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Loving Pets Treats for Dogs

Loving Pets Treats for DogsLoving Pets Corporation focuses on its own brand of high quality, all natural pet treats and decorative stainless steel feeding bowls and dishes. The founding vision of the Loving Pets team was a company that truly cared about the health and well-being of the pets we all love. That vision has grown to provide pet owners with healthy alternatives they can feel good about giving to their pampered pets.

Loving Pets Vita-Hide Joint Remedy W/Chicken Smalls (18 pk)
Loving Pets Vita-Hide Joint Remedy W/Chicken Smalls (18 pk)

($13.99)  $10.29
Loving Pets Chicken Sticks (8 oz)
Loving Pets Chicken Sticks (8 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Beef Sticks (5 oz)
Loving Pets Beef Sticks (5 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Duck Sticks (6 oz)
Loving Pets Duck Sticks (6 oz)

($8.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Pork Sticks (6 oz)
Loving Pets Pork Sticks (6 oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Loving Pets Apple & Chicken Wrap (6 oz)
Loving Pets Apple & Chicken Wrap (6 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Banana & Chicken Wrap (6 oz)
Loving Pets Banana & Chicken Wrap (6 oz)

($9.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Carrot & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)
Loving Pets Carrot & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)
Loving Pets Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)

($7.99)  $6.39
Loving Pets Sweet Potato Biscuit & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)
Loving Pets Sweet Potato Biscuit & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bone 4-6" (2 Pack)
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bone 4-6" (2 Pack)

($6.99)  $4.99
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bone 7-9" (2 Pack)
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bone 7-9" (2 Pack)

($10.99)  $7.99
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Shoulder Bone 12-13"
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Shoulder Bone 12-13"

($10.99)  $7.99
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meat Jerky Strips (3.5 oz)
Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meat Jerky Strips (3.5 oz)

($5.99)  $3.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaVita-Hide Joint-Healthy Formula contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin added to help promote overall joint health and aid in the prevention of joint-related complications.

100% real chicken breast wrapped around all-natural rawhide and dipped in vitamins and supplements. Vita-Hide is available in heart or joint formulas which are slow-cooked to maintain the natural juices and flavor that dogs absolutely love. Rawhide removes the tarter and maintains dental health while also preventing destructive chewing.

Product Features:
  • Nutrient Enriched
  • Pure Chicken Breast Wrapped around Natural Rawhide
  • Contains L-Carnitine, Taurine, and Vitamins C & E to Promote Heart Health
  • Cleans Teeth & Gums
  • Satisfy the Desire to Chew
  • Healthy Treat for Dogs
  • Ingredients: Rawhide, Chicken Breast,Glucosamine Hydrochloride,Chondroitin Sulfate
    4.75 rating based on 4 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Chicken Sticks (8 oz)
    best purchase ever by Elle08/02/2011

    Bought by accident in a feed store picking up dog food... Our yorkie is hooked on them... We had to go looking online when we couldn't find in feed store anymore... She has to have her treat before bedtime every nite. She is small so we need to break in half or it will cause loose stools...

    We do love these treats! by Michele03/31/2013

    Our dogs love these treats and they are a part of their daily diet. We have seen a remarkable improvement in our 13 year old Retriever since starting them a year ago. She has increased mobility and seems less stiff and "achey". She plays now and is more the frisky dog we remember. The only thing I will say is that sometimes the shipment I receive seems a little "stale". When they are fresh they are soft and chewy and the last shipment I got were hard and brittle. I feel bad for old Cocoa's teeth biting through the hard ones as at her age her teeth are in rough shape. That doesn't seem to stop her though she still loves them. She gets 3 a day. Will order again soon and hoping for a fresher batch!

    Dog loves these by Melissa06/10/2012

    My terrier mix loves these sticks. They're very easy to break into smaller pieces, so I can put them in her puzzle, hide them inside smushed-up toilet paper rolls, and use them as training treats.

    My dogs love these treats! by Cocoa from Massachusetts12/09/2012

    Our 13 year old lab mix was really slowing down and you could tell she was stiff and uncomfortable. Stairs and playing with our younger dog were activites she chose to avoid. We decided to try the Gourmet Meat Sticks with Glucosamine and Chondroitin added to see if they would help with her mobility. Not only does she love them, they have certainly made a difference in her daily activity. She gets up and down now without difficulty and has resumed playing and wrestling with our younger dog. On her recent visit to the vet, he commented on the remarkable shape she was in. He said, wow, she is doing great! You should see the condition of most 13 year old dogs I get in here. That made us feel good. We want her to have a good quality of life for the time she has left. We wouldn't be without these treats and feed them daily to both dogs.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Beef Sticks (5 oz)
    Picky poodle loves this one by Dee from New York01/24/2014

    Beef sticks are his favorite treat. Hard to find. Glad entirelypets.com carries them.

    Great Product by Dick from Ponte Vedra FL03/22/2013

    Our Shitzu won't eat any other treat-She absolutely loves them !!!

    Keeps em going back for more by Boo from Riverton, NJ06/29/2014

    Just like the pork sticks, this product "Beef" is the other both really enjoy...

    by from 08/26/2013

    Won't be buying these again by Carol48 from Reno, NV09/18/2013

    They look nice but my dog will not eat them. She is picky. Also, they have sweet potato in them, so the "all natural premium beef jerky" is rather misleading.

    by Flame from Philadelphia, Pa02/28/2013

    Unfortunately, our dog won't eat them....that says it all. Does like the same brand name beef jerky.

    Best Treat EVER! by shopswithdog from , NY02/08/2013

    I don't think words can convey how much my dog loves this treat. It is a mostly-natural product, has glucosamine and chondroitin, and apparently is the tastiest thing around. All I have to do is say the word "stick" and my dog goes crazy, sniffing at his snack cupboard. I buy this product in multiples and buy every flavor that is offered. He also loves the duck, chicken, and pork flavors. Definitely worth the money and you don't have to worry about chemicals or unknown ingredients. Wonderful product!

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Duck Sticks (6 oz)
    DOG KILLERS by Jay11/16/2013

    Made with products sourced from China. Almost killed my dog! he is still very sick!!!

    Made in China by Spunky from Boston, Massachusetts11/20/2013

    My dog loved the treats but feel they are not safe because they were not made in the USA.

    great item by dee from Souther New Jersey02/12/2012

    I have dogs with digestive problems, these are very good for them and they love them!!

    by Spunky from Boston, Massachusetts11/05/2013

    Threw the treats away because they were made in China, not the USA. Didn't want to take a chance making my dog sick.

    quick service at the right price by Brodys owner from Temecula CA03/10/2013

    This company has prices that are very good, very reasonable shipping and have had times when we have ordered a product one day and have received it the very next day. Could not expect any better price or service.

    EntirelyUnhappy by PetLuvR from Ossining, NY11/16/2012

    It is entirely unethical (and likely unlawful) to advertise a product as being "8 oz," when the product sent is "6 oz."

    Not as advertised by Haleybop01/17/2011

    These chews did not come soft, as needed for my older dog. They're advertised as being "the perfect healthy snack for any small or elder dog that needs a softer chew" but they came rock hard and snapped like a stick between my fingers. I've always had good luck with this brand in the past, but this was a big disappointment. Perhaps they were old???

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Pork Sticks (6 oz)
    One for Two by Boo from Riverton, NJ06/29/2014

    Both of my Bichons Willi and Chloe love the pork sticks, if not a bit better then the beef sticks.

    Excellent choice by MacPom05/13/2013

    From the very first bite my Pom was absolutely hooked. She looks forward to the treat when she finishes her kibble. I think she wishes she could have more than 1 per day. Purchased the Duck, Chicken, & Beef also. All excellent. I like that it's fortified with Glucosamine & Chondrotin for healthy joints and has sweet potato.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Apple & Chicken Wrap (6 oz)
    Dogs love, I love! by Gaarby from Yakima, WA01/15/2014

    My dogs love these apple and chicken treats (as well as their banana/chicken, and sweet potato/ chicken treats) over hard biscuits. I also appreciate having the choice of purchasing natural, healthy treats for them.

    Yummy! by KJ from Uxbridge, MA05/23/2014

    Our collie absolutely loves them. She's a real chicken dog and can't wait for her treats.

    My little girl absolutely adores these by Jengas Mom from Anahiem, Ca09/15/2013

    These are very good treats. She know what they are before I get them out and since she is allergic to grain and beef, they are an excellent source of protein. She loves them and I would recommend highly.

    by Teri from Florida07/24/2014

    Again both my dogs are crazy for the apple chicken wraps

    Loving Pets Apple and Chicken Wrap by Kate from Indianapolis, IN05/10/2014

    The dogs love this product and it appears to have no negative effects on them.

    Absolute best and most favorite treat by Mizer from Georgia11/01/2013

    Our Little Bit, a Pomeranian, has multiple health issues. He is very picky about treats. We tried practically every treat on the market before we discovered Loving Pets Apple and Chicken wraps. He now readily takes his medication in anticipation of receiving his wrap. Would highly recommend to all pet owners that love their pet.

    BEST TREAT ANYWHERE! by Gcoul from Bowling Green, KY.10/23/2012

    My little Yorkie absolutely loves these! They are her most favorite food, treat or anything she can eat!. I have to order them, so I do not dare let her run out. They are the best healthy treat for a dog that I have ever found in the many years I have had a pet. I am so happy I found out about them. Your pet will love you if you purchase them for him.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Banana & Chicken Wrap (6 oz)
    Dogs love, but....... by Gaarby from Yakima, WA01/15/2014

    My two little dogs love this treat, but beware the package is only 6 oz. and not 8 oz. as advertised. As I purchased two packages, and still have not received the sweet potato and chicken treats (as they may also be only be 6 oz.), I am not happy with the purchase.

    by Teri from Florida07/24/2014

    Both my dogs love, love, love these Banana & chicken wraps

    Great Snack by Scfi from Pittsburgh PA06/20/2014

    My dogs enjoyed these treats. My only complaint is that many of the wrapped chicken wer separated from the banana piece.

    Nutritious Treat Our Dogs Love by Rgutro04/01/2014

    I'm always cautious with chicken products, but this is a great product and the combination of chicken an banana is great. Our dogs (who can be fussy) really enjoy these!

    Good snack, packaging issues by Sharkiebob from San Jose,CA08/25/2014

    Good snack. Crunchy. Dog loves it. Many of the snacks are doubles and triples that are stuck together. Pulling them apart doesn't work as they disintegrate around the edges.

    Best treats for joints! by jyochmowitz from Yucca Valley, CA04/22/2013

    We have the most difficult time finding treats that offer the benefits of helping joints. Our pup had an ACL tear and we were advised by our vet to look for products with joint benefits. She just loves these treats and they are pretty natural - no crud! We were paying quite a bit more for them and then we found Entirely Pets...what a huge savings as we place a large order so we like this.

    My dogs love these by Jackie from Chico, CA04/26/2014

    I wasn't sure if my dogs would like the dried banana, but it turns out they loved it! These are high quality treats & the perfect size.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Carrot & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)
    My dogs LOVE these by CKO from Los Angeles, CA09/22/2013

    I have 2 Havanese who are VERY picky about their treats and the LOVE these! They even eat the carrot covered in chicken. I think these are great treats for small dogs!

    Another Keeper! by meems10/30/2011

    Can't say how much money I have spent trying to find something worth buying more of for my picky "diva dog". These are keepers, too!

    Carrots are Yum! by WJW from Winter Garden, FL10/17/2011

    My Paps love carrots, so combining the chicken with carrots makes a great treat for them!

    Great healthy treats by Cooki11/01/2011

    have been buying these from Entirely Pets for over a year. My 13 and 10 yr old shih tzus love them, both are having less joint pain I'm assuming is due to the glucosamine in these treats

    by phyllis from kentucky12/24/2013

    I never received any of my products and have been waiting weeks for my refund. Will never order from this company again, and would not recommend anyone else does.

    my dog loves them by nsunchaser from Tucson10/23/2012

    Jackie loves his treats has one every morning. I love that I no longer have to worry about running out of his treats or finding that thay are no longer carried in our local store. Auto ship is great.

    Great product at a great price!!! by Shar-cat07/07/2012

    My dog loves these little wraps and you offer them at a great price makes getting them for my little man much easier thank you!!!

    Usually best purchase ever by Donnie03/08/2012

    I have ordered the Carrot and Chicken Wrap numerous times and have been satisfied. This last time product was alot harder (chicken wrap and the carrot). I started purchasing this product because my 15 year old dog couldn't chew hard products (used to buy Dr Foster's Sweet Potatoes which were soft enough and then they started getting too hard so that's when I tried your product and was happy with it up until now). I will order one more time when needed and hopefully they'll be like they were originally.

    A+ Treat by meems05/31/2012

    One of the few dog teats my girl will eat. We love them

    Great for my older dogs by Cooki from Monterey Tn05/29/2012

    I have been using these treats for many months and was able to minimize the prescription arthritis med that my 12 yr old shih tzu was using. She is bouncing around like a puppy again. I will never be without these

    jackie's favorite treat by nancyt5312/08/2011

    jackie loves the loving pet carrot and chicken wraps they are one of his favorites. I recieved my order quickly. The product was very fresh, and he is enjoying it.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)
    fantastic, healthy treats by Kimfatty from Westchester, NY10/24/2011

    My dogs practically inhale these chicken-wrapped sweet potato sticks. They are great, and healthy, with glucosamine, too!

    Great Product by WJW from Winter Garden, FL10/17/2011

    My Paps love the Gourmet Wraps products and I like to give them the sweet potato combined with the chicken. I feel that the sweet potato is good for them and they always like eating chicken!

    loving pets gourmet treats by mitsy from middleton wisconsin12/06/2013

    Our dog usually loves these. When we recieved these from Entirely pets they were hard as a rock. I called the customer servive number and she was RUDE. Now I have to ship them back....

    Loves Them. by Jengas Mom from Anaheim, Ca09/15/2013

    As with the apple wraps, these are great. I have had a hard time finding them in my area so I was glad to locate them here. These are not as soft as the apple ones but she loves them nonetheless. Would recommend.

    Finally a treat worth repeating! by meems10/30/2011

    Can't say how much money I have spent trying to find something worth buying more for my picky "diva dog". These are keepers!

    Natural product by Nikki07/28/2012

    Love This natural & low calorie treat. Will make future purchases!!

    My dog's new favorite treat by Kuro's mommy from Honolulu, Hawaii11/08/2011

    I used to buy sweet potato/chicken wraps for my dog but the quality of the batches varied and then I noticed the treats were made in China - I stopped buying them but my dog was SO sad - when I saw the Loving Pets treats, I read on their website that while the wraps are made in China, the batches are tested in the U.S. before they are distributed to retailers and you can access the testing results - so I bought one package but when I put in the batch number on the website, nothing came out - I e-mailed the company and very quickly received a response from a nice woman who said the banana/chicken wraps had been tested but not the sweet potato wraps - however, the chicken used in both had been tested - it was easy to see that the ingredients were a lot fresher than the ones I used to buy and my dog is so enthusiastic when he sees me open the bag - I'll be ordering more of these treats!

    by from 11/30/2011

    I previously bought one pound jars of sweet potato/chicken wraps for my dog - he loved them but the quality and freshness varied so I finally decided to stop buying them.

    these by wraps from -Then


    disappointed by when from ISo


    order by these from throughI


    Bad staff by alexi611 from Tennessee06/05/2013

    Before I make this order, I called asking if this product is from CHINA and they told me NO, so I order them, when they arrived, I looked and, yes, they came from China, I have return them and I am upset for not tell me the true

    Best purchase by Al from Bartllett, IL02/22/2012

    This is an ongoing repeat order for our "Lambchop", a shelter rescue Bichon. We are extremely pleased and definitely recommend this product and company Thank You !

    Awesome treat! by superdancernyc from Astoria, NY02/27/2012

    My dog is 17 years old and was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure 4 months ago. We now have to give him IV shots every night which was difficult at first but thanks to this awesome treat, he's so busy chewing on them that he forgets I'm poking him. He absolutely loves it, especially because the sweet potato is always moist and soft so it's easier for him to eat than some other sweet potato treats out there.

    A+ Treat by meems05/31/2012

    One of the few dog teats my girl will eat. We love them

    Dogs are tired of waiting! by Gaarby from Yakima, WA01/15/2014

    Have still not received! Apparently they are back-ordered!

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Sweet Potato Biscuit & Chicken Wrap (8 oz)
    Great Sweet Potato Biscuits! by WJW from Winter Garden, FL10/17/2011

    My Paps love sweet potatoes which are good for them, so they love the biscuits! Of course, they also like the chicken that's wrapped around the biscuits!

    Excellent by Star from Northampton, ma10/15/2013

    Star loves these! They are so tasty. Yum!

    Not Good by Dick from Ponte Vedra FL03/07/2014

    My Shitzu became very ill after eating these treats. I then noticed they came from China and found very negative info via the internet concerning these treats. Beware they almost killed my pet- my vets comment not mine !!

    Doxies love these Gourmet Wraps! by 6DoxMom from CT07/25/2012

    A sample of these little cuties was tucked into an order and two of my six doxies shared it - they seemed to enjoy it so I ordered a package. WOW! They all loved them and gobbled them quickly. They may be doxies but mine are fussy about their treats - but they loved these wraps! Will buy more, for certain...

    spoiled pugs by Dana from Rock MI05/02/2013

    My girls are very spoiled and only get the finest treats. They loved thes Biscuits.

    Great treats by Nikki from Delaware06/12/2013

    Natural and healthy, and reasonable price!!!

    Made in china by lmcg from Arizona04/24/2012

    Would not have purchased if I knew this product was made in china. I do not buy any pet food or dog treat unless made in USA. Would Appreciate that information to be included in the product description.

    Yummies for their Tummies by 6DoxMom from CT12/11/2012

    My dachshunds love these treats. They are crunchy enough for their tastes yet not so hard that I can't break them in half. The ingredients are nutritional and they are a nice size. Only wish they'd be on-sale more often as they are a bit pricey.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meaty Femur Bone 7-9" (2 Pack)
    no marrow by candy from Kenner,La12/29/2013

    I purchased four double packs of the7"-9" femur bones and despite what the description says there wasn't a speck of marrow in any of the eight bones. There also wasn't much meat on any of the bones. They were a nice size but if your dog likes the marrow, like mine do, these aren't the bones for you.

    Buffalo Femur Bone 2pk by Happy04/28/2014

    Good value--too big for my border-collie mix but, my neighbor's Dobermans love them.

    Featured Reviews for Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meat Jerky Strips (3.5 oz)
    by from 12/22/2013

    My pom loves the Buffalo Meat Jerky as it's easy for her to chew. I give it to her in 2"x1/4" slivers. It's not overly dried and hard and is easy to cut into pieces. I would recommend it whole heartedly. It does have a distinctive oder.

    great by treats from forLoving


    their by Barksters from treatsHoping


    great treat by pennywise from Hawaii03/23/2014

    These are made in the US. I like that. Dogs like them. As with chicken strips, I cut into small pieces and give as reward treat in training. Package is kinda small and price is a bit high.

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