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New Manufacturer's Spotlight

We here at EntirelyPets do our best to bring you the newest, most innovative products for pets. Every week, we add dozens of new products that change the way you care for your pet. From taking care of special health needs to basic necessities like treats, expect to spend less for the same great brands you trust at EntirelyPets. Also, take the time to rate some of these new products. Your fellow shoppers appreciate your feedback!

Sometimes the craziest ideas work the best. This sums up the Crazy Pet company. Crazy Pet looks to think outside the box as they say, “Our goal is to stamp out dullness in all its forms.” Crazy Pet offers crazy products for dogs and cats alike. From crazy toys, shampoos and treats, your dog will never have a dull moment.
1. Crazy Dog Spinmeister Flier
2. Crazy Cat Quest Motorized Toy
3. Crazy Dog Shampoos & Sprays
4. Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Treats

Aqueon, the place where everything is “all about the fish.” Aqueon offers premium aquarium products for the fish enthusiast in all of us. Add a part of the ocean to your home with the wide range of aquatic products Aqueon has to offer. They have the filters and food you need to keep your watery friends swimmingly happy.

1. QuietFlow 20 Aquarium Power Filter
2. Aqueon Goldfish Flakes
3. Aqueon Water Conditioner
4. Aqueon Bottom Feeder Tablets

Four Paws has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality pet products available. Four Paws offers a range of products that include hygiene kits, stain & odor removers and puppy training pads. There isn’t a pet problem Four Paws doesn’t have a solution for!
1. Pet Dental Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats
2. Industrial Stain & Odor Remover
3. Four Paws Bitter Lime Furniture Gel
4. Four Paws Puppy Wee Wee Pads

Hydor is an undisputed leader in manufacturing innovative and unique aquatic products for fish hobbyists. Adding color and water flow to your aquarium just got easier with Hydor’s colormix products. Boring is something your aquarium setup will never be with Hydor’s line of Ario, Deco and Koralia filtration products.

1. Hydor Ario 2 ColorMix
2. Hydor Theo Aquarium Heater
3. Hydor Ario ColorMix + Greek Temple
4. Hydor Koralia Nano 240 GPH

Epi-Pet is aware of the aggravating issue of pets leaving excessive amounts of hair and unpleasant odors. They’ve come up with solutions that make life easier for you and your pet to live together. Epi-Pet has come up with innovative and affordable skin care products to help with pet odors, scratching and skin sores.
1. Epi-Pet Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats
2. Epiderma Skin Treatment Spray
3. Vanilla-Lavender Cleansing Shampoo
4. Epiderma Cedar Skin Spray

PetAg is a leading manufacturer of high quality pet health products. PetAg has a comprehensive line of products that cover every stage of a pet’s lifecycle. Everything from milk replacers, rawhide treats and nutritional supplements are what you can expect to help your pet live a long and healthy life.

1. Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Powder
2. KMR Kitten Milk Replacer Powder
3. Mirra-Coat Nutritional Supplement
4. PetAg Rawhide Chews
For particular brands, visit our page on Pet Supplies by Brand. If you find a product or brand that we do not currently offer, send your pet product suggestions to: http://www.entirelypets.com/productideas.html.

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