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Marineland Filters & PartsMarineland filtration products are the premium choice for your aquarium filtering needs. These three-stage filters suit your needs for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Find the right filter size you need today!

Marineland Bio-Filter Balls (90 pieces)
Marineland Bio-Filter Balls (90 pieces)

($11.99)  $6.29
Marineland Ceramic Filter Rings Rite-Size S & T (140 rings)
Marineland Ceramic Filter Rings Rite-Size S & T (140 rings)

($10.26)  $5.79
Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter C-220 (220 gph upto 55 gal)
Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter C-220 (220 gph upto 55 gal)

($165.61)  $101.64
Marineland Penguin 100 Power Filter (upto 20 gal)
Marineland Penguin 100 Power Filter (upto 20 gal)

($25.86)  $16.80
BIO-Balls do not require replacement unless damaged or destroyed. In the event of excessive buildup, you may gently rinse with water from an established aquarium, if desired. Do not clean with soaps or abrasives and never rinse with tap water.
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for Marineland Bio-Filter Balls (90 pieces)
bio balls by lukystif from rochester, ny.08/30/2012

I like them, I was looking fo k-1, but these little balls float, have tons of surface area, and if you have the filter area , and air injected , they will bounce around , float , grow benefitial bacteria probrobly better then anything on the market.

Featured Reviews for Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filter C-220 (220 gph upto 55 gal)
Great product well packed fast shipping! by Screavics from Paron, AR06/09/2011

This is an excellent filter for any aquarium owner. What makes this purchase even better is the super fast shipping and great packaging for this product. It came in perfect condition and everything I needed to get started filtering my fish aquarium.

Fantastic Filter by WLP from Richmond, VA01/26/2012

This is a very easy to use Canister Filter. This is my first Canister Filter though so I don't have any experience with them, but Marineland provides a very easy to use DVD to help set-up and maintain your filter. My only complaint is that they only provide 3 suction cups for the filter. This is great filter and I would definately recommend this to anyone.

Marineland c 220 by fastdave01/23/2012

I'm setting up a sumpless reef tank and decided to go with the Marineland C220 as my mechanical filter. Right out of the box I was impressed. The dvd is a "must watch" as it answered all my questions. No problem with priming, just be sure you fill the canister prior to start up. I highly recommend this filter.

Featured Reviews for Marineland Penguin 100 Power Filter (upto 20 gal)
by from 09/01/2012

A great Product by Stephenmddg@aol.com07/08/2014

1 problem it's for a 10 gallon aquarium, you need double GPR I would go with.

poor design by laz from Pocatello, Idaho06/05/2010

i bought my bio wheel, and it worked good for about a month and then the wheel quit spinning. Put a new filter in, and it started to work again. after a week, it was back to not spinning. pulled whole unit out of tank, and completely cleaned out the whole thing. Worked good for about a week again. Then did it again with same results. Now it stops for long periods of time, and water is blocked and pours out over the top of the filter. i bought this filter based on recommendation from pet shop saying it was the best. My friend went to the same pet shop a week later and talked to a different guy who said that bio wheels are the worst filter out there because they always have to warranty parts on them. I am taking this worthless thing back today. I have researched this well, and have found this to be a highly common problem with these. Don't buy one. You are better off getting an Aqua Tech from Walmart that takes the same filter cartridges anyways, but if you buy them from Walmart they are half the price.

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