• Litter Genie Plus Pails - Black

    Litter Genie Plus Pails - Black

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    Litter Genie Plus Pails

    is a complete and hygienic soiled litter disposal solution. This system provides an easy, odorless, hygienic way to dispose of waste creating a healthier, more pleasant home environment. The Litter Genie Plus Pails reduces odor, makes clean-up quick and easy, hygienically seals soiled litter clumps, and reduces trips to the garbage. Simply scoop litter as usual and dispose in the Litter Genie Plus Pails, pull and release the handle to lock away clumps, odor and bacteria. Litter bag refill cartridges last up to two months per cat and the odorless barrier bags keeps odors from escaping.

    * The Litter Genie Plus Pails comes complete with a refill bag cartridge, litter scoop and litter scoop holder that can hang directly on the Litter Genie Plus Pails.
  • Quick, clean, easy and odorless
  • A hygienic way to dispose of cat waste
  • Bag dispenser cartridge can last up to 2 months per cat
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Comes with a litter scoop and holder
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    Usage Information

  • Open the lid and scoop in the soiled litter
  • Close lid and pull the handle (depressing the lock with your thumb)
  • Release the handle to lock in odors and bacteria
  • Bag Refill Cartridge:
  • Remove plastic ring from top of cartridge
  • Pull first bag up then down through the center of the cartridge ring
  • Tie a secure knot in the bottom of the bag
  • Remove plastic top on the Litter Genie Plus Pails and place in the cartridge ring
  • Hold the handle in the open position, unlock the bottom of the unit and pull bag down into the bottom of the unit
  • Click closed the bottom of the Litter Genie Plus Pails, release the handle and replace the top
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    Customer Reviews

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    Litter Lock Review by Lingarra02/19/2012

    Received the product and when I opened the box, I was disappointed in the size. I thought they were going to be bigger like a diaper pail. I have a multi-cat household. I was also disappointed in how the bag system worked. When I called to return the product I was given a return authorization number only to find out that I had to pay for shipping the product back and the cost was almost as much as I paid for the product so I did not return it. Now I am stuck with them and out $$

    at last no more stinky room by gweaks from Wisconsin11/29/2011

    The litter box is in my bedroom for convience and now I don't have a small covered trash can next to the litterbox that smells up the room. The Litter Locker is small enough to not be noticed and big enough to hold dirty litter for all 3 large cats that I have. It is so simple to use and best of all there is no more smell.

    Service HORRIBLE never got product by sad without product12/09/2012

    I am still looking to purchase the product elsewhere but this company was so dishonest they lost my business. The website said it would ship same day if order was before 2. Mine was but it did not ship until midnight on the 3rd day at the cheapest rate possible going through 2 different companies. I paid extra for 2 day shipping because I wanted it where I would be staying at Thanksgiving. The company screwed me. Still have not received my refund to my credit card even though the company did say it was returned to them. They lost a customer who purchases cat products every month. I am still waiting for my refund so I can purchase the product else where.

    Fabulous Purchase by Melissa06/02/2012

    This works fabulous. There's no more odor once in this! Love, love, love this! Definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone!

    by jcorr11/07/2012

    Litter Locker II is great, low tech and easy to use. It really keeps out the odors. Although the refills are somewhat pricey, the alternatives do not appear to be an equivalent product. If I want to conserve, I use regular plastic for the solids.

    by from 11/05/2012

    I've been caring for an 8 yr old Grandkitty who's been de-clawed. I learned from Jackson Galaxy on the show, My Cat From H__, that these kitties can have sensitive toes, permanently. Sure enough, this gal began to go #2 outside the box after her recovery w/no one understanding why, until now.

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    Litter Locker II keeps smell away -- really nice by brendak12/14/2012

    Litter Locker II keeps smell away -- really nice. I really do love this product. No more smell. I had read that you could use 8-gallon bags instead of the ones on the litter bag ring. I am doing that and it works well. The litter bag ring worked well as well. Putting the 8-gallon bag on, I slide it under the part of the littler bag ring part that is still hanging down. I had used 2 bags from the litter ring. You cut off (with their cutter) the old littler ring bag and pull down a new amount from the litter ring and knot it. In any event, either works very well. Highly recommend.

    Very good product by Pleased from Galien, MI03/10/2013

    The Litter Locker works very well and is very easy to use.

    Love this product! by Gabby03/28/2012

    This is great! I can clean the litterbox and use the same bag for 2 weeks without an odor.

    Time saver by NYCAP from Long Island, NY01/01/2013

    We have 2 cats with 2 litter boxes upstairs and 2 down, which my wife cleans every day, bringing the wast (in plastic grocery bags) to a bin outside. I gave her one for upstairs and one for downstairs which she's been using for a week now without changing, and there is no discernible odor. This saves her 2 or 3 minutes a day, which doesn't sound like much, but that's nearly 20 minutes a week saved. As busy as she is that's a big help and a big convenience. Plus, on those cold or nasty days she doesn't have to carry the waste out to the can on the deck. In fact she told me that on those days she would generally just throw it out onto the deck and get it when the weather is better. Glad I didn't know that before,

    Great purchase by jankay777 from Greenville, TX10/22/2012

    I think this has to be one of the best products I've ever found for litter disposal. I bought one to have in my garage area where my three cats have their litter box and then I put one in my back bathroom so that in bad weather they can go to the bathroom indoors in another litter box. I have been so pleased with this product so now I've bought two of them. I will definitely tell my friends who have cats about this. Thank you for an excellent product. You should produce one for dogs also, of course, a bit bigger. Thanks so much for excellence!!

    Great purchase by babyboots from AR10/29/2012

    I was amazed with this. It is the bomb. Everything is confined and there is no odor anymore. It made such a difference. Anyone with cats should get this.

    Fantastic Product by Biterz03/15/2013

    I purchased 3 Litter Lockers to place near the largest of 7 litter boxes. I love, love love this product. I do place an additional small plastic grocery bag first in the "holding tank," then I pull down & tie the bottom of the new collector bag. When full, I scissors cut just above the level of the mess, then I tie the grocery bag enclosing the used bag entirely. Using this method instead of tying the used bag itself, I save on the amount of refills I need. This system certainly makes cleaning my multi-boxes a near-enjoyable experience encouraging me to act several times daily when home. My many cats appreciate the cleaner boxes.

    waste of money by cat mom01/25/2013

    The cartridge that came with it was too big, the refil fit and we tried it. Every time I go from the litter box to the container some of the litter spills, it was cleaner to use plastic bags!! What a mess.The cutter for the full bag is not sharp and I was stuck holding it and looking for a scissors. I have two cats and three litter boxes. You have to use all clumping litter and it is more expensive also. I do not like it and not using it. Waste of money!

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    Great improvement by RIK12/02/2012

    Was a big dean of the original Litterlocker, but the new one is vastly improved. It s shape is more convenient and it fits better next to the toilet, where I keep it. It no longer requires you to turn the awkward knobs, and no longer wastes so much plastic. I don't need to purchase refills as often. My only complaint is that the refills are actually smaller, contain less, but cost a little more. Still well worth it.

    a winner by spider1004/02/2013

    purchased 2.one for xtra bathroom one for garage.Cats use litter pan in winter,rain etc.This item is easy to use,NO SMELL.Even husband is happy with purchase.READ DIRECTIONS when starting for first time,a little tricky.Thumbs up for this item.

    Love the Litter Locker! by Kittymomma04/14/2013

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. Completely contains the litter odor and is very easy to use. Much prefer it to taking bags to the trash multiple times a day, since that's how often I scoop to keep the litterboxes clean.

    better than the original by Nissi03/10/2012

    I have the original litter locker and was not thrilled with the twisting process to store the soiled cat litter. But liked the idea of not having to find a plastic bag to clean the box. The new model is so much easier. Now all I have to do is pull out the lever and the soiled litter just falls into the bag. I love it!!!!.

    Litter Locker II by Judy11/01/2012

    This is the best way to dispose of kitty's waste. There is absolutely no odor! It's a great design.

    by from 04/24/2012

    Nice overall by supermom184303/11/2012

    The Littter Locker II does keep things nice and tidy. It doesn't take up as much room as the empty litter bucket that I would use. I do wish that rather than having the lever to push down and pull out the handle to lower the waste, that that product simply had a button to push that would create an opening on the inside allowing the waste to dump into the bag.

    a very good purchase by putt-putt from Fyffe,AL.10/24/2012

    i like this product because it comes with bags and is easy to empty the litter.i like it because you can put the soiled litter in the container until the bag is full and it doesn't smell.i really like this product.

    by loves cats07/24/2013

    The best disposal for a small area - my somewhat small master bath. There is no odor at all, replacement is rather easy. Best buy for sure.

    SO glad I bought this! by Jill from Northwest Wisconsin03/09/2013

    I live in a small house, and was cleaning and taking out the cat waste several times a day, mostly just to keep the smell away. I saw this and wondered "could it really be that easy?", so I bought two, put one next to each litter box and sure enough-it IS that easy. It works very well at keeping the smell under control AND I only have to take it out about once a week. I am so glad I bought this!

    by from 03/15/2013

    How did I live without it, it is definitely a must have item. It works as described, well made, an all in one solution to the litter box clean up AND is at a better price at EntirelyPets.com than in stores.

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    Saves the Day! by Megan from Bend, Oregon01/03/2013

    I was scooping poo into poo bags twice a day and walking them out to the garage where my garbage can is... that got old quick! I ordered this after reading reviews online and got THE BEST deal on this site. It's super easy to use and makes kitty poo so much easier to deal with!

    Wonderful by cat lady from sc11/03/2012

    This really helps keep the odor contained.

    by from 05/07/2012

    Poor product by catmanor from Maina01/19/2013

    does not make sense, when you can buy standard trash pail and pay less for liners using standard trash bags overpriced and liners are not cheap

    Best cat product ever by S Ball from MO12/11/2012

    I have three cats and the pain of cleaning their litter boxes all the time was getting to be too much. I'm happy I found this product because it makes it so easy to keep the litter boxes clean and it keeps the order down. The refills last for weeks. I'm as happy as can be with this product.

    by from 11/15/2011

    Size that can be used compact location.

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    great product by Charlie01/01/2013

    The litter locker II, works as I hoped. Very easy to use and no smell escapes. I have never had a better shopping experience. Entirely-pets deliverd the product as promised and on time. Can't ask for more!

    Good New Design by DHS11/07/2011

    I owned the last Litter Locker design and liked it very much, but this new design is easier to use.

    Beats the bucket, scoops down! by DJ from Ocala, FL11/06/2012

    Want to scoop and go? Here's your answer. Tired of going back and forth to the garage with stinky poo? Here's your answer. When you empty the Litter Locker it really is easy and takes only a few minutes. I have one by both litter box stations.

    Great idea! by Do not have one12/09/2012

    This is the best idea. Have purchased this item as gifts for my 3 grown children who each have indoor cats. Can't wait to see their faces when they open their packages.

    Excellent product! by Pat from Florida11/07/2012

    I read numerous reviews on this product before I purchased it. After reading some of them, I was hesitant to buy, but the good reviews were very positive, so I ordered it. I have been COMPLETELY happy with it and have been using it daily since it arrived. It makes the whole catbox thing so much easier to deal with. I scoop out two boxes for two cats and the bag lasts me for a full week. I'm still on my first roll, so I don't know how long a refill lasts, but there is NO ODOR. I would like a larger "port" to put the waste in, but overall, I am very happy. My husband is happier without multiple grocery bags for the scoopings, too. :)

    Good for multi-cat by KittyMom from Florida12/08/2012

    We purchased this for our neighbor to use while we were away for 18 days to make litter disposal easier for her. We got 2 so she did not have to deal with changing the bags. They definitely do seal in the odor. The part to move to lower the litter does require 2 hands, not one. Other than that we are pleased with the Litter Locker.

    by from 07/16/2013

    This works so much better than my former system of scooping waste into a used Walmart bag in a waste basket. Good odor control, and (being upright) takes up little space.

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    Sorted out my litter problem by Warrior Two from Berkeley, CA02/13/2013

    I used to scoop my litter every day into a plastic grocery bag and throw it in a bucket on the back porch. When my city banned plastic bags, someone suggested this to me. I love it! It does a great job of keeping the smell locked in tight. (Much better than a trash can with a lid; I tried that too, it doesn't work.) It has a slim profile so it sits near the litter box and I was happy to get rid of that back-porch bucket.

    Great Product by Denise from Bel Air, Maryland07/29/2012

    The Litter Locker is everything thing it says it is. I own the Litter Champ and love the concept of it, but it doesn't keep the smell down. So when I saw the description on the Litter Locker II I thought I would give it a try. It is all it says it is. It is very easy to use. Use just put the Litter Locker II refill in pull down the bag tie it and you are ready to go. It really does keep the smell away. The only con would be that the opening could be a little big bigger like the size of the scooper the way the Litter Champ opening is then we would have a pefect litter disposal system. If you like diposing this way. All in all I love this system. No more smell. Thanks Litter Locker II.

    by Sarah03/04/2013

    This is the second Litter Locker II we have purchased. We loved the first one so much we purchased a second for our second litter box. Easy to use and keeps odors in!

    by from 04/26/2013

    Can't rave enough! This thing really works as advertised! It locks and traps in all odors from litter and so significantly reduces on trips to the outdoor garbage cans. As we only have one cat, so it does last about two weeks or a little more, maybe, before we have to cut and pull down a new bag. This also makes it way more eco-friendly than constantly tossing old grocery store bags away daily. And I really prefer this to it's current market competitor because the refills are so much more reasonably priced.

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    Should be called the Litter Geni! by Knerq from Alexandria, VA02/06/2013

    Easy to assemble, holds up well under use, and works well. The only thing that I would love to improve is having a larger bottom bin - with three cats, it's full in about 3 days.

    Great Product by LindaO04/30/2012

    This does help with the smell. I would give it 5 stars if the refills were cheaper. I would purchase it again and I advised my daughter to purchase one.

    Fantastic!!! by Petal from Pittsburgh Pa11/28/2011

    I am so glad I decided to try this- it works 100% better than the original. So easy to use, doesn't take up a lot of room, has a great little caddy for the included scoop.And most importantly it really does seal away the mess and odors. Now I don't have to reuse old plastic grocery bags and make constant trips to the outside garbage can to dispose of them. The spare room where the litter box is kept is now completely odor free- the kitties are happy and so am I !

    Great Disposal System by Mishla12/07/2012

    Easy to set up and use. I have been using this product for 2 weeks and no smells. With one cat, one bag will last a month before it needs to be replaced. If you own cats, this is a must!!!!

    Superb by Wendy T01/12/2012

    Definitely a better product than the original. LOVE it! Both aesthetically & functionally. You won't regret purchasing it for your cat-friendly home.

    Litter Locker by Tracer from Minnesota07/30/2012

    This product I gave 5 stars because it works. No more smelly cat litter in the house.

    Great Product! by Taff12/22/2012

    Highly recommended really blocks the odor of soiled litter. Google or you tube the directions to add regular garbage bags instead of buying the expensive refills.

    Excellent product by Karol10/22/2012

    This is a great way to dispose of litter while controling odor. I think it does a great job and has made my life much easier.

    Great Product by Rkdolphin12/10/2011

    I was very impressed with the design of this litter locker. The price was amazing. Great purchase.

    Nice Product by LB11/12/2011

    I had the old style Litter Locker which I had no real complaints about other than buying the bag cartridges. That lead me to read the reviews on the new Litter Locker II system. When I read that you can use 8-10 gallon garbage bags in place of the cartridge I decided to try it. Indeed, you can use garbage bags instead and they actually work a little better for holding the waste as the bags that come with the system are narrow and restrict how much you can put in. This system is definitely an improvement over the old every way around and I recommend it to all cat owners.

    Best invention ever by bakeram from Peru, IN11/25/2012

    I love it. So much better then the first litter locker. I now have 3 of them one in every room in the house that has a litter box. Keeps in the smell like nothing I have had before. Highly Recommended.

    by sskitty from Indiana08/07/2012

    I use the Tidy Cats Breeze system, so it seemed so wasteful to use plastic store bags, because you don't want to reopen those bags when you're only throwing away feces and a few pellets-talk about foul! With this, there may be a brief encounter with that smell, but nothing like opening it all up in your face! I don't recommend throwing the disposable pads away in this though, I did once and the knot was not tied tightly enough, well, let's just say it was NOT a pleasant job cleaning it out! I would assume it would work well for clumping litter, just so long as you don't have the huge "cement block" clumps as I usually had having 4 cats sharing the same boxes, it would have to be broken up to fit into the hole, which doesn't sound like fun!

    Best Litter Cleaner! by Mr. Mundo11/27/2012

    Must Use. Easy and fast way to keep your litter clean.

    I wish I bought this sooner! by KittyKarer from Australia02/01/2013

    Review of the Litter Locker II: I keep it in the laundry where the litter tray is, and if I see a little present that my cat made for me I just scoop it up and put it in the litter locker, it takes 10 seconds to clean up kitty's mess. Such a great alternative to what I had to do before - find a garbage bag, scoop up the litter, get the key to unlock the back door, unlock the back door, go out to the bins, come back lock the door, put the key away, and it feels like I have just spread kitty litter germs all over the place. But with the litter locker it's basically one swift movement and it's all over and I haven't had to touch several different surfaces after touching the litter scooper! Yes, it does lock away the smell. The only thing is that the litter locker is very light-weight, and when you are pulling on the spring-loaded lever to lock the litter away, you need to hold the litter locker with your other hand when pulling on the lever....not a big deal, it is just a light product. The bag cartridge is going to last me a VERY long time - I have been using it for 1 month and haven't even had to throw out one lot of litter yet, it's not even close to being full yet (I have 1 large Persian cat). I believe the bag cartridges are well worth the money, but I am only saying this with having 1 cat, I am not sure what the bag consumption would be like if you had more than 1 cat.

    Litter Locker by Tracer from Minnesota07/25/2012

    If you want to get rid of the mess and are tired of the smell of cat litter this item is for you.

    Better than Cat Genie by LooneyLena01/07/2013

    Had the Cat Genie disposal system. I had read somewhere that they were the same - not true. The lid fell off of the Genie after one month. The mouth of the container is about the same, but the Litter Locker is round instead of square. It appears to better better made and a little larger. I am extremely happy!! Delivery was very slow,but I am happy with product.

    love it!! by fraidycat12/07/2011

    Best price around and helps eliminate odors. Highly recommended.

    Money well spent by 5 Cat Momma from North Carolina10/23/2012

    We have five large cats and two Litter Lockers, when friends visit for the first time they find it hard to believe we have five cats, no cat odors. The Litter Lockers do a great job of "locking" in the smells from our seven litter boxes. Will be purchasing one more! It's the best money we've ever spent for odor control. Sprays are nice but don't last,with this product you can forget the sprays.

    Delivery stank, product OK by Highly disatisfied from Seattle area12/08/2012

    I paid extra for 3-4 day delivery so that I'd have this in time for cat-sitting. Pet Express didn't even send it out of the warehouse in that period. It arrived after the cat had come and gone -- fat lot that helped! Now catsitting again. The product itself works well. I don't understand complaints that the opening is too small -- if the clump is large, just divide it into two, then scoop it in. No cat smell, even after a week. I don't want to push my luck, so the bag will go out with the trash each week.

    Singing the Praises of Litter Locker II by Anja from Northern New York12/16/2012

    This is a fantastic product. Such a simple design concept that truly makes scooping, well, almost fun! I wasn't sure it would be suitable for multi-cat household, but am finding it works great. Stiffles that disappointment of having just scooped the litter box then having a cat jump in moments later and adding a deposit--no need to use another grocery bag to rescoop.

    Litter Locker II CatLitter disposal System by AJ from St.Paul , Minnesota12/31/2012

    I bought the litter locker II for another litter box and previously bought the original litter locker, I can say the improvements that have been made In the Litter locker II are amazing. It is so much easier and faster to clean the litter box without the smell when you open it and it goes so much faster to when you empty it too . At some point I may just buy another Litter locker II one to replace the original Litter locker . I would strongly recommend this to everyone that has a litter box . Before I bought the litter locker II I bought a litter spinner litter box too and between having them both it makes it so much faster and easier to clean a litter box for 2 cats .

    Good Odor Control by lawyerlindaw from Raleigh, NC04/03/2012

    I have used this product for a couple of weeks and find it to be a good alternative to regular disposal of poo. It is very easy to use and takes about a minute to change bags. The one complaint I have is that it is messy when you have scooped up the poo and are trying to get it into the little opening of the locker. Excess litter goes everywhere I have to vacuum every day and dust off the locker to keep things clean. It does a good job of eliminating odors.

    by from 01/22/2012

    I have owned the self'cleaning litter boxes for the past 6 years and have been through 3 of them. The motors just wear out quickly and the units are very expensive. After my last one "died" I decided to go back to a traditional litter box but hated the thought of having to clean the litter box every day. This litter locker is amazing and does everything it says it does. You lift the lid...scoop the poo into the top section, close the lid, pull the lever and down the waste goes into the bag in the bottom of the container. No smell and it's simple to change the bag. I love the built in bag cutter too.

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    Kitty helper by gibgrl from midwest10/23/2012

    I had gotten a litter locker ii at a local store that no longer carried it. I wanted another kitty litter system in order to use the same 'refill bags' so I ordered it. The refills are more reasonably priced with this item than others like it. It's handy to have and I keep one near each litter box(2). Item arrived on time(early even), no problems.

    Best Product Ever by Didi from Connecticut01/21/2013

    The Litter Locker was recommended to me by my sister. I have 2 cats and 2 litters. I was hesitant because I didnít think it would control the odor but my sis said it would so I purchased one!! She was right! It is wonderful and works very well! There is no odor at all! I recommend it to everyone. I am now buying another!


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