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Douxo Micellar Ear Solution - FOR CATS & DOGS (4.2 fl oz)

Item Number: IWM029868
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Douxo Micellar Ear Solution with hypoallergenic cleansing bases, phytosphingosine 0.02% and green tea fragrance.

Properties: Douxo Micellar Solution is a very mild and very effective hygiene product. It's non irritant and non greasy fluid with a light fragrance. Gentle cleansing bases and the soothing agents was out cellular debris, eliminate excess sebum and relieve inflammation. Phytosphingosine is a natural component of the epidermis. It plays a key role in the building and maintenace of the skin defense barrier. Local administration helps restructuring the stratum corneum, controlling seborrhea.

  • Cleansing of ears in the course of regular hygiene or before treatment in case of otitis externa. Duoxo Micellar Solution is particularly suited for the hygiene of sensitive ears or ears prone to excess ear wax production.
  • For the cleansing of eye contour (soiled and matted hair).
  • For the treatment of localized seborrheic dermatitis (face folds, in-between finger folds...).

    Directions: Apply a few drops into the ear canal. Gently rub the base of the ear then wipe the interior of the ear flap with cotton or tissue. For external uses, apply on targeted then compress.
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    Customer Reviews

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    4.86 rating based on 21 reviews
    What a Product!! by Pat from Baldwin, Maryland03/01/2011

    I bought the Douxo Micellar Ear Solution for my 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. She has had allergy problems from birth and her ears were always inflamed and full of red gook. I used prescription wash and otc products but it just got worse - UNTIL this Douxo Micellar product. It almost cleared her ears overnight and now I only have to clean them weekly and there's no huge buildup like before. I have told all my dog friends about this product and they're using it for maintenance and are thrilled with my find! A great solution and very inexpensive. Try it - you'll love it!

    good ear cleaner for dogs with skin problems by friedman from north las vegas nevada01/28/2012

    the product is good and non greasey and it helps with my boxer s ear problems ,but the only thing i would think and would be better if the ear cleaner bottle came in a bigger ones. because iam useing every day it goes so fast.

    Best Ear Cleaning Product I've Come Across! by CgoRetriever from Chicago, IL01/29/2012

    I have a retriever with floppy ears that are prone to infection. I've tried several ear cleaners, but a lot of them have done more harm than good. This one is perfect! I use it weekly on my dog - his ears have stayed really healthy and not at all irritated. Definitely recommend this product for ear cleaning!

    Fantastic Product by American Bulldog from Indiana03/06/2012

    This product was recommended to me by a vet for my American Bulldog afflicted with a disease called Ichthyosis. His ears must be cleaned at least twice a week or more depending on how they look. Just after using the Micellar Solution for 1 week, we began to see the difference in his ears. This product has been a godsend and our boy appreciates his ears feeling so much better. Thank you EntirelyPets!

    by amkelley from Charlotte NC07/09/2012

    This product is so effective on my dogs ears. It really helps remove the wax that I can't get to when cleaning their ears. If you give it a day you will notice that what you couldn't clean will come up to the surface for easier cleaning.

    Fantastic Ear Cleaner by Cheryl from Indiana11/11/2012

    Our dog Finneus has to have his ears cleaned sometimes as often as 3 times a week, so it was important to find something that was effective in removing the debris and odor but not to cause his skin to over dry. This is the perfect product and I recommend it highly!

    A must have by Maureen05/28/2008

    Deratology Vets at UCD VMTH prescribed flushing my Goldens ears daily along with the Tresaderm drops. His ears are "kissable" now. No infection, no inflammation. Anyone with Golden Retrievers needs to know this.

    not just for ears by pit bull parent from Clermont, FL01/24/2013

    Douxo products are all really good. This one cleans and helps heal small abrasions. Worked great on ears also.

    Good product by Tlj120 from North Branch MN10/30/2012

    Good product have used this before on my previous dog. great to use after baths or for general maitenance.

    Favorite All-Around Ear Cleaner by Halle10/07/2008

    I was introduced to this product by my dogs' dermatologist and it quickly became my favorite. I was so excited about it, I asked my general vets' practice to start carrying it too. I never expected to be excited about an ear cleaner, but the effect on my Newfs' ears has been wonderful.

    Helped with persistent ear yeast infection by CVT06/06/2009

    Had faithfully cleaned my beagle/basset's ears with EpiOtic (which is a fine product for normal maintenance). However, we had a yeast infection that we just couldn't shake even with diligent cleanings. Per the recommendation of our practice's dermatogist, we used this solution prior to prophylatic treatments for the yeast infection. Just 2-3 cleanings (not even yet treating the ear for infection!) have resulted in ears with FAR less residual debris compared to similar cleanings with EpiOtic. Intermittent head shaking is also markedly decreased. I like EpiOtic for normal maintenance of non-problematic ears, but if you have a dog with persistent brown/red debris, this product is definitely worth consideration.

    Works great, smells good by Lizzi11/03/2009

    This stuff works great for ear cleaning and wiping around the eyes and other areas. Even better, it actually smells nice unlike many ear cleansers.

    Douxo-Micellar Solution - My Vet Provided by Jean from Chicago11/07/2012

    I originally received this product from my Vet and in comparison to some other products, the fragrance wasn't overpowering and the solution seemed to stop the ear problems my dog was having. I could also use the solution on small abrasions/cuts too. I also buy the Duoxo shampoos.

    EXCELLENT FOR CLEANING EARS by Havanese lover from Clemmons, NC04/04/2013

    My dog has very clean ears using this product and I'm very satisfied with it.

    Excellent for yeast by Xander from Minneapolis, MN03/15/2010

    Great at taking care of cleaning once the yeast take hold. Correcting the diet and using this product and I never have had to do anything more for my cocker's ears.

    Douxo Micellar Ear Solution by tbailey from Columbus, Ohio11/18/2011

    I am glad I purchased this product. This so far is the cheapest around and I got two bottles. I have 6 cats and it will definitely get used. Thank You!

    Worked wonders by Mamandutoutoublanc from Canada03/03/2013

    We think my English white golden retriever may have allergies. The vet suggested Douxo to clear his ears since the usual vet solution made his ears irritated and red. When my dog got another ear infection, I tried 2x daily cleaning with Douxo and within a week his ear was cured. Now I just clean the problem ear once a week. I also use it to clean dark spots on his skin and his skin is getting better everyday but it makes the white hair turn reddish color. I will be trying other Douxo products in the next months. I think this product is great for my sensitive dog.

    Excellent Product by Steph from Charlotte, NC11/02/2011

    The line of Douxo products are offered at my Vets office for more money. This works great on my little dogs ears. He has been diagnosed with ear margin dermatoses - flaky ear tips with hair loss. It can be used inside the ears as well for an ear cleaner.

    Great Suggestion By My Vet by Doghouse from Waverly, MN02/09/2012

    My clinic recommended this ear cleaner and it is great! Cleans very well and no sticky residue. I highly recomend it.

    Good For My Swimming Golden by Teddy's Mom08/10/2012

    I need a wash to keep my Golden's ears clear. She swims every day and once the weather gets warmer, the wax and debris starts to build up. I use an ear wash to prevent infection when I think her ears are starting to smell a bit sour. Ran out of my old stuff, got this stuff. I put in a few drops, close her flap and rub -- then watch out! After a good head shaking, lots of debris from lower in the canal comes up on to her ear flap. Exactly what we need to see happen!

    Excellent ear cleaner by Hootie05/12/2013

    This solution is an excellent ear cleaner at an affordable price!


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