Loofa for Cat - Assorted Colors

    Loofa for Cat - Assorted Colors

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Plush Cat Toys

    Loofa Cat Plush catnip toys are stuffed with genuine organic catnip. Perfectly sized for your cat or kitten to carry in their mouth. Also great for snuggle, bite, toss, chase or play. Soft-textured, catnip-filled toy will make your cat purr. Long, skinny body is reminiscent of a loofa. Use it on your cat's back or tummy too! Hilarious face looks like a grinning dog. Approximately 3/4" long. Loofa Cats are offered in assorted colors, so start your collection today!

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    Loofa by shannon12/04/2009

    My cats go crazy for this product! It is just as great if not better than the jingle balls!

    My cats, Penny and Fritz loved these. by rozcats05/30/2012

    I volunteer with the Humane Society of Greater kansas City. They use Kong toys for their animals waiting for adoptions. They recently put a need for more Kongs for the shelter in their volunteer newsletter, Cyber-Tails,' which received a lot of donations. So, I finally bought a few that my cats love.

    loofa for cats by rennie from sault sainte marie,MI.01/03/2014

    well I fell in love with him. my cats not so much.

    It's Ok by Jan from Niangua, Missouri10/16/2013

    Mr. Peek A Boo didn't really care for this toy so I gave it to my friend and he loves them.

    Loofa for cat by kiki from West Palm Beach03/03/2013

    I bought this toy for a friend of mine for her cat, she said her cat loves this toy

    Excellent toy by fogbow from Alabama03/23/2012

    My four Siamese are crazy for these. They carry them all over the house.

    cute and fun by Recycler29 from SC12/18/2012

    all three of our cats loved batting these around! Fun toy but of course, got pushed under the furniture all the time!

    loofa cat toy by n/a01/01/2013

    they are so cute and my kitties love the crinkle sound.

    Cats like them better than mice by Paula from Glendora, California04/07/2014

    In the past i have purchased dog type toys that resemble these loofa's. My cats carry and throw these around with much more ease because they are cat sized. Coming home from work I find them in places around the house that they were not in, in the morning, before left. i frequently find them in the beds, mine not the cats. Next time i place an order I would probably order more.

    my cat's couldn't care less by MamaTam from WA state12/29/2012

    I hoped they would play with it but it lays on the same spot of the floor for the past 2 weeks now =( The price was right, but the play factor, no.

    dog-faced loofa for cats. by lieper12 from Nashville, TN12/07/2012

    A major hit! First, the loofa was put on the table casually and then sniffs of interest were ignored. My sister's cat gathered up the loofa and took it to the living room to play with and then hide. Other cats then approached, as did those dogs. The loofa is small enough to bat around and carry, but large enough to last through cat attacks. The only down side is no red loofa dog for cats.

    Big fun in a small package by jabbers54 from Sacramento, CA05/05/2012

    I thought the toy would be too small for my Maine Coon cat, but she loves to love it, then bite it.

    Don't bother by dandy01/07/2013

    Nothing here is worth it....................................................................

    Not interested by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA05/06/2013

    My cats haven't touched this at all, even if I put it in a bag with catnip.

    Favorite Toy by SLW from Los Angeles, CA09/05/2014

    One of my cats loves to play with toys and these are her favorite. She brings them to me to play fetch. She tosses them around by herself and chews on them (until they become so gross I throw them away).

    The most HILARIOUS toy! by The"Taz"mania&Hunterduo from Milner, Ga.11/23/2012

    This toy was so much smaller than I expected so make sure you look at the measurements. But my Taz instantly loved it. He took off with it immediately. Carrying it in his mouth like he had caught a bird, up his tree and proceeded to guard it. Then all the sudden he will jump down and take off at top speeds and just play and attack his toy. Great product! I have to get 2 more. One for my other cat Hunter and one for my Pomeranian who loves to steal it. So fun to watch! This product gets a 4 star for sure!

    Large crinkly cat toy by Loki'sMom from Wisconsin12/02/2012

    This is a version of the popular Loofa toys for cats. It is a little on the large size, but there's crinkle material and catnip inside. If your cat likes carrying large toys around, he or she will love this. (My cat hunts a rubber duck at night)

    Love a Loofa by Dee from Seattle, WA11/30/2013

    Some cats could care less about toys but most go crazy for Loofa. We do long term foster care for our local animal shelter and most of our cats love to play with toys, even the older ones. We like to rotate through different toys to keep things interesting but they have their favorites, and these are one. They will even try to steal them out of the box if we don't put them away as soon as the package is opened.

    A Wonderful Toy by Nash from Virginia09/26/2013

    I purchased this for a 12 year old cat who still loves to play with toys, but is very picky about which ones he'll accept. It went over exceedingly well and is now high on his list of favorites. :-)

    Not for my cat... by mc from VA04/06/2013

    Thought she should try this one, since she was liking crinkly sounding toys from time to time. But, she won't even touch this one. Not even once. Dunno why, not even out of curiosity. Is a fine product though if your cat actually likes these types. Very cheap and very cute.

    Looks are deceiving by EllieHarman12/24/2012

    This toy is much smaller and cheap looking than expected.

    Cute toy by stray cat magnet from Ohio07/23/2012

    Not big enough for bunny kicking, but if your cat likes to bat, toss or carry toys they may like it. Has slight catnip smell - can be enhanced by storing with catnip.

    eh by Catmandoo from Gastonia ,nc ,usa ,earth , sol, milky way gal.12/05/2012

    no bells, no whistles, no squeeks,,, but is cheap.Its what it is.

    Cute Product by Purrfect mom from Delray Beach FL02/04/2014

    My cats had no interest in the product even with adding catnip.


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