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Buster Mini Cube

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Works Great With Simply Wild Pet Food Buster Mini Cube is an ingenious mental stimulation toy for your dog and a fun way for the dog to utilize excess energy in a natural way!

Buster Cubes are easy to use:

  • Be careful not to pinch your fingers when turning the tube ! For filling and easy cleaning, the central cylinder can be removed. Put your finger into the hole of the cylinder and turn towards MAX. Turn anticlockwise again until you hear a sound. Now it's possible to extract the cylinder. When replacing the cylinder please note that the tabs on the cylinder are three different sizes and should be placed into the three slots of corresponding sizes in the opening of the cube. Turn the cylinder clockwise towards MIN. When you hear the click sound, then the cylinder is back in place and will turn only between MIN. and MAX. Buster Mini Cube works well when filled with Simply Wild Pet Food.

  • Put the dry food into the Buster Cube through the opening.
  • Turn cube to distribute the food into the various compartments inside.
  • Turn the central cylinder in the Buster Cube to adjust the level of difficulty.
  • Useful Information

    How to use the Buster Cubes

    Start the dog playing or eating by rolling the cube across the floor. The dog will use its nose to move the cube and gradually learn how to empty it, or in other words, the dog is rewarded with food or treats the more it plays with the cube. It is of course important to consider the extra nutritional energy intake provided through the cube. Therefore the daily amount of food must be kept at a level corresponding to the dog's needs in order to avoid obesity. As the dog gets more experienced and empties the cube faster, it is possible to increase the level of difficulty and thus maintain the value of the cube. This is done by turning the cylinder towards maximum or minimum respectively in order to adjust the speed at which the food is released during play

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