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Laguna ClearFlo 2100 Kit
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Laguna ClearFlo 2100 Kit

Item: PT264
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This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Laguna ClearFlo 2100 Kit is designed to provide consistent, reliable water flow in a pond or fountain without hiccups, jamming, clogging or reduced pressure over time. The ClearFlo is specifically made for backyard waterfalls and as a filter pump to handle outdoor water systems without failing. With a Kit that combines the Laguna Max-Flo Pump along with the PressureFlo Pond Filter System, a pond or backyard water system owner can't go wrong.

Because of the design of the Kit, a consumer will enjoy a water circulation pump system that is efficient, performs without a hitch, and keeps water clarity at a maximum. That's particularly important for ponds an water effects that are visible or have fish and livestock within them. Nothing is worse or a turnoff than a murky, smelly pond overcome with algae growth.

Other benfeits of the ClearFlo Pond Kit include:

• A production run in 4 different sizes, so there is a water pump kit for every size pond. • A design that works well for both waterfalls, fountains and ponds in terms of circulating water. • A high-performing filtration system that keeps water running consistently clear. • A built in strainer cage to keep contaminants out of pump propeller itself. • A design that is easy to install, work with and clean. • A three-year warranty that protects the parts and function of the Kit from defects.

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