• NaturVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray - Horse (32 oz)

    NaturVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray - Horse (32 oz)

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    Horses, like other animals, will use their teeth to get at things, alleviate stress and irritation, deal with boredom and more. Unfortunately, the behavior can be destructive, both to stables and equipment as well as to the animal itself. As a result, using a product or guard that teaches the animal not to chew a particular area is critical to preventing further damage. The Bitter YUCK No Chew Spray for Horses provides the ready answer to the problem.

    Bitter YUCK is entirely alcohol free in design, so there is no after effect or side effects from use of the product around a horse. Further, the formula is water-based and doesn't include ingredients like pepper or similar that causes a stinging sensation. Because the non-toxic, non-harmful design, Bitter YUCK can be sprayed on equipment, furniture and even animal wounds to get a horse to stop chewing that particular location. Bitter YUCK is entirely clear and water-like in liquid form. It has no stickiness to it or leftover sticky residue when dry. The product works extremely well at preventing and stopping gnawing and chewing for all types of animals, including horses. Further, because Bitter YUCK leaves no stains, it can be used indoors as well.

    To recap, Bitter YUCK provides a horse owner:

    An easy, inexpensive way to stop chewing problems. A product that leaves no mess, stain or stickiness. An easy way to protect a wound from a horse's chewing when it itches.

    Usage Information

    Directions Spray Bitter YUCK! evenly and thoroughly on bandages, manes, tails etc. For best results, spray any areas that horses might chew. Spray as often as necessary until desirable habits are achieved.

    Avoid getting product on hands. Bitter YUCK! tastes bad to people too. Should you get Bitter YUCK! on your hands, rinse hands with hydrogen peroxide which will help reduce its bittering effects.


    Active Ingredients Rosemary (0.5%) Bittering Agent (0.3%) Inert Ingredients: Water and Sodium Bicarbonate (Total Inerts 99.2%)

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    No Chew Wahoo!!! by Kristy from Delaware02/01/2014

    I have a horse that wants to chew on the wood area around where his feed bowl is mounted after he eats. I guess you could say he likes to 'lick the bowl'...anyway, the licking has lead to chewing and I worry that he will get splinters eating the wood. I tried Bitter Yuck and as soon as I sprayed the area, I knew that it was bitter! I guess somehow I got the spray or some of the stuff in my own mouth and let me tell you, it IS BITTER! But that's exactly what I wanted! My horse has not bothered the wood where I sprayed it at all since I used it, but he does not hesitate to come in and eat from his feed bowl. One suggestion, the spray bottle is great and gives great coverage, however, if you are spraying directly near an area where you do want your horse to eat/lick, I would suggest that you spray Bitter Yuck onto a rag or towel and 'wipe it' directly onto the surface you want to treat...and use rubber gloves because you don't want to get Bitter Yuck on your hands. Hee, hee, unless you are trying to break a bad nail-biting habit...if that's the case, Bitter Yuck might just be the answer. Just kidding! Seriously folks, this stuff really works!


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