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Laguna Clear Fast Water Clarifiier (16 oz)
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Laguna Clear Fast Water Clarifiier (16 oz)

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This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Laguna Clear Fast Water Clarifiier provides the ability for a pet owners to keep a pond clear, reducing debris and contaminants in a pond that would otherwise build up naturally being exposed outside. Pond water, even circulating ponds, eventually builds up algae and mold due to the moisture and humidity. That in turn starts to cloud the water, along with other debris.

With the Laguna Clear Fast Water Clarifier a discoloured pond can be quickly cleared up. The Clarifier works to make debris clump together. Instead it of it being free-floating dust and miniscule debris in the water, which causes the cloudiness, the clumps for bigger amounts which can be removed with filtration.

The Clarifier's formula, while very effective at debris removal, is still safe for pond plants and fish in the treated water. With one bottle of 16 fluid ounces of treatment, pond water up to 2,500 gallons can be treated and cleared.

To recap the benefits of the Laguna Clear Fast Water Clarifier, the advantages of this product include:

• An effective formula that works quick to clump debris in pond water for easy removal. • A result that produces clear pond water, regardless of algae and mold growth. • An effective mixture that lasts for a long time for most ponds, up to 2,500 gallons of fresh water.

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