Lickety Stik

Lickety Stik

Lickety Stik BACON (1.69 oz)
Lickety Stik BACON (1.69 oz)

($9.99)  $4.99
3 - PACK Lickety Stik BACON (5.07 oz)
3 - PACK Lickety Stik BACON (5.07 oz)

($18.99)  $13.99
Lickety Stik CHICKEN (1.69 oz)
Lickety Stik CHICKEN (1.69 oz)

($12.99)  $4.99
3 - PACK Lickety Stik CHICKEN (5.07 oz)
3 - PACK Lickety Stik CHICKEN (5.07 oz)

($18.99)  $13.99
Lickety Stik

Lickety Stik is a delicious, all natural snack for your dog in a special container. With Lickety Stik, you can feed your dog an all-natural, healthy snack anytime, anywhere. Just shake, twist and serve!

Lickety Stik's Unique Dispenser!

Lickety Stik's unique roller dispenser continually releases the smell and flavor to have your dog beg for more. Each bottle offers over 500 falvorful licks, and every 10 licks is just 1 calorie! Ingredients are all natural, and packed with vitamins.

Convenient Handheld Container

The Lickety Stik's small sized bottle is easy to carry with you. With the no mess rollerball, you won't mind traveling with the Lickety Stik in your pocket, bag or purse. This is the perfect way to reward your dog while training, or just to show them how much you love them. The contoured shape is easy to handle, and an indicator window at the base shows you when it's time to get more.

Try All 3 Delicious Flavors!


Lickety Stik
  • All natural with vitamins
  • Over 500 licks per bottle
  • No mess: tidy rollerball dispenser
  • Only 1 calorie in every 10 licks
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Natural chicken Flavors, Cultured Milk, Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative - A Source of Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate (Source of Vitamin C), Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein: 8% min.
Crude fiber: 3% max.
Crude fat: 3% min.
Moisture: 80% max.

Calories M.E. (calc) 1040 kcal/kg
4.00 rating based on 21 reviews
Featured Reviews for Lickety Stik BACON (1.69 oz)
Licky the Lickety Stik by Kiffy from Harpers Ferry, WV12/20/2011

My dog, the neighbor's dog, my sister's dog.....they all love it. It is so cute to see 2-3 tongues licking all at the same stick! It is a great product and a fabulous way to cut down on treats.

The best for training by Ken in Houston05/15/2012

Recently a friend told me about Lickety Stik so I thought I would try it. I can no overstate how great this is for training or rewarding your dog WITHOUT adding extra calories to their diets. You won't believe how much they love it. Rather than having crumbs of milkbones in my pockets, I carry the small bottlet so I can give immediate reinforcement. Try it...your dogs will absolutely love it.

great idea by jasmine from buffalo ny10/23/2011

this is the greatest product for stressful situations like going to the VET - a few licks while we wait helps her calm down and ignore the other animals in the waiting room that "stimulate" her

Featured Reviews for Lickety Stik CHICKEN (1.69 oz)
They loved it! by Cat Lover from Columbia, SC10/31/2011

Both my small dog, and my cats, loved this product. I put a little on a plate for them all, and in no time flat that plate was clean. I'm thankful it is low in calories and is a product my pets love. Thanks!

Unnecessary.... by Lily&Casper from baytown,tx04/19/2012

The idea of "licking" their treat was so forgeign to my little ones that I ended up wasting my money. After smelling it, they seemed to be trying to avoid it completely. It smelled good to me and I was initially excited on them trying it but what's stopping me from creating my own recipe of this with chicken stock for them? It's nice to treat your pet with it if they like it but I personally will not ever buy this again...

Licketstik by Lady Di from Windsor, NY11/04/2011

This product is pretty cool! My dog loved it! This would be nice to have when mess. I did chuckle when I first opened it comparing it to a roll on deodorant. Hopefully he won't be looking up at the medicine cabinet! lol

Love the Lickety! by smooney from Pittsburgh, PA10/19/2011

Petey loved his chicken lickety stik! As soon as a opened it and let him sniff it, he was licking away! If I would have let him he would have licked the thing dry I'm sure lol. I think this is a great item, especially if you are some one who is active and taking your dogs on long walks and runs. This treat gives them a nice boost of cals after a workout, while being super easy and clean for you to transport!

the devil made her do it! by rabbit10/19/2011

My otherwise well behaved beagle has gone wild for the Lickety Stik Chicken she received as a Friday Giveaway winner. When I got it, I opened it immediately to let "Tootsie" taste it. She loved it. Deciding I'd keep it as a special treat, I put the cap back on it and stored it up on the pantry shelf. Tootsie has now snuck into the pantry 4 different times trying to get that off the shelf!!! She loves it so whatever you have in there, it has turned my sweet, docile, well-mannered beagle into a little devil...but a lovable one!

Lickity Stick by Sarah from Caledonia, MI10/19/2011

My dog just LOVED the lickity stick, I didn't even open it and all of a sudden I hear something, she is trying to open it. SHE LOVES IT and wants more!!!!! Very good thing for a dog!

LOVE the Lickety Stik by Rayna from Bay Area, CA10/19/2011

My dog is in love with this Likety Stik. She goes to work with me everyday and I keep it on my desk. For a quick treat I pop it open and give her a few licks. She can't get enough :)

One of my dogs' favorites by Lots of dogs from Hagerstown, MD10/19/2011

My dogs seem to love this. They like the flavor and seem to like that they have to lick it to get it. I use this for my one dog that can't really have treats since he has megaesophagus. It helps since he doesn't have to eat anything!!

great product by kas from Kansas11/06/2013

I am in the process of training my dog and this is a great training product. It is portable and very few calories. My trainer recommended this product as a training aid and she was correct.

by DD10/20/2011

My Jack Russell did not seem to like this at all. I really don't know why. She had trouble dealing with just licking it instead of being able to take it with her.

Worthless by GildasMom from Moreno Valley, CA01/19/2013

I bought two of these. The balls don't turn so licking doesn't get the liquid out. And when I just squeezed it out none of my three dogs cared to lick it up off the dish. A good sniff was all they gave it.

What a treat! by natalie112 from Blaine, MN10/19/2011

All our dogs LOVED this treat. We have 3 foster min pin puppies, all about 3 months old. It was so cute to watch 3 tongues going at once. They were so happy to have such a wonderful tasting treat. Our own Dobie and Min Pin also loved it. They were taking turns. I highly recommend this product and I'll definitely be buying more.

My pups LOVED this Lickety Stick-Chicken by HarleyNoah from Gilbert, AZ10/19/2011

Once I received this item, I let them try it as a treat... very easy to use. The product as a self-roller that once turned upside down, will roll and dispurse liquid as the dog licks the roller ball. The flavor is clearly great, as my dogs wouldn't stop licking, and didn't take breaks haha. They had a blast, and I saved 1/2 of the bottle for another treat time. They would have licked all the liquid out on their first attempt :) Great product- hope to see other flavors come out as well! Would be great as a variety pack??

Lickity stick by restlessinhi from Honolulu Hi.10/19/2011

WOW is all I can super finicky dogs LOVED it......I was shocked when they started licking the roll ball of the snack,then started growling at each other over it......I'll have to get more of these

A unique treat... by Alexandrea from Houston, TX10/19/2011

My two little shih-tzu are like royalty in my house. I've always taken special care to feed them only safe and nutritious food and treats. The Lickety Stick is no exception to this as it contains no harmful preservatives or by-products. Initially your pups might give you a "what the heck is that?" look but give it some time and they will come to terms with the concept of "licking" their treat. An added bonus is that it is also low in calories and is also a mess-free way to reward your pet.

Featured Reviews for 3 - PACK Lickety Stik CHICKEN (5.07 oz)
aussiegirl's favorite by jawnhenry from Cape Coral, Florida12/14/2011

Aussie girl will look all over the house for her lickity stick. when she cant find it she will let you know she wants it by barking. When you get it for her she will keep hitting you with her paw until you un cap the bottle and give her the roller ball to lick. when the ball has been licked dry she will try and get out of your hand toget more licks. SHE LOVES IT

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