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MULTIVETMULTIVET carries a variety of products that are perfect for you and your pet. Their products are made of good quality materials and design one for all sizes. Choose the best product for your pet and make your life easier. Buy now and save.

Petsafe Slimcat - Orange
Petsafe Slimcat - Orange

($7.80)  $5.99
MULTIVET Gentle Spray Value Pack
MULTIVET Gentle Spray Value Pack

($85.50)  $66.99
MULTIVET Citronella Refill (3 oz)
MULTIVET Citronella Refill (3 oz)

($9.99)  $8.39
2 Pack MULTIVET Citronella Refill (6 oz)
2 Pack MULTIVET Citronella Refill (6 oz)

($19.49)  $14.99
PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar
PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar

($67.99)  $42.99
Petsafe Unscented Spray Control Refill (3 oz)
Petsafe Unscented Spray Control Refill (3 oz)

($10.99)  $8.29
Petsafe Slimcat - Pink
Petsafe Slimcat - Pink

($7.80)  $5.99
Petsafe Slimcat formerly Multivet Slimcat is an interactive pet product that increases feline activity, decreases excessive eating and corrects behavioral problems in your cat.

  • Distributes an adjustable amount of food.
  • Compatible with most dry foods.
  • Enriches the cat's environment and reduces unwanted behaviors.
  • Source of play and exercise.
  • Fights obesity and helps to maintain optimum weight.
  • 4.75 rating based on 4 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Petsafe Slimcat - Orange
    good dispenser, question the exercise by JMcC from san jose CA12/14/2012

    We have several cats. One of them took over this treat toy and nudged it along with his head until he had extracted all the treats. Another cat shadowed the nudger and gobbled the treats that bounced farther out. I'm going to try the ball again on a more difficult setting, but I think we have too many cats. The competition over treats is too intense to risk swatting the ball---the other cats might get the treats. I think this is a toy for a household with 1 or 2 cats. It works as presented in the description by the manufacturer.

    greatt motivator by lthur15 from Roanoke, Va05/30/2012

    This ball was probably the best purchase Ive ever made for my cat. Since he is a house cat he tends to be a bit lazy which of course results in his weight problem. With this ball he has become more active since he has to work a bit to get his crunchy food.I would like to note he is successfully losing his extra pounds.

    My cats love this! by catmom from Boston, MA06/22/2012

    And what's not to love? a toy, treats, something to knock around the room??!! My cats love this toy so much, I'm buying several more for all my friends who have cats.

    Great Cat Feeder by f+z11/06/2012

    Our male cat eats too much, and the female likes to play with her food. This is a good solution for both - F has to work for his kibble and Zelda can pounce to her heart's content.

    Featured Reviews for MULTIVET Citronella Refill (3 oz)
    Will buy this again by pattycake from Round Rock, Tx.10/22/2012

    The dogs hate the smell. I love it . I think this is the best way to go when trying to keep the neighbors happy.

    Featured Reviews for 2 Pack MULTIVET Citronella Refill (6 oz)
    by from 08/30/2013

    never again by gf from Hoffman estates, Il.01/20/2013

    I placed my order on 12-15-2012 and today is 1-20-13 and I am still waiting for my purchase never never again

    by from 12/30/2012

    The refills, for a citronella collar, function as advertised. It's too bad the refills don't contain more doses and the price per refill is high, but if you have a barky dog that is not responding to consistent training, using a citronella collar is worth trying.

    get by five from starsThis


    Barking problem is reduced by Roxi'sMom from Indiana12/01/2012

    While our Plott Hound is never likely to be a quiet pet, we had to do something about her hysterical barking at the squirrels in our yard. The Gentle Spray Collar, which dispenses this citronella spray, helps to remind her in a humane way, when she is barking inappropriately. The citronella injects easily into the collar receptacle. When the barking begins, it is dispensed in a gentle puff; she is usually more startled by the "psst" sound than the citronella itself, which also has a distracting scent that is not unpleasant to humans. We will continue to purchase this until her behavior is modified, which will take a while because she is true to her breed -- loveable but stubborn.

    Featured Reviews for PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar
    Screaming Puppy by Large Puppy05/01/2011

    This worked for the screaming and barking. It does not always work well for the whining.

    Excellent product!! by Erika from Las Vegas, NV11/03/2013

    I love the PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar! I don't like the idea of shocking my pet so this collar really fits our needs. This was a replacement collar. The first one served us for a few years until I dropped it and ran it over. We have also allowed others to borrow the collar to test it on their dogs. Every person that tries it on their pet is thrilled with the result. You can't go wrong with this product!

    AMAZING!!! by JodiPadodi10/14/2011

    We have two miniature schnauzers and live where there are plenty of squirrels to antagonize them :-) I would walk around our neighborhood and (embarrassingly) could hear our dogs from the next block over. They would bark uncontrollably when our friends came over, when our neighbor came home, when people would walk passed the front of our house, when our neighbors across the street came and went, even when WE came home. It was driving us all crazy. A friend told us of a friend of a friend who had tried the Citronella Collar. We decided something had to be done and we really didn't want to use the "Shock" collars. After receiving the collars and following the directions (introducing them to the new collars) we put them on each dog and voila!! One bark from each dog and SILENCE!!!! A small aroma of citronella and peace and quiet began creeping into our home. After a week I received a text from our neighbor across the street asking if everything was okay because she "hasn't heard the dogs barking in about a week". We are now able to give our dogs the hugs they need and deserve because we now enjoy being around them!!! Cannot say enough about this amazing collar. Buy it . . . you'll like it.

    Every time we put on the collar, he doesn't bark! by Janis from Salt Lake City, UT03/24/2013

    Truly. We think he has barked a couple of times, only once a time, with the collar. When we put him outside now WITH it, he doesn't bark. When we don't put on the collar, sometimes he does bark. So I guess it's a success, but we'll keep testing the collar and him!

    absolutely terrible product by Bon03/05/2012

    It was an entire waste of money, and I bought 2 of these collars... neither one works!

    not a good choice by patty2201/18/2012

    The box where the citronella sits is large and heavy for a dog to carry around. The idea is good but I returned it and am waiting for a refund.

    Citronella Bark Collar by Doug from Belmont, NC12/08/2011

    We have two dogs that both would bark when anyone would approach the door or yard. Now, with the collar on them, they let out one bark max and stop.

    My lil Yapper by Tina F.11/25/2009

    I have a lil yappin chihuahua, she's a doll but when someone rings the door bell she goes crazy! This is an awesome product that really help settle her nerves. After a few usage she's calm and now she hardly barks, she just kinda mumbles a small arf. Thanks guys!

    Anti-Bark Spray Collar by Diane01/01/2012

    Well after trying many different solutions to solve the 'barking' issues with our 'spaniel' - this collar has been an absolute success. New Years Eve not a bark to be heard with the fire works in our area. Welcome to 2012 and we are now in a 'bark free zone'.

    Best choice for my dog by pattycake from Round Rock, Tx.10/22/2012

    Love how they responded to this collar. The barking stopped immediately. It is a very humane way to curb the barking.

    So Happy I Bought This by Kelly from Henderson, NV05/10/2013

    The answer to prayer! Worked beautifully for my obnoxious barking dogs! .

    Great Product by Lisa from Pennsylvania10/07/2013

    We have a small dog that likes to bark and get aggresive if someone comes near us.Any time he barks it sprays and he stops immeditaly.Sprays not offensive and better than a shock collar.

    Our doxies savior by Ward from Annapolis, md10/22/2012

    Our mini Weiners would bark terribly at large dogs anytime we walked them in town and it was getting worse and embarrassing. We didn't know how to get them to stop, so we ordered these collars when we saw that there was a groupon. We had read decent reviews of citronella collars in general and figured with such a good deal, we should give it a whirl. Honestly, i don't know what we would have done without these. They have worked amazingly well, far better than we had ever expected. They still bark every now and again, but only once.

    Excellent Product by Bob01/10/2013

    I have used this collar/spray system for years. I have probably purchased 4 or more collars as they get a real work out over the years.

    Citrnella Collar by Patsy from Saint Louis, MO06/10/2013

    This is the best product for barking dogs. I have tried almost all of the other types of collars and this one is amazing. I put this on my dog and when the citronella sprayed it only took that one time and when I do not want her to bark I put on the collar. I do not have to even turn it on.

    Have not decited yet by GEM from Texas06/26/2012

    1st Bark collar received did not work. Factory sent a replacement out right away. I think this collar would work on larger dogs but would not recommend using it on a 3lb Yorkie. The unit is to large for a small dog.

    Effective and fast by Nicole from Henderson, NV02/21/2013

    This training was easy. Concerned about the Citronella Oil as I've read it can be unhealthy to pets. When I emailed Entirely Pets about my concerns, they immediately returned my email and provided full disclosure of the ingredients and their amounts. I felt much safer about it after that as the oil content is very low.

    Great Purchase!! by lisa from South Carolina08/06/2014

    I have two papillon pups -- the product really works! After wearing only a couple of times, they will not bark when the device is on -- we don't even have to turn the device on now. We are almost at the point that all we have to say is "collar" without putting it on them. Great training device!!

    Featured Reviews for Petsafe Slimcat - Pink
    cat loves it by DJ03/23/2010

    My fat cat Zoe loves this. She gets all her meals this way. It provides her with stimulation and fun

    Not a huge hit or miss. by CuteandCuddlyCats from Houston, TX11/23/2012

    Two of my four cats messed around with this enough to get the food to come out, but I would hardly call it exercise given the limited ground they covered. So yeah, it does dispense food, but the ball is to large to encourage across the house play. My cats are to smart to bat a ball of food away from them, they want to keep it right under their nose.

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