• Malaseb Shampoo 473ml (16 fl oz)

    Malaseb Shampoo 473ml (16 fl oz)

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    Malaseb® combines a unique formulation of anitbacterial and antifungal agents with coat conditioners for optimal therapeutic effectiveness. For dermatologic conditions associated with infections responsive to Miconazole Nitrate and Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Malaseb® is formulated for dermatological conditions associated with infections responsive to Miconazole Nitrate 2% and Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% such as Malassezia dermatitis. Miconazole Nitrate is an antifungal agent with activity against gram-positive bacteria and fungi, including Malassezia. Chlorhexidine Gluconate is an antiseptic with persistent activity against a wide range of microorganisms, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

    Some general indications for use include:

  • Red, irritated or inflamed skin
  • Dry, patchy and flaky skin
  • Greasy, oily areas of skin
  • Skin scales — white and flaky, or yellow and oily
  • Hair loss due to excessive scratching

  • Available in 250ml or 473ml and Gallon sizes.

    Usage Information

    Veterinary clinics nationwide recommend Malaseb® for their patients’ skin care needs. Pets can all benefit from Malaseb’s® unique ability to ease the symptoms of bacterial and fungal infections, while simultaneously soothing and conditioning the skin and hair coat. Ideal for animals with ringworm or other dermatitis caused by fungi, yeast or bacteria.

    Malaseb® contains no harsh dye or perfumes that can cause additional itching and irritation for your pet's already unhealthy skin. Specially formulated to help moisturize the pet's distressed skin and coat gently as it cleans and soothes.

    Malaseb® contains the only topical formulation recommended for the management of Malassezia dermatitis is 2% Miconazole Nitrate with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate.

    Wet coat thoroughly with water. Apply a lather of Malaseb Shampoo over the entire body, allowing 10 minutes of contact time. Rinse completely with water. Do not allow animal to lick while bathing to prevent ingestion. Repeat twice weekly until symptoms subside, then weekly, or as directed by your veterinarian.

    When Do I Need a Medicated Shampoo?

    Only your licensed veterinarian can provide you with the best information regarding skin care for your pet. But if you suspect your pet’s skin and hair coat are unhealthy, here are some general signs to look for and discuss with your vet:

    Red, irritated or inflamed skin
    Dry, patchy and flaky skin
    Greasy, oily areas of skin
    Skin scales — white and flaky, or yellow and oily
    Hair loss due to excessive scratching

    Malaseb® Medicated Shampoo, Used With Confidence by Veterinarians for Over Ten Years

    Veterinary clinics nationwide recommend Malaseb® for their patients’ skin care needs. Pets can all benefit from Malaseb’s® unique ability to ease the symptoms of bacterial and fungal infections, while simultaneously soothing and conditioning the skin and hair coat.

    Evidence-Based Medicine

    In an evidence-based systematic review, the only topical formulation recommended for the management of Malassezia dermatitis is 2% Miconazole Nitrate with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate.1

    Malaseb® Works Hard, But Not Harshly

    Some dog shampoos contain harsh dyes or perfumes that can make the original problem worse. Malaseb® Medicated Shampoo is free from both dyes and perfumes to avoid further exacerbation of sensitive skin issues.

    Malaseb® uses a surfactant base to remove damaged lipids from the skin and simultaneously conditions the coat to retain moisture. This helps to ensure your pet’s coat is healthy and luxurious — just the way you both want it.

    Itching to Find Malaseb®?

    Malaseb® Shampoo is available in two sizes (250 mL and 500 mL) to provide an economical solution in just the right sizes for you and your pet.

    Consult with your veterinarian today to learn if Malaseb® is right for your pet!


    Active Ingredients

    Miconazole Nitrate 2%
    Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Great Product by JAS07/15/2013

    Keeps our English Bulldogs skin allergies under control.

    by G.Olivia from Salem, NH09/29/2013

    This product is unbelievable. My dog suffered many years of skin problems and no more. I am so glad that I tried this product and don't have to pay for the high priced medicated shampoo from the Vets.

    Marvellous product by Melly02/08/2013

    My dog is prone to skin yeast infections and this product has been very helpful in keeping the yeast contained. My Vet loves this shampoo. It lathers well and has a pleasant smell.

    Great shampoo by Igoudm08/11/2014

    My dog has allergies And seborrhea. This shampoo helps to clear up the oiliness and flakiness and is very gentle. Great price compared to my vet.

    Good for dry, scaly skin by mamaboat from Maryland06/11/2013

    This is one of my go-to shampoos for my two dogs. It does seem to help with any dry patches and itchy skin. Just make sure you rinse, rinse, rinse.

    GOOD QUAILTY by CINDY from ADDISON, NY08/22/2014


    Malaseb Shampoo by Pandabear from Albuquerque, NM05/08/2013

    Great product and arrived quickly; however, even due to your diligence in wrapping the cap, some product still leaked. Will definitely buy again though!

    Only shampoo to use by Daisy from Malaysia02/07/2014

    We have a Labrador who suffers from chronic skin conditions including fungal infections. Malaseb is the only shampoo that controls his condition and we use it once a week. Being able to get it in 500 ml bottles is great...the ones we get here from the vet are half the size and about the same price as what we pay from Entirely Pets.

    by from 04/07/2013

    My dog had been having the worst ever skin infection that nothing helped. After some Internet research I found out about this shampoo and had to try it.. It took only four shampoo's (two weeks) and my little girl had relief for the first time in months.

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    I by recommend from thisNot


    very by much." from Malaseb Shampoo & condition sprayThank


    Great Purchase by Sharon from Raleigh, NC12/31/2012

    My Cairn Terrier has very itchy skin and this shampoo is the best I have found for him. I love it. It was recommended by the Cairn Terrier rescue group I volunteer for. Col. Potter Cairn Rescue.

    Gret all around shampoo by Al B from Westbury, NY05/27/2013

    Prior to his medicated weekly shampoo regimen, my dog gets a pre-wash with Malaseb. It gets him clean, and loosens up any dead skin before his medicated shampoo.

    Malaseb Shampoo by Skippy from Oregon02/17/2013

    Great Product. Just wish that it would suds more, but if you are dealijng with ringworm, great product!

    Best on the market by Pug Nut from Eustis, FL04/16/2013

    I'm so glad Malaseb is back! I've tried numerous brands and it does not come close to the results I get with Malaseb. My pug is prone to yeasty, itchy skin due to environmental allergies and this helps him so much to have clearer skin.

    Malaseb really helps my dog by mr from massachusetts11/08/2012

    My dog gets hot spots in the winter and regular use of Malaseb keeps them from getting inffected

    Love This Shampoo by Peterbald Mom from Warwick, RI06/03/2013

    I have 4 hairless Peterbald Sphynx and because of the lack of hair, Sphynx cats have a tendency to become oily. I tried quite a few different shampoos and NONE of them worked. This shampoo was recommended to me by the breeder that I bought my kitties from and from the first bath, I noticed a HUGE difference in the skin of all my cats. From the first bath, I could not believe how much dirt and oil that came off my cats... I didn't even realize they were that dirty as I bath them each week. After 3 washings the dirt/oil/yeast was completely GONE! I HIGHLY recommend this shampoo for anyone that has hairless cats!!! I will never use another!

    Great for skin issues by Angela03/25/2008

    Our black lab has bouts of skin yeast infections. I use the shampoo twice a week and the spray on the itchy areas. These products have really helped with the itching and scratching.

    by etha032405/27/2012

    My dog is starting to grow hair back in some places sincwe I have been using this regularly.

    Best Product by zf from north carolina05/03/2013

    This is the best shampoo i have ever purchased for my 12 year old yorkie! It restored the shine and strength in her hair. I love it as it has done wonders for her hair!!

    fantastic shampoo by melly12/28/2013

    my dog has issues with yeasty skin. This shampoo is wonderful. thank goodness its back on the market!

    Dermatology Vet Recommended by Linda from ILLINOIS08/26/2014

    A Vet Specialist recommended Malaseb for severe allergic red skin and pads and toes and ears. It is remarkable in it's immediate relief of sore raw allergic skin.

    Nothing works better than Malaseb by Pandas' Mom11/18/2013

    I have bought many anti fungal shampoos but there is none better than Malaseb.

    Great Shampoo for Dog with Allergies by laz from Coatesville, PA08/06/2012

    Malaseb Shampoo works great with dogs that have allergies. I use these once a week to help in the fight of fungal and baterical infections. Lathers nicely as well :)

    by Beepop12/31/2012

    Found item cheaper at another site. Could not change transaction.

    Ringworm solution by Audrey30 from Houston, TX12/24/2012

    This shampoo really works. We have had several bouts with ringworm using Lym Dip and Terbinefine oral for weeks. We used the Malaseb instead of the Lym Dip along with the Terbinefine and it was more pleasant for us and the cats. We also had two cats with undetermined skin lesions and it has almost cleared up their problems.

    Love this Shampoo by RIRedSoxFan from Warwick, RI05/02/2013

    I have 4 Peterbald Hairless cats. Two of my cats get very greasy and every other shampoo I tried did not cut through the grease and dirt. The very first time I used this shampoo... I had to use a different face cloth on each kitty because this shampoo got the dirt and grease off so well. This is now my go to shampoo when I wash my kitties weekly!

    Best Shampoo for controlling Malassezia by Sue from Berkeley, CA04/09/2013

    Best shampoo on the market for curing/controlling Malassezia pachydermitis.

    Great "medicated" shampoo by Nike07/01/2013

    Very effective for our dog who has skin allergies but cannot take allergy preventatives due to an abnormal liver.

    fantastic product by bulldog lady from Oregon03/12/2013

    For almost a year our youngest bulldog puppy was dealing with red itchy skin. He scratched until he bled and about the time those sores were healed, he'd scratch some more. I kept changing foods (about every 6-8 weeks). Nothing worked. And his coat felt sticky, so much so that I really didn't like touching him.. I tried Maleseb shampoo. Within three treatments there was a noticeble difference. And now his coat is all back and he rarely scratches! HOORAY!!!

    Malaseb Shampoo by Eden05/13/2014

    Malaseb shampoo is excellent I will continue using it on my Golden Retriever. It does work it has a unique formula for antibacterial antifungal conditions.It also conditions the coat and smells good. After condition is gone or under control it is a good idea to dilute it a bit. Ginger our Golden girl thanks you.

    Excellent for allergy dogs by Laz from Coatesville, Pa01/09/2013

    This product works great for dogs with allergies and secondary skin infections. We use this once a week during the summer months to keep fungi at bay!

    good product that works by Madsen from Denmark01/11/2014

    It's a shampoo that works fantastic when the dog is schratching and the skin gets red, becaurse of the malassesia infection. Malaseb is the only product that works for my basset hound. And I had great service from the store. I will abselutely recomend :-)

    Please don't discontinue! by Cjspetsalon from Richfield, OH03/12/2013

    I love this shampoo for use on dogs with greasy & irritated/itchy skin! I've been grooming professionally for 15 years & I swear by this shampoo! It's been unavailable for a long time until recently & I wish the Malaseb flush would be available agian too!

    works great by lee09/01/2013

    We have used numerous shampoos for our dog's skin problems A bath with this shampoo once a week has done wonders

    Great skin care for dogs by Hmltnj from Old Mill Creek,IL01/17/2013

    My chocolate lab has terrible allergies since he was a pup. His skin flakes and he's itchy all the time. although we give him allergy shots and meds his skin still gets irritated. So, I believe this shampoo has help him control his skins condition and it keeps his coat beautiful and shiny. I always keep this shampoo handy and Entirely pets had the best price on the internet.

    best shampoo by Bentley from Mass10/23/2012

    helped my dog with allergy from yeast problem..

    Safed my westie by Tilly from St. Louis, MO01/23/2013

    This product helped me safe my my westie from a bad yeast infection on her skin.Yeast infections have been the reason for lots of dogs to end up in shelters. I will always keep a bottle in my cabinet for flare ups and recommend it to all with this problem.


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