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Litter Kwitter - Litter Box-Free Traning

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This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Littermaid Self Cleaning Box and Accessories

Litter Kwitter

Train your cat in 3 easy steps:

Ready! The Red stage trains your cat to go into the bathroom whenever they need to 'go,' and to hop up onto the toilet to do it. The special white seat starts on the floor next to the toilet with the red training disc full of litter just like their regular litter tray. Later, the whole thing is placed on the toilet rim so your cat learns to hop up to go. This take around 2-3 weeks on average.

Steady! The Amber stage uses the amber training disc which has a small hole in the centre surrounded by a reservoir of litter. Your cat trends on the litter while learning to balance. The location of the hole means your cat will move their front paws onto the seat whilst positioning their rear over the hole. Your cat will experience going into the water for the first time. This stage takes 2-3 weeks on average.

GO! Say goodbye to the litter tray forever! The green stage uses the disc with the large hole. Your cat learns to go directly into the toilet while balancing all four paws on the seat with their rear over the hole. Your cat won't need litter any more and you can enjoy the benefits of a litter-free home. This stage takes 2-3 weeks on average.

Later, remove the Litter Kwitter completely. Hooray!

Litter Quitter customers have spoken, the competitor Citi Kitty is a flimsy piece of plastic you have to hack bits out of with a Stanley knife, and a ripoff of a product called Kitty Whizz.

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