• Laxatone for Cats (4.25 oz) by Vetoquinol

    Laxatone for Cats (4.25 oz) by Vetoquinol

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    Laxatone for Cats

    is an effective laxative and hair ball remedy for cats.

    Hairballs are a natural product of your cat's grooming habits. Your cat has tiny hook-like features on its tongue to help it groom itself. When shedding, a larger than normal amount of hair may be collected by these hook-like features and ingested. This can be a particular problem with long-haired breeds. Watching your cat cough up a hairball can be a disturbing, and messy experience. Laxatone for Cats can help your cat pass the hair that collects in the stomach from self-grooming through their intestinal tract. This can help eliminate the vomiting and retching associated with hair ball elimination.

    Laxatone for Cats can also provide relief if your cat is experiencing symptoms of constipation. These symptoms may include sluggishness, limited or no production of feces, and perhaps even vomiting when attempting to defecate. Not only can Laxatone provide a safe, gentle and easy to use solution for constipation, but when used regularly, it can serve as a constipation preventative.

    Minimize the discomfort of hairballs and constipation for your cat by keeping a tube of Laxatone for Cats available in your home.

    FLAVOR: Maple

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    Digestive Problems with cats by Tujack from Homewood, AL02/05/2012

    A friend suggested this product to help correct digestive problems with my two cats. They were pooping outside the litter box and hacking up hair balls. The cats hate the taste of this product but if I put it on their paws, they lick it off. I have noticed some improvement since I started using Laxatone..

    Too Runny! by SALandry from The South02/19/2013

    I have used other hairball "gels" in the past, and this is by far the most runny! I cannot put it on my finger like the others because it is like pancake syrup. I have to put it in a spoon. I just read a reviewer state she puts it in the freezer...I guess I will have to try that.

    good product slow delivery by TAD from Texas07/09/2013

    Product is what my vet sells for quite a bit more, but always on back-order. Don't wait until you are close to being out, order a few weeks ahead. We give our 2 cats Laxatone twice a week and don't have many hairball issues.

    It works! by BBBCO from GJ, CO04/25/2014

    Hair balls are almost eliminated with the use of Laxatone. My cat loves it.

    Excellent Product by Mainecoon Mama from Ohio10/23/2012

    This product has been the answer to our prayers.Our mainecoon was throwing up almost all of his meals and losing alot a weight. After many vet visits, this is what finally stopped the trouble. Of course this was also the last suggestion offered to us after we'd paid hundreds in vet bills for testing. Who knew hairballs could cause so much trouble. Our baby has been back for quite awhile to enjoying his meals and has plumped up nicely I might add. He loves this stuff and while I place it directly in his food he will gladly eat it right off my finger. I am very grateful to have found this product and in such a convenient size.

    The pause that refreshes by Terri from Chicago, IL01/14/2012

    Even though I have two "Nude Boys" (Chip n Dale...Sphynx cats) I still use this wonderul product to avoid any complications with food change and/or digesting things they should not!

    Works Good by Cats Rock from Fairfield, ME08/28/2014

    Hi All, My cat will at least eat this stuff. still a little skeptical but gets it in as I do put it in a dish with a little tuna and a gob of the laxatone on top of the tuna. He will not eat the one that is salmon flavor sold by another company. Hates it. This one does have the smell and consistency of maple syrup. His vomiting has cut down from a couple times a week to once every 3 weeks. Which is real good for him. He licks his fur constantly along with everything else in site. I have to hide all my afghans. Hope you find this useful. Oh and this one has a smaller opening than the other brand I tried so it comes out slower. Other one is a bit messy.

    Best Purchase Ever by Blonce11/22/2011

    My cats vet recommended Laxatone for possible hair balls. It really works great. This has helped my cat from getting sick. I have no problem giving this gel to the cat. He licks it right off my finger. I first tried putting it on his food, but that didn't work out to well. If your cat has problems with hair balls, than this is the product you should have in your household.

    Laxatone for cats by Marley from Amagansett, New York03/17/2013

    This is the only laxatone my cat will use! I Am very happy to be able to buy over the Internet as I can not always get this one at the pet store. I have tried all the others and this one is the only one my cat will use.

    LAXATONE FOR CATS by MISS KITTY from Fremont, California10/31/2011

    I am writing this review for my cat Miss Kitty. we have tried several other kinds of stuff for hair balls...she didn't like them at all...she LOVES this stuff she likes it out of the freezer because she doesn't like it runny but thick....she will sit in front of her dish when she wants it...and it keeps her away from eating grass and then getting sick...she is a very long hair cat...when I buy it I buy it by the case....thanks so much it has taken me a long time to find something she likes....very satisfied parent...

    Laxatone by kb from Nevada07/30/2014

    We use this product at least twice a week on our 4 cats. It helps tremendously to keep them from having severe esophageal issues and helps them get rid of nasty hairballs. We learned about this product from our veterinarian when one of our little cats developed a blocked esophagus. Since that time, we make sure we always have at least 2 tubes on hand.

    works great by atm from Southampton,NY01/01/2012

    our cats used to have terrible problems with nausea from hairballs and are perfectly fine since taking this formula

    My Cat Loves This Product !!!!! by SoCalJohn12/03/2012

    My cat "Tuxie" really loves Laxatone. I put a little on my finger and he licks it right up. The key is to put a very small amount on your finger and repeat a few times, instead of a whole bunch at once. Try it and you should have great results.


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