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Marin® for Cats (60 Capsules)

Item Number: MARINCATS
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Marin for Cats is a combination of silybin and vitamin E. It is available as a single strength.

Silybin is the most biologically active component of an extract known as silymarin. Silymarin/silypin has been shown to have beneficial effects on liver function. Vitamin E, a membrane-associated antioxidant, helps protect the liver against oxidant injury.

Marin for cats is specially formulated with silybin and vitamin E to provide comprehensive hepatic support.

Silybin/silymarin has many different mechanisms of action. In-vitro and in-vivo studies have shown that it protects agains oxidative stress; promotes protein synthesis within hepatocytes, a mechanism for liver cell regeneration; inhibits leukotriene production, which can be beneficial as production of leukotrienes is a component of the inflammatory response; stimulates biliary flow and production of hepatoprotecive bile salts (e.g. beta-muricholate and ursodexycholate) and increases levels of glutathione.

Vitamin E, a memberate-associated antioxidant, benefits liver function because oxidant damanage to hepatocytes can affect liver health. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the oxidative damage to the hepatocyte mitochondrial membranes caused by hydrophobic bile salts (these bile salts build up in the liver when bile flow is impaired) Vitamin E use has been reported in cats for its antioxidant role that also help to support hepatic health.

Customer Reviews

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4.38 rating based on 8 reviews
Marin ?????? by krnleb10/02/2013

why cant i find this . It works so well for my cat.it does not upset his stomach

Excellent product by JB12/28/2012

Easy to feed, works well. My cat will be on it for the rest of his life!

marin for cats by cat from MASSACHUSETTES06/23/2013

I have not received this product yet... When my Vet told me this could help my cat I bought it. And his levels were great. BUT I ORDERED IT A LONG TIME AGO AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT. SO YES TO THE RATING BUT NOT IN THE SERVCE

Very pleased by Gmom12/06/2012

Great price, very happy that it arrived so quickly.

Good alternative to discontinued tablets by mameloot from Detroit, MI03/10/2014

Our cat has been on Marin tablets for years. But when the tablets were discontinued we tried the Denimarin replacement, but found it much too difficult to administer. We decided to try the Marin powder. It took about 2 weeks of slowly adding more powder to his food (a blend of can & kibble). He's a finicky eater and doesn't like food changes. He now has half a dose with each of his 2 daily feeding = 1 full dose each day. This has worked great! He appears healthier and happier than ever and his digestion has improved notably.

Seems to work! by ChrisU06/13/2012

My vet recommended Marin for cats since BJ has elevated liver levels. He's 18 years old now and has been on the medicine for about a year. His liver levels have not worsened. I'm confident that the supplement has helped.

Marin for Cats by Dee03/13/2013

My cat needs this and what a great buy. Paid an excellent price for this.

Marin by Josie from Oregon05/20/2013

This product really helps my cat who has chronic liver problems. Recommended by my Vet.

Helps Liver Functioning by Leesee10/30/2011

My geriatric kitty has taken Marin and Denosyl for the last four years and both have made a significant and positive difference in her liver enzyme values. Marin is easy to administer, and as long as she gets it with a little bit of food, it does not cause stomach upset. This is a great product!

Reformulated product by Mad Cat from Denver, CO02/24/2014

The manufacturer pulled the product off the market for several months. When the new product was finally in stock they had changed from a pill for to a capsule and the instructions were to open capsule and sprinkle on food. Well cats are smarter than dog and my cat refused to eat it. I had ordered this product for years. My original was 2 boxes and I returned the unopened on for a refund and I will contact my vet for advice this product will not work for me thanks a lot Marin you lost a great customer


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