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Laguna Premium Floating Koi & Goldfish Food Sticks - Color Enhancing (11 oz)
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Laguna Premium Floating Koi & Goldfish Food Sticks - Color Enhancing (11 oz)

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This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Fish Stick Food

Koi and goldfish have long been associated with being decorative pets, especially the large Koi fish which can live for dozens of years. However, like any animal, the health of these fish depends on their diet including all the necessary vitamins, nutrients, minerals and similar. Where it doesn't the affected fish coats will exhibit the difference. Healthy fish often have brighter colors and scales, for example.

With Laguna Premium Food Color Enhancing Sticks, a pet owner can ensure that his fish are being fed the right ingredients for the best skin color. These food sticks help fish ingest critical food elements that enhance their health and system. The mixture in the product includes such protien and nutrient sources as kelp, multi-vitamin supplements, wheat germ, spirulina and more. The results are often a fish that has the ability to fend off disease and dietary problems far better than fish living on a basic fish food diet.

Other benefits of Laguna Premium Floating Koi & Goldfish Food Sticks include:

• A food source that fish will have no problem eating and pursuing when made available. • Fish who are fed Laguna's Food Sticks often have less waste as their bodies utilize the food more, which helps keep a tank cleaner. • The Food Sticks still keep their shape in water versus dissolving, so fish of all sizes can get a bite.

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