• Laguna Feeding Ring

    Laguna Feeding Ring

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    The Laguna Feeding Ring provides a floating food serving source for fish living in a pond, which protects the food from being contaminated or stolen by other animals. The float trains fish in the pond to eat from the dish itself versus other sources, so their diet can be controlled better. The food still floats on the pondwater, but the ring keeps the food in a specific location versus it floating all over the pond.

    The Feeding Ring should be positioned over the deepest part of the pond. This allows the fish plenty of room to swim around as well as to dive deep for protection should an external predator try to make a quick grab of the fish near the food surface. This is done by anchoring the Feeding Ring to the bottom of the pond, allowing it to float buy stay in the center of the pond versus the shallow side areas. Made of durable plastic, the Ring won't corrode and fall apart due to moisture.

    Benefits of the Laguna Feeding Ring include:

    A sturdy, water-proof design that won't rust and can be anchored to a specific part of the pond. An easy way to contain pond food to one location, keeping fish safe from predators. A simple design that allows fish to access food from below without worries of shallow water feeding.

    Usage Information


    The Feeding Station also helps to determine how much to feed. When adding food directly to your pond food will quickly disperse making it difficult to gage the amount of food given. We recommend using a small plastic cup to add food directly to the feeding station. Make a mark on the cup after determining the amount of food fish can eat within two minutes without having food leftover. In warmer water temperatures fish tend to eat more.

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    not suitable for fish over 6 inches by stuie06/13/2014

    The product did not come with anything to keep it secured in place as other products did offer. It is only good for small fish as larger one's just knock into it and the food goes all over the pond.


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