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How To Prevent Dog Urine From Yellowing Your Lawn

If you're a dog owner, you may have noticed yellow spots showing up in your grass and wondered what is causing them. Believe it or not, your sweet furry friend may unwittingly be the cause. But it's not Fido's fault - man's best friend is just doing what nature demands - urinating on the lawn. If getting rid of yellow spots in your lawn is important to you, but getting rid of dog urine on your grass is unrealistic, then read on!

Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?

The current consensus among veterinarians is that the main culprit in pet urine that hurts grass is nitrogen. Because dogs, who are carnivores, eat high levels of protein, their bodies break it down and excrete it in their urine as nitrogen. While nitrogen is an essential component of healthy grass, too much of it may be lethal to your lawn. Dog urine grass dies off in patches, creating yellow spots with a characteristic green ring around the edges because that's where the urine was diluted enough to work well as a fertilizer.

How to Stop Yellow Spots in a Lawn from Dog Urine?

One solution to help stop dogs from leaving yellow spots in the yard is to use dog vitamins and supplements to change the composition of the dog's urine. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's diet. Here are a few NaturVet GrassSaver products that may help you:

NaturVet GrassSaver

These pet supplements contain a synergistic blend of B-Complex vitamins, amino acids, and biotin to help your dog to metabolize nutrients better, diminishing the appearance of yellow spots on your lawn.

NaturVet GrassSaver Soft Chew

Soft chew daily treats for dogs contain a delicious blend of cranberries and other enzymes that will help reduce the yellow spots in your lawn. The best part? Dog's love 'em!.

NaturVet GrassSaver Chewable Wafers

A combination of dl-Methionine, vitamins, biotin, amino acids, and yucca, these yummy wafers help your dog metabolize their food better, resulting in better nutrition and less dead spots on your lawn.

NaturVet GrassSaver Biscuits

Dogs love these delicious biscuits that add healthy pet vitamins and minerals to their diet. The unique combination of dl-Methionine, vitamins, biotin, amino acids, and yucca helps dog grass by metabolizing food completely and diminishing yellowing of the lawn.

2 PACK NaturVet GrassSaver Biscuits

Dogs love these so much that you may want to keep two packs on hand! Made with the NatureVet unique combination of dl-Methionine, vitamins, biotin, amino acids, and yucca, they help with metabolism and reduce yellow urine spots.

How to Rid Your Grass of Dog Urine Spots?

While prevention is the best way to keep future yellow spots from tainting your lawn, you may need to fix existing yellow spots. The fastest solution is to camouflage the grass with an effective Naturevet lawn spray, and re-seed as necessary.

NaturVet GrassSaver Yellow to Green Lawn Spray

This easy-to-apply spray tints pet urine yellow spots on your lawn, turning them a natural green in just minutes. This spray won't wash away or fade, even when drenched with rain and daily watering. Easy to apply, and safe for children and pets, this instant solution helps your lawn look great right away while you get to the root of the problem.

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