• LimePlus Dip -  Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.

    LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.

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    LimePlus Dip is a sulfur concentrate with antimicrobial activity. For treatment of non-specific, dermatoses where the active ingredient is effective. For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

    Dilution: Pour 4 ounces of contents into a gallon container and fill with water. Mix well.

    Directions: Bathe animal prior to application. Rinse off shampoo. Pour entire contents of diluted LimePlus Dip onto pet and work into skin. Allow to dry on pet. DO NOT Rinse. May be applied at 5-7 day intervals.

    Active Ingredient: Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%
    Inert Ingredients:2.2%

    Usage Information

    Precautions: For topical use on dogs and cats. Keep out of reach of children. This product is malodorous. May cause skin irritation. If irritation develops, decrease frequency of use or discontinue. Avoid eye contact.

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    lime plus dip by hunter from Ludlow MA02/23/2013

    product worked great i. saw results after second application.

    by dogowner11/04/2011

    It works well for an unpleasant situation.

    Still Waiting by coyote22555 from VA01/09/2012

    I bought this product hopeing for a quick fix, but I am on my third treatment. It may have helped but hasn't worked yet. The help desk is worthless, so much for chat help .I got a message all persons were buzy please leave an e-mail, then the reply was to ask my vet LOL I am going to have to look for some thing else if it doesn't start working soon. I pray it will work soon my poor baby is missrable.

    Smells bad but works great! by Doglover from Virginia01/19/2014

    We used this on our dog for a skin infection that we had taken our dog to the vet for three times this summer and fall. He was on different antibiotics that cost us $700 for the three times (More expensive than our meds ) After he showed signs of the skin infection for the fourth time we decided we had nothing to lose and tried this dip. We dipped him weekly for three weeks. No easy task as he's a big lab. We had also changed food based on the advice of the Eastern Medicine practice vet that was added to our vet's practice (alas this also hadn't worked) He is now free of his staph infection and his hair is growing back :) Great product but it does really smell. Small price to pay for it being the only thing that has worked for clearing his infection.

    works great by chris from kingston On10/30/2012

    this product worked great for our dog. The smell is a little strong, but it worked, which is the main thing

    Great product by jsheley0911/01/2013

    This product works excellent. My dog had a skin problem and we tried several different medicated shampoos and nothing worked. Got this and after four treatments her skin is clear and almost all of her hair has grown back.

    Great product!! by Kari from Rochester, NY10/24/2012

    Our property backs up to a forever wild area where there are all sorts of animals, including foxes. I noticed that my dogs were smelling foul and that they were frantically scratching and biting themselves to the point of actually pulling out fur! Several trips to the vet offered no explanation and the medications I had to buy did nothing to stop the torment and cost much $$ so I went online to search for the possible ailment. I came across mange and after reading more was firmly convince that both my dogs had it. Fortunately my vet was on vacation and they were seen by a vet fillilng in for him. She recognized right away that they had mange and gave me orders to buy Revolution and a sulfurated lime dip. She also told me that foxes carry the sarcoptic mites responsible for mange and since we have several foxes on the property, the mystery was solved. I bought both ASAP but saw much improvement from this dip. The cost at the Vet for just 4 oz was $10 and had to buy 8 oz to treat both dogs every 2 weeks, or less. this was very expensive and I was elated when on a search found that I could buy, from Entirely Pets.com a 16 oz bottle for less than 1 single treatment. I have used other Sulfurated Lime dips but this product is simply the best. My babies are now mange free and I owe it mostly to this product. I have since switched to Frontline Plus as a added deterrant.

    Almost a miracle by Gin from Florida08/27/2013

    I live in a semi-tropical climate (FL) where everything thrives. My 13 y.o. Lab had a horrible year long battle with ringworm and finally the other Lab caught it, too. Despite daily baths with medicated shampoo the ringworm was winning. Her fur had fallen out all over and she was miserable. My vet had no other suggestions. He just said her immunity system was too old to fight it. I did some research and found this dip. I followed the instructions and dipped both dogs a total of 3 times over 4 weeks. It's gone and her fur is growing back. She's happy and she looks beautiful again. I would HIGHLY recommend you try this product. I will use it as is necessary again.

    Just what we needed by Beagle Rescue from Omaha, NE03/16/2012

    We rescued 5 beagle/sheltie mix puppies with scabies. Since they are part sheltie they could not take ivermectin so Lime dipping for 6 weeks was the deal. we needed the product ASAP so I ordered it late on a Thursday and it arrived on Saturday! And so far the product is doing great. It stinks of course but who cares? The puppies feel so much better already and that is what counts. 10 starts for Entirely Pets, 5 stars for the product!

    Best product by mike from Miami,Fl04/12/2012

    I have a English bulldog with many skin problems and this products work excellent

    excellent DIP by Joshua Slater06/14/2008

    I just want you to know that I love this product! I have tried many products and spent lots of money on different treatments for ringworm that a cat that I just recently purchased had."Unknown to me". This product is easy to use and effective aside from the smell, but it's certainly worth it to get rid of the worry!!!!!!! Thank you for this product!

    Processing Took Six Days by Tim12/22/2011

    I am happy with the product and I noticed that when you said it was shipped it only took two days to get to us after that but was a little disappointed that it took six days to process two items before it was shipped. I placed another order for this and was hoping for a quicker processing time.

    Great product! by Kathleen from Houston, TX04/22/2013

    The product really zaps fleas, ticks and whatever other critters lurk on our dogs and cats. My cats are allergic to the saliva of fleas, which would cause them to itch/scratch constantly. Due to their scratching it caused them to have bald spots throughout their body. The LimePlus Dip cured that problem ~ for which I am entirely grateful! My vet prescribed this for them.


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