Good size for a large dog. Hours of fun. Squeeker was "killed" almost right away though. If that matters to you, know that it stopped working on the second day of play. We will be ordering more-backups for when this one meets its end.

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