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Living World Deluxe Habitat - Extra Large

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Living World Pet House

When a simple hamster or small animal cage just isn't enough room for your favorite small pet, then it's time to consider a big enivronment expansion. The Living World Deluxe Habitat provides an expanded territory for your small, furry friend without letting get out into the greater room area or worse, getting loose. The Living World Habitat comes with a two-level design, so a small animal can move around as well as climb higher to see what else is going on outside the cage. Fortunately, the construction of the Habitat is made of high grade cage wiring, so there's no worry that a rodent or small animal will chew through.

The top of the cage comes with two different lid openings for easy access, feeding and maintenance. Additionally, the Habitat has a front door opening as well to let your furry friend climb out and play for a bit under watch. The Habitat comes with all the necessary hookups to attach a water bottle, as well as an easy-to-separate lower bin for cleaning the cage litter.

Other benefits of the Living World Habitat include:

• A larger size design to handle small to medium size rodents. • Easy-to-use plastic clips for securing upper and lower parts of the Habitat together. • Plenty of ventilation so a cage won't build up a bad odor for the animal living inside.

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