• Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip (4 oz)

    Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip (4 oz)

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    Lime Sulfur Dip is a 97.8% Lime Sulfur Concentrate. It is for treatment of non specific dermatoses and parasites on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens which are responsive to lime sulfur.

    Dilution: Shake concentrate well. Add 4 oz. of concentrate to 1 gallon of water. After adding concentrate to water, mix well. For chronic or resistant cases, concentrate may be diluted at 8 oz. per gallon of water.

    Directions: Wear gloves. Carefully pour diluted dip over the animal makingsure to reach affected areas. Re-apply every 5 to 7 days or as directed by your veterinarian. Do not rinse or blow dry animal. Do not allow animal to ingest. Apply protective collar until dry if necessary to prevent ingestion.

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    Use with caution by Tami08/16/2014

    This is a easy to administer treatment but if you need to treat around the face make sure you put in an eye ointment first to prevent it from irritating the eyes. Also be careful with the location you use it- it will corrode the metal in your sink. Use in a well-ventilated area as it is very smelly.

    Very Sick Kitty by lobezno from Garden Grove, CA08/16/2014

    This product smell horrible, but it really works wonders on a kitty that I rescued. With just a few applications, she is doing so much better. Also the delivery of the product was very fast.

    Works like Magic but Smells Terrible by Daisy12/17/2012

    This product smells exactly like it sounds! However, it works magic! My cat has struggled with ringworm for 9 months and would not heal. She was on three different medications and nothing helped her. She had lesions all over her skin and her fur fell out in chunks. I have used this product twice so far and she looks worlds better! Her lesions are starting to heal and no new ones are forming. Admittedly, she HATED the treatment. Everyone in the house hated it due to the smell. The smell almost completely dissipates after she is dry so I recommend drying your pet with a hairdryer to speed up the process. Also, wash any towels the product gets on with a little white vinegar and the smell will disappear. The vet recommended 6 treatments to me because of the extent of her infection. I am confident, based upon the preliminary results, that this product will finally cure her!

    Great buy by Cat Rescuer10/21/2013

    Gentle on the skin, very mild smell. My cat loved it and is at last getting a relief from the itch caused by cheyletiella mites. We tried prescription medicine, it irritated his skin and failed to resolve the problem. This is definitely the way to go.

    by from 10/23/2012

    Helpful for Ringworm by Linda from North West Arkansas05/17/2014

    I am a foster home for Fabulous Felines NWA. We rescue kittens and cats from all sorts of situations, many times from the local shelters and take them into our foster homes. We make it a matter of practice now to dip each new kitten and spray the dip on the adult cats when they are first rescued as ringworm can take up to 10 days to show up. If a kitten does have ringworm, we dip them every five days and this dip really helps keeping it from spreading and it does heal faster. I usually divide this bottle to dilute only a 16 or 32 ounce bottle at a time as the dip doesn't keep well beyond a week or two. I also put the cat in a bucket when I do it so any runoff can be reused on the next kitty.

    Awesome!!! by Roxstar10/17/2013

    I will always have this on hand for skin infections (both fungal and bacterial). Our dog had a slight case of ringworm and one dip cleared it up. We did do a second dip 2 weeks later as advised by our vet, but there was no reoccurance within that time. It does stink, and you have to keep them in a confined area until they are dried, but it is very effective alternative to pharmaceutical therapy.

    Awesome by J Dillon04/26/2013

    Works great for mange and any other unexplainable stuff your dog is itching about. Do this once a week for four weeks and as long as it's not allergies, it will kill anything on the dog. got my dog as a rescue, had real bad itching. vet said they didnt know what it was. i knew it was mange, she was losing hair. used this stuff. mange gone. but, by a bigger bottle or at least two of these. i have a shepherd and one bottle of the four ounce was only two treatments.

    by from 08/02/2014

    I have two foster kittens that came to me with ringworm. Lime sulfur is such a great product to treat it. Personally, I would prefer this was an 8oz bottle because the dip I use for ringworm I always do 8oz to the gallon, but you can buy two or go elsewhere and buy an 8oz bottle. Great product, has helped the kitties a lot.

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