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Neutricks gives veterinarians a new tool to deal with the growing incidence of senior canine memory loss.

Does your dog show any of these symptoms?


House Soiling


Sleep pattern changes




New phobias




Doesn't recognize family

Your dog may be suffering from canine memory loss.

Neutricks® is a new, scientifically proven chewable supplement for your dog's cognitive health.

Clinically shown to significantly improve learning, accuracy and enhance attention in senior dogs, Neutricks has been specially formulated as a tasty chewable tablet that dogs love. In taste tests, dogs not only like the flavor, they were asking for more!

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A story of a life saved.

"I wanted to follow up and thank you for giving my dog a new lease on life. "Hooch", my 13 1/2 year has had Leukemia for over 3 years now, so I feel he is already on borrowed time. He started urinating in the house 3 weeks ago I knew I was going to have to make a decision and soon. I would open the door to let him out and he would relieve himself right there inside the house! He was going senile! I received Neutricks® and started it right away. I was praying for a miracle. Day 3 came and he hasn't had an accident since. I know he won't live forever, but I am so grateful and relieved to not have to make "the decision" yet. I have been telling everyone my amazing results. I am a true believer."

Thank you so much!


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