• CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor

    CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor

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    C.E.T. Cat Chews with exclusive plaque-fighting dual-enxyme system

    Home dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. Periodontal disease affects 85% of adult dogs and cats and can lead to pain, bad breath and tooth loss. Even worse, chronic oral infection can spread harmful bacteria to other parts of the body, including the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Fortunately, most periodontal disease is preventable through a program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. Routine home dental care should be part of every pet's preventative medicine program.

    Good to chew: As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting C.E.T. Cat Chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme system to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. The plaque-fighting enzyme combined with the natural abrasive cleaning action of C.E.T. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Chews daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn't possible.

    Ingredients: Freeze-dried fish, pourtry digets, dextrose, antioxidants (containing tocopherols, ascorbic acid, natural flavor and citric acid), glucose oxidase, dried when protein concentrate.


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    by BARB03/27/2014

    Have not been able to purchase for about 6 months. every time we order they are out of stock

    My cats go bonkers for these by 3Critters from Toronto, ON01/25/2011

    These crunchy, dried fish "chews" are my cats' favourite treat. I can't take the container down (I keep them in a metal canister) without them meowing and leaping. Your cat will need to bite into the wine cork-shaped treat 3 or 4 times to eat the whole thing, and this is probably what yields a dental benefit. I imagine they are made of something like bonito flakes compressed into tubes. I don't feed the treats very often -- the price is a little steep for my budget -- so I can't say if they're improved my cats' oral health, but they are potent treats.

    Online ordering by Disappointed01/18/2014

    The one-star rating is for the service, not the product. We were running low on chews, which have really made a difference in our cats' dental health. We needed some quickly and we thought we'd try Entirely Pets this time instead of Amazon. EP's website allowed us to place an order for fish flavor, but later that day we got an email that said the product is "on back order". So we cancelled that order and placed another order, this time for poultry flavor. Same thing - later that day, an email from EP that it's "on back order". It would be nice if their online store indicated that an item is out of stock before customers place their orders, only to be disappointed again and again.

    by from 05/30/2012

    by Mopje from NH12/11/2011

    My cat loves the CET Chews and I love the fact that it keeps his teeth clean.

    My cat will kill for these!! She Loves them by MamaTam from WA state12/29/2012

    I have 2 abbys, the female is normally a laid back girl where as the male is dominant, but she will literally take him on the get both her treat and his. I do believe they like the CHICKEN flavor better but they love these also. Abbys are known for their dental hygiene needing human aid and these definitely help. My husband does not know how they help make their breath fresh as he thinks the treats stink! I get to be " the good one" and give treats to our cats!!! =) And the prices $$$ from EntirelyPets is the BEST I can find online or in a store. GREAT VALUE IN MY (and my cat's) OPINION! I have these on auto-ship so i know they will never run out!

    SHIPMENT by Cat lover03/08/2014


    My cat loves these !! by Robert D. from Charlotte, NC12/14/2012

    ever since my cat Apollo tried one of these at my vets office i've been buying them .. Apollo loves this product and runs towards where i keep his treats excited in anticipation

    Cats Love These! by Sandi from Austin, TX08/08/2012

    This is third or fourth bag of these I've purchased for my cat. They're helping clean her teeth and she considers them a real treat. Excellent product!

    Very good price by Karin from Seattle, WA02/19/2013

    I purchased both the poultry and fish flavors of this product. My cat previously only had access to the poultry flavor (my vet only offers that product), so she had been very happy with her daily "treat". Unfortunately, when I received my shipment, I gave her a fish flavor chew first. She LOVED it ... too much. She then showed little interest in the poultry flavor, so I limited her daily chew to the poultry flavor until she forgot about the fish flavor. It took about a week. In future, I will purchase only the fish flavor. I thank you in advance for her.

    my cats like these by Sandikat from Western Oregon03/18/2014

    My cats normally like these treats, but I ordered more from Entirely pets a month ago, and my receipt came back as back ordered from last year. I still have not gotten them or been told when I can expect them.

    great but frequently unavailable by consumer03/08/2014

    My cats LOVE these dental chews. both flavors. But it is often backordered and i have to buy a different brand. Otherwise i would give it 5 stars.

    Great product by pamgreinke02/10/2013

    My vet prescribed these for my cats to help with their dental health. Entirely Pets had the best price and the shipping was quick. My cats love the product and come running when they hear the package open.

    Cat likes it by Carson from Hillsboro, Or11/07/2012

    My cat has a tartar problem and likes treats. He looks forward to his CET chew everyday and it helps control his tartar build up. He won't eat the chicken flavor -- prefers fish.

    Love at first Bite! by Brighte from Suffolk, VA03/24/2010

    My cats LOVE these treats! I had to buy an air tight locking container to store them in because my cats will eat through the bag to get to them! They still try to get the container open, but the chews are safe in there. It helps my kitties teeth stay nice and clean. I also use Aquadent for that too.

    by from 10/21/2011

    My cats like this product and I believe it helps considerably with their dental hygiene. Just wish they were not so expensive as we have 3 cats.

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    by from 06/02/2014

    Great deal by Karen from Colorado01/08/2014

    My cat loves these treats! He waits every morning for me to give him his treat. He will not eat any of his breakfast until he has his treat.

    My cat loves these! by JeriS from Oregon12/07/2012

    My kitty has some tartar buildup on her teeth and the vet suggested these might help. I bought a bag at the clinic but I couldn't believe how expensive they were! I was so happy to see the great prices here at Entirely Pets because Katie just adores these treats. She gets one every day and I have to hide the bag so she doesn't try to sneak a few extras when I'm not looking.

    EntirelyPets & CET Chews for Cats by dc3201703/30/2014

    I know and use this product it is great. I would give it at least 4 stars. Still can't figure out why EntirelyPets keeps sending these endless requests to rate. They have not yet shipped my order, placed over six (6) weeks ago. Granted, my credit card has not been charged. But they have not yet contacted me to advise why my order has not yet been shipped, either. Yet they keep sending me emails asking for a review when they have delivered absolutely nothing? Poor, poor, poor customer service.

    by from 01/05/2013

    Our 2 siamese cats love these dental treats. One of them begs for his treat each night. His gums are very tender, but his teeth would be worse without his nightly treat. The other cat's teeth are in super shape. Both are 8 years old. I have tried the special water additive, but saw no difference. One of them has a very tender tummy and many treats I have tried do not stay down. There are no problems with these in that respect either.

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    great by job. from BothEntirelyPets


    Cat's Treat by Fely12/30/2011

    My cat loves the product and it prevents the build up of tartar which is really great. I've been ordering the products on a regular basis and I'm happy with the quick delivery response.

    My Cat Loves Them by A.Davey from Portland, Or05/30/2012

    Every afternoon my cat pesters me until I give her her CET chew. She devours them; doesn't leave a crumb. It was great finding the jumbo-sized packet of 96 chews.

    My cat LOVES these by Nancy from Virginia07/18/2013

    My vet recommended these for my young adult cat to help keep his teeth clean. He goes bonkers for these things! These have now become his "treats." He gets 2 a day.

    My Cats Love These by CatMom from upstate New York05/07/2014

    I have a cat who has gum disease and really needs dental treats. I'm very sorry that this product is so hard to find . . . always backordered etc. My experience with Entirely Pets was fine except that I can't get more CET Chews!

    CET chews by cat07/02/2013

    GREAT PRODUCT! When you cannot brush, anything helps.

    On back order for over a month by Ruth01/13/2014

    My cat likes CET Chews for Cats, but I still have not received it. I ordered it on December 1st. Have you forgotten about it?

    Even My Shy Kitty Begs For These by Mary Kay from Indianapolis, IN04/09/2013

    My kitties absolutely LOVE these chews... even my shy kitty comes into the kitchen to get his CET Chew. They all like the Fish Flavor and the Chicken Flavor. They're still a little expensive for me because I have 7 cats, but you can't find these anywhere for less than at EntirelyPets.com!!!

    lsuleigh@yahoo.com by fish from Luling, LA09/23/2013

    My cat, New Orleans, loves these dental treats! I believe that he would eat nothing else if I would let him. He is going to have the cleanest teeth in the neighborhood. Every evening at 7:00 he meows at me and we go into the bedroom and up on the bed where he gets two dental treats, one at a time. He then waits for a while to see if I will give him any more. When he realizes that he's not getting any more, he hops off the bed and meows to go out on the porch. He takes a drink of water and goes to sleep.

    My cats love these by karsmitty11/05/2012

    I have these on auto-ship every month. I have 5 cats and they all love them & wait for them every morning & evening. A couple of my cats don't seem to like the outer skin layer of the chew, so in their case, I just peel it off their piece & they eat the inside of the treat & I give the outside skin layer to one of the other cats. I got these treats on auto-ship because one of my cats is apparently genetically prone to dental problems. He's had problems w/his teeth since he was a kitten and he's tested negative for FIV, so I guess he's just predisposed to these problems. After I had his teeth cleaned & he had to have 2 teeth pulled, I started giving him one of these AM & PM, after meals. I'm hoping they will help reduce his future dental problems and frequency of future dental cleanings.

    Great Product but can't get it by Cagney02/14/2014

    I managed to get these before, but I cannot get these. The order has been on backorder since I placed it.

    My cats love these by lavenderstreak from Seattle, WA11/06/2012

    My 2 cats get one of these every morning. I think it's helping to keep their teeth a little cleaner since they refuse to let me put a toothbrush in their mouth. They like the fish flavor the best.

    by from 11/01/2011

    Our cat Divot really loves these chews. She get's one a day in the morning before I head out the door. I have both the chicken and fish and alternate daily. She knows it's time when I whistle and she comes running or stalking. I play with her and it and she loves the scent. Then, the chew is tossed into the air and she carries it off to some hidden location and chows it down.

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    Cats love them by Jude from Bend, Oregon04/06/2013

    My cats absolutely love these chews. Each cat gets one chew every evening "before bed". I do feel that during the years I've used CET chews the duration has been extended between the cats' dental cleanings.

    We call 'em fish balls by T. Gibson from Northglenn.Co08/17/2012

    My cats would have a fit if the didn't get their "fish balls" each morning! I can only hope that they help, I'll try most anything for my kitties that have mouth issues.

    by from 02/03/2012

    Cats Love Them by DW from Austin Texas08/04/2012

    our cats love the dental treat - it is also their late night snack - our vet also endorses the product

    CET Chews by Duddy's mom from Towson, MD07/11/2012

    My cat, Dudley loves CET chews. My vet recommneed them to help keep his teeth clean as we haven't progressed to the point where he will allow me to "brush". Must be working because at his last visit, she said his teeth were looking good!

    Better then brushing by Beckie n Addison from San Antonio Texas12/22/2012

    Both cats love this chew. Dental check-ups are great. No need for cleaning by vet.

    shipments on backorder by Ilovetocookgirl from Morrisonville, NY01/14/2014

    I havnt got my shipment yet, I ordered them for christmas gifts and still havnt heard anything every time I check they say back order. So I dont know if I will get them or not. I have ordered in the past and my cats love them, they come running everytime I open the container that I keep them in.

    YUMMY for their teeth & tummy by TW from WA state11/23/2012

    These cats treats stink to a human but to my cat's, they smell like heaven. I literally have to put these treats in a container with a lid that they cannot chew through, as they WOULD eat the whole bag at one time if left unguarded....EntirelyPets is the most cost effective place to buy. I have 4 bags of 96 chews auto shipped every 6 months. That way, I am always the good guy with the good treats!! Thank you EntirelyPets

    worst order ever by byronhp03/31/2014

    impossible to review product on infinite back order

    Dental Treats they Love by Judester from Roseville, CA10/23/2012

    The three cats love these CET chews. Burmese are known for dental issues and using these has increased the time between teeth cleanings. Keep them completely sealed; my guys will open a partially closed bag eating to their hearts content. Also you can cut them easily in half - that works for this small sized breed.

    by richard12/06/2013

    I do not know if my pet liked it you never send it to me ? I am still waiting to get it for the first time.

    Can't get product after 4 months of waiting by tg02/27/2014

    Great Product but has been out of stock so long I had to go to local vet

    Great product! by Tigey from San Francisco07/03/2012

    Really keeps the cat's teeth clean. I never run out of them. She gets one every morning, right after she eats her wet food. Amazing product.

    Awful service by nevermind03/30/2014

    Entirely Pets took my order knowing they did not have any of the product in stock. Then I get pestered to "share" the pet's satisfaction with it. Product is not available anywhere, so something wrong must be going on. How can my pet or I for that matter be satisfied?

    effective gum treatment by Ewer from California12/13/2011

    Product helped in controlling gum problem. Cat given one a day and enjoys it.

    best cat treats by jml from Tucson, AZ03/28/2014

    I'd love to be able to write a review but I was informed they are on backorder 24 hours after placing the order. My cats LOVE them but I can't find them anywhere. Hope you get some soon!

    Awesome! by Karen12/13/2009

    My yorkie loves these things. And they are helping keep his teeth clean, too. And his breath is sooooo much better! I highly recommend them. Even though they are for cats they work terrific for small dogs, too.

    Product Perfect... by Oz01/23/2015

    Love this product. Does what it says. Fast delivery...great price. One hitch...arrives in an envelope. Product is easly flattened and mine were flat. I will ask for a box next shipment.

    Cet chews by Aish07/16/2012

    My darling kitties sit by the cub bard where I keep these, letting me know "it's time" for a treat. They don't know it's to help their teeth and kitty breath! I have been getting these for quite a while and would recommend them to all pet owners.

    by terry02/28/2013

    if you give these to your cat, not only will it clean their teeth, but it will create a pest that will not leave you alone, they like them so much. It will definetely make a healther and friendlier cat.

    CET Chews Work! by Jon S06/21/2008

    My cats really love these. When one of them was at the vet recently, she said that his teeth looked very good. It seems like they're doing their job and the cats are happy!

    CET Cat Dental Chews by Nancy D.05/22/2008

    My cats love these and look forward to their "treat" every night. Our vet said the chews have definitely helped keep their teeth clean and reduce tartar.

    Back order. by Laurie02/26/2014

    It's on back order for months. Would be nice to review but frustrated.

    Our cats love these. by PC from Mississauga, Ontario06/04/2012

    Wow. Our cats practically rip these out of my hand. An easy way to try and keep your cat's teeth clean.

    Good product, why delivery delay? by Washuchan02/18/2014

    I ordered the Economy size CET Chews for Cats a month ago, in both Fish and Chicken flavors. I immediately received an email that the product is on backorder, but have not received any information on when the order will be shipped. Under normal circumstances I would rate the product higher, but it's hard to give a top rating when the product isn't delivered in a timely fashion.

    CET Cat Chews - Awesome! by Susan J07/11/2013

    My super finicky cats go nuts for these treats, and I feel good knowing they are getting a boost in their dental health.

    Favorite Treat by Judester from Roseville, CA10/30/2011

    The CET chews are the cats treat of choice. If the bag isn't completely sealed, the girl helps herself to them, depleting the bag even faster. With 3 Burmese cats prone to dental issues, these are terrific at extending the time between teeth cleaning appointments.


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    3-PACK CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (288 chews) Poultry Flavor3-PACK CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (288 chews) Poultry Flavor
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    CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish FlavorCET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish Flavor
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    3-PACK CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (288 chews) Fish Flavor3-PACK CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (288 chews) Fish Flavor
    Reg price: $149.99
    Sale price: $138.99
    CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Poultry FlavorCET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Poultry Flavor
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