• 5 Pack LitterLocker Plus Refill Cartridge

    5 Pack LitterLocker Plus Refill Cartridge

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    Cleaning the litter box can be a messy chore, but the LitterLocker Plus system traps litter odor and leaves your home smelling clean. This convenient 5-pack of LitterLocker Plus Refill Cartridges provides long-lasting freshness. Easy to use and efficient, this product is ideal for apartments, small spaces, and homes with multiple cats. Simply place the refill cartridge into the LitterLocker Plus system, dump in the clumps, and seal away the smell of your pet's waste. When the cartridge is full, take it out with the weekly trash, and pop in another.

    Pet odor can be offensive and embarrassing, but this handy system helps keep the situation under control. Each refill lasts up to two months per cat and installs in a snap. Get rid of those grocery store bags and cat box liners for good. Switch to the revolutionary LitterLocker Plus system, and take the struggle out of maintaining your cat's box.

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    The best way to take care of litter by Janeen from Jersey01/29/2015

    Been using Litter Locker since 2003. Best way to store used litter neatly (and without an odor) in your house. Even flushable litter isn't good for the pipes, so this helps remove that as an option as well as having to bring out little bags of litter 1-2 times a day.

    Love Entirely Pets by Hailey's Mom from Seattle, WA12/15/2011

    I love shopping with your company, you have the quickest shipping and best prices. We have bought all of our Litter Locker refills with your company and have recently purchased snacks and toys for our dog. Thank you for providing great products at excellent prices and the best shipping rates and time frame.

    No stinky litter mess by Shira the cat's mommy from Germantown, MD04/17/2012

    Before Litter Locker, I used plastic bags for litterbox cleanup. You can guess the problem, even though the bags had an 'odor shield'. The Litter Locker refills however do not allow any litterbox odors to come through. They are wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone who has an indoor cat.

    by vuwarrior02/07/2013

    I have use this product for years and it helps with maintaining litter boxes.

    Awesome by Cooch from Pepperell, MA05/15/2013

    Refills for the litter locker make life easier. Best price at Entriely Pets!

    by AB01/09/2012

    Good product, but wouldn't buy from here again. Why did I pay for two-day shipping when it still took 2 weeks?

    locker refills by pc11/13/2011

    great for collecting and disposing of litter for our 4 cats.

    Best price! by etain from Oregon03/18/2012

    These refills are always available at Entirely Pets and a great bargain.

    litterlocker by lmg07/25/2012

    Love this product. It makes keeping litterboxes clean at all times. Easy disposal and easy use.

    Excellent litter solution by Kat from GA06/10/2013

    I love the Litter Locker...and keep buying refills. It does exactly what it advertises. Makes cleaning the box much tidier and faster.

    Litter Locker- and Refills Terrific Products by Troublesniffer from Central Florida10/27/2011

    Since we cannot flush litter, this product is a real boon. It is easy to use, and the convenient refills available make it a win-win for everyone. I highly recommend it.

    Great Experience by Hlmtg2 from Holts Summit, MO02/14/2013

    We are a big fan of the litter locker for our baby, Clyde the cat. We always try to find a decent price on the refills but that's usually very difficult! This site had the best price I could find with shipping and it was delivered quite promptly. Thanks!!

    Best Product Ever! by LaydieK from Albany, OR02/13/2012

    I have used the LitterLocker Plus for over 8 years. It works great for multi-cat households when frequent cleanings are needed. I love it. It does an excellent job of keeping litter odor out of the room and allows for periodic dumping after frequent cleanings of the litter box. It is easy to use, easy to empty and I just put it in the shower every month or two to clean it up if needed. Very handy product!

    These are the greatest things ever by cat from Soouthern CA06/16/2012

    We have two cats and use the LitterLocker Plus Refill Cartridge, It is very easy to use and keeps the smell away. Don't think we would know what to do if they ever stopped making them. Out cats are 5 years old and we've used them since they we're kittens. They eliminate the smell and mess of cleaning the cat litter.

    glad to find them by baby from minnesota06/24/2012

    local stores no longer carry the liners. these work great.

    Best shopping experience to date by ladyhog200211/27/2011

    I was very happy with my purchase from entirelypets.com, and the feedback I got when inquiring about my order was very quick and direct. My order was received when promised, and was in excellent condition. Thank you! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

    Litter locker by Lotta05/29/2012

    Great price, superfast shipping. This system is great - it's so easy to use, no smell, no mess.

    Litter Locker Plus refills by Penz11/29/2011

    The Litter Locker is great for helping me keep the litter box clean, and odor free. One roll of refill bags lasts over a month, and since I've given up plastic bags when grocery shopping (they're so bad for the environment), I never have to worry about finding an old grocery bag to use to clean out the litter box. Thank you Litter Locker!

    A must have by Lourdes02/29/2012

    This product is a must have for cat owners. It makes scooping the litter box less of a chore.

    Litter Locker 5-Pack Refill by Kat05/30/2012

    I love the litter locker; it keeps the smell contained so I can keep it right next to the litter pan in the spare bedroom. Easy to use and doesn't take up space. The refills last me about one month per cartridge - I only turn the handle 1/2 turn to make it last a little longer.

    Love My Litter Locker by Mimima2404/23/2013

    Having a Litter Locker has been one of the best things I have ever done in 40 years of owning cats. I can easily clean the litter daily and don't have to haul plastic bags through the house. The liners are sturdy and easy to use and keep the litter and odor contained.

    Great by Bluecamaro from Anywhere, MI08/27/2013

    Items were delivered on time and in great shape

    Best Idea Ever by Donna from Southern Wisconsin12/15/2011

    I really love the Litter Lockers. I foster cats for a animal rescue group and have many of my own that have been rescued. The Litter Locker helps keep the mess and odor of litter box clean-up under control. Best idea ever!

    Great product! by bly210306/24/2013

    We love the litterlocker refills for our litterlocker. We have 3 cats and scoop the litter twice a day. This is a great invention and is much better than using bags to have to dispose of.

    Litter Locker Refill Cartriddges by lyndes0202/09/2014

    Product as listed, good price, fast shipping.

    fast shipping by cricket from BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI06/18/2012


    Terrific product by Scottpd from Bellevue, WA09/17/2013

    These liners are an economical, easy way to deal with what the cat leaves behind! The Litter Locker is easy to use and there's never any smell.

    Awesome Deal... by JoeRunner from Hendersonville, TN05/20/2013

    Great deal on this product and fast delivery.

    Excellent product by fluffy from Wallingford, CT11/07/2012

    I have two cats and have been using the Litter Locker for 8 years. It is the best system for handling waste and odor. The 5 pack is economical (much less than buying them locally) and I don't have to worry about running out of them.

    very good product by deedee from Massachusetts06/27/2013

    Have been buying this product for some time. I have 2 cats and it works great. Keeps out the odor as waste is put into it and easy to remove and place another cartridge into the holder.

    by Nancy from Montevallo, Alabama01/03/2013

    GREAT PRODUCT! Completely prevents smell of discarded litter.

    Great Product by Sal01/31/2013

    I have been using the Litter Locker for several years now. I have found that Entirely Pets has the best price for the refill cartridges. They are also delivered in a short time.

    Great product by Mark from Nashvile05/17/2013

    Good price for bulk order about 30% less than local. Product work well as I have been using it for about 5 years.

    Keepin' it neat! by ChromeDome from Jacksonville, Florida10/26/2011

    I use the litterlocker plus refills at such a rate, I probably should put them in on a monthly order. It is the only way to clean a litter box if doing it by hand. Just like a diaper genie only better. They never rip or break, easy to handle. We have 2 litter boxes and 4 cats and will only survive with using these. Have used them for 3 years and won't quit unless I find someone else to clean the boxes for me. Load, Clean, Trash, Gone. Amen!

    by Great Price Great Product04/04/2013

    I love the LitterLocker and these refill cartridges last forever. I first tried flush-able litter because of the convenience factor but it started to clog my toilet after several months of use. So I decided to give this a try and it's just as easy as using a toilet and it keeps the smells out. I highly recommend.

    Litter Locker Plus Refill by desidoodle05/23/2013

    Great product, very easy to use. Only negative is the black stripe that indicates the end is near is sometimes hard to see. Needs to be darker.

    by from 12/16/2010

    Seriously, what do people do without this product? I often find litter strewn on the stairs that I share with a neighbor. Clearly, she does not have LitterLocker. This product seals away litter in a garbage bag/Diaper Genie-like device. You don't see or smell the litter.

    better; by I from don'tIt


    happy by and from haveOverall


    Litter Locker - the only way to go! by Julie P.03/12/2012

    I purchased the refills for the Litter Locker from Entirely Pets because you have the best price for them. Regular shipping was FAST!

    by mccom01/01/2013

    i love the litter locker! it minimizes odor from my 2 sweet lil kitties. & once you learn how to replace the refills you can switch them out in a couple minutes.

    Litter Locker Plus Refill Cartidge by mel from Australia04/15/2012

    These refill catridges are excellent. Recommend the litter locker and refill cartridges especially for pet owners who live in apartments

    Litter Locker Cartridges by Christie from St. Louis, MO04/28/2014

    These are the original manufactured and not a knock off brand. They work great and last me about 1 1/2 months for one cat (per cartridge). No smell and I use it daily.

    Love it by Online guru11/14/2012

    It takes the nastiness out of litter box cleaning. Of course you need the Litter Locker for the refills but we love it.

    happy cat by cricket10/31/2013


    They do the trick by andreaandi from Queens, NY12/30/2011

    The Litter Locker is like a "Diaper Genie" for cat litter. If you have Litter Locker, you need refills. Multiple packages is a cost-effective way to get them.

    good buy by ThreeCatMama from Albuquerque, NM11/28/2012

    I love the Litter Locker system and use these inserts all the time. I have three cats and three litter box stations, so I like having a number of the inserts on hand. It's also usually a better deal to buy the packs than to buy the inserts one at a time.

    Great Product! by sherrynjen from Knoxville, TN12/31/2012

    As a mommy of 7 cats, I've used everything out there. The Litter Locker is by far the best. The cartridges are made of quality materials and do an excellent job. They're a great containment system. I recommend this system to everyone! Entirely Pets is always dependable and I appreciate that very much.

    Litter Locker by Kat10/23/2012

    The Litter Locker is good to have if you have a litter box in a public place like the living room or hall. It really keeps the odor locked up. For the litter box in the basement, I just use plastic bags from the grocery store & save the expense of buying the refill cartridges.

    Very Good Product by Lynneth06/22/2012

    I have been purchasing this product from this company for a while now and I have always had good results. No problems with seams coming apart. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Good product, works as expected by Rachel11/07/2011

    These Litter Locker refills work as expected with the PetMate Litter Locker (original). One refill lasts almost a month with two cats. I have found that using wheat-based or corn-based litters (e.g. Shweat Scoop or World's Best Cat Litter) work much better as they are lighter, less bulky and kind of break apart/down better inside the bag the more full it gets.

    Litter Locker Plus rocks by catmommy from Germantown, MD10/23/2012

    I've been using Litter Locker Plus for over a year and get the refill cartridges here. There is no mess, no fuss, cleanup is easy, and there is no odor. Whoever invented this product came up with a real winner.

    Good product by pammie from Kentucky10/09/2011

    I have been using the LitterLocker for several years. The place I had been ordering the refill cartridges from is no longer carrying them. I found EntirelyPets through a Google search for the refills. I was pleased with the 5 pack refill and the price. I will order again when I need refills.

    Best product ever by the man from Los Angeles, CA11/03/2012

    I will recomend these to everyone!!!!!!!

    GREAT FOR MULTIPLE CATS by yellowrosedeb from Cleveland, GA11/11/2012

    The best thing we ever did as far as litter control is buy a Litter Locker. The refills keep the odor to an absolute bare minimum. So much easier than having to bag, empty, deodorize every day.

    great product by sjmartyn from Waipahu, Hawaii02/19/2013

    I love our litter locker and these refills allow us to keep using it to contain litter box smells after scooping.


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