• Musher's Secret Paw Protection (1 lb)

    Musher's Secret Paw Protection (1 lb)

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    Musher's Secret Paw Protection (1 lb) is a dense barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides protection even in the most extreme conditions. Perfect for dogs who don't like boots! Made from 100% safe and natural waxes, Musher's Secret won't stain carpets, is non-toxic, and is easy to use. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes. Excellent for preventing snowballing and saltburn on your dog's toes in the winter and protects paws against sandburn and hot asphalt in summer. Apply a small amount on and in-between your dog's toes. If snowballing re-occurs, just reapply. Wipe off excess after use. Also can be used for protection and soothing relief from fly bitten ears, open sores, cracked toes, nicks, scratches, and burns. Just apply a small amount to the affected area as needed.

  • Musher's has no healing properties but used over a cleaned wound, will keep out dirt and speed the healing process.

  • Don't forget the human factor: Use Musher's Secret on your cheeks and hands to prevent windburn.
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    Pleasantly Surprised by bbird from AL12/09/2012

    It is sometimes hard to decide whether or not to buy a product based on reviews that are left, but let me tell you, this stuff works. My dog runs alongside my bike and I needed something to keep her paws in good shape. Musher's Secret keeps her paws from cracking and blistering. I highly recommend it! We haven't tried it in winter conditions yet because it has been unusually warm lately, but I am confident it will work well.

    Fantastic Product by Semck from Sackville, NS02/12/2013

    Recently bought this for a friend who has a Nova Scotia Duck Toller and he has not had any problems with snow balls or ice bothering his paws. We just had a major snow storm and still no issues. love this product.

    Best product, best price by Cindy from Pittsburgh, PA02/23/2013

    I have two greyhounds and their feet are very delicate. This product prevents snow build-up between their pads and decreases the irritation of harmful salt in the winter months. During the summer it lessens the irritation which is caused by hot concrete and asphalt. Musher's is particularly good at making walking more comfortable for my grey who is prone to corns. Entirely Pets consistently has the most competitive pricing for Musher's

    Excellent protection for tender paws by SJP from NEPA01/30/2015

    We have a boarding business (country dog camp) where we transport city dogs to our 52 acre farm in NEPA to enjoy a vacation hiking, exploring and playing in the great outdoors. We are open for business year round and the winter weather is very harsh on tender paws. Most of our canine clientele hate having boots on their paws. Inevitably, they will quickly remove and lose them. Musher's Secret Paw Protection does a great job by forming a protective barrier so they can enjoy all the perks of being outdoors for a much longer time period. It also minimizes ice balls forming on the furry paws of our hairier dogs.

    Not just for man's best friend by Conor04/10/2012

    I use this product on my lab because she had really rough pads. Within the first treatment you could feel her sandpaper pad slowly becoming smooth. My dog loves to lick her paws directly after application so i have put it on her paws then take her directly outside to play to redirect her attention. ANYWAY....there are several reviews on how awesome this product works for our animals....it does the same for humans. All day long i am constantly washing my hands. Every winter my hands chap real bad so much so that using hand cream doesn't really help. Well after applying to my dog, and taking her directly out, i didn't have time to wash my hands to i just rubbed the wax into my hands as if i was applying hand cream. WOW! My hands look rejuvenated. Try it, you'll be amazed too!

    by Marie from Sherbrooke, Canada12/18/2012

    Excellent product ! Snow doesn't stick to the paws Our dog likes it and it smellls good too

    by Mush03/14/2013

    Mushers secret works pretty good on our golden retreiver and german wirehair. It is kinda messy to get on their pads, but worth it. It does keep their paws from balling up with snow. It doesn't leave greasy spots in the house or truck either.

    A terrific gift! by Mattie from West Windsor, NJ05/22/2013

    Friends gave us this product as a gift for our dog when they ordered same for their dog. This is a terrific product!

    Musher's Secret by aprilthai from louisiana03/09/2013

    very good product. healed cracked and peeling paw pads in a matter of days. have since used to protect and heal hairless area under tail from black flys and their bites. no mess, goes on very easy with very little licking of treated areas by dog. only problem was that plastic container holding the product was broken when received, had to find another container to hold product. notified Entirely Pets and they refunded shipping cost.

    The solution by Drake from Denver01/05/2012

    I'm Drake. I'm a 93.4 lb German Shepherd. I love winter. But always! little balls of snow become compacted deep in my pads. In the past my Person has tried booties, but this only hinders my frolicking. (and my pals around the 'hood point and laugh) So when it's snowy here in Denver she massages Mushers Secret into my pads (delightful!). Not only does it prevent the horrible little balls from slowing me down, it also keeps me from tracking them into the house. So she's happy, and I'm happy. MUSHERS SECRET! Get you some!!

    Big dogs icey feet by LiQuiD from Anchorage, AK11/19/2011

    Living in Alaska and walking your barefoot dog outside in 10F degree weather turns him into a big pupsicle. I apply this to his feet at least once a day to keep his pads from cracking when they ice over and freeze. He has never gotten frostbite and we are always very careful about how cold he must be getting. I noticed improvements to his pads health the third day I started applying this. Less crack lines and more healthy looking skin. Hunter is a big yellow lab with short hair between his toes. The paint can this comes in isn't something that I want to be opening every day. Just because of the sheer difficulty. I had to find a flat head screw driver to open the can. I then had to find a hammer to put the lid back on the can. From that day forward Iíve been putting a weekís worth amount in a different container. This smells like pine tar, in a good way. Mushers Secret is pure white so like it says elsewhere it will not stain the carpet. On that note, I get the beast to stand by the front door. I lift each paw and gently coat each toe with thin film of the MS. I also apply the extra off the toes to the roof of the paw. I take him outside after that. After 5min of running around in the snow he is fine to come back in and get on the carpet. All the excess is gone and there is still some moisturizer on his pads. That leaves little MS to get on the carpet. This is a 5 star product for any Alaskan dog. Iíve been using this for a few weeks now and recommend it to anyone I see with a dog up here.

    Tasty! by CIN from Indian Lake , NY01/18/2012

    I thought this would be a great treatment for my dog who snowshoes with me. She immediately took to it, but this consisted of licking if off! Maybe some of it remains because she spends less time chewing off the ice that forms between her toes.

    Winter Protection by shalimarmermaid from Minnesote01/02/2014

    This is a great product to protect pads from drying out and cracking in harsh winter temperatures and snow.

    Good Stuff. Container Was Beat Up. by Steve02/12/2012

    Musher's Secret has worked well for keeping slush and mush from embedding in our dogs paws. The only complaint is the 1 lb can was pretty beat up. Thankfully the lid is able to close securely.

    Excellent Product - Musher's Paw Protector by mopsy from Brooklyn, New York01/31/2014

    This waxy product is excellent - protects our dogs from the salt applied on New York streets after snow and ice blankets the area. Before we used this product, our dogs would regularly have painful experiences on ordinary walks, lifting their legs to avoid hitting the salt again. With Mushers, they are perfectly comfortable walking on snowy/icy streets that are covered with salt!

    Recommended for the desert too ! by Emma's mom03/06/2013

    My sister recommended it to me with high regards. Her golden retriever has a lame leg and the foot pad would always get roughed up on any surface other then grass. My dog and I lives in the desert and he needs mushers to protect his paws from the harsh ground and dryness.

    Excellent product by Doglover93 from Massachusetts01/21/2013

    Lots of product for such a great price! This is the samw price most other websites charge for less than a half a pound. Regular delivery was supposed to take 4-8 days and arrived after 2! I've had bad experiences with dog shoes and slippers. My dogs hate having something on their feet. This product is fairly easy to apply and they don't even know they have it on. It takes me about 20 sec to put it on but then you just have to wash your hands. No big deal. It does leave a waxy shine where the dog walks if you let your dog walk around your house immediately after applying it. I would suggest putting this on, washing you hands and heading right out the door. There's no need to wash it off your dogs paws it absorbs by the time you get home ( for me that's 15 minutes of walking). If the roads are really salty I'd definitely suggest washing them though just to get the extra salt off. If you walk your dog a lot I would definitely suggest giving this a try! For the price you can't go wrong.

    musher's secret by tew02/08/2013

    I have tried vaseline, pam spray, and booties to prevent those nasty ice balls from forming between my poodles paw pads with no success. I ordered the musher's secret and then -NO SNOW! Finally, I got the day I was waiting for and applied the stuff to both my poodle's and bulldogs feet and went out for a walk. We had a great time with no stopping to chew out the ice balls. Nor did the product mark up my floors at home. And the dogs seemed to enjoy my rubbing it into their feet. They're happy and I'm happy and waiting to go out in the snow this weekend. (be careful what you wish for)

    A paw saver by mom from Turney, MO11/17/2011

    My Anatolian Shephard is our livestock guard dog. She protects my sheep, chickens and the family all night long. I wanted to protect her paws from the ice and cold. I started applying it right away and it has helped with the cracked pads already.

    by Honey02/13/2012

    We have used Musher's Secret on our labs paws for years. It is the BEST thing that we could have purchased. I recommend it to everyone and have never had anyone come back and say that it wasn't the best. Thank you!

    Musher's Secret: it's worth the buy! by Dianavelo from Sherbrooke, QC, Canada01/09/2013

    It really works! A layer of Musher's Secret under my dogsí paws and they can run and play their hearts content without problems. That's great!

    paw protection by ski01/29/2015

    seems to make a difference on dogs ability to withstand snow and cold better.

    Great Product by Doggie lover from CHICAGO, IL12/30/2012

    I purchased this on a vet's recommendation. This was for my Chicago city dweller daughter's dog. A must for walks on those snowy, salty sidewalks. They both love it.

    mushers by Beardie/Silky01/05/2013

    Great alternative to boots. My dogs can now tolerate road salt/snow, it truly prevents ice balling/caking between paws. Does not seem to effect our floors.

    by from 02/05/2013

    This stuff goes on easily and keeps our Boston Terrier's feet soft and I think it helps keep his pads from cracking.

    it's by enough from toI


    good product by savvy shopper from algonquin,il02/26/2013

    mushers secret is the best, have tried many this really works

    Mushers Secret Paw Protection. by CIndy H from New Hampshire01/08/2012

    I use this on my Husky and two Labs and it is wonderful. I walk my dogs twice daily and in the winter they dump alot of salt on the roads and mushers protects their paws. Without it, dogs stop and lift up their paws because it burns their feet and I had to wipe of their paws often, with mushers I do not. It is great in the summer, it keeps their paws from burning and cracking from the hot pavement.


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