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Natural Ear & Eye Products

Taking care of your pet's eyes and ears is vital for their health, inside and out. Healthy eyes and ear are clean and clear of any signs of infections or dirt. Shop and cleanup those eyes and ears!

Calm Ears with Aloe Vera (8oz)
Calm Ears with Aloe Vera (8oz)

($11.99)  $9.99
Calm Eyes - Eye Cleanse 4oz
Calm Eyes - Eye Cleanse 4oz

($9.99)  $8.39
Calm Eyes - Eye Cleanse 8oz
Calm Eyes - Eye Cleanse 8oz

($13.99)  $10.49
DermaPet / Dechra Ear Cleansers
DermaPet / Dechra Ear Cleansers

Ears All Right Gentle Cleaning Lotion (4 fl oz)
Ears All Right Gentle Cleaning Lotion (4 fl oz)

($16.50)  $12.99
Calm Ears with Aloe Vera is specially designed to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the entire ear canal. Calm Ears is pleasantly scented and will not sting or burn your skin or your pets skin. Calm Ears is Gentle enough for daily use and is ideal for cats and dogs.
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Calm Ears with Aloe Vera (8oz)
cleanest ears forever by Tiger lily from Vermont12/17/2011

I bought this product 'Calmears' because it is gentle......and to my delight I discovered that it works! Our Beagle (adopted from the shelter) is prone to ear infections. After vet visits to fix this I found 'calmearrs' and use regularly to avoid any more problems.......wonderful, thank you

Calm Ears Ear Cleanse by luvanimals from Homosassa, Florida02/13/2013

This is the best product I've tried yet for my 16 year old cat with ear wax problems! It smells good and does what it says-"Calm Ears!" Thanks for this product Entirely Pets!~

Featured Reviews for Calm Eyes - Eye Cleanse 4oz
good to have on hand by sandi from South Carolina01/23/2014

we have eleven cats. often we try home remedies before going to the vet for simple health issues. this is type of product we have on hand for a obvious care of ear wax NOT for an ear infection. we have cleaned out ears with this product very carefully using cotton balls (never q-tips) to collect the debris and found this product worked well. when the debris returns within a few days it is time to take the cat or dog to the vet. currently I have a cat who has recurring ear infections. I cleaned out her ears and the debris returned quickly. today she went to the vet and received a ear gel antibiotic deep in the ear to clear up the infection. going forward I will be cleaning out her ears with a vet provided medicated ear rinse that clean and medicate the ears in one step every two weeks. with these types of products you need to know when to use and when to draw the line and take the pet to the vet. I recommend having this product in your first aid cabinet and it is worth buying.

Calm Eyes- Amazing by N/A09/25/2008

?What an amazing product the Calm Eyes has done for my three Yorkies and in such a short time. I paid almost $50.00 for a tiny tube for some salve through my Vet and it never began to clear up the problem. After two days of using Calm Eyes, my little dogs? eyes were so clear and bright. I am convinced that it is the best product on the market for a happy, bright eye pet.?

Featured Reviews for Calm Eyes - Eye Cleanse 8oz
calm eyes by krikit from New Jersey03/10/2014

softens and cleans eye discharge without irritating and scraping to remove hardened accumulation around eyes.

so so replacement by cuddly04/27/2012

I have only used it once..not as good as the old one..will try it again. I don't remember that name of the old one..just that it was a tear stain remover no longer available...will try this again.

great product by smcgill from LAWRENCEBURG, TN.08/01/2013


Featured Reviews for Ears All Right Gentle Cleaning Lotion (4 fl oz)
The Very Best by Buttercup67208/08/2012

My Cocker Spaniels actually like to get their ears cleaned with this lotion! It smells great, and sooths their ears. Cleans the ears naturally without chemicals. The very best ear cleaner I have ever bought. I will not use anything else!

Best ear cleaner out there! by Buttercup672 from Austin, Texas11/19/2012

This is the very best ear cleaner! My dogs actually like getting their ears cleaned with this product! It appears to sooth the ears, and it smells great! My Cocker Spaniel always fought getting her ears cleaned until I used this product. Now she actually tilts her head for me! I can't praise this product enough. It has made ear cleaning time so much easier. AND it's made in the USA! It just doesn't get any better than that!

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