Marina Filter Replacement

Marina Filter Replacement

Marina i25 Internal Filter
Marina i25 Internal Filter

($12.99)  $9.79
Marina i25 Replacement Power Cartridge (2 pack)
Marina i25 Replacement Power Cartridge (2 pack)

($3.82)  $3.29
Marina Slim Filter Carbon Plus Ceramic Cartridge (3 Pack)
Marina Slim Filter Carbon Plus Ceramic Cartridge (3 Pack)

($7.99)  $5.59
Marina Slim Filter Zeolite Plus Ceramic Cartridge (3 Pack)
Marina Slim Filter Zeolite Plus Ceramic Cartridge (3 Pack)

($7.99)  $5.59
Marina i25 is a compact yet powerful internal filter that easily clips onto the Marina goldfish aquarums or can fit any other goldfish or tropical tank that is up to 6.6 US Gallon (25 liters) with its secure suction cups. Since its motor is submerged in water, it is exceptionally quiet. The i25 comes complete with 1 Power Cartridge that is uniquely designed to enable the water to enter the center of the cartridge for an effective mechanical, chemical and biological filtration process. Upon entering the center, the water 1st enters the zeolite chamber so toxic ammonia gets removed, it then enters the 2nd chamber which contains the carbon so that polutants and odours get eliminated. The floating debris then gets trapped inside the cartridge, all to ensure your aquarium water is crytal clear. Cartridge change is fast and mess free.
5.00 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for Marina i25 Replacement Power Cartridge (2 pack)
Better Prices by AKL04/17/2013

Same quality as the big pet store chains but way better on the prices!!! I think customer satisfaction is more important to Entirely Pets too. Very happy with all of my orders!!!

Fish Tank Filter by JF06/02/2012

The Marina i25 filter works well and keeps our small tank very clean. We recommend it for price and efficiency.

Great Filters! by PattiS from AZ03/18/2012

These are the best filters and very easy to change.

Can't beat Entirely Pets' price! by Dorothy from Maryland08/28/2013

There's not much to say about a replacement filter cartridge for a small fish tank. It's a brand name and a fitted cartridge. What I CAN say is this item is far, far less expensive here than anywhere else I looked!

Easy! by Gerry B07/02/2013

This filter does an excellent job of keeping my tank crystal clear. Simple to use slide the old one out, slip the new one in. Fast and easy!

I love this product! by Peeboo888 from Las Vegas, NV06/24/2012

These replacement cartridges are for Marina i25 internal filters. I have a 2.5 gallon tank for my betta fish and use this filter to keep the tank clean. It works so well! Within a few minutes of putting a new cartridge in, the yellowing water was crystal clear. I have had many betta fish over the years and always used this product with them. Great products like this make my bettas very happy!

Featured Reviews for Marina Slim Filter Carbon Plus Ceramic Cartridge (3 Pack)
Saved my fish tank by Noni04/09/2014

I received the tank and accessories for Christmas and have been unable to find the filters at any of the local pet stores. Trying to get by with filters that really did not work until I found your website. Thanks.

by NAth06/17/2013

Even with Freight from USA to Canada, it cost my less than my local pet store

Work well by Mike11/20/2012

These are great little cartridges. They're easy to replace, and work as advertised.

Easy filters by Patrick from Eldridge IA01/31/2013

these filters to a good job of keep the toxins out and letting bio filters grow on them. if you change one filter a week the biofilter will always be there too. They say change every 2 -4 weeks, I always do 4 weeks, but I've fogotten and gone 6 and they're fine, fish don't get sick or anything.

Featured Reviews for Marina Slim Filter Zeolite Plus Ceramic Cartridge (3 Pack)
awesome by bushroyalty from Rockhampton, Queensland01/20/2012

I bought a marina slim a local store, but none of the local stores have refils.

Have already referred to friends by Chantal from Rockhampton, Australia02/11/2012

Great service, took next to no time at all, when I couldn't get anything at all locally. The only local place that did order it for arrived the same day as my package from you. :-) I had ordered it weeks before. SO THANKS!

Great Service by Roscoe from Fairfield, Ca08/01/2012

I can't find these filters in my town so I ordered them. The order arrived fast, good service. I will order them again.

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