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Lysine ProductsAlthough feline herpes is a bit different that the virus type that cause cold sores in humans, it is still equally unpleasant. Cats suffering from this disorder often experience respiratory problems, which can easily be treated with Lysine. EntirelyPets offers several Lysine and L-Lysine products to help treat your pet. Lysine for cats includes an important ingredient, called L-Lysine, which helps reduce any inflammation, help with respiratory problems, and improve the pet's ocular system. L-Lysine for cats comes in several convenient forms, including treats, soft chews, powder, an oral paste, and tablet form. Single dose and multiple dose packages are also available from our vast selection. In addition, EntirelyPets also offers Lysine for kittens. Including L-Lysine in your pet's normal health routine can also help ward off the virus and improve ocular health as the pet ages. EntirelyPets offers the lowest price L-Lysine for cats, guaranteed.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)
Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)

($24.99)  $19.09
Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL
Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL

($34.99)  $26.39
3 Pack Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 300 mL
3 Pack Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 300 mL

($64.99)  $50.49
6 Packs Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 600 mL
6 Packs Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 600 mL

($136.99)  $106.99
Feline L-lysine Syringe - 32.5 mL
Feline L-lysine Syringe - 32.5 mL

($16.50)  $9.99
Felisyl Immune System Support
Felisyl Immune System Support

Pure Lysine (4 lb)
Pure Lysine (4 lb)

($25.64)  $23.69
L-Lysine for Cats | Vetoquinol | Viralys Powder 100 grams | Viralys
L-Lysine for Cats | Vetoquinol | Viralys Powder 100 grams | Viralys

($28.99)  $21.99
Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams)
Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams)

($104.99)  $80.09
Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 chews)
Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 chews)

($27.99)  $12.99
Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats (60 count)
Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats (60 count)

($7.99)  $5.99
Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats & Kittens (60 Chews)
Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats & Kittens (60 Chews)

($24.99)  $18.89
Also Try our NEW! Felisyl Immune System Support

It's now easier than ever to provide your cat with the L-Lysine supplement he or she needs. 5 of these tasty, poultry-flavored treats contains 250mg. L-Lysine treats make it simple to accurately provide the appropriate dose of L-Lysine for your cat.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats are a palatable source of L-Lysine. Supplemental administration of L-Lysine has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of feline herpes virus infections. Additionally, routine administration has been shown to reduce the incidence of flare-ups.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats from Vetoquinol are the perfect L-Lysine supplement for your feline friends!
Directions for use: For routine administration: Give 5 treats a day - supplies 250mg. L-Lysine. For flare-ups(active infection): Cats may receive up to 10 treats per day.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (Min.) 30%
Crude Fat (Min.) 8%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 1%
Moisture (Max.) 15%
Ash (Max.) 8%
* For use in cats only.

Warnings: For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.
Ingredients: Poultry meal, rice flour, L-lysine monohydrochloride, sugar, salt, potassium sorbate, titanium dioxide.
4.63 rating based on 132 reviews
Featured Reviews for Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)
BEST PURCHASE EVER by jane10/26/2011


Great product by Ken from St. Augustine, FL12/08/2011

Several of our cats here have regular upper respiratory infections due to a herpes virus. We give lysine treats to minimize the symptoms and it works well. The Enisyl-F treats we ordered were shipped in one day and arrived in perfect condition. Couldn't ask for more than that!

effective help by dee from Los Angeles, CA05/18/2013

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats have really helped my cat's feline herpes eye infection. I recommend it to anyone whose cat has this problem. My cat came from the shelter as a kitten with his eye already bad. It got terrible, and a new vet recommended this product. I am glad she did!!!

by from 04/26/2012

My cats love it! The older female who won't accept Lysine paste or other options eats it up willingly and looks for more.

Diamondeb4 by Brunswick, Maine from Great

Kitty Crack

Happy kitties by Moo03/11/2013

After several years of not knowing what was causing our cats to sneeze so much and so gross (including visits to two different vets) these Lysine treats have helped tremendously. Both cats like them and we have already seen a marked difference in their well being. Well worth the price.

Works great! by Jen from Wellsville, Ohio01/04/2012

My cat's last herpes outbreak was stopped and has stayed under control!

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats by Joan02/07/2012

I have used this product for about 2 years for my cat who was infected with the herpes virus in her eyes as a kitten. L-lysine is known to help with the immune system, especially working on eye issues. She loves these treats and they keep her eyes clear and prevents irritation. I also feed a dry food with l-lysine as one of the ingredients.

very happy w/purchase! by catlindacat13 from milford,ct02/07/2012

myself and my cat trey are very happy w/ the lysine treats, trey was very sick nov/dec from a kitten we adopted infected him w/ a very bad upper respiratory infection and feline herpes. he was very sick and wouldn't eat and the vet had to insert a feeding tube it was a terrible ordeal and while he was in the hospital the dr recommended we use the lysine to boost his immune system so i picked up the pills at the vit store and was giving them crushed w/water thru his feeding tube, so after they took the tube out i would mix it w/ his food but then i looked online to see if there was any kind of treats because trey loves his treats and he loves these that i purchased, i will be ordering more since he will have to have the lysine the rest of his life. thankyou!!!!

by Toby from NJ03/11/2012

This product was recommended by our Vet. Only one of my 3 cats will eat them!! This has nothng to do with the product but with my finicky kitties. I even tried crushing them and putting in their food. I stand firm on the product and would definitely recommend. However, a smaller trial package is suggested to see how one's cat will take to them. Thanks!

Stale Treats by Annie C. from North Carolina10/23/2012

I previously purchased this item through the local vet. The treats were fresh. When I got these Enisyl-F Lysine treats from Entirely Pets, the treats were stale. My cat doesn't eat them enthusiastically like he did before. I won't be ordering from Entirely Pets again.

Worked Great by normah from Ontario. Canada07/31/2012

My cat stopped sneezing within days and both my cats like the taste of the treats. I will continue to give them the treats to prevent future virus'. Only downfall is the shipping costs to Canada, It is about the same price as the product.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats by Achoo06/17/2013

When we brought out kitten home from the county animal service she had sneezing fits. The vet thought it could be a "kennel cough" or allergies and recommended Enisyl-F Lysine.. We have had her on this for 1 1/2 years and her sneezes have gone away. She thinks the Lysine is a treat and continues to get it daily.

best purchase by georgia peach from Monroe, MI06/24/2012

I had tried various treats for my 8 year old cat, but he did not like any of them. He waits each night for the clock to strike nine, then comes and sits right in front, staring at me until I give him his 6 treats. Also, it has helped him with the sneezing he has had since he was a kitten. Recommended by his vet.

speedy delivery by CKK from rural north California03/05/2013

I'm still trying to figure out how I get what I order on line the following day! My vet recommended Enisyl-F Lysine for my cats as they all have Herpes. Unfortnuately for some time either one or another were sneezing, conjested and miserable. My vet said they all had chronic upper respitory illness (herpes). Lysine is magic. Their bouts are less often and much less severe than they used to be. Ordering through entirelypets.com is less expensive and FAST. It almost would take me longer to go to the vet to get them!

Cats love them, great for them by Tiger11/15/2011

These treats help to keep my cat's eyes clear (from cat herpes :( They love the taste!

Great Product! by Barb10/31/2012

Was cat sitting for my daughter while she was on vacation. She was low on the Lysine treats and suggested that I order Enisyl-F-Lysine Treats.. Her cat has had a Herpes virus in her eyes and has been eating the Lysine treats on a regular basis to help keep the virus infection from coming back. It has worked great.

best price by cooncatlover from Indianapolis, IN10/23/2012

My vet put my cat on these treats for an eye issue. I could not continue to pay as much as they charged, so decided to try to buy online. The difference was way more than half of what I was paying. Everyone should buy their pet meds online! Plus, the service is great and the products are awesome too. My kitty has not had another eye infection since she has been using the Lysine treats and they help to make her immune system stronger also. HIGHLY recommend these treats!

Loved by cats but expensive by Purrfect from MI11/06/2012

Our cats love these but it is much less expensive to use the Felisyl powder to give them the dose of L-Lysine HCL they need.

My cat's chase and kill "treat" by Kali's Mom from Utah04/10/2013

I use these treats for upping the coverage of lysine for my cat Kali. I throw them one by one down the hall for her to chase and devour. She loves them, and it's an easy way for me to get extra lysine into her when her herpes is flairing up too much. I'm thankful that there are easy ways for me to get medicine into my cat rather than holding her down and forcing something down her throat every day!

Tasty treats by Michelle from La Quinta, CA04/23/2012

You know how finicky cats can be! Our little girl LOVES these treats and we are using them as an enhancement to the Lysine that we are adding to her food. Thank you!

Wonderful product! by feline03/23/2013

Whatever is used to make these therapeutic treats enticing to cats really works! My cat loves the taste of the treats and the l lysine is so effective in keeping the herpes virus from cropping up in stressful situations. Great product.

My cat loves these! by lillydblue01/23/2012

My vet advised me to start giving my cat 250 mg of lysine twice a day. Well, he wouldn't eat the pill in a 'pill pocket' and he wouldn't eat any moist food that had the grounded pill in it, so I decided to try these. He loves them! Any time he hears the bag move, he comes running. No more trying to force a pill down his throat. I love the ease in giving my cat medicine!

by from 10/30/2012

Great product by LilMan from Lorain, Ohio10/23/2012

Decided to get this product after a lot of research on line about products that help with feline herpies. In about a week all signs and symptoms my cat had disappeared. I love this product and highly recommend it to anyone!

Tasty Treats by thompsonmd76 from Ventura, CA01/08/2013

Our kitties love these things and come running when they hear the bag open. Easy way to ensure they get their full daily dose of Viralys. The Viralys powder is useful, but more difficult to ensure a full dose if your cats don't eat their entire meal. Our cats like to share their food (some more than others), so certain cats may get less than a full dose and some more by using the Viralys powder. The treats are easier to keep track of, albeit pricier than the powder. Definitely recommended spending the extra money if you have finicky eaters or multiple household cats.

Best product for my cat by ridgehaus23 from Freeland,Mi11/20/2011

My stray cat was prescribed lysine powder.The powder had to be put in wet food- I have 5 cats which made it difficult to feed just one, then I was on this website and thought I would try It. What a fabulous product! This is so easy to give and Squeeky loves it!!!

Good Choice for hard to medicate cats!! by Boo Kitty03/02/2012

I originally bought these treats because it was sometimes difficult to give kitty the gel. She comes to the kitchen every night before bedtime to get her Lysine Treat. I highly recommend these for those difficult cats who are hard to medicate orally.

Treats that are good for health by wige03/18/2012

Enisyl-F Lysine treats were recommended by my vet for one of my cats who is a carrier of the herpes rhino virus. I shouldn't have worried they might not eat them - all three INHALE the treats. Your site had the best price, including shipping/handling. Am very pleased And my cats are too

Finally under control by Jeannie05/29/2012

My 1 yr old kitty was diagnosed with Feline Herpes back in Oct. Since then we've made countless expensive trips to the vet for steroid shots...all to have it come back with a vengeance. I purchased this product as a last resort and gave her the prescribed 6 treats a day. It did nothing. But then I read that some folks were giving their cats double the dose. I started giving her 12 treats a day (4 treats 3X/day.) I am happy to report that her herpes is FINALLY under control. She still has a little redness from time to time but it is manageable. Tried the other brand of Lysine treats but she turned her nose up at it. She loves these!!! Very happy with this product.

by from 12/24/2012

Finally!! I am able to purchase Enisyl-F Lysine treats without a prescription...my FIV positive cat Bo positively loves these treats - can't tell the difference from the vet-prescription ones - except the better price and service.

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Freaking awesome savings!! by birlyjane from KC, MOKim


Greatest Antibiotic "Treats" Ever by salembo from Laurel, MD04/25/2013

Thank Goodness my two little ones love these, as they really help with their calicci virus! Actually look forward to getting their "treats" daily!

Best deal best loved by oldcatfanatic07/23/2012

Enisyl-F had been recommended by vet; all 3 cats LOVED the treats. When I went to reorder they were not available and I took a subsitute - and only 2 cats would eat them plus they were stinky smelling! Happy to be back to Enisly-F and I know that all are getting the dose they need:)

Great product! by got3cats from Virginia12/02/2011

I have two cats that need this supplement. One loves these treats and the other loves the paste. Great to have the choice! Price here is cheaper than what I paid at the vets - I'll be buying from this site from now on. Super fast delivery on the paste product I bought.

by kristina from Kent, OH06/26/2012

This works really well for my two girls - I use the minimum recommended dose daily for them, but when they start to seem like they're having a reaction of some kind, possibly even allergies, I give them the maximum recommended dose and it seems to clear things right up for them! Nice way to stay out of the vets. :)

Helpful therapy for chronic Herpes eye infection by Mike from Eastchester, NY10/25/2011

Our cat has a congenital herpes eye infection in one of her eyes; the addition of these cat treats to her diet has helped in controlling the disorder and Entirely Pets has a provided valuable, inexpensive, fast and reliable service to us. Our cat is more comfortable and we're very pleased with your efficient operation!

Helps to Keep Herpes under control by catlover from California12/01/2012

My cat went through months with an eye herpes eye infection. Once the right medications were found, with the help of Lysine treats it was under control. He hasn't had any further problems, as I keep him on Lysine Treats everyday.

Save your money by meow04/23/2012

My cat would not even taste this product. what a waste of money! Wish I could return it.

Great product by Sunkis07/14/2012

Perfect remedy for cats with sneezing issues that are contagious to other cats. My cats eagerly ate the treats and in a matter of days the sneezing had stopped.

Great Product by uukristina from Kent, OH06/28/2013

These are really good. My one cat has a little trouble getting them in well all the time, but these help them a lot when they start to get sneezy or seem like they might be getting a cold or something. The size of the treats vary sometimes - it hasn't been a problem but in case anyone else wonders if that's normal! :)

Cats love the taste by Cat lover from Medina, ohio02/23/2013

My vet suggested I use this product. My cats love the taste and it seems to help.

Not recommended by CMMartin from WA State01/31/2012

I've tried this for my four cats, and none of them will do more than sniff at them and turn away. The size of the treats is too large, and even when I broke them into smaller bits, they had no interest whatsoever. Very disappointing!

Lysine treats for casts by TT10/22/2012

I would definitely buy this product again and I would definitely refer this product to a friend.

My cats love them by lp from Woodland, CA10/16/2011

This product works great for cats that won't eat the liquid form. My cats love them and eat them right up! We have 5 indoor cats and need to keep them healthy and this really works.

Life Saver Product by Becky12/06/2011

It appears that this product has been instrumental in keeping my FIV infected cat healthy and I believe in extending his life. The vet is amazed at his health. Apparently, it is also important to provide some soft food (canned) each day so that the Lysine can be absorbed at maximum benefit. He gets the Lysine every day as directed on the package.

Really helps with my cat's respiratory problems by Lynn11/17/2011

I researched this product before I purchased it. I read many veterinarian site reviews. My cat had been sneezing and coughing. As soon as I gave this to her, she improved. Now I give it to her every day and also to my other cat as a preventative.

by Snow from Pittsburgh, PA02/02/2012

The product is great for my cat.It control the feline herpes.

Treats that really treat! by SouthPhillyin AZ from Phoenix, AZ10/27/2011

These really help Jake with his allergies.

A great way to administer Lysine! by Izzy's Mom from Maryland06/25/2011

We have tried all sorts of ways to give our cat, Izzy, Lysine but I could never get enough into him to make a difference. I found that although Izzy won't won't eat these treats outright, I can, however, crush them up and mix them into his wet food. Doing this everyday has definitely helped with the feline herpes symptoms - especially with the chronic eye infections. I have to mention that my other cat will gobble these treats up right away without any crushing and mixing, but in general he's not as picky as Izzy.

cats thinks treats are great by chris moose01/29/2013

our owned and feral cats that we feed eat these treats before they eat the wet food that we place the treats on. Less expensive that thru the vet.

Good treats by Delref307/26/2012

Use to buy at our Vets for $21 a bag. They are good for our cats health and they eat them up. These only cost around @13 a bag so we save $7 a bag so we stock up on 3 or more per order. Glad I found Entirely Pets!

Cat loves them by MAC from Verona, NJ01/11/2013

My cat loves these treats making it so easy for me to help boost his immune system.

Enisyl-F Treats by Joe from Missouri02/07/2013

My cat will not eat these even when mixed in with some canned food. Stick to the paste using a syringe.

Disappointed in new shape & texture by Trose from Arkansas06/27/2012

My cats used to love this product but the company recently changed the shape & texture of the product. It's too small now to be called treat size. They are shaped like little pellets of food and I see my cats spitting them out as they try to eat them. I switched brands and recently purchased Vetri-lysine plus. These are treat size and I only have to give them 2. They love them and have no issues chewing them! Plus the bag should last longer!

The only feline lysine supplement worth buying by Big Wheel from Columbus, OH02/06/2013

When my cats contracted the their upper respiratory infection, I tried a lot of lysine supplements. I tried several treats, powders, pastes, and liquids. This is the only one that works for them. My cats readily eat these as treats, so getting them to take them is not a chore. They are the only lysine supplement that actually helps control my cats condition with no flare-ups, as long as they take five tiny treats daily. They Work!

Help at Last! by RB from North Carolina10/29/2011

Feline herpes is very common among cats and two of mine have really bad flares from time to time. The vets have prescribed corticosteroids for long periods of time - not always a good idea. I recommended l-lysine to friends suffering from cold sores (herpes simplex) and the lights went on when I found Enisyl-F. These "treats" are very well tolerated and have moderated herpes outbreaks to the point that I have discontinued using steroids. My vets concur that L-Lysine is a great way to deal with feline herpes. Thank you!!! My cats LOVE them!

Good product easily administered by Critterchic from VA10/29/2011

I fostered a kitten that had the herpes virus. He spread it to my other cat. We now treat both cats with treats. Looks like catfood, just measure out the dosage. No mess no mixing no fuss. This is the second batch we ordered so far so good. Also Entirely has the quickest shipping. I ordered it on a Thursday and got it in the mail on Sat. GREAT JOB

Lysine helps cat with feline herpes by skidrow from Long Island NY12/16/2011

I have been using Lysine at the recommendation of my feline optomitrist for the better part of 3 years. I give my cat 6 treats a day, usually at night. In addition I mix in the powder from 1 Llysine capsule in the canned food he shares with his brother. This has really helped to prevent him from having flare ups.

Lysine Treats don't cut it by Fubarahh from Hackensack, NJ12/12/2011

Our kitty, Smokey, needs to have Lysine every day for feline herpes, and we figured we'd give these treats a try. He hated them and refused to eat them! And he likes everything food related, especially human food. We couldn't get him to eat these for love or money, and eventually we threw them out. A total waste of money, sorry.

Enisyl-F Lysine for Feline Ocular Herpes by Katsarah from Barberton, OH02/25/2012

My cats loved the treats. We haven't seen any improvement in the cat's eye infection yet, but I understand that it can take some time, so we are still trying to see if it will help.

Great Product by Paula from Birmingham, AL07/23/2012

My cat, Leah, has recurrent herpes eye infection. Enisyl-F Lysine powder sprinkled on her food was recommended by a veterinary eye specialist years ago. Leah rarely consumed all of the food. That jar of powder outlasted the expiration date. A year or two ago my vet suggested using the Lysine paste squirted into the cat's mouth daily. I didn't want to fight with my cat every day. Finally a neighbor introduced Enisyl-F Lysine treats to me. I found them on-line and purchased them through Entirely Pets.com. The product is great! The cat eats 6 treats every AM prior to her breakfast. She thoroughly enjoys the treats and gets her medicine at the same time. I informed my vet about the product and she passed the info on to another client who is also pleased with the ease of administration of the treats. I highly recommend this product for cats with recurrent herpes eye infection.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats for Herpes symptoms by happykitty from SF Bay Area, CA10/04/2011

The Enisyl-F Lysine Treats are wonderful for helping relieve symptoms of feline herpes. Stops the sneezing, stuffy nose, weepy eyes. The cats love their taste and eat them up better than any other treat I've tried. Seems to be more effective than the powder sprinkled on canned food, and infinitely better than the pastes as most of the cats won't eat the pastes.

Great product. Fast shipper by Wapito11/24/2012

Our cat would not eAt another lysis product our vet gave us but he loved this product. Not available in mAny stores so this was a great wAy to buy it

Fantastic product! by Lil Man from Ohio11/02/2011

My cat LOVES these treats and they work amazing! With his feline herpes he will always have the symptoms but with the Lysine treats the symptoms are under control! Will ALWAYS have these for him!

by meomagi02/20/2013

When my little DSH grey/white tabby wants a treat, she receives the daily recommended dosage of this treat. Sometimes she receives the recommended dosage of the Lysine paste, sometimes the "treats" as she likes to have her "treats". IF a person has difficulty giving their pet the paste formula, these treats are a great way to ensure your pet is receiving the much needed nutrient.

Lives up to its claims!! by Lil Man05/30/2012

My adopted cat came with feline herpes but we fell in love with him the minute we saw him. Researched the helpful things for feline herpes and found these Lysine treats very much recommended! Began giving them to my cat and he has ALL his symptoms under control! No bare skin patches and his cloudy eye has cleared up also! Thank you for a wonderful product! Will continue to buy them no wondering needed!!

My cats love them by Sandra11/17/2011

I was afraid that my picky cat, the one who really needs the lysine, wouldn't eat them. But she loves them! Way cheaper here than from the vet.

by tom from tucson,az05/15/2013

A speedy delivery after placing order and a great price.

Very helpful for chronic eye problems by doggymom from Dearborn, Mi.10/19/2011

Last winter I adopted two beautiful kittens who were born outside and needed a home. Unfortunately, they both had running eyes from most likely herpes infections, according to my vet. They were given antibiotics, but the running tears continued, so I tried the Enisyl -F treats every morning with their breakfast. The results have been very good, both of them have much clearer and drier eyes. They love the treats and insist on them every day!

easy to use product by nfg12/12/2011

I've been using this product for my cat with feline herpes. They are easy to get her to take and I have been successful keeping her out breaks to a minimum.

Lysine by Cindy from South Carolina11/06/2012

These lysine chews made it very easy to keep my 3 cats free from symptoms of a feline herpes virus they picked up.from another cat.

by from 10/27/2011

I have a sick little cat who has been on this product for two years. It has helped to keep him as healthy as possible. The best part is that by ordering it here it is costing me less than half of what the vet had been charging!

Pets!" by Very effective product from LoriThank


Cats love this. A real treat. by barbysocks05/01/2012

My cat has seasonal allergies. Enysyl-F Lysine Treats help to calm his allergies. He really likes the taste of the treats and they save me a trip to the vet a couple of times a year. I 'll continue buying this product and I highly recommend it to my friends and other cat owners as well.

Chief likes this brand the best by Chris12/25/2012

Of the three lysine cat treats on the market, our herpes-afflicted cat Chief likes these the best.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats by Rayford from Jacksonville, NC03/04/2012

I took my cat to the vet. because he was sneezing. The vet. gave my cat a shot and avised me to give him Lysine Treats. I ordered the treats, and in the mean time my other cat started sneezing. After four days the Lysine Treats arrived. I gave the treats to both cats per directions on package. Both cats stopped sneezing after three to four days. I notice that both cats were sneezing less after the first day of taking the Enisyl-F Lysine Treats.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats -finally, something works! by Happy Cat Mom! from Ohio05/10/2010

Barn-E-Cat went thru a lot of medical problems; we found him when he was about a year old and starving. He lost almost all of his teeth; still had one "weeping" eye from virus. These lysine treats have done the trick!! and economically, too. I've never submitted a review before, but am happy to send this one! He gets five AM and PM mixed in with his food and loves them. (No problem eating dry cat food without teeth; glad his vet was glad about that.)

good product by catchaos03/14/2013

Most of my cats liked the treats and it seems to be helping with runny eye issues we were having. The cat that didn't like them doesn't have any eye problems and has a real "mouth-feel" issue with all food and treats.

Great Immune System Booster by jfortes01/20/2013

I have been giving this to my cats for a long time now to strengthen their immune system. I care for several cats that have a recurring virus and this keeps it from being too severe. They still get sneezy but it hasn't evolved into an upper respiratory problem. I would definitely recommend them for any animal that needs their immune system boosted. I started mine on them per my vet's recommendation and receive them every month on auto ship which is a big plus.

Great Service! by Jill from Nebraska07/14/2012

I have ordered numerous times, and time and time again the service and delivery have been great! Absolutely NO complaints. I will continue using EntirelyPets, and continue telling all my family and friends about them! Thank you for being such a great company!

A great find! by moongazer03/12/2012

This has proven to be a great way to get my cat the required amount of Lysine she needs every day. Her outbreaks are well under control because I can get the entire dose in and not fight with the oral syringe and make her anxious!

Cat hates the taste by Linfork01/18/2013

He won't eat the treats - hates the taste so I had to throw them away

Best treat ever by peanut from Cape Coral, FL06/12/2013

I ordered Enisyl-F Lysine Treats together with the L-Lysine powder. When I shake the bag, everybody comes running, sitting patiently in a half circle awaiting their part. They like the smell and the soft chew.

by from 11/10/2011

I adopted several kittens over the last few years from a cat shelter and some of them have Kitty Herpes, which causes respiratory illnesses and watery eyes and stopped up noses, etc. Lysine was recommended to me by the vet. to help with these ailments. I appreciate being able to buy these products from your store at a bit of a discount compared to the vet's prices. This helps me with my budget!

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Best price, best delivery by Barb05/29/2012

I have been using Enisyl-F Lysine for years. I have always purchased from a Vet-supply source. Your price is much lower and free shipping is a definite plus. I am more than satisfied.

by luckys angels05/30/2012

if your cat likes this lysine treats your in luck easys way to give your cat the best protetion

my cats loves these! by chrisc from massachusetts01/12/2012

recommended by my vet to keep my cat's runny eye issues away- my cat loves them and eats the recommended amount daily.

Disappointed by gemcat from Brooklyn07/29/2012

Manufacturer changed product - my Persian used to love these, bought them bi-monthly. Now they are smaller, lighter in color and she no longer eats them. Trying the semi-soft treats now to get her the lysine supplements she needs to combat herpes outbreaks. Very disappointed in change in product.

by from 02/07/2012

Enisyl treats are crunchy like dry cat food but apparently taste MUCH better because the sick cat loves these. He's still gobbling them up after several weeks, so it's not just the novelty factor.

and by Felisyl from lysineI've


eh, by I from don'tAs


My cat thinks these are her treats, not her meds! by Kali's Mom11/15/2011

I give our rescue cat Kali the Enisyl-F paste in her food twice a day. On top of that, I throw her the treats down the hall so she gets her excercise while she's getting her medicine. She literally stands below the container in the kitchen and begs for her Enisyl-F treats. When she is having a flare up, I give fer a few extra, along with some of the paste. We've been able to control her feline herpes very well with these products. Thank you EntirelyPets!!!

Easy to administer by DC10/23/2012

Although my cat will willingly take the gel, these "treats" make it easier to make sure she gets the right dose (just in case she's being finicky that day about the food mixed with the gel).

same good treats by cat house04/13/2013

This is probably the sixth bag we've used with the first being from the vet which was more expensive. None of our cats have turned up their noses at the treats and they always disappear even with our toothless cat.

by linda from milford,ct04/02/2013

my cat Trey looks forward to getting his lysine treats every morning!

Great supplement for my 2 cats by Heather11/13/2012

Wish the size of each treat was more consistent. Some bags have large ones and other bags have very small ones. But my cats eat the up regardless! Haven't had any health problems since we started using these a couple of years ago.

My cats love this. by Bubba from Canyon Country,Ca05/24/2011

My cats love this product. You guys cost less than the stores. My cats look forward on getting their treats. It also helps them getting sick. You guys are great. Thank's for helping my cats and your prices.

It Works by shadmaster3 from goodview,Virginia07/06/2012

Tom has herpes virus he was born with in his eyes and the chews really seem to help irratation and drainage problems he has. shipping and prices were fair and will buy again.

Best Product ever by Rose from Surprise, AZ12/08/2011

My cat has feline herpes virus, He is 18years, and was getting a lot of flare-up. The Vet put him on the paste form of this product, but he did not like the taste, so I tried the Treats form and he loves it, If a flare-up begins I increase his dose to 10 per day and his flare-up eases. At his age a bad infection could kill him, but with this product, he is able to live a less stress full live.

A couple of sniffs and that was it by Croucher08/25/2011

Each of my cats are good eaters, and one of them has never turned down a treat. She looked at me when I put this down as if to say, "You've got to be kidding." Complete waste of my money.

enisyl-f lysine treats by lexy02/13/2013

The "treats" were fine--my cats love taking their medicine in this form but, the packaging on this batch could really be improved. The resealing closure was positioned above the place where the bag opened, forcing me to cut off the resealing feature in order to open the bag--weird but true. Just means using a clothespin to keep the bag closed. It is nice to use the reseal feature, when it works.

by from 06/18/2012

This product is given by many veterenarians for a particular health problem in cats (herpetic eye condition) but I would certainly recommend it to a friend whose cat had the same problem. I got it from the vet first and the price was about 3 times more than you charged. Service was easy and delivery was prompt. I will certainly use you again.

by from Thanks."


Great Purchase by Beaniesmom from Chicago, IL01/26/2012

My cat Frank is on Viralys Oral Gel twice a day. I was looking for a way to get him a more regulated dose to control his symptoms since I don't measure out the gel. He LOVES these treats. I give him 6 each night instead of the gel. No matter where he is in the house he comes running when I open the bag.

Healthy Cat for Half the Price by Emily Sweetpea's Mom from Burrton, Kansas10/25/2011

Our cat, Emily Sweetpea, has a chronic sinus infection and we have learned to help her fight it with these Enisyl-F Lysine Treats. We were so thrilled to find them at EntirelyPets because we could get TWO pouches for only $4.00 more than we usually pay for ONE at our Vet's! THANK YOU ENTIRELYPETS!!!

L-Lysine Treats by TN from Baltimore, MD01/23/2013

My cat LOVES these treats and I'm so thankful, because he needs lysine to control his chronic herpes condition in his ears, nose, eyes and throat.

Its Not The Same by Jose10/23/2012

I've been using these treats for over a year and the cat has been eating them up. Then ... same packaging ... but the treats had a different shape, lighter color, and obviously a different taste. The cat really isn't interested anymore. Sometimes, with persistence, I can force one down. Most times, no. The product only works if the cat eats them, and that's not happening much anymore.

by from 02/05/2012

I have two cats with herpes virus; one is 15. Before I found these treats, she had a URI almost daily.

her by the from maxOnce


cheaper by brand from thatI


Better than the competition by madykatThis


Enisyl-F Lysine Treats by John01/18/2012

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats were recommended to us by a friend as a way to help our Maine Coon combat a sinus infection. While it wasn't the cure we had hoped for it appears to have helped and the cat loves the treats.

Awesome Enisyl-F Lysine Treats by Mary04/30/2012

My cats can not get enough of these treats. I can bribe them any time I want with the offer of Lysine treats. P. S. I bought 7 packages of them!

Easiest Cat medicine - supplements to give by Sophiegirl12/21/2012

Fabulous product. My cat has herpes simplex in the eye and the vet said to put her on Lysine. He gave me it in a gel form but the cat did not like it very well. My sister told me about these Lysine Treats and how her cat loves them. I ordered them right away and my cat begs for them. This has been a great way to get a cat to take something like a medicine/supplement. Wish all meds could be administered this way! I highly recommend this product!

Healthy Treats by lisa from Camilla, GA04/17/2013

This is a great, healthy treat for our kitten with a compromised immune system. The great thing is that he loves them!

Worthy purchase, but I hoped for better. by JP from Vernon, NJ03/15/2012

Since I've started feeding these treats to my cat, I've definitely seen improvement. She used to have a constant sinus infection due to feline herpes, and we've seen definite improvement on that front...but we're talking degrees. The nasal discharge is still there on a near-constant basis though the content and consistency of the fluid has improved greatly, and her cough is much less frequent. Her sneezing (multiple times every day) is just as frequent as ever. Regardless, I'd still recommend this product since there has been visible improvement in her condition. It's just not quite as effective as I'd hoped. It's looking like we're headed for a 3rd antibiotic injection within the last few months.

Great product - vet prescribed by lilmcmac from orlando04/04/2013

I like this product, what it does and how well it works. But my fussy little persian gets tired of it and they are a bit hard for her to chew. So I switch to Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats, when she gets tired of it. Or try the paste as another way.

best product by SIS from N.C.02/18/2013


Enisyl-F Lysine Treats by paulaj05/09/2012

I am not about ordering this product again. My veterinarian says that the Lysine treats are not the same when ordered online other than getting them from the vet. They say that the Lysine ordered on line is not the real product. I called the Company that makes the Enisyl-F Lysine treats and they agreed and said they do not support buying their product online but only through the veterinarian.?????????????????

Not the best L-Lysine treats by KImber07/06/2011

These treats are hard, misshapen and often broken, therefore hard to give in correct dosage.

Excellent product and price by Kathleen from Ogden, Utah04/13/2012

I was told by my vet that 90% of kittens are born with the herpes virus. I have a Siamese that is in the emergency every three months with upper respiratory infection. She suggested Lysine treats daily for 2-3 years and that would probably kill the virus. Angus has been taking the Lysine for almost 2 years now and has not been to the vet for any Infections for 2 years. I highly recommend this product for every animal.

by from 02/02/2012

My cat loves these and it is much easier for him than using the ointment. We really appreciate it. It also seems to do as well with his herpes as the ointment .

Jean by Reno, NV from Thanks.

Enisyl-R Lysine Treats

Formula Change? by Sebbie's Mom from Armonk, NY12/20/2012

My kitties usually crave the Enisyl so I serve them as treats. However, once the packet was opened the kibble seemed to dry out and lose its semi-soft consistency. Now the cats won't eat them. Not sure if they changed the formula or if the product is stale.

Cleared sneezing, gentle on stomach by Tess02/15/2012

When multiple rounds of veterinary prescribed antibiotics did nothing for my cat's chronic sneezing, I did some research and found out about Lysine for feline herpes. After running it past my vet, I tried these, and they have really made a difference. Our cat sneezes a lot less than he used to. He also loves the taste of these treats, and they are gentle on his sensitive stomach.

by from 02/16/2012

My beloved vet recommended this product for my little BearBear. He loves the 'treats' & they are very good for him. So, it is definitely a win win!

Thanks!" by Good Price on a Good Product from BearBearsMommyFast


Delicious! by Gracie05/29/2012

Gracie loves her Enisyl-F Lysine Treats to keep her eyes healthy. And it tastes great!

Healthy cat by Dick from Depew, NY01/01/2013

The treats have kept our cat healthy this year. Last year he had sneezing problems which required a human Rx to remedy. This year, no problems even though the vet. said the problems would reoccur.

I didn't know it was good for me! by Sinbad from Sunny California12/31/2011

I am a 7 year old Abby who was recently adopted by a very loving home. My new vet said I had a herpes eye infection which we now have under control. She sold my mom these wonderful treats and said since I would be on these long term (I hope forever!) she should look on-line for a cheaper price - and wow I can get 3 bags from EntirelyPets for the cost of 1 bag at the doctors! Thanks for the tip Dr. Ann! Any way these are the best tasting treats I have ever tasted. The smell is delightful and the flavor is to die for. I get two bags mailed to me every two months (automatically) so I never run out. And I have not had a flare up in my eyes since! When compared to other lysine treats which only let you have 2 treats, Enisyl lets me have from 6 to 12 treats - I never feel limited or denied. Some people don't like the fact not all the treats are "purrfectly" shaped, but to us cats it all taste GOOD. So to all my fellow cats - if you need to take lysine, Enisyl -F lysine is the "cats meow" and EntirelyPets treats you like the King of the Wild that we are.

Keeping feline herpes in check by Mike from Westchester, NY04/18/2013

We've been using this product since we adopted our cat as a young kitten. We adopted the kitten from a veterinarian friend who told us of the chronic herpes eye infection the kitten was born with; he recommended this type of product. Although the condition is incurable, the addition of these treats to "Bella's" daily diet seems to keep the condition in check and the cat loves them.

Enisyl-F Lysine Treas by Susan W.07/29/2009

My big boy has a terrible time with herpes during the spring and summer months. I feed him 5 treats a day and he hasn't had a flare-up since I started giving them to him. Excellent product but hard to find.

by from 06/21/2012

Both my cats like the taste and prefer treats over the paste.

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by from 07/27/2012

Cats used to fight over these treats. Now most of them will not eat them unless you mix them with wet food and you can use the powder for that at a lower cost.

size by of from theThey


Herpes by Grace01/20/2013

Good for Herpes control in cat's eye. Also good tasting. She loves it.

Service is Awesome! by catlover06/23/2012

My vet put my Maine Coon cat on these treats when she got herpes conjunctivitis. A pack of these at their office cost $40.00. The service was absolutely excellent from your company, the product very reasonably priced, shipping was very fast, and my cat fights me to give her these; she loves them! I will definitely continue to use your services in the future. Oh, and they work well too!

Enisyl-F Lysine Treats - Excellent Product by Bear Bear's Mom12/06/2012

Recommended by my kids' vet for my Bear Bear that has MRSA. He gets at least 6 of these 'treats' everyday & really likes them.

Poor Condition by Rusty Junior08/21/2012

This is a wonderful product which my cat likes as long as it is fresh. I ordered a package. It was open to the air and had drawn moisture. The problem was that there was a hole punched into the top of the pouch probably to hang it on a display hook. The seal of the pouch closes to the Lysine had opened and the display hole had allowed air and moisture to enter. The top edge seal was still sealed but that did not prevent the air hole from allowing moisture and air into the Lysine. I returned the pouch immediately to you. I have had no response at all from your company.

Great Product Great Company by Lisa from Minnesota01/16/2012

My cat Wolf loves these treats. He has no idea they are good for him. His herpes has been under control since he started this product. As of today, the website says to give 5 tablets a day which provides 250 mg. The package says to give 6 for the 250 mg. Wolf gets 6 a day. Another great thing about ordering from Entirely Pets is that they contribute a percentage of my purchase to my favorite animal charity as long as I log into Entirely Pets through the charity's site. This way my cat Wolf gets his "treats" and other pets are being helped same time. It's a Win - Win! Thank you Entirely Pets!

Saved my cat by Jo from Kansas City, MO10/31/2011

This is a great product and helps my cat who has feline herpes. He loves the crunchy flavor and it helps strengthen his immune system to kick recurrent herpes infections!

Enisyl for Cats by Sebastian's Mom from Armonk, NY02/12/2012

My adopted kitty has herpes in his eyes and gets flare ups now and then if I don't use enisyl. However, he refuses the gel form. Luckily enisyl comes in treat form. Sebbie loves his "cookies" and gets his med consistently every day. I showed these to my vet who now orders them for his practice. Great product. I even give it to my elderly kitty as a supplement for her failing eyes (vet approved!). Entirely Pets has great prices and is very responsive and reliable.

Great treats by Kking03/13/2013

These treats are great! Both my cats have feline herpes and get squinty in their eyes often. As soon as I give them these treats their eyes are better! They like the taste of the treats too which is a huge plus:)

Great lysine treat by lauracaron from Chicago, IL06/06/2013

My vet recommended this treat and I had to buy it from the vet at the time at a higher price and whenever they stocked it. Entirely Pets has it at a good price and at any time and they ship so fast. Great company to buy from.

by cher from colorado11/19/2011

have used this product for months from my vet.. you helped me SAVE half the price .. will be shopping often thanks for great prices and products..... Thor ( our cat with a weepy eye that gets some relief from the lysine) thanks you

Two out of three is not bad! by Chrys02/07/2012

Two of my 3 cats love these treats. Only one of them won't touch 'em. That's not too bad-the 2 that like them even prefer them over the Greenies, and they like those too.

Easiest way to give Lysine by Ghost's Meemaw11/07/2011

After trying to use the messy tube and syringe, I ordered these. Ghost LOVES them -- even better than her "normal" treats. Will never go back to the Lysine gel.

by Rusty Junior from Rowlett, TX11/19/2011

Great product with a great price!!! I definitly recomment it and Entirely Pets!!!

My Cats LOVE these by Tina from Arkansas05/05/2012

I can't keep enough of these in the house. I have 4 cats of my own and 3 foster cats. When I get these treats out they come running. It does wonders in preventing URI infections. Next time I'm ordering 4 bags!

Featured Reviews for Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL
by from 12/14/2011

Very important part of my cats overall health regimen. Thankfully he loves the taste and licks right off my finger.

Vitamin by PatiThank


Rapid Recovery by Rosie01/16/2013

Originally got this from my vet and it worked wonders and my cat licked it off his paws and wanted more! Cleared up his sneezing and wheezing within 24 hrs.

Cat won't eat it by Linfork01/18/2013

Unfortunately my cat hated the taste and wouldn't eat this so I gave it to someone else.

Impressed by kittycatty6 from Albany, GA11/02/2012

I was very impressed at how quickly this was shipped to me. Due to the way it's packaged and this being the first time I had given it to my cat, I didn't realize I was about to be out.. Entirely Pets got this out to me so quickly that my cat only missed 1/2 a dose. Even with paying extra for shipping, it was much less expensive from Entirely Pets than what I had paid when purchased from the vet. I also want to mention, that this stuff works great with controlling Herpes in cats. I know it's not a cure but it really helps them.

by meomagi02/20/2013

Wonderful product. I have used this product in the past for cats with URI, kittens, cats needing extra nutrients. I am now administering to my youngest cat as she is recovering from URI.

Helpful product for cats with feline herpes by Toni and Minou from Los Angeles, CA11/27/2011

We've been giving this product to one of our cats, Minou for quite some time. She's 6 years old now but since she was little she has had feline herpes and would get periodic outbreaks when stressed by things like moving, adding a new pet or sometimes for no clear reason at all. Several years ago the vet suggested this and it works like a charm. The price online is much cheaper than at the vet. To our surprise she actually enjoys the flavor and the pump makes it easy to figure out how much to give. I usually just squirt the product onto my finger (it's like a toothpaste or yogurt consistency) and she happily licks it off. Easy peasy and done! It really helps to keep the outbreaks down. Love it! Thanks!

Great Product by PJS06/23/2013

Our cat has an issue with bumps inside his eye that are very irritating. He has a pump of Enisyl-F in the morning and evening on top of his moist food. As long as he has this supplement, his eyes are perfect!

Pump didn't work by jenispiel from Wheeling, WV10/24/2012

I have purchased this product before and it was suggested by my vet for use on my cat with herpes virus. Although the product is great and the price commendable, I have sometimes had trouble with the pump action not working. Entirely Pets were very helpful, and replaced the damaged package.

Product changed to create a longer shelf life by Oliver from NH12/29/2010

My cat used to eat this without hesitation. I emailed the company and asked if they had changed anything in the product and they said yes, to create a longer shelf life!

Helps Build Immune System by doroncj03/04/2012

My vet wants me to use this for 2 months, twice a day to boost my cat's immune system. Found it to be more affordable if bought from EntirelyPets. Long term use is safe when given the recommended dose.

Best Find by callmewndrwoman from Indiana11/08/2012

I started giving my cat Boogie Enisyl-F when he was a kitten after 3 treatments of antibiotics didn't get rid of his symptoms. My vet told me he most likely had Feline Herpes. I did some research and discovered Enisyl-F, asked my vet his opinion, and began treating my little guy immediately. He's three years old now and we still use this, twice a day, and its our favorite time of day...he comes running it for when I grab the bottle.

Keeps my kitty's sniffles under control! by Theprissypixel from Atlanta, GA11/01/2012

The vet prescribed lysine for my 13-year old kitty that has the herpes virus that causes him upper respiratory issues. He loves this paste, and it is so easy to give to him on the tip of my finger, or on a treat. I was so happy to find it for such a reasonable price here. The vet charges nearly twice the price!! I also love that they have an auto-ship method for this product. He has to be on this supplement every day for the rest of his sweet little life. We go through a bottle once every two months, and now I don't need to worry about running out!

Feline Herpes Virus by R&R10/24/2012

This was recommended by 2 vets and it's about half the price that the vet clinic charges. Kitties love it. They get it twice daily to keep their immune systems strong.

cat does not like flavor and flicks it off paw by max's mom from west palm beach04/05/2012

they say cats will like the taste. No one told my kitty Batman about that though. He wouldn't take it off my finger and when I put it on his paw, he flicked it off. May try it again later.

Herpes Remedy by Jeff G from Hopatcong Nj10/28/2011

Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats prevents herpes outbreaks.

Enisyl-F by Pati from Cliffside Park, NJ02/05/2013

My little boy cat (Jasper) relies on this product to keep his immune system strong. He was born with the Herpes Virus. He's a healthy 3 1/2 year old baby boy thanks to this product and a wonderful vet.

Good, but I would choose the gel by Chris from St Clair Shores MI02/03/2013

This products works just as well as the gel, however its more expensive and you actually get less of the product. My cats didnt like the taste too much which made it difficult, however it does do what it is supposed to do!

I've noticed great improvement in condition by Kitty Momma from Pocono Mtns., PA06/18/2013

Stray cat was left at my home - had terrible infected eye. Vet said it was herpes that cats get, cat was blind in that eye, and she gave me antibiotic. It didn't get too much better. I read about this product on internet, so gave it a try. Infection has cleared up and swelling gone away. Very happy with the product; about to order some more.

Great jprice for this product by Dawn from New York, NY03/10/2012

My cat has recurrent problems with the Herpes virus and this is the exact paste I get from the vet. Only this price is much more affordable.

Loves this by Trish from Lisbon Falls, Maine12/27/2012

My cat absolutely loves this. When I tap the spoon on the table, he comes running. This product helps keep his immune system robust which is necessary due to a chronic respiratory problem.

by DK08/20/2012

This is another great product for bolstering the cats imune system. It is reasonably priced through this company too.

Great New Package by Jamie06/05/2008

I love the new packaging for this! The syringes were messy to dispense and hard to store. This new packaging goes right in the cupboard and is much easier to dispense - a perfect dose everytime!

Life saver by Mama Kitty from San Bernardino, CA10/19/2012

I have 2 cats with chronic sniffles due to the herpes virus. With in 5 days the sniffles have stopped.

Easy to use package by Dana02/27/2009

With awsome new package medication is not just easier to store but also easier to give. No second guessing if you gave the right dose. Complience with owners is also higher with ease of use and palatablity. Lets face it FHV cats get enough meds forced on them

Good lysine product at a good price by Neet07/23/2012

I just purchased my third canister of the Enisy'-F. You get a lot of doses in the canister. The dosage control is so easy with the pump dispenser attached to canister. I just squirt the paste on the end of my fingertip, open the kitty's mouth and put it on her tongue. She licks it up every time. This is the product I am sticking with for our multiple cat household.

Enisyl by animal lover12/04/2011

Great for kitties with flu type conditions. Sneezing, watering eyes, scratchy throat. They don't mind the taste and it is very easy to give. The pump makes it ideal for measuring the right amount each and every time.

Very effective against upper respiratory by Fred's Mom from San Antonio, TX11/10/2012

The Enisyl l-Lysine paste has been very effective in reducing the symptoms and severity of upper respiratory issues and colds in my FIV+ kitty. He actually likes the taste, too !!

by Spunky03/19/2013

Thanks so much for being there for my children (pets)

Great Product by Pati03/20/2012

Very important to my cat's health. He has the Herpes Virus and he gets this twice a day, one pump. He's been fine ever since.

Awesome product! by Got3cats from Virginia12/02/2011

Two of my cats needed the Lysine supplement - I got the treats from the vet, but one cat wouldn't eat them. Ditto with the gel. They didn't stock the paste in the pump so I ordered it here. I received it on a Monday after ordering it on a Friday! Quick!!! And voila - he loves it. Super easy to dose - 1 pump on my finger and he eats it right off.

by Jill02/06/2013

Works great and fast. No more coughing and sneezing.

Good Product by Southern Golfer07/23/2012

This product is easy to use and is the best of all the types of products I purchased to get my cat to have the l-lysine daily. This mixes with food and the cat eats it without a fuss or leaving it in the bowl uneaten. The pump container is an added convenience.

Excellent Purchase by Tijeanne from Pelham, NH03/08/2013

I have been using Enisyl-F for my cat for a while and it does him wonders. Only drawback is that he doesn't actually like the flavor, but I mix it in his food and down it goes.

Easy to give & tasty for my kitty by Jen from Indiana06/26/2011

My cat had a terrible URI. At 1st he didn't want anything to do with this medicine....probably because he didn't feel well. But now all I do is pump it on his food; he looks forward to licking it right off. Actually, it's as if he thinks he's getting a treat. He's such a good kitty!!

by from 11/09/2012

First, my experience with Entirely Pets was perfect, I received the product within a few days of order, no problems whatsoever, Will definitely order from Entirely Pets again! In fact I already need to order more of this paste and will happily order form Entirely Pets.

in by a from straySecondly,


wonderful product by freezinginmichigan02/21/2013

i had a single cat for about 3 years. i brought in 2 more in a relatively short amount of time and my oldest became sick. i treated him with antibiotics after it failed to subside and he got better, only to get sick again. this would continue for 2 years off and on, constant stuffiness, sneezing, he was miserable. the other cats showed no symptoms but as i did research i learned about cat virus's and how cats can be carriers but not show symptoms. i tried the powder version of this product and had no success but upon switching to the paste, my sick kitty recovered in about 3 days. its been two months and he shows no signs of symptoms as well as loving the paste itself.

Enysil-F by bob04/16/2013

Our male cat has had feline herpes since we got him and this has saved him for four years.

Excellent product by Yadi from Orlando,fl03/30/2013

I have been using Enisyl-F for 6yrs, and it has helped my cat drastically with his feline herpes. I recommend this product to anyone that has a cat with feline herpes. It does work!!

Easy to give...cat eats it no problem by Erin12/04/2010

I have to give this to my cat everyday b/c he has bad upper respiratory infections. At first he didn't like it and it was really difficult for me to give it to him. I started to put it on top of his food, not mixed in, just on top and if he wants to eat his food, he has to eat the medicine first. And that was it, problem resolved. It works great and really helps keep his infections down.

Enisyl Is the best by Jo12/01/2012

This product really helps my kitty with his sneezing and watery eyes, we had the very best transaction, fast ship too, my kitty and I thank you!

EXCELLENT by Donna from CONNECTICUT06/17/2013

This product has kept my cat alive for months now. He has stomatitis. Nothing the vets did for him helped his condition. This product was recommended for his condition. I was at wits end. I tried it and it did WONDERS for him. I HIGHLY recommend it.

by from 11/23/2011

Helps with Medication by Hemi's Mom from Troy, MO11/18/2012

This product helps tremendously when giving my cat liquid medication. I give him the Enisyl paste first, then quickly give the liquid medication. The taste of the Enisyl paste covers the taste of the liquid medication. I highly recommend this product!!

Very helpful for our cat's herpes by Marvi from Philadelphia, PA07/12/2012

Product was recommended by veterinary opthalmologist to treat our cat's recurring eye infections caused by cat herpes. Our cat, who is incredibly fussy, loves this paste. I squirt it on his food twice a day.

Great value for this product by Al06/11/2012

Just paid $42.07 for one (1) 100 ml. can at our vets office. Now I see it here for $17.99. Our vet's price is a rip! If you have to get it then buy it here.

Lysine paste by dakota from Phoenix, AZ12/01/2012

This stuff has taken care of my cats Herpes within 2 weeks. It's incredible. He doesn't like it real well but will always eat it when put on his foot and leg. Great way to give this vitamin !

by from 01/25/2013

Our male Burmese immune system took a beating several years ago and the Herpes virus revealed it's self with a watery discharge from his eys and he became very prone to upper respiratory infections. Antibiotics did not really work completely.

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Dissatisfied by Cheryl10/25/2012

I have 2 cats and neither one of them like this. It states that cats find it very palatable, but no matter how I try to give it to them, they don't want anything to do with it.

Great Product by BABS from FL12/02/2012

Have purchased this product for the past 6 years and it has been working great for My cat Lilly.

another way to dispense Enysil-F by lilmcmac from orlando04/04/2013

I like the product and the abiltiy it gives me to give to my cat, but, my cat doesn't like it nearly as much as the chews. I don't know why, but she's just fussy like that. The chews can be hard so I thought I would try this, I mixed it in some food, but she knew it was in there. I tried just putting some on my finger like a treat, that wasn't working either. But one can always result to the "put it on their paw" way if that works. It's good to have if they choose NOT to take the necessary supplement they NEED..!! :)

Precisely as ordered by RecRog10/27/2011

Saving a lot of money buying this prescribed medication here instead of refilling the prescription at my vet's.

great product! by Bobbi from Kansas05/30/2012

Our blue Aby has to have this because when we got him, we had no idea the breeder was bad and he had the herpes virus. This product totally helps and is so much better than the gel. It is already measured and there's no mess. I highly recommend it.

by from 02/17/2010

The "Highly palatable base" is not highly palatable to my kitten who needs the lysine. She refuses to eat it. If i put it on her paw - she will let it dry on there - refusing to clean it off. I have tried putting a treat she loves in the paste to try and encourage her to eat it, she wont even touch the treat once its made contact with the gel. I have also tried crumbling treats into it to mask the smell, but again no success. I've tried everything with this.

cannot by be from refundedAlso,


Best Lysine Supplement by Elsie's Mom from Lake Stevens, WA10/22/2012

My cat loves this oral paste Lysine supplement. So much easier that a pill!

Enisyl-F by Joe from Missouri02/07/2013

Vet started my cat on this for $34 a bottle. I found it here for 1/2 that and it seems to be helping my cat with his issues. I have had several diagnoses from different Vets so I don't know what to believe other than this product seems to stave off his frequent flare-ups.

Wonderful source for critical supply by Mingo05/16/2013

My cats need Enisyl-F for maintaining their health and relieving their allergy symptoms. There is no local source at all--I'd have to drive 65 miles (one-way) to buy this at a much higher price. The service was excellent and swift. And the price is excellent also. THANK YOU! Mingo

Enisyl-F by Laycee from Buffalo New York07/26/2012

The paste is for allie she was getting the paste three squirts a day .This item was recommend by the vet but after a while i was cutting back some because i could not afford it. Untill i found this web site she is back on it the recomend dose and she is happy. Thank you again for helping my pets very much. Very happy owner.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 300 mL
Good Product; Cheaper than going to a vet! by Jake07/13/2012

My vet was charging me over three times what this product costs here. I believe in making a buck . . . BUT, when consumers get outright ripped off then I have a problem with it.

Best Price by Bobbye-Anne from Morganton, NC01/31/2013

I've been using this product for several years with several of my cats who have compromised immune systems . The product really helps those who are prone to upper respiratory infections . I used to purchase this from my vet but the price kept escalating . The price from EntirelyPets is half the price I last paid at the vet and that includes s&h ! I hope the price stays affordable for me .

Great Product and Seller by Andy07/12/2012

I've been using this product for my cat's feline herpes for several years and it definitely works to help control his outbreaks. As far as the seller goes, I usually pick the cheapest per bottle on Amazon. Entirely Pets typically has the best deals on this product and the shipping was super fast and way ahead of estimated delivery. I think my standard ground shipment arrived in about two days.

arrived quickly, good price by Rich from iowa12/26/2012

very happy with the product will certainly buy from this company again

enisyl-F oral paste by rdbr03/16/2012

I have 2 cats and one had a herpes eye infection which is really kept under control with the enisyl. It is the bedtime treat which kitty licks from my finger with great joy, and his sister waits patiently to lick the remnants, and then i give her a drop from the dispenser. It is so easy to give as it dispenses just the right amount with one press on the nozzle. And the price is better than anywhere else.

Lasts a long time by Cosmo100 from Tulsa, OK03/08/2013

I'm not sure if our first kitten really had Herpes when we first got him, but we started him on this product per our Vet's recommendation. Now I'm giving it to our second kitten whether he needs it or not (both adopted from shelters). The first can has lasted over 3 months and still going with daily dosing (for two cats the past month). I mix it into their canned food and they like the fish flavor. Their coats are soft and shiny, likely at least partly from the use of this product.

Works great for my cat by DefyDanger07/25/2012

I have been using this for my cat for years and it really makes a big difference on his respiratory and eye health. I notice a big difference when we run out of the product and he goes for a few days without it: his eyes tear up and he gets coughing fits. Enisyl costs less than a trip to the vet and I highly recommend it.

Easy to dispense by Jeff G from Hopatcong NJ02/07/2012

The packaging makes it easy to dispense a proper dose.

Terrific Supplement by Moe07/29/2008

My cat loves this, and it keeps his herpes in remission.

Horrible experience by MrPickleCoppter from Virginia04/25/2013

I order a 3 Pack Enisyl-F Oral Paste as my kitty needs 2 dosages a day. When the shipment arrived 2 out of the 3 can were defective. At this point I contacted customer service and it took forever to get a response. They insisted that I prove that I ordered so I provided my invoice and credit card receipt. I have not heard back from EntirlyPets.com at all on this matter. I have ordered from here once before and they had issues with their payment system and the item I ordered was in stock was not shipped for over a week. This company has very poor customer support.

Works and cats love it by Elise06/01/2009

Both of my cats LOVE this treat. One has herpes and it works great to keep it at bay. The other is a snack hound and loves the taste so much that I have to give him some as his "treat" too.

Great price for a needed product by CarolynMat06/03/2012

My cat has chronic upper respiratory disease. The vet wants her to take Enisyl-F every day. It got expensive buying this from the vet. Then I found Entirely Pets. For three bottles they charge slightly more than the vet charges for one bottle. And Entirely Pets ships quickly and is easy to work with.

I love this product :) by sarrrah from PA04/26/2012

I was spending over $30 at the vet for just one bottle so I was glad when I found I could purchase it online for a lot cheaper. My cat used to sneeze all the time nonstop but this product has definitely helped control it. She used to give me a hard time but now she loves it & comes right away.

Best Deal by morgancat from Cherry Hill, New Jersey04/30/2012

Fast delivery of a supplement that our Morgan needs to live his life in a healthier state of being. Best Deal = Best price from my research concerning this supplement.

by from 06/06/2012

My British blue has developed an ocular ulcer that seems to occilate between 'slowly getting better' and looking worse than it did a couple of days ago... and is an off shoot of him having the cat flu virus. Those points aside, to buy Enisyl-F from the vets here in Australia is like handing them your wallet and saying take what you like!

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Most effective treatment. by Duffy from Upstate, N.Y.06/15/2012

I have been using this product for the past three yrs. since as a kitten, my cat was diagnosed with Herpes virus. With daily dosing, the virus has remained inactive. It's palatable and very easy to administer. The cat simply licks the paste from a dish every a.m. Will never risk eliminating Lysine from his diet and this product is the best and easiest I've found.

Enisyl F Paste by Sebastian's Mom from Armonk, NY02/12/2012

This is a good product, but my kitties prefer the enisyl F treats. I put this in their food, some days they would eat it, others not. The treats make them feel like they are getting a "cookie" and they look forward to getting their 6 treats a day.

It works, but my cats HATE it. by Chrissy from Philadelphia, PA10/28/2011

This stuff works (for upper resp virus), but my cats do NOT like the taste. One of them tolerates it but not well, but the other one squirms like I've never seen. He HATES this stuff! He will not lick it off his paw, he flings it across the room instead. He is a very well behaved cat, so this was a surprise. I get it in both of them, but not without squirting it directly down their throats- and not without a fight, everyday. I used to grind up Lysine tabs and mix it with wet food and they both LOVED that. This stuff is fish flavored (cod liver oil), so if your cats don't go absolutely nuts for fish, I don't recommend it. I am going to see if there is a poultry flavored version. It's a good product, but It gets two paws down for the taste. On the other hand, our pit bull mix LOVES the stuff and helps clean up the mess if the stuff ends up on the floor or wall :)

Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 300 mL by Josie from Plattsmouth, NE11/10/2011

This product is great for two of our cats. They both had heavy nasel congestion/stuffiness along with weepy eyes. A little dab in their canned food once a day keeps their symptoms at bay. Great product and inexpensive for their treatment.

by from 05/14/2013

I have a gorgeous British blue Cat who had an ocular ulcer.... I was advised by the vet that they could operate and abraid the eye for 5,000 dollars or I could go with Lysine paste in the hope he won't lose the eye.

, by His from EyeA


Enisyl-F Oral Paste not tasty enough for cats by Happykitty from SF Bay Area, CA10/04/2011

Enisyl-F Oral Paste is easy to dispense, but the majority of my cats won't have anything to do with it. Even if I put it on their paw, they won't lick it off. If I can't get the cats to eat it, it won't help their herpes. I would not recommend this product unless you have a cat that will eat anything!

Great product, great price by gonort from California05/10/2012

My Siamese/tiger tabby mix "Zoe" has eye herpes, my vet started her on Enisyl-F and she has been doing very well. I am so pleased to find the product at a reasonable cost(love the three pack). This product works!

what the doctor ordered by judie from Pennsylvania12/24/2012

This helps a weakened immune system by providing nutrients missing in our cat's diet

Combats frequent colds by cindi04/30/2013

It helps keep my cats coughing at a minimum. He was a shelter cat and may have an upper respiratory infection.

Very satisfied with purchase by Jingle from Ann Arbor, MI03/05/2013

I have been giving this to my cat for awhile. It really helps eliminate her sneezing and runny eyes. I had been purchasing it from my vet when I found it here. EntirelyPets has a MUCH better price and the product arrived in 3 days! Thank you

L-Lysine by Cat Girl from Hamilton Ont Canada12/31/2012

Our cat Alana has herpes and trying to get her to take the crystals in wet food was horrible! She hated the wet food never have been a wet food eater. This stuff is great she loves it and licks it off my fingers and it helps her big time!

by lp from Woodland, CA10/16/2011

We have 5 indoor cats. Two of them will eat this paste formula right up which makes it really easy to administer. The pump pushed 2 times means no measuring needed.

Wonderful by Baxter04/10/2013

Adopted a rescue kitten that was diagnosed with herpes virus. After two flare-ups and treatment from vet he recommended trying lysine. Have been giving Enisyl-F paste for the past two and half years with great success. Controls the virus. Must taste great. I simply put in a dish each a.m. and he licks it up. Very easy to administer. No wrestling with him to get a pill down him.

Oral Paste with L-Lysine in it! by Cat Girl from Hamilton Ontario Canada08/06/2012

I love this stuff it helps my cat Alana big time I was using powder L-Lysine in her canned cat food but she hate wet food and it was so hard to get 1 teaspoon of wet in her 2 times a day. She loves this stuff it does not stress me out trying to give it to her or nor does it stress her out either! Buying it from this site is way better then the Vets office here in Canada they charge more than double what your charging even with your shipping charge it is cheaper to buy it from your site. Thanks Carol

Good Product; Cheaper than going to a vet! by jake17368 from PA07/28/2012

See above... Duh! Upon trying to send this review I am told 'your review text is too short', so . . . my review text was too short; my review text was too short; my review text was too short; my review text was too short; my review text was too short; my review text was too short; filler, filler, filler text.....

Great Website! by Punkin Seed02/04/2013

Awesome website. Good deal. Fast shipping. Thanks!

Excellent Price and Service by Guy from Baltimore, MD05/07/2013

I've been buying the Enisyl-F 3 pack from Entirely Pets for about a year now. From my research, they have the lowest price on this product (not to mention coupon codes always floating around). In addition to the price, the service I've received from Entirely Pets has always been outstanding. Although I always get Ground shipments, the product has always arrived super fast and way before the estimated delivery date. I would highly recommend!

cat meds by virginia01/13/2013

never received the package tried to call your 800 number a few times after long wait time sent to voicemail

Our cats LOVE it by rlanio10/22/2012

Our cats *LOVE* this product. When it's time to give them some, just reaching for the container sets them to cat dancing.

wonderful product by Barb from Atlanta, GA10/25/2011

I have a 2 year old Maine Coon cat with an on going upper respiratory infection. Squinty eyes and sneezing. In the beginning we tried all sorts of antibiotics and eye medications. Then I went to different specialists, optomologist, internal medicine. Nothing anyone did for him seemed to help. My vet suggested that I try lysine since she felt that it was caused by the herpes virus. I tried the powder and he just wouldn't eat his food. Then I tried the treats, he didn't like that either. Finally I got the gel and it has really made a difference. He gets it twice daily and is doing so much better.

Beat My Vet's Prices by kittyfre4k from Dallas, Texas10/20/2011

Highly reccomend this website and ALL products...My vet was charging me 3 times as much. Very HAPPY with both purchases from this website. Great Prices, Great Quality. Received in two days. Extremely HAPPY and will most definately shop here first! Thank You Entirelypets.com

by Barb from Lilburn, GA04/24/2012

For two years my cat has suffered with upper respiratory symptoms. My vet has tried everything to clear it up including many different antibiotics. Nothing seemed to work. she had recommended lysine for his symptoms and I have been using it ever since. He is not totally symptom free but is so much better. I'm so glad we tried it!

Brand Name Product - Well Priced by Foster Mom03/19/2013

I frequently have foster kittens who need this nutritional supplement to give them the boost they need to be healthy and adoptable. I also have a cat of my own who needs this on a daily basis for a problem he has. It's easy to order from EntirelyPets and a much better price than the vet charges.

Keeps my cat healthy by ptsuthers from Lisbon Falls, ME10/30/2011

Enisyl-F keeps my cat healthy. He has a weakened immune system and tends to have chronic respiratory problems, but this really seems to help. I haven't had to put him on amoxicillin since I've started using Enisyl-F. Plus he loves it. I put it on a spoon and when he hears me tap the spoon on the table, he comes running. The pump bottle is easy to use also ans it squirts out just the right amount.

Enisyl is a great product - buy from Entirely Pets by Fubarahh from Hackensack, NJ12/12/2011

Out sweet kitty, Smokey, has Feline herpes and our vet started us on Enisyl-F to control the outbreaks (eye/upper respiratory infections). It works, thank goodness! But, it was pretty expensive from our vet, and we looked for another source. I was thrilled to find it here, and in a 3 pack, no less. Very convenient for us, and way less expensive than the vet. Same great product, quickly delivered to our home, and at a great price. I highly recommend buying this here.

Enisyl-F by tahtanka12/04/2012

My cat takes this every day and can be quite expensive from my vet. Thanks for having it available for purchase.

Great product by A.T10/22/2012

I get to know this product through friend recommendation. And found this product is very easy to apply to my cats they love the taste. one of my cat eye use to have dischange but is gone after taking it for few week.Not sure is it due to this prodcut but I will continue to give to all my cats.

Enisyl paste by Mragayheart05/21/2013

My cat loves the taste. It is very palaptiable for cats.

Extremely Helpful Purchase by Charl from Boxford, MA02/24/2013

Both of our cats have had conjunctivitis in the past, and we give them Enisyl-F on top of their moist food daily. This product so far has prevented a reoccurence. I certainly do recommend it. The price at Entirely Pets is less than what we would pay at the Vet's Office.

Keeps Herpes at Bay by Sane Cat Woman from Northfield, MN05/30/2012

Our vet recommended Enisyl-F Oral Paste for our Tiny Tim who came to us as an 8-week-old, half-starved, deathly ill barn kitten, abandoned by his mother. Timmy had a severe upper respiratory infection and his eyes were so crusty they were glued shut. After some intensive care, several courses of antibiotics, lots of food and even more love, Timmy began to thrive but his eyes continued to drain. Another trip to the vet revealed the bad news that herpes was the underlying cause of Tim's respiratory and eye infections - viral herpes that never really goes away. The vet recommended we dose Timmy with Enisyl-F twice a day to boost his immune system and suppress the herpes. Enisyl-F comes in a pump can. We simply squirt the Enisyl-F right on top of his canned food. It's tuna-flavored and Tim LOVES it! He eats the Enisyl-F first and seems to look forward to it. We are happy to report that Timmy is now a happy, healthy 5-year-old live wire who only has to see the vet for his annual check-ups and vaccinations because the Enisyl-F has done such a good job at keeping the Herpes at bay. His eyes still weep a little but it's nothing a daily damp tissue can't handle, and he hasn't had any respiratory issues since he was tiny. Enisyl-F is not an expensive product and, when you think about all of the vet visits it has prevented, it has been very cheap insurance. And keeping our boy healthy? Priceless!

Product Works and Cats Love It! by Elise from Howell, NJ01/28/2013

Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats is a fantastic product. First, my cat(s) love it and even eat it out of the can, which is hilarious. Second, the reason I give this to my cat is because he has the herpes virus in his eye. When he was a kitten, his eye was a mess. The vet told me to give him lysine 2x day, and this works like a charm. With daily usage, his eye went from always being "goopy and runny" to almost looking as clear as his other eye. His eye has been good for so long that I forgot what it looked like before until I look at older pictures. Definitely a good value for the $$. You won't waste a drop and your cat will love it.

Great Product by Cat Carer01/16/2012

Enisyl-F Oral Paste is a great solution to the issues with feline viruses. Product works quickly and efficiently. Some cats lick it from finger others like it mixed into food.

Good purchase by Jan from Australia02/09/2013

Very happy with product and service. Arrived in a short time and was well packed.

Featured Reviews for 6 Packs Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 600 mL
Great source for pet supplies, medications by Ron from Fountain Hills, AZ08/07/2012

I ordered a 6 Pack of Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 600 mL. Price was competitive, delivery was very prompt and follow up superb. I will continue to order from EntirelyPets.

Amazing results by Peter from New Port Richey Fl07/18/2012

I have an aids kitty that is always drooling with bad breath. This product over a month period has made the problem almost disapear.

we love it by carmen cakes from Fremont, Michigan12/13/2012

this product works better than any others we have tried. And best of all the cats love the taste.

Efficient service by schmee's mom from Washington, DC10/19/2011

I order Enisyl-F on a regular basis for my kitty, and my order arrived quickly and in good condition.

Enishy-F Oral Paste for cats by Sara from MI03/29/2012

Easy to dispense. Cat likes flavor and laps it up. Excellent way to administer lisene according to the vet's orders.

6 Packs Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 600 mL by Giovanni from Chester Springs ,Pa06/19/2013

Great price and fast Shipping.I will definitely Buy from Entirely Pets Again!!

by from 05/27/2013

Seems to have helped 2 cats with chronic eye drainage. It is subjective but it seems to have decreased in frequency and amount.

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Has been very effective by Jodi05/07/2013

This has worked very well with my elderly rescue cats, 2 of whom have feline herpes. I have used this daily for about 2 years now and believe it has helped cut down on trips to the vet. First recommended by my vet, but a much better price through you.

Great product and amazing value by Gingernutta from New Beith, Australia05/14/2013

I used to buy the human pills and crush them. This product is normally over $50 each in Australia and this bulk pack gave an excellent value to an already worthwhile product. Pre-measured and palatable. Some of my cats will even just lick the paste. Well done Entirely Pets, this was my first order with you and I have already ordered my second lot of products from you.

by Sue02/01/2012

Delivered in a very timely manner and met my expectations.

by Sue05/29/2012

Really helps my cat by keeping her herpes under control.

Great product. Great price. by Jo07/17/2012

Enisyl F, recommended by my vet and first purchased at the vet office, has helped keep the symptoms of feline herpes to a minimum for my cat. And on line multi-pack purchasing has cut the price about 40%.

Good product, great service by angela from Michigan03/24/2013

Everything I've ever ordered from Entirely Pets has been on time and in great condition. I have 2 cats that have eye conditions and this was a product recommended by my vet - not something easy to find though. I was happy to find it here and we use it daily. The cats like the taste and I like the ease of ordering through Entirely Pets.

Really Works! by Angie E from North Dakota05/27/2013

Jorge, our 3-year-old, mixed breed cat, came to us as a stray a couple years ago. He had a runny nose and watery eyes. We took him to our vet, who checked him over and gave him vaccinations. The doctor said he had a chronic upper respiratory viral infection known as "Rhinotracheitis". (Herpes) Doctor recommended Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats. It doesn't cure it, but one dose a day mixed in soft food keeps his symptoms to a minimum. One dose in the am and one in the pm would probably help more. We often have flare ups in spring and fall, but 1 dose a day helps a lot!

An Extra Treat by freehawk from Phoenix, AZ05/29/2012

I have a little guy who has a bad case of feline viral herpes. This stuff is an answer to a prayer and gives him a fighting chance to have a good life. He thinks it's a treat and comes running the moment he hears the lid pop. I wish all medicine was this easy to give and worked so well!!!!

by from 04/18/2011

I have a rescue cat that came to us with feline herpes.

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Very good product by Latka B from Los Angeles04/15/2013

My cat has the feline version of HIV and this product was recommended to be by a vet after my cat became very sick. He gets the paste twice a day on top of treats. He loves the paste (I know because he looks for it on the treats). He has not been sick once since he started eating it. I can't tell you for sure that it was a cure all, but I know he is thriving, so there is no way I would stop giving it to him. By the way, Entirely Pets has the best price anywhere for this product so thank you to them!

Wow! by Sawbones from Middleton, WI11/04/2012

Our feline,Danny, has been dancing to rock and roll music on the stereo and performing backward flips ever since we started giving him Ensyl-F. Thank you so much.

Best product for kitties immune system! by Grannybrenda11/07/2012

I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Enisyl-F oral paste for cats. Our cats all love it and it is so good for their immune systems! The order was complete and arrived quickly!

Love it by jmr2 from San Diego, CA01/20/2013

This L-lysine is so easy. I have cats that will eat it off my finger. If not, squirt it into a syringe and feed it that way. Nozzle fits right in most 1 Ml syringes.

My cat needs this by cag from Plymouth, MA05/01/2013

This product has made a huge difference in the health of my beloved cat. He had feline herpes as a kitten before I got him. We had many infections requiring vet visits and antibiotics before I began daily use of the Enisyl-F. Now his watery eyes and nose are in much better shape and no infections. He is a terribly fussy eater so he has to be given this orally by syringe. My son's cat loves it (he has somewhat the same health problem) and eats it off a spoon.

Enisyl-F works! by Franz's mom from Fairfax, Virginia02/19/2013

Our cat, Franz,(10 years old) had a bad episode of Herpes in his mouth at about age 6, and wouldn't eat due to the blisters or pain from swallowing. We had him in the hospital until the symptoms subsided, and ever since, we have given him the Enisyl-F in his food twice a day, and he has never had a relapse since then. It really seems to do the trick. Very convenient to order online and competitive pricing in the 6 pack!

Great purchase by love cats10/30/2012

I received the product within 1 week..very fast service. This is a great product if your cat has upper respiratory virus. It stopped my cat's runny nose after a week of giving 4 pumps per day. It takes time to kick in so be patient. My cat has a pretty sever flare up right now so I am going to have to take him to the vet this time but it works well when the flare up is not severe. The only reason I took off 1 star is because it doesn't work so well with severe flare ups.

Enisyl-F Paste saves the day, every day! by Kali's Mom11/15/2011

We have a rescue cat named Kali. When we first got her, we took her to our vet and he prescribed Enisyl-F for her at $30.00 a tube! I paid it for a while until I did a search on line and found the same product available at EntirelyPets for much much less! I order it in large quantities at a time which saves even more. More importantly, it really works to help us keep Kali's feline herpes under control. We throw in some of the Enisyl-F treats for her every day too, she loves to chase them and gobble them down. I never have a problem getting her to take her medicine, and we are very very happy that our kitty stays healthy with the Enisyl-F products.

Best Med for feline herpes at a much better Price! by Kali's Mom04/10/2013

My cat Kali is a rescue cat. When I got her, my vet told me she had feline herpes, and would need constant medication to maintain her health. The vet prescribed Enisyl-F Oral Paste and I was paying $30.00 per tube at his clinic! I found Entirely Pets on line and they have the same medicines that my Vet prescribed at a considerable savings! Thanks to Entirely Pets, I can better afford to take proper care of my sweet kitties' problems and keep her herpes under control so that she can live a normal and happy life.

by Sue from Fort Wayne, IN10/23/2012

Product was delivered quickly. It definitely helps my cat with her breathing issues.

by from 05/17/2013

an easy way to medicate by justy from PA10/27/2011

Getting the correct dose in my cat is crucial. The pump makes it accurate and easy. I used to try to add lysine capsules to vitamin paste, but it required so much to mix the powder, my cat would never finish it all. These are portable, clean and best of all, my cat thinks it's a treat!

by Kimmie11/15/2012

This is a great medication for cats with herpes virus.

by from 01/16/2013

Since my cat is older, i have to give him lysine to help his immune system. He gets a few pumps a day to keep his upper respiratory in check. And its so much cheaper then at the vets office or amazon. Thanks again.

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Featured Reviews for Feline L-lysine Syringe - 32.5 mL
lysine syringe by katlady from Fairless Hills,Pa10/28/2011

Easy to administer for indoor pets.Great for preventive care.

Works Wonders! by Jesslan01/18/2008

My cats have been on Lysine for a well over a year now. They no longer get Upper Respiratory Infections as long as they're taking it! The minute I run out and don't have a chance to get some for a few days they start sneezing or coughing again and get sick. It's a real saver if you've got four cats and do everything you can to try to keep them from becoming ill and having to go to the veterinarian!

Duralactin syringe by Kathy MacMaster08/23/2008

My cat does really good with this product. It is easy to use and she has no recurring bouts of the herpes virus for several months now. I tried the canister that is available, but it was difficult to use. I highly recommend this product.

by Ocicat05/30/2012

Product arrived quickly and not expired. Always worry about that.

My cat loves this stuff! by Tara01/25/2012

This makes it a lot easier to get l-lysine into my cat... he really likes the taste of it.

by Vicki from Texas06/05/2013

My 16 1/2 year old kitty loves this and it keeps her healthy.

great product by catmomma11/04/2012

This product is great. It arrived promptly and best of all....it truly has helped my 9-year-old cat Camper. Thanks!!!! Will be ordering again.

by Del11/06/2012

Product recommended to us by our Vet. Seems to work very well, and we have used this for several years now to control this incurable virus.

Works great for my "Miss Millie" cat by Mamarama01/02/2013

Miss Millie has BAD peridontal issues and has a hard time with her food. Our vet recommended L-Lysine for her. Problem is that the pills are the size of Miss Millie,& there's no way to crush them without making a mess, so we decided to try this product. Millie actually waits, mewing to take her meds!! It so far is working great. Thank you!!

by Trish05/28/2013

While visiting friends one day, I noticed that their two cats were ill with respiratory issues. I questioned whether they had been diagnosed with feline herpes since their illness seemed to relate to the symptoms caused by this devastating virus. Their cats were seen by the friends' vet, but it was too late for one of their two, so he eventually had to be euthanized after an attempt of saving him with antibiotics failed. I suggested to them that they immediately start their other cat on Duralactin. They wanted the paste type that could be applied to one of her paws for her to lick off, so I told them I knew of a great website where I could obtain this product for them. Their second cat has been healthy to this day, so I continue to order this product from Entirely Pets for her. It is such a convenience to qualify for free shipping and have it right at your door within a few days' time.

Great Product by Joey from Baltimore, MD05/29/2012

My vet advised this product for my cat's respiratory & sinus issues. This product is amazing. My cat comes running & licks the gel off my fingers like it is candy. Also the price that Entirely Pets charges is great, so I am able to afford it. I have 4 cats, so I'm always looking for the best values. The biggest plus though is that my cat is no longer sneezing or coughing.

good product by patchymoma from KY07/24/2012

This was recommended by my vet for my cat with IBS. It has made a significant difference after using just a few days and my cat likes the taste and it's not difficult to give her. I found this on entirely pets website for a lot less than what I paid at the vet's.

Featured Reviews for Pure Lysine (4 lb)
Best Bang for the Buck by Maggie Z11/07/2012

Best price I have found for Lyzine. Plus the flat rate shipping is awesome!

Product as expected by Dogrunner02/02/2012

Ordered Pure Lysine due to a hoof issue. Vita flex has always made good products. Only issue I had was the length of time it took for product to arrive

Lysine by Wrightonranch from Washington11/20/2012

Very fast service and seems like a good price-thanks!

Excellant Product by cathy from Amelia, Ohio11/13/2011

I run a cattery and the cats absolutely love the taste. I don't use as much of the l-lysine for horses as I would of the cat l-lysine. Thats also a good thing less l-lysine but the same effects. The taste is apparently very appealling to the cats as they ate it like it was the best stuff around.

good product good price by Appy girl06/18/2012

I was pleased with the product and the speed in which it was delivered

Lysine Important for 56 Rescue Cats & Dog by Catsdughi from Havana, Florida12/19/2012

I have been buying Lysine for about 15 years now for my Rescue Cats & Dogs. I use it every day on their food. When I took in 15 kittens 2 years ago they came with FIP and the one thing the vet kept saying is make sure they have lots of Lysine. I kept telling her I buy it by the 4lb bucket and use it daily. We saved 13 of the 15 kittens. Yes I recommend it very highly. Laurie

Featured Reviews for L-Lysine for Cats | Vetoquinol | Viralys Powder 100 grams | Viralys
Excellent product by MASScat from Bolton, MA10/28/2011

Viralys is a great product for cats needing an immune system boost. Lysine is a known immune system booster, and unlike the capsules purchased at health food stores, Viralys is very palatable, even to picky cats.

Affordable, easy order by disolet02/22/2013

My vet recommended L-Lysine for my cat and their price was sky high. I went online to search and found another company that sold it. The other company had complicated and expensive shipping charges. I did some more searching and up popped Entirely Pets. The ordering interface was easy and the shipping charge was affordable and easy to understand. My order was shipped quickly and delivered before I knew it. Great company and great prices. Thanks!

VERY PLEASED by DON from buffalo, ny02/04/2013

This was my first order through entirely pets and I was extremely pleased. I was able to order the same medication my local vet sold me. The best part was entirely pets was literally half the price of my vet for the same exact medication. I will definitely be back.

Viralys by kwlriley01/23/2013

This product does more for my 14 year old cat's eye infections than any prescription medication ever did.

slow processing by rip off03/09/2011

i ordered two products on the 6th of this month, the L-lysine powder and L-lysine treats for cats. i used the priority mail option expecting the items to be here by the 9th, well its the 9th and its not here. so i called and after waiting on hold for over 15mins. i was told it wasnt processed until yesterday (the 8th) remember i ordered it on the 6th they told me it was scheduled to arrive on the 11th SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF PRIORITY MAIL! i recommend to buying your products locally if possible, i feel like i've been ripped off by ENTIRELY PETS.COM!!!!

by Mom22boys11/19/2012

I adopted 2 brothers from a shelter. They had a severe upper respiratory infection. We were going to take them back, but my daughter suggested the Lysine & told us to take them to the Vet. The Vet also recommended the Lysine. Well, the Lysine helped! They are happy & healthy. We put a little powder on their food daily and they gobble it up. I'm so happy we listened to our daughter!!

by Katzhse from Tucson, Az11/24/2012

I find this so much better to deal with than crushing tablets.

Very Satsified by Maxwell11/01/2011

Quick response with shipping and tracking. Received as noted very rapidly.

They like it by Lisa from Alexandria, VA10/23/2012

At first I was a bit skeptical on what people had said about this product. It surely is easier than the gooey gunk and the chew treats. The amount I have to use is so little. It comes with a small scoop...really it's about 1/8 a teaspoon size that I sprinkle and mix into the wet food. My cats don't notice it's there and they eat it. No more forcing anything into their mouths anymore. I highly recommend this product. L-Lysine is an important supplement for my cats and it is found in very little amounts in very select cat foods. This solves the problem and it is no problem giving it to my cats.

A Must for FHV Kitties by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

It is possible to see results in a few days with this lysine product from Vetoquinol. It is affordable and easily mixed with food or milk. Does not require refrigeration. I like the gel too, but the powder lasts longer. It's wonderful to see the discharge from the eyes and nose disappear and a relief to know the cat is breathing easier.

Great Product by am from Portland, OR06/16/2013

My cat is FIV+ so this supplement is very important for him. I originally got this from the vet. One jar lasts for at least 5 months. But when I wanted to get more, I was told I'd have to wait for the vet to give me approval. I waited, then found the exact product here (for a little less $$). Thank you!

Viralys (L-Lysine Powder) by teb from Alabama11/07/2012

This product was Veterinarian recommended for my cat, who has herpetic infection of the eyes. The veterinary community seems somewhat divided on the efficacy of L-Lysine in treating herpes disease. The theory is that L-Lysine blocks production of a protein critical for the herpes virus to reproduce. The evidence for this is mostly anecdotal, and minimal, with no large controlled clinical trials. I cannot tell if it is effective or not. Entirely Pets has been a reliable source of this product for me.

Veloquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) by Cissy from Brigeton, New Jersey07/17/2012

I enjoy shopping Entirely Pets, I can find most anything I'm looking for at a reasonable price!

Eye Problems? by Pittypat from Reno NV12/16/2012

If your cat has runny eyes, the Vet highly recommended this. Works well and my cat is healthy and 12 yrs. old.

by Kathy10/23/2012

I have 2 cats who have both had an upper respiratory infection. I have been puting this on their food daily in hopes of keeping them healthy. So far so good!

Seamless intake of Lysine by sky_HALud from San Jose, CA10/22/2012

Our above-average cat population happily eats the powder when mixed into their wet food (a mix or raw and canned).

by candy02/18/2013

have been using the tube jelly.. it was messy.. hard to measure.. this is great and no mess and the cat loves it

Better Price than Vet by JG-Bee05/31/2012

After purchasing my first container of this product from my vet, I checked online and found the exact same product at Entirely Pets for half the price.

by n/a01/01/2013

This is a must for the health of my kitty. He requires it twice daily for the rest of his life. It is good price compared to other stores.

Finally, a cure! by Kathy from Mt Crawford, VA01/02/2012

We had been struggling with two kittens having respiratory issues for two months. Once we starting putting the Viralys powder in their food we haven't heard any more sneezing or wheezing!

Excellent supplement for FIV+ cat by punkerdoo03/27/2010

I took in a stray with a severe upper respiratory illness. Found out he was FIV+, and I wasn't able to get rid of the URI. After 2 1/2 months on various antibiotics and relapsing within a week of finishing each antibiotic, on vet's advice I added Viralys 2x a day to his food, as we tried a 4th antibiotic. He's been off antibiotics for 3 weeks now and he's healthy, but I'm continuing the Viralys (and Oxstrin capsules) daily. So far, no relapse. Vet recommended continuing the Viralys for his lifetime. This seems to be doing the trick to support his immune system.

Very good product by Joan from Illinois07/09/2012

I have a cat with herpes of the eye. She responds well to Viralys and this keeps the eye condition under control. This is easy to use by simply adding it to her food.

cat family appetizer by cat house02/26/2013

Easy to give to our ferals to helps viral infections. Lysine was recommended by our vet to reduce eye and mouth reifections. Just sprinkle on wet or dry food and it easily disappears.

Great product! by Juliane from Frederick, MD10/04/2011

This started working for my cat within a week. It was very easy to order off the website and was delivered fast. Thank you!

L-Lysine for cats by Kat from Shoreline in CT05/16/2013

Great product, has helped control my rescue cat's herpes AND he tells me it tastes good! Will definitely reorder.

by alrud02/13/2012

My cats all have the Herpes virus and the Lysine helps keep it in check. They've been much healthier since I started them on it. They like the flavor, too, so I don't have to worry about trying to "hide" the powder in their food--I just sprinkle it on top and they eat it right up.

Viralis by Janie12/01/2012

Viralis is great for cat Rhino. It shortens the lenght of the «spells» and the intensity of the symptoms. Great product but I wouldn't get it from Entirely pets, the 2-3 day shipping I paid extra for took 10 days!!! No thanks!

by from 06/20/2012

This product is allowing my young female cat, who only a year ago was a foundling weighing only 3 pounds 10 ounces, to live a healthy happy life. When I got her she had upper respiratory problems - sneezing frequently and discharging from her nose. Needless to say, she couldn't hear well and had virtually no sense of smell due to all the congestion.

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Viralys Lysine by Boo10/23/2012

The best product. We sprinkle it on the food twice a day for both our kitties. They love it, the flavor is fine with them, and we feel it protects them and builds their immune system, so that virus is warded off. At Entirely Pets, this product is more than 1/2 off the price our Vet charges for the same size product.

Lysine for cats by Valerie04/17/2013

This product works great! I've used it for over a year with my cats and now my sister is using it for hers. HIGHLY recommend this product.

For herpes not just for Immune Deficiency by Roxy from Atlanta, GA05/10/2012

I was under the illusion that L-lysine was also for FIV+ cats and their Immune Deficiency. It is a supplement for cats with herpes. I will continue to use it for my one cat with a rare from of eye herpes.

Viralys by Leslie from Indianapolis, In06/12/2012

I've been caring for a cat that my neighbor claims is hers, but does nothing for him. I took him to my vet and he has FIV. I usually give him the Vetri-Lysine treats, but knew I would be going out of town. Since we've used the Viralys before, we put out a feeder with several days' doses mixed in. Kitty is doing fine and has no problem taking a full dose if it's mixed with tuna. But this powder form makes it easy for us to make sure he got a continual supply of the supplement while away. My (and Kitty's) only complaint is the smell. If it wasn't mixed with the tuna Kitty won't touch the dry food Viralys is sprinkled on, unless he has no other choice.

wonderful! by whiskerkisses from Detroit, MI05/03/2013

Works great for cats who have Herpes virus; runny, goopy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, fatigue etc. My kitty had what we thought was a bacterial eye infection which was treated with a couple of different antibiotics with no success. Turns out she has herpes virus (about half of all cats have herpes virus. Especially shelter kitties and feral cat colonies). My kitty will always have herpes, but as long as I give her L-Lysine it keeps her symptoms away by blocking the virus from replicating. This powderd version is great because it has a measuring spoon, my kitty likes the taste, and it's easy to add to food.

Great product, great price by moboto from Bellevue, WA03/04/2012

I add this to my cat's wet food twice a day to help control his herpes eye infection. Couldn't be any easier to use, and he either doesn't notice it's there or he doesn't mind the taste (if it even has any). It does a nice job helping to reduce his eye problem. Also, at Entirely Pets it's about 1/3 less the price than at my vet, and since he will need to be on this the rest of his life that adds up.

by from 11/06/2011

We have a cat the has feline herpes. The lysine reduces ocular problems cause in cats by feline herpes. It has really helped reduce the eye problems in our cat.

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Great product. by Geri04/26/2012

I take care of 30 to 35 stray cats. The lysine that I buy helps keep them healthy. The price is great since I need a large quanity. The service is so fast. I order one day and can get it the next. I have checked other sites and some don't even carry this product. Thank You so much for reasonable prices and fast delivery.

Great idea by jojo10/24/2011

My cat was rescued from a shelter and was sneezing frequently every day, but once I started giving her the lysine it went away almost completely. This powder is cheap and convenient and lasts a long time. She also loves the taste!

Helps Control Herpes Virus Flareups by Leesee10/30/2011

My male kitty has the herpes virus and when he is under any kind of stress, he will develop corneal ulcers. This product helps him heal faster when he has a flareup and I feel it even reduces the frequency and severity of the flareups when they do occur. I have a local compounding pharmacy mix the powder for me into a palatable liquid, which makes it super easy to administer, and to keep the dosing accurate. He takes it easily and happily, it does not upset his system (he also has IBD) and it helps him weather his herpes flareups. I happily recommend this product.

Works great for feline herpes by slatsyrc from Houston, TX12/12/2011

My cat has always had issues with feline herpes. He had the typical upper respiratory issues and weeping eyes. I had started him on the lysine gel at first, but he eventually grew tired of that. I mix this lysine powder in with his wet food daily and he has not had a flare-up since. I also give him the viralys treats daily, which he loves.

Lysine-the amino acid builder for cats by KATLADY from Levittown,Pa01/24/2013

this product is the one for feral cats. I have been using it for 2 years and have had no apparent viral symptoms in my 2 colonies

Super Solution by Burmese Fan06/25/2013

Two Burmese cats were having issues with dripping eyes and I was constantly wiping walls & floor to remove the ooze spots from them shaking their heads. The Vet suggested this for my cats. Once I figured out that I needed to be consistent in getting it into their system 2 times a day, the eye issues have all but disappeared. This is an EXCELLENT solution!

easy to use by chris moose01/29/2013

We feed feral and owned cats with the lysine to reduce viral infections and it has prevented recurrances of gum problems. Good stuff

lysine for cats by carrottopcat from san diego ca06/04/2013

I have been using this for about 3 weeks and it really seems to work my cats allergies are alot better then what they were.

Finally, something my cat will eat! by AJ from IL08/16/2012

I have most finicky eater, hates wet food, oily anything (even tuna in oil) and most treats, let alone anything supplement-y or medicine. She LOVES this on her food. Meows rudely when its not added, which is 2 out of her 3 mini feedings. Keeps her runny eye at bay, and when it does, its so minor, and only lasts a few days. Now make a powder omega 3,6,9 supplement in the exact flavor and texture! :)

Help for a common cat virus by FitChik05/30/2012

Unbeknownst to me (and every other cat lover I know), 90% of all cats carry a particular strain of herpes virus. A few, upon experiencing stress, show symptoms of this virus, most notably a choking or coughing when purring. This happened to one of my cats and the vet prescribed regular doses of L-lysine (Viralys), so after finishing the tub from the vet, I purchased 2 more from EntirelyPets. My order came quickly and the tubs were exactly what my vet had prescribed. I've been sprinking a scoop on each food bowl that my cats eat and the symptoms remain under contro;. I'm so grateful to have found this product online and, so, grateful to have discovered EntirelyPets!

Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (100 grams) by BillC from Shingle Springs, CA.08/20/2012

Does what it supposed to do. We've been giving this to our cat for years.Much easier to administer than the gel or pills. Just mix it in her cat food.

Recommended by doctor by Denise from San Diego, CA10/23/2012

This med is recommended by my vet and cost twice as much through them. Thanks for being less expensive but good quality.

by from 03/13/2012

Product helps our cat stay stress-free (as stress-free as a cat can be). This helps keep her feline herpes in check.

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No More Tears by Jillington from Kansas City03/12/2012

Viralys is an effective and easy to deliver product. We have used Viralys Powder since this kitten adopted us 5 years ago. I give her a couple spoons full of canned food with the powder mixed in daily and she is always eager for it. The reddish tearing of her right eye is well controlled and her energy level stays high. Purchasing this product on-line is not only easy, it is reliable and always available.

Helps with Feline Herpes Virus by hanksmom12/20/2011

Giving a daily maintenance dosage (sprinkle on food, moisten with water) really helps keep my cat's upper respiratory symptoms in check. When I notice a "flare-up" I increase his dosage, depending on severity, then cut back to maintenance when symptoms subside. Used in conjunction with antibiotics (when needed) really helps out his immune system.

by from 11/20/2012

I have been using Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder ever since my 2 cats were diagnosed with feline herpes by my veterinarian several years ago, who recommended that I use this product. This product helps considerably in controlling their sneezing & watery eyes problem.

"extremely" by fast from shippingEntirely


excellent product by mscan from fl03/05/2013

This product is great to build the immune system. My cat has herpes in her eye. This product keeps her immune system intact and prevents a herpes flair up. Also, I am so happy with all of my entirely pet purchases. Very timely and great prices.

quality product by sue05/08/2013

it's fast and effective within a few days my cats were better

by from 12/27/2011

My cats have the herpes virus (thanks to a shelter cat I brought home years ago). Before Viralys every other month someone was going to the vet for sniffles or eye discharge. Since starting Viralys 2 years ago I have only had to make one vet visit for breakthrough symptoms.

great by product!!!" from Helps keep symptoms under control!It


by from 05/10/2013

Entirely Pets sent out my cat's treatment med immediately. It is of high quality - Viralys/, i.e., and when taken as directed, it cleared up my cat's chronic herpes simplex symptoms after about a 6 weeks of use.

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by from 03/15/2012

When my Veterinarian recommended putting all my cats on L-Lysine, I purchased it locally in pill form and ground it by hand. That lasted a week and I went on line to find a better alternative.

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by Autumn02/19/2013

This product has really helped my cat. I am so please. I was pleased with EntirelyPets for their promp service. Thank You

Fastest Delivery/Great Product by twinkles from New York, NY03/31/2012

My cat was diagnosed with a URI and I was informed that L Lysine would help her to get rid of her cold faster. I was desperate, she was, as the vet said, spiraling out of control. After almost two weeks of medications she was still sick as a "dog" even though she is a cat. I researched where to buy L Lysine that was formulated for cats and I found it here at Entirely Pets. I ordered it late one Saturday afternoon and it arrived at my home on Monday. I was amazed and extremely thankful for the speedy delivery. I began giving my baby the L Lysine and within 36 hours there was an incredible improvement and she did not end up being hospitalized as the vet thought she would need to be. I cannot thank Entirely Pets enough!!

Great for a multi cat home by Charlie10/18/2011

This product was recommended by my cats veterinarian. I have a multi cat household with many special needs cats.

Recommended by my Vet! by Mel from Somerset, NJ01/30/2013

If your rescue cat has a mild form of herpies that is common for animals from a shelter (some discharge in the corners of the eye, like an allergy symptom) this product might help to reduce the symptom when given daily in food. Sammy has been on it for a year and I noticed improvement after a couple of weeks. He's not put off by the taste either! The price is half what it cost from the Vet's office, too! Ask your vet if it might work for your cat.

Excellent! by dew's mom05/13/2013

Wonderful product! I mix with a little wet food & all my cat's eat it up. Keeps my cat's eyes from tearing & keeps them healthy. I use this product every single day.

Finally my cat Ashley will take her vitamins! by Sheri from Elmwood Park, Illinois02/07/2013

I have two cats that suffer from the herpes virus. The L-lsyine supplements really help to reduce the flare ups. My cat Ivy, loves the L-lysine in treat form and gobbles them up. But my cat Ashley hates the treats and the gel form. I tried hiding it in all types of flavors of food and as much as she loves to eat, she won't eat her food when it's mixed with the supplements. I never thought to try the powder form because my vet said cats don't like it. Well, after spending hundreds of dollars at the vet for upper respiratory and eye infections, I was desperate. Bought the L-lysine powder and to my suprise, Ashley eats it mixed in her food like she has no idea that it's there. She actually eats like she enjoys it and I am happy that both my cats are healthy and happy. I wish I bought her the powder form a long time ago. Thank you for a great product!

Love this product by Em09/05/2009

I have tried other brands of lysine but this is the best by far. Me and my cats would be lost with out it.

L-Lysine for cats by Sandy from New York03/05/2013

Powder is easy to dispense and the cats do not seem to mind it on their food. I think it is helping them get over their sniffles.

by tdellison05/03/2013

Viralys Powder is very effective in managing the symptoms of upper respiratory infections.

Viralys works by Amber10/24/2009

Viralys is recommended as an aid in the treatment of Feline Herpes Virus and its associated respiratory and ocular symptoms. It has helped my 2 cats have a normal life and the weezing and sneezing has almost disapeared.

best value ever by peanut from Cape Coral, FL06/12/2013

My vet recommended L-Lysine for my cat. Unfortunately he wanted to charge me $ 56.00 for a 100 gram container. At Entirely Pets I payed less than $ 13.00 for the same size for the generic brand. I spread it over their dry food and they absolutely love it.

by from 05/12/2013

Controls viral outbreaks by Cheryl from New Mexico10/31/2012

Viralys (L-lysine amino acid compound) was recommended to me by our vet to control our cats' feline herpes outbreaks. I gave it 5 stars but for my cats it reduces but does not eliminate symptoms. For some cats I'm told it works very well, for others not at all. One dose a day is sufficient; I found no marked improvement with two doses. One dose is enough to stop large amounts of gunk accumulating around the cats' eyes, and reduces associated redness.

Has Really Helped My Cat by CJ from Miami, Florida02/08/2013

My vet recommended the L-lysine for my cat, and I chose the Vetoquinol, because I have been very pleased with another of their products. Glad I bought this. My vet thinks she has some type of herpes virus, and the L-lysine has really diminished her sneezing and runny eyes. She also loves it....will eat it right out of the container!

Easy to order by skyketch from Austin, TX06/18/2013

Great product I use to buy from the vet. Now I can buy it on-line.

Great product by Lisa03/12/2009

I wouldn't live without this product for my two cats who are prone to upper respiratory issues. This keeps everything under control and helps them breath better! I love it and keep it on hand constantly.

Great Product by mingmei from Humble, Texas03/12/2013

Viralys is a great product for all cats and kittens. The supplement reduces symptoms brought on by the herpes virus. I add Viralys to all my cats food in addition to the gel form I use daily.

Lysine for stomatitis & AIDS by Kathleen05/17/2008

This is an excellent supplement for cats with feline AIDS & stomatitis! Add it to each meal & within a few weeks you will see respiratory problems lessen in severity & reduces pain in the mouth.

Lysine by Sue02/04/2013

I am very happy with this product. My vet even recommended that I use this product on a daily basis to boost my cats immune system. I have noticed a great improvement in my cats since I started using it.

Viralys Lysine - Good Product by BillC from Shingle Springs, CA02/20/2013

Our cat has feline herpes and getting stresses is not good for her. Lysine does a good job of keeping her relaxed and as stress-free as a cat can be.....

Lysine Powder to boost immune support by JamaicaRose from Riverside, CA12/06/2011

I have recently adopted two half grown kittens who both have upper respiratory infection (a condition they may have for the rest of their lives). My vet recommended this powder to help boost their immune strength. I have not given the powder for very long yet, so cannot really attest to it's health giving abilities, but I can say the order came very quickly in the mail. The container comes with a small scoop - making it very handy to measure and add this powder to the cat food.

They actually enjoy the taste! by LRLeopards from Pensacola, FL11/03/2011

Supplementing is so hard to do with picky taste buds, like those of my Savannahs. I supplement with L. Lysine for its allergen reducing effects and I had tried a few different L. Lysine products before finding a winner in this one. First thing you'll notice with this product is a somewhat strong aroma like flake fish food (or at least that’s what my nose associates the smell with!) and my cats go crazy for it. They've been known to hop up on the counter after I put the supplement into their bowls and lap at the powder. I mix it in with their soft food twice a day and it's a breeze to get them to eat it. Great product! Highly recommended!

good price for what my vet recommends by AnneMack04/26/2012

Ii is great to pay half as much for the exact same anti-viral supplement that my cat needs.

Great product by Kruss from Denver, CO11/07/2012

My 10 yr old male Siamese has feline herpes. I give him this product every day to reduce his sneezing and conjunctivitis. He loves the taste. The price here is about half of what the vet charges for the same product. Entirely Pets ships promptly, too.

Approved by the most picky cat ever! by mrsMo from IL04/17/2013

My 7y/o tortie will not touch any treats except greenies, and will not even try any sort of gravy, oil, chew, paste, gel, tabs or powder supplements for anything. She LOVES Viralys on her dry food. I was shocked, and i have noticed a slight difference in her eyes, she has persistant "runny eyes" and this was suggested by a cat rescue, and okay'd by our vet. I would say its worth a try, and EntirelyPets has the best price, and is a reputable source for those who are concerned about getting counterfit products online.

Keeps the URI in Checki by mrzmaz from Peabody, MA01/29/2012

Our cat has "battled" his URI issues since we adopted him in 2004. L-Lysine helps to keep his flare-ups in check and to a minimum. Thank you!

The best product ever! by julie from Waconia,MN11/23/2011

My 10 year kiitty Kwinn began having a lot of eye problems this year and was diagnosed with the herpes virus.I spent hundred of dollars on vet visits and some expensive meds and his eye was getting worse.My vet said to try Lysine,so I went online and found this great product,and within days his eye looked much better and now is completely normal!!! Apparently it even tastes good,because the first day he started eating it before I even mixed it with his canned food! Thanks from Kwinn.You have a customer for life.

finally a lysine product my cat will eat by deb from wake forest, nc10/20/2011

well i am so glad zooby ate the food with the lysine on it. i returned Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews because my cat would not eat them in any way, shape or form. i bought the lysine capsule for humans and sprinkled on food, no way he would eat that either. we used to mix up the capsules in water and syringe the liquid mixture into his mouth, but that was too hard. it worked but too hard. so now i feel confident zooby will get better with his herpes outbreaks. thanks!

It works! by BettyD from Bronx, NY04/06/2013

I administered this product to two feral cats with serious upper respiratory ailments. After a month of adding Viraylis to their wet food, they no longer have symptoms. Very happy that I found something to help these homeless cats who do not allow themselves to be handled despite years of feeding. In fact, I am now adding it to my own cats' food as a preventative.

Really great product! by Annette from Liberty, Missouri08/09/2012

I've used this for about 5 years and it really does work very well; I sprinkle it into their dry food once a day. When a couple of my cats had a cold, this really helped relieve their symptoms and with them on it daily, it seems to keep any sniffles away.

Great price! by Daisy07/23/2012

Since I have a cat who needs to be on Lysine the rest of her life, the price is great!

by from 04/08/2013

L-lysine is crucial for feral cat eye health and immune system support. Many sites do not carry this product and I am happy to have found it here. It is tasty so is easy to spread on dry and wet food or even in water. For domestic cats it is a benefit also, but those in rescue rely on this product for help with feral colonies.

be by beat from either."The


Viralysis by gerryb from NJ/FL04/23/2012

This has kept my cat's problem in check since she was a kitten. Our vet says it's doing it's job. Two scoops in her food daily, and she easily gets her meds.

Great product by A.T10/22/2012

I bought the Enisyl-F Oral Paste and this powder, mix the power in the wet food. most of my cats enjoy it , they love the taste.

by tinytribble101/30/2012

I use this in conjunction with the gel. It gets sprinkled over the dry food. It works great for their respiratory issues!!

Big improvement in days! by Holly from San Francisco Bay Area01/26/2013

My 10 yr old cat contracted a upper resp virus years ago - it had really started to bother him, runny eyes, sneezing, low energy. I ordered L-Lysine for Cats and within a week there was marked improvement. His symptoms haven't totally gone away, but I would say 80% of them have. He has much more energy, and is a happier cat. The cost was half of what the vet would have charged me + the exam and whatever tests.

Seems to do the trick by PetsRule01/23/2013

Cats eat their food with no finicky behavior. Their eyes seem brighter. My mom and 2sons are troubled with runny eyes and this has improved this chronic problem. Have hope with continued use this condition just continues to improve.

medicine by wendy from east Bay , north Cal.03/20/2013

I dilute it & shot it in her mouth w/ a syringe. she is ok w/ that....... and then a little butter. she is getting better, her eyes look much better, no more weeping.

Earlier than expected by Ragdoll mom of 2 from Denvr, CO10/30/2012

Great price on the L- Lysine Powder! Ordering was a breeze. Much to my surprise, it arrived 2 days earlier than I expected and was in great shape!!! Thank you!!!

Part of kitty's daily diet by Zee07/05/2012

Lysine was recommended by our vet when we got our kitten 2 years ago. Kitty had herpes, and Vet said that she might kick it with luck and good care. She DID kick it, and we have been supplementing with Viralys each day since on Vet's recommendation. It's easy to keep, mixes easily with food, has a handy scoop, stays granular and doesn't need refrigeration.

Works! by patty "D" from Reno NV06/05/2012

This product was recommended by the Vet, as my cat had an eye infection. I give her 2 scoops a day and no more runny or swelling eyes .

Works exceptionally well by jjpetlovr from California05/29/2012

I have tried many forms of L-Lysine to help with several different issues my cats have. From an inflamed eye to a chronically runny nose, L-Lysine helps to keep these two kitties feeling better. This particular product, Vetoquinol Viralys, is the form I have found that the cats like. I just mix it in some canned food and they eat it up. :-)

lysine by abbie from dublin,ohio01/12/2012

I received my l-lycine very quickly. my cats liked the flavor and the texture of the powder and ate it with no hesitation. much easier than plaiin l lysine

Won't be without it - great product by rallypoppers from Southeast Michigan02/23/2011

This a great product to help control feline herpes virus and I will continue to give it to my cat for the rest of his life, which I hope to be a long one. I give 1 scoop 2x day with his raw meat diet. I took my cat to the vet for a well kitty check-up and mentioned the cat sometimes had a cracked, dry nose and clear runny eyes. The vet had just received a jar of Viralys from a manufacturer's rep and gave it to me to try. That was 2 years ago and no more nose & eye problems. One jar lasts about 10 months, so the price is great too!

Viralys is the Best by Ms Boo11/30/2011

We began using this product with our tortise shell cat when she was a year old. She gets it twice a day with her food. She loves the flavor of it so much, that she licks it right out of her bowl before I have the chance to put her food into it. We began using Viralys, because when she was found, at 10 weeks of age, wandering lost, around someone's back yard, covered with mud, she apparently had picked up some parasitic issues in her little stomach and had an upper respiratory infection. We adopted her from a wonderful rescuer in Queens, and brought her home. I could see that her eyes were watering, red and discharging. The Vet put her on Viralys and now I purchase it at 1/2 the price from Entirely Pets. This product has totally controlled the upper respiratory problem, which is essentially a herpes infection. I will continue to use this knowing it is good for her and something she loves the taste of.

L-Lysine by fuzzysdad from Indiana06/02/2013

Great stuff works well.It is clearing up my cats repository problem

Featured Reviews for Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams)
Great Value and Quick Processing by Misa400 from Waltham, MA01/18/2012

Received the product very quickly and purchased 6 times as much as we were getting from our veterinarian for a fraction of the price.

great product by CRElayne from Cedar Rapids, IA10/22/2012

My cats love this product so much that I must replace the lid immediately or they will start eating it straight from the container. I mix it with their soft food. I appreciate the large size since I'm giving this to over 20 cats daily. It has done wonders to help my cats with herpes complex. Will continue to buy.

Have used this product for years by Em from Wisconsin04/18/2013

I am very happy with this product. Have used it for a long time on the advice of my vet. Used to get it from the vet but it is much less expensive to buy it through Entirely Pets. What I am not happy with, is the way it was mailed to me. The Viralys was sent with 3 bottles of liquid Feliway in a soft envelope. The cover had come off the Viralys and was all over in the Feliway cartons. I wrote to Entirely Pets to tell them about it and they never responded.

by from 07/28/2012

EntirelyPets.com had the best price, and this was a great size. When I received it, the lid was not screwed on, and at least half of the product had spilled into, and out of, the box it was packed it. The post office had to put the whole box in a plastic bag to contain it. And the toys were caked in the powder.

they by sent from aI


buying by Viralys from -I


good stuff by Frau CatLady from new jersey01/23/2013

this powder appears be keeping my ferals healthy and the sniffles and sneezing away. Got the large size and sprinkle it over their communal food bowls and away the go...

Good value by Spike04/05/2012

We have used Viralys for a couple years. Although the mechanism is unknown, it is reported to prevent the re-emergence of herpes virus in cats. So far, our cat has not had another bout with herpes, but that doesn’t prove efficacy because we don't know what would have happened had we not used the Viralys. Anyway, all of our previous purchases have been from our vet. I wish I had known sooner that Viralys is available from EntirelyPets; the price here is about $6/100 gm less. Thus, my rating is based principally on the price.

good stuff to keep my cats immune system up by motormag913 from detroit, mi12/18/2012

I sprinkle this in their canned food. It is flavorless. I'm a believer in this product. Although some don't think it is good for anything.

Excellent product by kittyrescuer02/07/2012

This is great just for kitty's health in general and particularly good for upper respiratory recovery, help to prevent URI, herpes virus, to name a few things.

Vet Approved by Woodstock10/26/2011

I've been using this product since my 3 cats were kittens based on my vets recommendation. I'm so glad I can purchase this at a reduced price from Entirely Pets because it does work.

by Abby & Linus12/11/2012

Great value, great price. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

by andy02/12/2013

cats do not even notice it on their food. Must not have any taste.

L-Lysine Powder by Emma from Hampton, VA06/16/2012

We use L-Lysine at our cat shelter twice a day. Shelters can be stressful on cats and this product helps reduce eye infections by binding with the herpes virus before the cat gets sick.

Ok by Lisalisa07/23/2012

This lysine helps the kitties, but they do not like it any better than the plain granules I used before and the tuna smell is overwhelming.

Packaging for Viralys powder by Connie04/11/2013

The product is great but packaging is terrible This is the second time since I have been ordering from you that the container is open and the powder spilled out into the shipping envelope. Makes me think I should buy from another vendor because now I have to go to the trouble of sending the damaged product back This is very inconvenient for me

Essential for ongoing health by FNR cat rescue from Northern VA03/26/2012

We use this product in our multiple cat foster homes to help their immune systems from weakening. Having multiple cats in a foster home/shelter exposes cats to many viruses and we try to cut down the possibility of their immune systems taking on an opportunistic viral infection. We simply sprinkle it on their portion of wet food and if they like the wet food to begin with, they will eat it with the Lysine added. I actually volunteered at our local shelter and they do the same. It is ongoing with us.

The Best by CRElayne from Cedar Rapids, IA02/06/2013

My cats love this product. I mix it with their soft food but they will eat it straight out of the jar if I let them. I have several cats with Herpes Complex and they no longer show symptoms since I starting using L-Lysine.

great product, poorly shipped by cat-herder04/16/2013

The cat doctors I take my cats to recommend Viralys to prevent feline herpes, so I use it every outdoor season. However, when I opened the USPS bag which showed up in my mailbox, the lid was off the jar and the bag was full of the powder! I poured the powder back into the jar and considered discarding it, but one of my tabbies jumped onto the counter and licked up the powder, indicating it had her approval.

by RKP from Tucson11/21/2012

Vet recommended to us and it is much cheaper at Entirely Pets. Thanks

Lysine by forkats101/26/2013

I have ordered this product before. It always comes quickly and is what I ordered.



Best Product for Our Kitties by Joey from Los Angeles,CA05/29/2013

Started using this product when one of our kitties became ill with an upper respiratory infection. Decided to included it in all of our kitties food and keep the "team"healthy. Also used it for my youngest baby when he became sick, had to stay at the veterinary hospital and ended up with a terrible URI. he has been cured of his URI and is back to being himself.

Easy to use by cat woman from Northglenn, Co06/19/2012

This product is new to me, but appreciated the reviews. Lysine is an important supplement for cats and will be so easy to add to my homemade raw diet! Have only used the product a short time but I'm confident it will do it's job!

Excellent Product & Price by Chloes Momma from NJ03/20/2012

Works great as a supplement to combat feline herpes... I've been using it for years with my two cats. You can really see what a difference it makes when you run out and don't have it.. this size is a great value and makes running out next to impossible. Much cheaper than the vet's lysine paste products!

Great product by Di12/09/2011

I use this to supplement my multiple cats' food to cut down/reduce the number of herpes-related infections they get... from what had been frequent eye infections, I'm now only seeing the infections rarely, and they seem to clear on their own quickly...

Best for cats who have Herpes symptoms by cat lover 1959 from Ohio10/24/2012

On the advice of my vet, I give this Lysine supplement , mixed with a small amt of water,per syringe, to each of my cats who have the sneezing & runny eyes of a Herpes infection.One scoop is a therapeutic dose & 2 scoops can be used first, to start the daily dosage cycle. Usually the cats stop showing symptoms within a day or two. I continue for 2 more days & then stop.Saves a ton of money in vet bills!!

by from 08/15/2012

This product is extremely convenient to use. I used to crush up my own Lysine tablets purchased from the pharmacy, so having it already in a powdered form is great. My cat seems to like the smell and taste of it verses just plain Lysine. I put Viralys in both his wet and dry food. No outbreaks to date, so that's a pretty good recommendation in of itself.

CA by from Thanks!"


Best Defense by Blonce from Eagle River,WI11/22/2011

This is the best defense for upper respiratory problems in your cat. I have several cats and some suffer with this problem. During a visit to the vet, he recommened this product. It comes in gel form and powder. For myself, the powder is more economic as each cat gets Viralys twice daily. Since this is in powder form, I mix it with alittle moist food to ensure they eat it all before they walk away from their food. Since I have used Viralys, I haven't had to take them back to the vets for respiratory problems. If your vet says your cat has respiratory problems, I highly recommend this product.

Beats down kitty herpes by lauriemike10/23/2012

Our cat came to us with the dreaded feline herpes. I had had a cat before with it, before there were products available, and he had lost an eye to it. Our new cat loves this medicine and actually asks for it when he's feeling poorly. We've tried it in a number of ways and he likes the paste the best.

best immune support product by katlady from Fairless Hills,Pa10/28/2011

If you are a care giver for feral cat colonies add this product to their food according to label directions. This is fantastic for helping control herpes eye infections, Our colonies have been TNR'd and have been asymptomatic since using this amino acid.

Effective product for cats with chronic herpes by FitChik from Morrisville, NC03/11/2013

As always, the product is effective for my cat who has a chronic herpes virus with upper respiratory symptoms. This powder is odorless & tasteless (even to cats!). I sprinkle it on dry food, after using a spritz of olive oil, and on wet food too. It keeps symptoms at bay. The only drawback is that the tub isn't sealed, so it feels a bit creepy to just twist the top off and start using it. I would really appreciate the manufacturer sealing the tub for purity and safety.

Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder by Jamaica Rose from Riverside, CA06/13/2013

This powder has been very useful in keeping healthy my cat who is susceptible to upper-respiratory infection. Our vet recommended it. It was delivered promptly, in just a couple days. A handy measuring scoop is included. I like the large economical size - I have to order it less often, and it saves money.

great for feline herpes by kcmule06/18/2012

since i started using this supplement daily, my cat has had few if any feline herpes symptoms. great product for keeping my cat healthy.

Awesome for cats with feline herpes by Amy K.01/09/2010

I have two himmalyans and one persian. They all have re-occuring feline herpes. When one gets stressed out (from going to the vet, getting a hair cut, etc.) they all get it. Sneezing, coughing, boogery eyes! This definately helps minimize the symptoms and is recommended by my vet. They seem like they get over it almost immediately. I give them this twice a day. I am so thankful for this product.

Love the size! by Kitty Momma12/07/2012

We have several herpes kittens/cats in our home so it was very good to find and order this large container of L-Lysine. It lasts much longer than the smaller container (obviously :) ) and it's nice to not have to worry about ordering it so often.

Great for Cats with Feline Herpes by miyochan from Kailua, HI03/05/2013

We adopted 2 cats from a shelter and they both have feline herpes. This is given with each meal (3 times a day). This helps keep their herpes under control. They still have symptoms (weeping eye in one cat), and (sneezing and upper respitory in the other cat). Great product!!!

Viralys Works! by Nancy07/10/2009

Viralys powder is a great product! When I first had a cat with eye herpes, I used Viralys gel, which was very good and helped to clear up her eye. Then I rescued a cat who also had it, so I cut and crushed regular Lysine pills, but the cats didn't like it in their food. I then found out about Viralys powder, the first "palatable" product that really is palatable to them. It's cleared up the opaque spot on the eye and the dark center is getting smaller. Try this product---it's great and will help your cats!!

Great product by oct2497 from NJ11/30/2012

This helps keep my cat's feline herpes in her left eye contained to where it's at least only half of the eye covered, but usually less. I do give her 2 Lysine chewies in the a.m. too, so between using both, they reall help.

Powdered Reassurance by Grimmy's Mom from Columbia, SC07/02/2012

This powder is easy to administer to all the kitties in my family, and we haven't had any feline herpes flare-ups in a very long time. :)

great customer service by cat house04/13/2013

We used this in the smaller size with good results so we ordered the 600 size but it came damaged with the lid off. A quick call to the customer service resulted in a reship . It happened the second time with a reship. They took care of the postage for the return of the damaged goods. Both calls to them were courteous and professional. Good people to buy from.

Best Product & Deal by Tequila55 from Berkley, MI01/19/2012

I love Viralys. One of my cats became ill about a year ago.I started using this product at the request of my Vet. He and my other cats have not had any respiratory problems since I started using it daily. I started with the gel form but found the powder is easy to mix into the wet food. Plus it lasts longer. Also doesn't change the taste of the food. Better price and size than I can buy locally.

Consistently resolves symptoms by TM from Arizona01/25/2013

This relatively economical means of dispensing lysine consistently reduces or eliminates symptoms associated with feline herpes in our cats.

by hebrewheller from Eastern Washington10/24/2012

I have three cats and feed twice daily. Since starting them on Viralys Powder. The benefits are remarkable. One cat has a cronic eye herpies infection and it has almost come under control. Another cat has cronic nasel infections which are treated with antibiotics but since starting the Viralys Powder this cat which used to have antibiotics every 4 weeks now goes up to three months between treatment with antibiotics. I love the powder and so do the cats.

Love Lysine by Kitty12/10/2012

A stray cat was a carrier of Herpes Virus when I adopted him and it spread to my other cats. Gooey eyes, sneezing, etc. Now, they get lysine and vitamins (a must for lysine to work best) two times a day in their canned food and there's been no outbreak for years.

Easy way to give Lysine to multiple cats by MeowBabee from NJ10/22/2012

We have six cats, and Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams) is easy way to make sure all our guys get their lysine suppliment. Priced right, and easy to add to food.

Effective by TLMyers03/14/2012

I've found Viralys L-Lysine powder effectively controls the weepy eyes and runny nose associated with feline herpes in several of our rescued cats. I add this product to the cats' food on a daily basis. The cats readily consume the product. The powder seems to be much more economical than other forms of the L-Lysine.

great product by Judy the Cat Lady from Florida10/22/2012

I'm for anything that helps improve the immune system of my baby kitties. I just sprinkle it on their food every day and kittens and my adult cats eat it right up.

Love this product! by tequila 5501/09/2013

Started using about three years ago when my cat was sick. Use it every day and he is doing well. Helps when he is stressed and no more problems!!

by from 11/26/2012

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well....a dose or two a day of L-lysine keeps the virus at bay!

Hounddowgy by from Good

Great product

Important product for my cat and reasonably priced by joppacat from asheville, nc12/17/2011

My cat, adopted as a kitten, has herpes virus, I guess for life. She sneezes frequently - blowing mucus on furniture at times. I've taken her to the vets several times and one recommended Viralsys. I sprinkle a small scoop (included with the product) onto her wet food. It totally cures her of the symptoms. I bought the small size about 4 months ago and this time I bought the large size - both very inexpensive. I don't use any supplements but this really does work!

Viralys by BB from Rome, GA03/06/2012

Helps keep the sneezing with the herpes virus under control.

lysine powder - felines by BAP03/16/2012

This is great stuff - have used it for years. But this time when I ordered two large bottles, the bottle lid on one of them was loose. So when I went to put things away in the kitchen, the bottle was on the counter and one of our cats moved it to the edge and it fell to the floor. A considerable amount of powder fell out - but I was able to sweep most of it up - but now I must put the bottle away in the cupboard because of the loose lid.

by crazycatlady05/21/2013

I've been getting this l-lysine for many years, my vet recommended it. I have a few cats with herpes and it really has helped with their symptoms. I give it to them everyday with their canned food.

staple in our house by Alyssa11/14/2012

With multiple FRV cats in my home we have been using this product with good success for years.

prescribed by vet for feline herpes--easy to use by EP from New York, NY01/01/2013

I have been using this product intermittently for my cats over the past 7 years. I have 3 cats now, all from shelters/rescues. One came into our home with feline herpes, and I suppose all my cats have it now. This supplement is easy to use. Its use prevents the drippy eyes that my sweet kitty gets because he has a blocked tear duct.

by from 10/31/2011

Highly recommended! Especially for multi-cat households.

feline by herpes from infectionHelps


well. by Powder from isHighly



I purchased a 600 gram container of Viralys, which is supposed to contain a measuring scoop. The scoop was missing and since the quantity to be administered is not a regular amount, such as 1/4 teaspoon, the scoop is necessary in order to be giving the correct dosage. I sent 3 emails requesting a scoop and still haven't received one, almost a month after I ordered the product. I am now forced to write to the manufacturer myself to obtain the scoop.

Very good results for outdoor cats imune systems by redmarie10/06/2011

I use this product for outdoor feral cats. They seem to respond to it.

Featured Reviews for Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 chews)
Tasty and Healthy treat! by Molly's Mom from Wellesley Ma11/13/2011

My cat was suffering from drippy eyes, not sure if it was allergy or immune deficiency. Since using these soft chews, my cat has been perfect. She begs for them every day! They were less expensive from Entirely Pets than the vets or anywhere else.

Found it! by Woodson's maid from Colorado11/08/2012

The vet recommended lysine supplements as an immune booster to fight a latent herpes infection (eye goobers) that my cat Woodson got when he lived with a hoarder. Most sources/forms of lysine I have found were a powder or oil that you put on the food, but since I have a automatic (think gum ball dispenser) feeder for everyday, this was just not practical. I looked high and low for a chewable treat containing lysine, and I finally found it, and at a great price. Bonus: Woodson loves getting his special "treat" every day and he has not had an eye infection since. Just look at those baby-blues!

Didn't work for my cat by mastercat from Encinitas, CA03/15/2012

My cat is infected with the herpes virus, so I give her Enisyl-F paste twice/day. I tried these soft treats to make it easier and more pleasant to take, since she will be on L-Lysine for a long time. She liked these treats, but the symptoms returned to her eyes immediately (inflamed and tearing eyes). When I went back to the paste, it cleared up the same day. So these treats didn't seem to work for my cat.

vetri-lysine really helps! by JT from Hemet, CA06/12/2013

My cat Joey was born with a defect in his nasal cavity that makes it more difficult to breath and he also has a tendency to get stuffed up and sneeze a lot. Giving him vetri-lysine plus "treats" every morning and evening has been like a miracle to keep his breathing less labored and keep his small nasal passage open. And he LOVES getting his treats!

Gizmo The Cat could not live without these. by cey from Maine10/28/2011

Cuts back on sneezing, scratching, and helps her from contracting urinary tract infections. Consider purchasing them for any older cat. Gizmo is 13.

Works When nothing Else Did by Me71901/26/2012

I took my cat to the vet for a eye nfection. I was told there was nothing that I could do, he had eye leukemia. I did some research online and saw lysine can help. He didn't like the paste but eats these treats right up. These do make his condition much better

So Helpful by Leener02/23/2011

My cats have a very common virus called herpes that they will always carry. Thank god I found out about lysine. A Yahoo group for feline herpes really has a lot of info about this. I give them these treats everyday to suppress it and it has helped them so much. They love the treats so it's easy.

by woodlee from Ma.06/14/2012

Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 chews) is an excellent product. It eliminates the mess of using a liquid or jell and the cat loves them. She thinks they are a treat. It has made giving her medicine a pleasure not a tough job.

Great product, easy purchase by Susan11/18/2011

I have used these for quite a while and was so happy to see them here for a lower price! They really do work - I have 2 cats, one with respiratory issues and these help stave off any major respiratory problems. Entirely Pets was easy to order from and I got my product quickly!

He likes 'em! by KDLady07/29/2010

My cat ate these right from the start. And he does not usually eat anything but his dry food. He even knows when to ask for them after dinner. I break them in half since they are kind of big.

Fabulous find by Specks from Florida10/09/2011

Great product. My cats devour it as though it was food. As soon as they hear the crinkle of the foil they line up for it.

by from 01/10/2012

We buy these snacks here to treat our cats viral infection of the eye. My vet charges TWICE as much for the very same product.

perfect by world from theyPerhaps


by from 05/19/2013

These treats are miracle workers. I have a cat that I adopted from the Humane Society that was always getting sick. I had to take her to the vet about every 2-3 months in addition to her shots. This got very expensive. Plus, she was on food that was $60 per 8lb bag and medicine that was $60/month.

treats, by the from vetThanks


stuff!" by Vetri-Science treats saved me money! from deepblueshellI


by from 01/11/2012

I have an elderly cat and a younger FIV+ cat that both require supplements to augment their immune systems; the FIV cat needs it and it's just good sense for the elderly cat.

Vetri-Lysine by does from theThe


by The Clan from Delmar, NY04/30/2013

My cats like these as special treats and they do seem to help with sneezing at times.

Another good one by lilmcmac from orlando04/04/2013

I have 5 cats all with different likes and dislikes. That being said, this is another way to get the ones who don't like Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats chews to take what they need. They are not as soft as the Optixcare, but they are smaller. My fussy little persian doesn't like these, but, she just like that. The others love it.

My Cat Loves These by Sharon01/23/2012

My vet recommended lysine twice a day for my cat Chloe. We tried the gel kind first, but it was messy and she didn't really like it. These soft chews are great, she thinks they are "treats" and meows for them.

She likes it by gemcat from Brooklyn, NY08/12/2012

My persian has battled herpes outbreaks since she was a kitten. She likes these! That's all I need to know. These help with the eye irritations, etc. Buying more.

Paw-print seal of approval by Kim2012 from Chicago, IL11/11/2011

My cat loves the Vetri-Lysine treats, which is a big compliment coming from this picky eater. The only drawback when compared to other L-lysine treats is that you need to feed 2 treats, compared to 1 treat with other brands. Good thing that isn't a problem with my picky eater!

lysine for eye health by romeo from pittsburgh06/14/2012

my cat would not eat anything with lysine gel in it and even managed to spit it out. so much for "palatable" on the label. these soft chews are eaten easily. i leave it on the mat with the food and water and he finishes it off each day.

URI by Kris11/17/2011

I use this for cats with Upper Respiratory issues.

Love it!! by gidget from Oklahoma City04/01/2012

I have 3 cats, and all 3 love these "treats". It is so much easier than the gel. Just wished they came in a bigger quantity.

not for every cat by katlady from Fairless Hills,Pa02/08/2012

This is an excellent product if your cat will eat them. I have 3 [three] and only my short hair eats them. This is fine because she had dry skin for years and after 4 weeks of eating these treats it has vanished and her coat is in the best shape since I have owned her. She was a rescue from my vet.

Vetra Lysine Plus by Vetri-Science by Sharon from Dublin, Ohio03/03/2012

Best selection of products and best pricing. My cats love this supplement, and actually beg for it. I have noticed an improvement in their general health since I have been using it.

Great for all cats! by sadiecat from Charlotte, NC12/04/2011

Our cats think these chewy vitamins are a treat, they like them so much. I have seen a huge difference in my 12 year old cat. She is more playful and lively! They have also helped her overrall help. Iwould highly reccomend these for all cats.

by from 07/30/2012

My cat developed feline herpes which caused an ulcer on one of his eyes. My vet said that he needed to take 500mg of lysine every day. We got through the first week or two with crushed up vitamins in can food, but usually, my guy eats dry. I found these chews online and ordered them immediately.

in by a from treatHaving


by from 01/26/2012

My cat, Harry Houdini loves these Lysine treats. I am happy I found Entirely Pets so I can easily order online and get them for Harry.

Indianapolis, IN by from Margie"


Leo loves them by Sugar from Fort Collins, Colorado12/06/2012

Leo loves to take his medicine. No hassle! My cat thinks they are treats! It is so convenient to order and receive them fast! Best thing I ever did, finding Entirely Pets!!!

lysine+ soft chews by ecmck from DC05/30/2012

My cat loves these chews. However, she can no longer eat them. She has no teeth, and these chews are not soft enough. Attempting to eat them causes her gums to bleed.

Vetri-Lysine Plus by sidjes01/06/2013

Great Product! My cats both take this product daily. It really helps!

So much better than powder! by Jen from Beaverton, OR08/05/2012

I used Lysine in a powder form that I got from my vet. My cat hated it and would do everything she could to eat around it, leaving much of it in her bowl. I found this about a month ago and have been giving it to her as directed (2 twice a day) for 3 weeks now. She LOVES them!!! And it is working. She has been sneezing less and less each day, almost no eye boogers anymore, and she isn't crying red tinged fluid.

Allergy help by Whispurr07/03/2012

My rescue kitty caught the sniffles from the shelter. I give four of these a day, in two servings, to keep her from becoming too sniffly. Wish they were 250mg each, instead of having to give two chews equalling 250mg. In other words, it would be nice if they were stronger.

Lysine Chews by cat Manager10/30/2012

Entirely Pets carries two varieties of Lysine Chews. We ordered the other variety first, and loved it. This one seemed to be half the cost, so we ordered this one. Not the case in the end. This one requires twice as many chews to get the same dose. But, the cat on Lysine (we have 8 cats) loves both varieties, and the cost is the same. I probably feel better with Vetri-Science Lysine since we have used their brand for so long with this cat. We were giving Barnstormer the jell, then went to tablets in pill pockets, and the cost of these is comparable to the pill pocket w/o the tablet. It made more sense to give him these (especially once he learned how to chew the pill pocket off the pill in order to get a second pill pocket!).

my cat just love these treats by marcie61101/09/2012

My 12 year old cat had the herpes virus as a kitten and I have been giving these treats to him daily which keeps him well.I would highly reccomend them.

Lysine Treats by Cat Servant from Olympia, WA02/09/2012

My kitties love their Lysine treats. These cost about half what the vet is charging when purchased through Entirely Pets. Will keep buying them this way!

verti-lysine by kfogarty from Reno, NV12/06/2011

This product is helping my cat's eyes. He has feline uviitis. The vet recommended lysine, but I couldn't get him to take it until I started giving him these chews.

Great product by oct2497 from NJ12/06/2011

I've had my cat on this product from the time she came to us off the street by our house. She was 5-6 months old & I started using this for her & she's been fine. Her eye has gotten a little bit better & does not tear as much as it did. I recommend it highly. Easy way to get them to take it too.

Great product! by Neecy11/27/2011

My cats clamor to eat these treats which makes it so much easier to give them the Lysine they need.

Awesome item by Debdog from Huntington Beach, CA02/27/2012

This item has really helped keep both of my cats immune system in balance.

Stale Product by Diane05/14/2013

Well this is a mixed review at best. I have ordered Lysine Plus from Entirely Pets in the past and had a favorable experience. My cat needs this product daily bc she has Feline Leukemia. However this last time, the product seemed old and stale,,,they are usually soft and easy for her to chew. Considerinig the cost involved I was very disappointed. I will look elsewhere.

WHAT SERVICE! by ZAK from California01/21/2013

Great PRODUCT I paid a couple bucks extra for 3-5 day shipping and the product actually arrived THE NEXT DAY! fantastic

Tasty and Good for Them! by Cat Friend from NE Texas11/03/2012

I was very relieved to see that all of my cats like the taste of this product and so will eat them. It's too soon to tell if the product is helping but the main thing is that it is getting into their systems so that it has a chance to help them!

Best Product Ever by Foster98 from Cape Coral, FL11/08/2012

I have an elderly cat who got so sick (due to the ignorance of a veteranarian) that he almost died. That was 6 years ago and these Lysine chews are amazing they keep my cat's resperatory issues under control, and he thinks they are treats. BONUS!!!

by from 05/30/2011

My 15 year old cat has been suffering from long-term sinus problems and has been sneezing goop all over the house at all hours for years (eww!), despite numerous courses of antibiotics. I read about lysine being good for chronic URIs and asked the vet about it, and she said to give it a try.

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Foster kitties love them by LPcatlady from Bentonville, AR07/10/2012

Decided to give these lysine treats a try since the other brand Enisyl-F changed the shape (smaller) of their lysine treats. These treats are true treat size and the kitties love them. They actually smell good too. Plus I only have to give them 2 treats vs. several with the other brand.

My cats LOVE these! by Julie361 from NC03/27/2013

These are highly recommended, my cats run when they hear me pick and open this bag of treats. They're good for them and both cats have a beautiful healthy fur coat.

by from 04/24/2013

These are the only form of lysine that my cat will eat. She'll wake up from a dead sleep when she hears the bag open and anxiously await her "treat".

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Satisfied customer by Sue from Harpers Ferry, WV05/14/2013

I have been very satisfied with all the products that I have purchased from Entirely Pets, during the last year. Easy ordering process, speedy delivery and quality products!!

Great for Shelter usage by Ronnie from Fairbanks, AK12/01/2011

We use this during the winter months at our Shelter. We've found it really useful for preventing/ameliorating feline respiratory infections from getting worse. Best of all, the cats really like it so there is not a problem in dosing

Great price by blnd1ab05/13/2012

I usually spend about $25/bag to get these from my vet. How wonderful to order online and save almost 10/bag after shipping!

Tasty tasty tasty by d'Artagnan's butler&maid from Santa Barbara, CA12/13/2011

Recommended by vet. Fussy eater loves these! First time I have ever seen him race to food dish where he hears the crackle of the packet opening.

Best Ever! For the price! by Mami from Chicato, IL10/31/2011

My Cats Veterinarian thinks this is the best product ever invented. But he charges way too much $$ for this exact product. Cats with respiratory issues will often suffer from chest/nose congestion, sneeze and cough and they get as miserable as when we get the flu. These soft chewy fish shape treats are delicious to them and will take care of these symptoms. Also, contain DMG for immune system support. I have been using this product for about 2 years, Best of the Best Ever!! We love it!!

Awesome Product! by Dana04/16/2012

I have an elderly cat with stomatitis and he was continuing to have outbreaks every few months requiring antibotics and steriod injections. The lysine was actually given to me for his sneezing that was occurring upon completion of a course of antibiotics, however, I discovered that a daily dose of just one treat has kept him "outbreak free" for the last 1 1/2 years! It's easy to use, palatable to the cats, and what an inexpensive way to treat such a troublesome condition! I reccommend it highly for anyone that has a cat with a challeged immune system!!

Best Price! by slp1921 from Massachusetts06/08/2012

My vet charged me twice as much for the exact same product. My vet said that Vetri-Lysine is important for kittens because they are more prone to getting sick and this product is like a kitty version of echineacea.

Vetri-Lysine Plus chews by Packleader11/26/2011

Evertyhing went well. Product arrived without any problems, and within a good time frame. Thank you

great buy by kingpin842 from King Of Prussia,Pa12/28/2012

This product works great. My cat loves them and it seems to be helping with her herpies.

cats are crazy about it by Katzen from Toronto, ON, Canada11/09/2012

I have never seen my cats so animated, literally going nuts, over any treat or food as they are over this one. Good way to give them Lysine they need.

by HeatherK03/12/2012

My cat loves these & it keeps her healthy.

for Herpes cats by Snooz03/12/2013

I have a 3 year old cat that had a rough start in life and has herpes. He stays congested and his immune system is severely compromised. If he doesn't stay on these lysine chews (one a day) there's a good chance he'll spike a fever and need to go through a round of antibiotics and eye ointment. These are truly a life saver for him.

Cleared chronic sneezing by Tess02/15/2012

We tried these for my cat's chronic sneezing (after getting approval from our vet), and found they really helped to clear it up. Our cat loves the taste so they're easy to give, and they don't upset his sensitive stomach. So nice for him (and us) to get a break from all that sneezing!

Lysine treats by Lynn from pgh, pa12/12/2011

My kids love their "medicine" treats. I have to give them 2 x day and I have 2 cats and the deal I get thru Entirely Pets is so much cheaper than what I can get locally. Awesome!!!

Easy way to get Lysine into my cats! by Karen from Pasadena, MD01/16/2013

I have two cats that have bad outbreaks of the herpes virus. One has ocular and the other has upper respiratory issues due to the virus. Vet recommends lysine every day for each. This make it very easy to get it into them and they love them! It's a blessing for sure!

Cat loves it and it's good for him! by Robin from Memphis, TN11/12/2012

I purchased this product based on breeder's recommendation. I was worried my cat would not like it, but he comes running when he hears me open the package. He considers them a treat and I am so glad he eats them willingly.

Wonderful product! by Lauren from Jacksonville,FL03/11/2012

No problems getting my sometimes picky eater to eat these. She loves them! And they make such a difference in a matter of minutes. Wonderful product. A must have if your kitties have upper resp conditions!

Great Service and Products by mmazanec from Galveston, TX01/16/2013

Bought the Vetri-Lysine chews for our cats and I love making my purchases through Entirely Pets. They have a great website, prices, and the service is on point. A great experience overall.

Vetri Lysine is a Boost for Persian Cats by trailwaif from Lake Elizbeth01/23/2012

Helps with the breathing issues they normally have.

Most Cat Friendly Lysine by msr from Baltimore, MD10/25/2011

This is the easiest lysine to administer, all three cats love it, and it doesn't have lots of unwanted ingredients in it as many of the other lysine products have. Powdered lysine is difficult to dose properly because the cats steal each other's food and the paste type has ingredients I don't want my cats to eat, so this is the best. Even my cat who has no teeth can gobble them down. I just have to crumble them for her.

Vetri-Lysine Chews by EireGirl05/02/2012

My 6-year old female cat has been on these treats twice a day for about 3 months now. She loves the taste! Her veterinarian recommended the treats to help prevent her recurring respiratory infections. She hasn't been sick since she's been taking them, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Lysine will help her long-term.

Cassandra loves them! by Pak from Champlain, NY12/07/2012

My cat, Cassandra, looks forward to her "treats" each day. She doesn't realize that she is taking her medicine. She has feline herpes virus and I use Verti-Lysine Plus (recommended by my Vet) to enable her immune system fight flare-ups of the virus. They are easy to chew and obviously delicious!

This really works by Mami10/18/2010

I have a cat with mega colon, herpes virus and spinal lesion and in just a brief time this has made such a difference with her physically and mentally because both her attitude and fur coat are precious. She loves the taste and I give her 2 daily. Definitely a great product for the money. Lysine is great, but so is the DMG, I give this to all my other cats since it is a great support for their immune system. Can't say enough........

Lysine Treats by SilverGrandma05/12/2012

Pet store in town doesn't carry lysine treats which I need for my cat, Ladybug. She has an eye problem and giving her lysine daily helps prevent flareups. Ordering from Entirely Pets helps eliminate the stress of finding and giving her the lysine. She loves the chicken flavored treats and eagerly eats (gulps) them. I definitely will continue to buy them from Entirely Pets.

by donna from Cincinnati, OH02/08/2012

I have order this product multiple times from the seller and have always received it quickly and without any problems. I will continue buying from them as it is the only thing we found that helps our cat.

by Sami from Gloucester, va05/29/2012

Delicious. Cat looks forward to these treats.

My cats love them by Sue10/05/2010

I have three cats who contracted herpes. These treats are great. They love them and take them right from my hand.

Avoid colds by Terri from Chicago, IL01/14/2012

My boys love this and I am so glad they do. Lysene has many wonderful benefits including help with keeping colds away.

Great Product n Price by Sammie11/12/2011

I've bought this product several times now. Both my cats look forward to eating it twice a day. They think it's their snack. The price is half the price from my vet, and the shipping is very fast.

Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews by Shar01/29/2012

Our new kitty has feline herpes. I researched how to help him with it and found Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus soft chews. Within a few days of taking it he was much better. It has been serveral months now and he is sooo much better. He does not sound raspy in his breathing at all any more. also has not had a breakout since starting this product!

Keeps our cat healthy! by Kumo from Arizona07/04/2010

Our vet recommended these for our cat. She is 13yrs old and in the last year has gotten feline herpes. We aren't sure how she got it. She was on antibiotics for months at a time! Our vet told us to try these and she hasn't had a full blown sickness since. She sneezes and can't breathe at all when she gets sick. It seems to be worse in the summer for some reason. Now we just give her 2 chews 2 times a day and she's not sick! Besides the fact that she thinks she is getting treats all the time! Love this product!

by from 06/06/2011

Cats love these & will learn the word "vitamins" should you say that when you are about to dispense! It's very funny....even before you have the pouch in hand...

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by from 07/29/2012

Bargain by Debbie from Metro Detroit, Michigan06/16/2013

When my vet prescribed these, I was charged $30 for one bag of Vetriscience L-Lysine to treat his eye infection. Here, the cost was $12.99, less than half. The order ( I got two bags) came quickly. Cat's eyes are getting better. Thanks for allowing me to treat my cat without it costing so much!

GOOD PRODUCT by KAT from Dearborn MichigaN02/06/2012

My cat has feline herpes with alot of symtoms. The vet said he should take lysine and these treats work out great. I do break them up for him though. I think they are helping him, less sneezing and coughing.

Life protection by Beckie from San Antonio Texas12/22/2012

My cat was a VERY sick kitten. Sneezed ALL the time. Discovered, after $2700 in tests, she has Chronic rhinitis w/destruction of nasal turbinates. She was started on the L-Lysine at 8 months old n has been on them, twice aday, for 2yrs now. Doing very well on them.

Great Product by SassyLass5701/20/2012

Our 6-year-old kitty has had chronic respiratory inflammation for years. Vet prescribed Vetri-Lysine chews for her to take twice daily. Entirely Pets is the only place I've been able to find these online.....and much less expensive than the vet's office! So convenient and quick mail delivery, thank you SO MUCH!

Can cause allergies by Kitty Mom01/01/2013

Please take care when using this product, as it can cause allergic reactions in cats. An older cat, with a history of food allergies, developed acute pancreatitis, and a younger cat, with no history of food allergies, developed recurring ear infections. Both cats required veterinary care and medications. Interestingly, their vet endorsed the use of this product, which was recommended by their breeder.

Symptom Free by Ambers Mom from Cape Cod, MA02/21/2012

My cat is now symptom free from her Herpes infection thanks to these chews. She cries for them every night, she Loves them!

by from 11/10/2011

When we first adopted our kitten Jasmine,she was diagnosed with "feline viral rhinotracheitis", feline herpes (FVR) is an acute upper respiratory disease of cats caused by the feline herpesvirus type 1 or FHV-1.

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Lycine chewables by No nickname from Cleveland, OH11/11/2012

These are very handy for the cat with herpes who doesn't medicate well. He thinks they're a snack and will run to catch them if I throw them. Some of my other cats beg for them who don't carry herpes but I share them anyway.

Great, palatable immune booster by riorojo from High Point, NC10/09/2011

Using these treats with DMG and Lysine for a rescue kitten with FeLV and FIV. We hoping to help him convert negative by boosting his natural immunity and excellent nutritional health. Tey are very palatable and soft enough that I can break them up in small pieces for him. I am also giving them to my adult cats to give them optimal health. My cats are treat finicky, and they LOVE them.


I have an extremely picky 12 year old Siamese Cat named Sam. Sam has a viral issue that is non curable in the nature of Feline Herpes. I used to try to give him the L-lysine pills that are created for humans. I would smash them up and sprinkle on his food. It was not affective becsaue he would eat around it. I then found these oills in the cat treat form but was so worreid abouyt paying for them and Sam not eating them becasue he is so picky. He will not even touch moist cat food or milk that is how pciky he is. But he loves these treats and eats them daily which I have seen a tremendous amount of increased time between his sneexing hacking snotty nose outbreaks~

Seemed to help my cat by KJBATL from Atlanta, GA03/07/2013

My cat had some slight sneezing due to a cold or allergies. After several days of the Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus treats, he improved dramatically and we did not even have to visit the vet. I'll always keep it on hand now.

more than an immunity enhancer by zsazsa03/16/2013

Originally recommended by my vet to enhance immunity in my 15 yr, old diabetic,hypothyroid cat. He loves them as a treat(something which he never ate before) and they seem to make him a livelier, more active and more affectionate cat. The price of 2 bags was less than what my vet charged for one.

Great product at a great price by justabiggeek05/02/2012

These were recommended for our cats as a daily supplement. I looked around the web and this was the most inexpensive place I could find that seemed reputable. We have been getting them from this site for a few years now and never had any issues with quality or shipping.

Extremely helpful!! by SuzAnne02/25/2013

My cat, Mia, who is a pure bread Bengal has had issues for many years with throwing up. We have gone to the Cat Clinic many many times to try to help her, and this is what finally has stopped her from throwing up. She loves getting her treats, and in return she is so much happier, as are we:) I would, and have, recommended this to friends with animals that have issues. I could not be happier with the results!! Thank you for having this product!!!

Great product by Teri from Montclair, VA07/21/2012

Good price, makes giving my cats L-Lysine as they gobble them up or can be broken up and mixed in canned food

Vetri-Science L-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120) by Sandy10/26/2011

All my cats love these chews! And the Lysine is especially helpful for my FIV+ cats. They get their L-Lysine every day and are super healthy :)

Best service ever by Cebbie from Chicago, IL12/04/2012

I have a cat with a compromised immune system and have been using this product for a while and it has helped him considerably.

by mbarchi02/07/2012

I love all the products I've ordered. I've never had an issue with Entirely Pets.

Best Purchase by Angel from Oregon02/04/2013

Great product. Our 4 cats love it.Herpes virus symptoms gone.

Cat loves these too by MAC from Verona, NJ01/11/2013

My cat loves these treats too - easy way to boost their immune system.

Loved By Tiger by Pauline from Phoenix, AZ11/14/2011

I think it is a great product and will help my Tiger's eyes after he has taken them awhile. He loves the taste of them and can't wait to have them. Thanks for having the product available at a great price and speedy service.

Awesome Product by Ardie08/11/2012

My vet recommended Lysine for our kitten due to herpes virus in her eye. She was tiny and very sick and this product worked to help boost her immune system and it really helped. I give it to both of my cats and neither has had a flare up of the virus since. They love it too and think it is a treat!

good value by nvgoodyear11/25/2011

These chews are a good value and great if your cats like soft treats. I have 4 total that I need to give lysine once a day as a maintenance dose. 2 of them love the soft treats and will eat them right up. The other 2 will not eat them. But the 2 that wont eat them do not really eat treats anyway. So im back to the powder on the dry food for them.

THE BEST LYSINE PRODUCT EVER!!! by Joni from Anchorage, AK04/30/2010

This is the no-stress way to give your cat lysine. My boy is 24 pounds (fat, I know) and is now prone to URI's. I was having to force the gel down him - stressful for both of us, and the powder wasn't great for dry food. I give him 2 of these a day, and if he starts to sneeze - add another in, and it goes away! BUY THIS - YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!

by PK12/31/2011

I highly recommend Vetri-Lysine Plus. My 2 cats get their "Lysine treats" before breakfast every morning.

Works Great! by skhi10/28/2011

I've been using this product for a long time. My cat loves it and its easy to use.

Cat Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus-Soft Chews by keo10/11/2011

Good - Helping clear a cloudy eye; however, not entirely clear. Cat must enjoy the taste because she always eats the two I give her twice daily.

Cats wont eat these by Judester from Roseville, CA06/25/2013

Based on other reviews I thought I would give these a try. The two Burmese that have the eye issues ignore them. They eat around them when they are placed in with their dry food or try to slip them into the canned.

by from 07/10/2012

My vet recommended I purchase Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus to help control my cat's watery eyes. This condition is caused by a compromised immune system that allows the eruption of Feline Herpes.

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Best Supplement Ever by GreenBee from East coast of Iowa04/12/2013

I give one of my cats 2 of these daily - she has been an unhealthy little darling, but I really think these keep her healthier! I do see a difference :o)

by simi36 from New York11/06/2012

This product has saved me from having to go to the vet for medication. I give him 2 chews twice a day and his eyes have been great and I'm not constantly paying the vet money for visits and medication. I did try other products but my cat did not like them and would not eat them. He has been eating these for several years now enjoys the taste.

I only buy from Entirely Pets by foster9811/23/2011

The website is easy to get around and the prices are the best I can find on the internet. The shipping is cheap and fast delivery. Communication on order status is consistent through the whole order/shipping process

Verti Science Chews by Katie from Cleveland, OH11/16/2011

Entirely Pets gave me great service in a timely manner. The product they sent me was exactly what I needed for my cats. They aim to please and they did that. Thank you!

Well worth it! by JoyLee01/07/2011

My cats LOVE the product. They actually beg for the chews as they do for their treats.

Working product that cats like by Art and Patty from Duck, NC11/06/2011

We have adopted several shelter cats with serious Respratory issues - this product has helped ease their problems breathing in many situations. We give 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM to each affected cat. They eat them better if they are broken up in to 2 to 3 pieces each.

by Megz10/30/2011

This was recommended by our vet to strengthen the immune system and health of one of our cats. It's working :)

Love It by granofsam02/24/2012

I Love this stuff I originally bought it for one of my cats who has herpes attacks and I also give them to my kitty who is frightened all the time she now comes to us and sits with us...

by from 11/06/2012

My cat has feline herpes, and our vet advised us to give him an L-Lysine supplement to help manage it. When he's normal, we give him 250 mg/day (so 2 chews), and double that to 500 mg/day when he starts to get an upper respiratory or eye infection. So far, we have been able to keep the flareups under control.

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GREAT PRODUCT by Lizard King from Lebanon, NJ04/28/2012


by Donna10/20/2011

very happy with product. Received very quickly. Only treat our cat will eat and is all over the package when it comes in the mail. Will continue to order from company.

Cat loved them by Diana from Kingsport, TN02/15/2012

I have an older cat who has no teeth and is not very fond of the Lysine gel but the soft chews...he thinks he's getting treats. Will buy again.

finicky cat approval by robyn from minnesota11/06/2012

these seem to really help boost immunity and prevent symptoms of herpes virus. my picky cat looks forward to these every day.

Luckycat by Pal from Eugene, OR02/07/2012

Lucky needs a little help and these chews she loves and wants to eat!

by from 01/29/2009

I have one cat who never wanted to eat the Lysine paste that he needed to have due to Feline Herpes flare-ups causing him eye issues. I tried different brands of the paste, and while he didn't seem to *dislike* the pastes, he wouldn't eat them from the tubes or syringes like the other cats would.

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Fantastic Product by John K from Pittsburgh -Cranberry Twp, PA04/03/2013

Works MUCH better & is WAY easier to use than anything you typically get from the vet. - A daily treat as opposed to cramming lysine gel from the vet down her throat...

Vetri-lysine by Margie06/24/2012

This product helps my male cat by keeping his eyes dry and he loves these 'cookies'.

reduces herpes symptoms by Sue07/17/2011

While working in a veterinary hospital, I brought this virus home on my clothes or shoes. Three of four of my cats came down with it. The oldest cat has continued to have flareups. These treats (which they love) seem to reduce to severity of the flareups. He still sneezes occasionally but not as bad. I would recommend them.

by from 11/19/2009

Incredible product!! I have crushed tablets, dripped gel, and had powder totally rejected.

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Vetri-Lysine soft chews by Lyndarae MartinThanks!


Worth it by elianeknit03/15/2012

Product was recommended by veterinarian to prevent more eye ulcers. Worked very well on both cats. Easy to use if the cat likes its flavor.

Lysine keeps older cats healthy by laohu from Olympia, WA11/29/2011

My vet recommended these to keep my older cats healthy and so far, they are. They LOVE these, as opposed to many other treats. These are their favorite which makes them effortless to administer.

My cats love them! by SF AUTHOR from Naples, FL01/23/2010

This is an easy and excellent way to get kitties to take their lysine. My two Maine Coon rescue kittens are FHV1 positive, and the gel Lysine from the other company (maple flavored? C'mon guys...seriously... when's the last time you saw a cat at IHOP ordering pancakes and syrup?) they hate. The powdered lysine mixes well in their food but for flare-ups, when I need to get extra lysine in them, this is a terrific product. I do moisten them when I get them so they're softer in a day or three, easier for the kittens to chew. I've also used them to disguise crushed pills--an easy way to get meds down the boys since they love the taste so much.

Great immune system supplement by catmom3 from York, PA05/24/2011

One of my cats was exposed as a kitten to a virus and had a compromised immune system. My vet told me about giving him these chews to boost his immune systems function. This seems to help a lot, because he hasn't been sick with kitty colds this year. Before, every winter all 3 of my cats would end up on vet antibiotics. Now they seem healthy.

Cleared up cats symptoms! by minsnotux from Atlanta, GA10/12/2011

This product has changed life for our 11 year old cat! No more sneezing, runny eyes and other symptoms. He likes this kind and brand the best compared to others we have tried.

my cat loves them by cat from Maryland10/28/2011

these are for my cat who has a constant runny nose. he loves these treats. too bad they cost $12 a bag...

by tenajrob from Virginia11/06/2012

Sophie looks forward to her treats--two in the morning and two in the evening.

Good product by LadyEm from Connecticut07/14/2012

Unfortunately the cat I got it for is Miss Picky and won't eat them on a regular basis. The other cats love them! I'd definitely recommend them as a way to give Lysine to a cat that needs it and is less stubborn than mine!

My cats LOVE these! by Liz from Los Angeles, CA10/25/2011

These were recommended by my vet and my cats absolutely LOVE them! My 4-year-old cat stands by the cabinet and begs for them at night. I even have to hold her back as her brother (2-years-old) eats his, so she doesn't dart and steal them. I will keep buying them - and you should too!

by from 05/30/2012

My mom buys Lysine treats for me and I love them! She says they help me stay healthy and that you have the very best price and service. I think they taste great.

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by from 06/03/2012

Recommend by Cat Mom from Portalnd, OR10/12/2011

Bought this product for cat with URI w/ suspected herpes strain. Gave to sick cat and healthy housemate cats. Sick cat got well and healthy cats stayed healthy. As an added bonus, the soft chews are GREAT for hiding my other cats pills in. All three cats go crazy for these chews. They must be tasty. Highly recommend.

by Tricia12/05/2011

Cats enjoy and it seems to help support their immune system.

Bummer by DisasterDayGirl from Auburn, CA03/21/2013

Unfortunately, the cat I got this for with the upper respiratory problem does not like "treats" of any nature. I suspect it is because he either can't smell or it is difficult to chew when he can't breathe though his nose. My other cats like them so I am giving it to them as a preventative.

Exceptional Product by Tessicat01/07/2011

As an RVT and owned-by of several special needs rescue cats, I've long known of L-lysine as an effective tool against feline herpesvirus. It saved one of my cats' eyes. I got a sample of Vetri-Lysine Plus at a vet conference and found it was the best way to get the full dose into a single cat, in a highly palatable treat. It's served as a preventative in a chronic FHV cat, but also works on the occasional sneezer to get them over their colds faster and avoid the need for antibiotics for a secondary infection.

by Sander04/29/2010

I have an indoor kitty and a feral cat that I feed and this Lysine product has literally saved their eyes. When they don't have it their eyes are weepy and look awful. I can just tell that this product works well for them. And wouldn't get this product from anyone else!

No more struggle with meds! by janeausten_gonepostal12/12/2011

I used to have to wrestle my poor feline to the ground, wrap her up in a towel and force compounded liquid lysine down her little throat with a syringe -- TWICE A DAY. Traumatic for both of us, to say the least. Can you imagine my relief when our vet recommended these yummy treats? Now the little angel actually BEGS for her morning and evening lysine dose, and the resulting improvement to our domestic tranquility is simply beyond description. This product, quite literally, has changed our lives.

Cat loves! by Lady B from Sanford FL12/28/2011

I used to crush up pills but with a fussy eater I knew she did not get enough. When I found these treat my life became much simpler! And she loves them!!!! The first bag I got I made the mistake of leaving it on the counter and she chewed a hole in the bag and ate a bunch... She also loves being the special kitty and having her very own daily treat the other cats don't get. I know some people compalined of them drying out but that does not seem to bother her & I just break them in half.

1/2 the cost of the vet by redwinggirl from Detroit, MI11/24/2012

I have a cat that has a very low immune system. My vet recommended these chews to help boost her immune system. My cat has taken two “treats” every day for over two years and hasn’t tired of them yet. My vet charged almost $33 for the exact same product. I made the mistake and bought them through my vet before researching Entirely Pets. Never again! My cat still suffers from infections, but that is due to underlying medical conditions. I honestly feel that these treats due help in the prevention of more infections.

Great Service by Wallie from Spring Hill, Fl05/22/2013

Easy to order. Good price, fast delivery and loved by my pet!

by from 11/25/2012

These tablets are fantastic!!! They IMMEDIATELY took away my kitty cat's allergy. (She was constantly sneezing).

these by from from theinitially


EXACT by same from productI


satisfied by with from myI


Great product by Rosie12/30/2011

I give this to my Maine coon Gidget twice a day. She has had problems with her immune system and low red blood count in the past, but after being on these for several months, I can see the change in her. Appetite is above normal and she is very active. Last blood work was normal. I'm sure it is because of these chews. Thank you.

by Buck from Blandon, PA06/25/2013

So far so good. One cat got sick from it and the other one only eats it when it is crushed and mix with tuna fish

A++ Easy & Fast by tfoster98 from SW Florida08/05/2012

My cat relies on this supplement to keep him healthy and I rely on entirelypets.com to get me the product fast with simple ordering at the best price on the internet. Thank You

my cats love these chews by drkidd12/08/2011

If your cat has herpes, put your cat on these lysine chews and your cat will be healthy.

Good product by sunny from Ohio02/28/2013

My cat was having several issue from allergies to low immunity issues. My vet reccomended these supplements and they were the first ones he would eat on his own like a treat even! As many cat owners already no it can be difficult getting your cat to eeat a supplement but he loves the taste of these and takes with no problems at all twice per day!

Cats Love Them by abby2401/08/2012

My cats absolutely love these treats-though I do have to break them in 1/3rds for them to eat more easily. Purchased these after my cats both had URI symptoms.

Vetri is Very good by Lola from North Carolina03/15/2012

My cat loves these! She is 14 and needs the vitamins. She's never refused them and I think they have improved her health and her coat.

good for him by juliette from pittsburgh02/12/2012

since our cat romeo really didnt like the gel lysine the chews seemed a good choice. for months he has gobbled a pill up once in the morning and once at nite. at the moment he seems to be on strike. it is my hope he will return to enjoying the chews since the lysine is recommended.

Lysine by Spiderman from Charleston, SC05/01/2013

My veternarian suggested using this for my cat who suffered from conjunctivitis each month since I adopted another cat. Since giving my cat this once a day, my cat this past month, did not get the conjunctivitis. I changed nothing else but adding the lysine. Hopefully this will help in continuing from getting it monthly.

Verti-Lysine Chews by Tess05/24/2013

These have really helped my cat who suffers from inflamed eyelids. They were so bad they were bleeding. And, he is difficult to give anything that he doesn't like. And he is extra big, so I have to give him an extra dose. These chews are saving me $ in vet bills.

Excellent Product by Gary from Virginia03/18/2013

My cat loves the Vetri[Lysine Plus-Soft Chews. This has helped with his runny eyes.

MY CAT LOVES THEM by Tracy from Coventry, RI06/05/2010

I highly recommend these!! My cat is extremely finicky even when it comes to treats. I was a little hesitant in getting these but decided to try them because I figured it would be the easiest way to get the Lysine in her. Well SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES.....LOVES.....LOVES them, she even goes to the cabinet and meows for them. It's too funny. They are a little harder on the inside with the softness on the outside and soft enough for her liking. (The other only treats she would eat were just the opposite, hard on the outside and soft on the inside). So I guess she like the soft and hard combination. I also like these because you only need to give two treats as opposed to five or six.

Great purchase by KATLADY from Levittown,Pa01/24/2013

This is excellent to "pump up" the immune system of feral cats. I feed this along with the powder form to my 2 colonies

Featured Reviews for Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats (60 count)
Favorite Lysine Purchase by catwomantrollin from Fort Myers FL07/30/2012

I have a house full of herpes positive cats. I have been feeding lysine treats for over a year and these treats are their favorite brand.

My kitty likes them and they're good for him by Sharkwil from Incline Village, NV06/15/2012

My vet recommended L-Lysine for our cat, so decided to try these chicken flavored chews since he loves chicken. He's at the cabinet meowing for them quite often, though he only gets 1 or 2 per day (recommended dosage). I haven't seen much difference in his goopy eye yet, but hopefully these will help his immune system.

My cats wouldn't eat this by cat lover 1959 from Ohio05/28/2013

They will only eat the Lysine chews of another brand:Vetri-Lysine Plus from Vetri Science

The Cats won't eat these by Judester from California06/25/2013

Out of 4 cats, none will eat these as treats or when mixed with food.

Llysine chews by Jackolantern from New Jesey06/04/2012

I tried these on my 3 cats. None of them liked them. I gave a few to my friends so her cats could try and they didn't like. Then gave the rest to the rescue and none of those cats liked them. Apparently they are not very tasty if so many cats refused them.

Easy! by dduck from Knoxville02/21/2013

Great way to get my cats their daily dose of Lysine. It was always a battle to give them all pills. Now they come running to get their snack!

Good purchase by andy from Bay City, MI03/02/2013

It has helped my Ragdoll a lot her eyes are less watery and she loves eating them.

Good, but... by remlind from Falls City, NE04/21/2013

This product is 250mg L-Lysine per chew, recommended twice a day. My cat has herpes and recently went to the clinic at the University of Kansas. They recommend 1,000mg per day for herpes cats. They gave me a sample of a different L-lysine that is 500mg, recommended twice a day. My cat likes this product better than what they gave me, but he needs 4 a day dosage, so this product only lasts 15 days, therefore not very economical.

great for herpes virus by Anita10/24/2012

Most of the cats like these....we have a few that don't so I use the powder in their food...but we have rescue kitty's ,,,,28 of them so most of them is a lot...The only problem I am having is these being back ordered the last two times I ordered them....for almost a month...

good treat by gloworm from Alabama01/20/2013

Another good way to give their medicine to them

Tasty! by HarpoVal from Saint Louis Park, MN11/24/2012

My vet recommended L-Lysine for my cat. I was surprised that the local pet stores didn't carry these. My very picky cat gobbled these right up. They do seem to be helping with her icky eyes. I gave the remainder of a bag to a friend how has a kitty with the same issue.

L-Lysine by df1657 from OK04/01/2013

My cat has the Herpes virus and needs to take L-Lysine to help with her immunity problems. In the past, I've purchased the powder, treats and gel from the Vet's office. This product has the same content as the one at the Vet's for substancially less money. My cats are not big "treat" eaters, but they love this product.

Lysine Cat Treats by Michelle0527 from Coeur d'Alene ID04/12/2013

My cat really likes the taste! Was afraid that he wouldn't eat them but he loves them.

L-Lysine is excellent by luvmycat from Chicago03/04/2013

Katie loves the taste; she thinks its a treat. The price is good and it arrived quickly. Thanks.

My Two Cats LOVE it!! by jaxx from Cleveland, OH12/15/2012

One of my cats has the herpes virus, since I've been giving her the L-Lysine chews her eyes are better, less eye discharge.

mixed results by Katcon from Lake Orion, MI10/23/2012

Little Cat refused them and she was the one I got them for. Big Tom gobbled them up. I probably won't order them again. I buy Lysine tablets and grind them up for her. What a drag! She won't eat pill pockets either so it's probably my cat not the product.

by from 01/11/2013

I never received my order and I called to cancel it. I still have not received the refund to my account either. When I placed to order there was no delay in charging my account but I'm still waiting for the refund.

Lisa Gemmel by from Thank

Didn't receive

love this item by C.C.L.12/06/2012

The L-Lysine chews have been a great help. I do put Lysine powder in the cat food but Angus can be a little difficult some times. So when I bought the chews, he loved them. So now I know he's getting the lysine in him to help his nasal condition from the feline herpes. Thanks to entirely pets for suggesting them. I also love the ease and convenience of ordering online and getting it mailed to me. Thankyou.

waiting to receive the order after months by ds10/25/2012

I ordered this product months ago and have still not received it. As soon as you send it, i'll let you know how mycats liked it

For herpese by Hjr from Pakistan05/13/2013

I bought a new kitten had no idea what to do with his herpese problem had to take him to vet every other week for antibiotics but pet naturals has kept the problem in control

L-Lysine cat chews by Lylah from Castle Rock, Co11/01/2012

My kitty loved the taste. Thanks for selling this product, could not find them locally.

Works for Eye Virus by MG11/27/2012

Have been giving these to my cat for six months or so. Has reduced runny eyes caused by virus.

Not as affective as hoped by jaluvka from Garner, NC11/07/2012

I bought the L-Lysine chewable cats treats with the hopes of having my asthmatic cat get the same benefit from them as from the powdered form. I was skeptical because I read a few reviews where peoples cats would not eat them, but my cat loved them. They just did not help in cutting the frequency of his attacks, or helping to keep his lungs clearer as did the powder. My cat is an extremely finicky eater, and doesn't always eat the food/powder mix, so the treats would have been the ideal solution.

helps a lot by petsitter05/30/2013

His eyes are so much better. And he loves them, takes them out of my hand.

by ABrock11/15/2012

Very Easy Transaction, Great Price and Wonderful Product!! Thank You Entirely Pets!!!

good flavor by vikka's mom from upstate New York12/14/2012

One of our rescues exposed our other cats to herpes so we have 4 cats on L-Lysine. It is so much easier to use the treats rather than pills or powder. It is not always easy to get them all to like the same brand but they all like the Pet Naturals.

tasty morsels by DustyJ from elgin tx06/15/2013

some cats love them - others present intermittent interest ( I have nine indoor cats). Overall it works and between the chews and the powder - we are good!

My cats like them by Lori from FL06/12/2013

I have multiple cats, all adopted from a local rescue, all which have been exposed to herpes upper respiratory infection. They tend to get symptoms sporadically, and we give them one of these treats daily to prevent symptoms and twice daily to treat them. It really seem to help to get them over outbreaks faster and they all like them and eat them without a fuss, and they are a better value than most other Lysine treats I have used.

They love it! by Kitty luvR03/31/2013

L-lysine was recommended to treat one of my cats that presented with swollen and irritated eye problems, probably due to herpes. I use this product for both cats. It is an easy way to deliver the drug to them in a fun treat environment they enjoy. And they love it.

by DK from vt08/20/2012

Great stuff. The cat loves the flavor and they are good for her

Featured Reviews for Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats & Kittens (60 Chews)
Excellent service by maineloonatic06/29/2013

The items arrived within two days. Amazing! Well packaged. One cat loves them; the other won't touch them..........

Optixcare L-Lysine for cats by Jeff Boettner from Shelburne Falls, MA06/02/2013

Our Vet (eye Dr.) thought our twin Bengal cats were in need of Lysine to overcome a deficiency and to improve eye health. She recommended this brand. Both our cats are pretty fussy eaters, so I was dreading getting them to take these. But the product is outstanding. Both cats look forward to their lysine, to the point where now all we have to do is yell "Lysine" and they come running. They have been on it for 4 months and still loving it.

Soft chewy by lilmcmac04/04/2013

I thought I would try these for my little persian. My vet had prescribed the Enisyl-F, however they were a bit stiff for her likeing. I had to find another way to get this suppliment to her. This is a great alternative, I cut them into fours since they are a bit large for my little princess. But she LOVES this and I'm greatful for the alternative...

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