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    Cataction Magneticat

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    The Cataction Magneticat is a dynamic new toy that will mesmerize cats with its magnetic motion for hours! Opposing magnetic forces keep the bug moving on the end of its line. No batteries needed!

    All it takes is a little nudge by your cat and the magnets hidden inside the base of this intriguing toy will keep the toy in constant motion. Your cat will be fascinated by the sway and spin of the hanging ladybug.

    Simple snap together plastic base with a steel cat pole and durable magnetic ladybug toy. Approximately 14" x 14" x 13" tall.

  • Simple "snap and play" assembly. No tools required!
  • Sturdy molded base
  • Steel "cat pole" with durable woven play line
  • Full color dangling magnetic toy
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    chewed within first 2 minutes by buff from flemington nj03/05/2013

    I've had this product before and it worked beautifully, but this time one of my cats promptly chewed the cord and separated the toy from the arm, effectively destroying it.

    fun for kittens by echo11/06/2012

    The little guys enjoyed this, older cats pretty much ignored it.

    Limited C-attraction by Andreaandi from Queens, NY12/30/2011

    A clever toy, if only my cat played with it for more than five minutes since I got it.

    good idea, poor execution by Glorybe05/02/2012

    The toy is too large to be interesting to most cats. In any case, it utterly failed to draw the attention of any of my cats.

    My cat-in-law LOVES this toy! by Brick from Arcadia, NY02/19/2014

    My wife's dad has become more sedentary in recent years, and can't always play with his feline buddy as much as he'd like to. On a whim, I bought this toy for them. The cat took to it immediately. It has held up beautifully to his cat-attacks, and if you add a laser light to the mix he'll play with it as long as you will!

    Cataction Magneticat is great by JD from Seattle, WA area01/19/2010

    Our old lady kitty who is not interested in playing with anything will play with this toy. She even initiates playtime on her own!

    by from 05/11/2013

    by from 01/16/2013

    Favorite Toy by Captain's Mom10/29/2012

    My new cat, Captain, is not very interested in toys, but this is one of the two he will play with. Yes, I had to super glue all the parts together, as he quickly learned how to pull them apart, but several months later, it is still in action and he still loves it. Rolls around on the floor with the spider between his paws, jumps on the base, gets the string wrapped around the wire. I'm getting another one for him for Christmas so I will have a backup if he tears this one up!

    Portrayal not quite accurate by CB from East Norwich, New York12/31/2012

    This does not seem to work as well as advertised. The cat smacked it once or twice and the whole thing bent. It is not that well made and the magnets do not seem to match up and stay matched up.

    Great simple toy by practicetnr from Indiana07/16/2011

    My senior cat is pretty lazy but he is fascinated by this toy. He lays next to it all the time even when he's not playing with it. It's amazing how such a simple toy can be so intriguing for him. Occasionally he will chew on the place where the toy connects with the pole and pop off the toy. Then he walks around with it in his mouth making that noise that cats make when they have caught a tiny creature. Luckily it pops right back in.

    didn't meet expectations by cat foster mama12/06/2011

    This is a cute toy, and great idea. However, it is definitely not sturdy enough. My cats always get the string off the metal pole, and the metal pole is always bending out of position. So - great in theory, but not in execution. They do love it when it is working, though.

    No Interest by Spence11/28/2012

    Very disappointed. Cats who generally like new toys showed no interest whatsoever

    Not Worth buying by LAY03/12/2012

    This toy is so boring. I thought the beetle would be running up the string and coming down. But it just moves or rotates if pushed. My cat just looked at it once but then never played with it.

    A fun toy by Ros10/26/2011

    All of our 5 cats have had an enjoyable game batting this little bug around. They have had lots of fun with it.

    It's OK! by roteflea03/15/2012

    My cat is still playing with it, she learned very quickly how to unsnap the bug from the hanger, fixed that problem with a bit of super glue, can't get it apart now, so she still fascinated...

    Neat idea! by Mary11/06/2011

    The magnet makes the bug's movements look very real and it moves by itself for almost a minute. Unfortunately, my cat is very picky and all she has done so far is rub her head against the pole. Oh well!


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