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LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate ONE GALLON

Item Number: IWM028560
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LimePlus Dip is a sulfur concentrate with antimicrobial activity. For treatment of non-specific, dermatoses where the active ingredient is effective. For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Dilution: Pour 4 ounces of contents into a gallon container and fill with water. Mix well.

Directions: Bathe animal prior to application. Rinse off shampoo. Pour entire contents of diluted LimePlus Dip onto pet and work into skin. Allow to dry on pet. DO NOT Rinse. May be applied at 5-7 day intervals.

Active Ingredient: Sulfurated Lime Solution 97.8%
Inert Ingredients:2.2%

Customer Reviews

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4.83 rating based on 6 reviews
by from 05/03/2013

When I had a cat diagnosed with ringworm the vet said to get LymDyp..which apparently isn't available any more.

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by Antonia from Germany03/12/2012

Everything is perfect! Lime Plus Dip works very well for Ringworm therapie

effective and safe and fast by cat rescue director08/10/2010

if used every 5 days as directed, it will get rid of ringworm. It is cheap and effective and it works a lot faster than any of the systemic medications. We have had cats get very sick from Greseofulvin, don't use it at all even though vets who are not up on the latest will still prescribe it. Sporanox works and is safe but it takes a long time (4-8 weeks) and is very expensive. Fluconazole works too and is cheaper but does have side effects in some animals, although none of ours have experienced any so usually we use that if we have to use a systemic medication. For the vast majority of our ringworm cases, we dip every 5 days, clean the environment with clorox before putting the dipped cat back, change the bedding every day and bleach it. We have never failed to get rid of ringworm fast (most in one week) and effectively. You have to be really careful not to get in the eyes, which is dicey because a lot of ringworm is near the eyes. You just have to rub it in with your fingertips. Usuallly we dip the body and neck then wrap in a towel and do the face and ears very throughly. Also, be sure to use a collar till dry. We have had a number of cats vomit and get diarrhea from grooming the wet dip off of themselves. We usually dry most or all of the way with a hairdryer on low or medium if the cat/kitten will let us.

Lime Sulfur Dip by Brigitte from Miami04/16/2013

Love the product! Used it on animals with mange & fungal infections for years. REALLY dilute it the right way, follow instructions (4oz per 128oz or gallon) & don't dry the animal with towel. Avoid eyes & if you don't, rinse them under faucet or with a hose right away cause it burns. Sulfur has to touch the skin not just the fur.

Sulfurated Lime Sulphur by guyinthailand06/29/2012

Formulated by Dr Melman, DVM who wrote the great book "Skin Diseases of Dogs and Cats", this product is highly recommended. Mix 4 ounces with a gallon of water and pour/sponge on animal. 128 ounces/gallon so you get 30 treatments for $100, or about $3 a treatment--not expensive. Find his book, too, if you really want to get good at 'fixing' those animals whose skin is messed up, whether from Demodex or Sarcoptes Mites, fungus, allergies, etc

Works well for treating ringworm in cats by pinetree90907/09/2010

Works very well used as a dip twice a week to treat ringworm in cats, when used in conjunction with sporanox and the living area is properly vacuumed, cleaned, disinfected etc, they are all better in 6 weeks.

Effective product by Ruth Nelson from Eastern Ky06/19/2014

Bought for my boer goat herd, had a buck with the mange mite...bad case. Treated with 5 ounces per gallon, used a hand pump garden sprayer to get close range and all areas....took about 1 gallon to cover him.......took 3 treatments 5 days apart but he looks wonderful and no longer miserable.


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LimePlus Dip -  Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 4oz.LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 4oz.
Reg price: $11.99
Sale price: $8.99
LimePlus Dip -  Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.LimePlus Dip - Sulfurated Lime Sulfur Concentrate 16oz.
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Sale price: $14.99

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