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Naturvet Senior

Senior Bladder Support Time Release (60 Chews)
Senior Bladder Support Time Release (60 Chews)

($9.99)  $8.39
3 - PACK Senior Bladder Support Time Release (180 Chews)
3 - PACK Senior Bladder Support Time Release (180 Chews)

($28.99)  $21.59
Senior Hip & Joint Time Release (40 Tablets)
Senior Hip & Joint Time Release (40 Tablets)

($22.99)  $14.99
Senior Hip & Joint Time Release (90 Tabs)
Senior Hip & Joint Time Release (90 Tabs)

($32.99)  $26.99
NaturVet Senior Gas Aid (60 tablets)
NaturVet Senior Gas Aid (60 tablets)

($18.99)  $14.49
NaturVet Senior Heart Support (60 chewable tablets)
NaturVet Senior Heart Support (60 chewable tablets)

($22.99)  $17.49
NaturVet Senior Hip & Joint Powder (10 oz)
NaturVet Senior Hip & Joint Powder (10 oz)

($36.99)  $27.99
NaturVet Senior Liver Support (60 chewable tablets)
NaturVet Senior Liver Support (60 chewable tablets)

($39.99)  $30.49
NaturVet Senior Skin & Coat Powder (11 oz)
NaturVet Senior Skin & Coat Powder (11 oz)

($27.99)  $21.49
NaturVet Senior Vitamin Plus Glucosamine for Cats (50 soft chews)
NaturVet Senior Vitamin Plus Glucosamine for Cats (50 soft chews)

($9.99)  $7.49
Senior Bladder Support Time Release (60 Chews) is Veterinarian Formulated for senior dogs to help maintain and support normal bladder health and control.

Animal Weight Daily Amount
Dogs up to 50 lbs 1/2 tablet twice daily
51-75 lbs 1 tablet twice daily
76 lbs & over 1-1/2 tablets twice daily

by NaturVet

Also try CONTONE for improved bladder health in dogs.
Active Ingredients per 3 gram tablet::
pumkin seed 125 mg
rehmannia 125 mg
wild yam root 125 mg
oregon grape root 25 mg
marshmallow root 25 mg
cranberry extract 25 mg
ascorbic acid (vitamin c) 25 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Beta Carotene Beadlets, Dicalcium Phosphate, Hydrogenated Cottenseed Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrins, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Montmorillonite, Natural Flavoring, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Silica Aerogel, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Oil and Whey.
4.31 rating based on 13 reviews
Featured Reviews for Senior Bladder Support Time Release (60 Chews)
Good by Norma from Columbus Ohio05/17/2013

Really work for about a month, but she is about 12yrs old.She is on prion but it was working and not working so I tried this, was hopeing it would work but she is older. yes I would regamend it to others just try it.

It works!! by Shirley10/05/2011

Our dog is 15 years old, with a weakening bladder. This product STOPS his leaks. We will not be without it.

Helps with expenses by Mutt Mom from Missouri07/31/2011

I bought this based on the previous reviewer's recommendation and have found the same thing to be true. I have cut the Uricon dosage in half and use half a dose of this along with it. Less medication and less cost. She is not leaking on this regimen. My 8 year old is fairly picky about pills in her food, but she'll eat this just fine.

by Sue from ohio01/19/2012

I have a fourteen year old female dog that was having a recent problem with holding her bladder. Within the first week of use this product she has had no mishaps!!

great product by Tracey10/06/2009

I bought this for my 7 yr. old dog who has had a lingering bladder leaking problem. She had been on 1 proin tablet a day, and when I added this supplement, I've been able to reduce her proin to 1/2 a tablet daily. It's an inexpensive product with the same ingredients as the pricier products. I would definitely recommend it.

Dog wouldn't eat by zepher02/08/2012

Our dog would not eat these, even wrapped in multiple foods, she would spit them out. No matter the size of the pieces as I would chop them up as well. Total waste of money to me. I tried all three of these pill form products and she spit them all out. For me it was a total waste of money.

Helps with Incontinence by Anna from San Francisco12/12/2011

I have a 13 yo lab who became incontinent after we moved across the state. She's been on Senior Bladder Support for almost 3 months now. Her incontinence hasn't completely disappeared--she has an accident maybe once every 2 weeks; but it's a HUGE improvement compared to before, when she was not taking any bladder supplement (multiple accidents each and every day). She's never skipped or missed a dosage, and I saw results within a week. I only wish they made a larger bottle because each bottle contains 60 chewable tablets and my dog requires 3 (86 lbs.) everyday, so it only lasts for 20 days.

Great Product by Katie may from Scottsville, Ky05/12/2013

It works great, no more leaking and she 13 yrs old

Good product by JoJo from Wilton, NY12/09/2012

My 13 year old IWS as had a bladder control issue for a year due to age. I've always used Proin. Decided to try NaturVet Bladder Support. So far I've had no issues. I would reccommend this product.

No more wet beds! by Freckles01/28/2012

This started working within a few days! We are thrilled. We have a male dog, approx 7 yrs old who started wetting his bed when he was in a deep sleep. He knew he did it because then he would have to go out. This has helped. We give it to him as a treat after his walk. He loves them!

no more wetness! by stvnflt from Sequim, WA03/12/2013

This seems to work, though I'm using it in conjunction with a drops supplement. It's wonderful both for me and for my old dog Trixie not to have large wet spots on the floor alongside my bed in the morning.

Really works for me by MO07/10/2012

This has allowed me to cut my dog's Proin in half for months. When I switched to Contone she had leakage. When she went back on this she stopped leaking. Coincidence?

So far not helping by Not Helping yet from Portland, OR07/26/2012

I have an older, 12 yrs, female Husky that started leaking about a year ago. We have been on Proin 50mg but it was not helping so we stopped and tried this instead. Her weight was at the top of the one tab twice a day limit after trying that for a week or so and it not working we bumped up to 1 1/2 and now 2 tabs twice daily. We have seen minimal to no improvent. We have now added the Proin back in at 75MG twice daily and it is not seeming to help yet either so she may just be beyond help medication wise. She is happy being an outside dog so we will just wash her down every few days and spend quality outside time with her.

Featured Reviews for 3 - PACK Senior Bladder Support Time Release (180 Chews)
Best Purchase Ever by Kelly01/20/2013

Best Product on the Market... since we found Senior Bladder Support our older dog don't have accidents anymore... we love it.

Senior Bladder Support by Dobiemumof203/09/2013

I have senior Dobermans who were spayed before 6 months of age. When they started having urinary leakage problems, I decided not to go with chemicals, but with natural, I researched found this product, and have loved dealing with Entirely Pets for a few years now. I love their products, and their work ethic. I love their love for our Pets & am more than grateful they carry products that are natural and work so well........

Good Product by dralin10/31/2012

I started giving the Senior Bladder Support chews to my three elderly greyhounds approximately 8 weeks ago. They are now asking to go ousidet less frequently, and there have been no accidents in the house. I'm going to continue giving them this supplement.

Best in category by Momma from Missouri10/31/2012

I have tried every brand of herbal incontinence remedies. Most have similar ingredients. For my 10 year, 50 pound girl, this brand works dependably (unlike another brand) and is the lowest cost per unit.

Featured Reviews for Senior Hip & Joint Time Release (40 Tablets)
Terrific! by Jo09/23/2010

We've been using this with our yellow lab for over a year. Truly makes a huge difference in how he feels and his ability to walk and run without pain. We highly recommend this!

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