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Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II (16 oz)

Item Number: NITEH16
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Nite-Out II Specially Formulated for Rapid Ammonia and Nitrite Reduction Decreases Ammonia & Nitrite Toxicity For SALT & FRESH WATER Contains: Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobactor

MICROBE-LIFT/ Nite-Out II is designed specifically for aquarium waters that contain marine life. Its highly-specialized microbial consortium of nitrifying cultures are specially formulated to eliminate ammonia via a natural biological process termed nitrification. The cultures contain in MICROBE-LIFT/ Nite-Out II will establish, promote or stabilize and maintain nitrification in aquarium waters, eliminating the toxic effect of ammonia. MICROBE-LIFT/ Nite-Out II liquid nitrifying bacteria contains select strains of Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobacter. Nitrosomonas oxidize ammonia to nitrite and Nitrobacter and Nitrospira oxidize nitrite to nitrate.

MICROBE-LIFT/ Nite-Out II comprises select microorganisms that are autotrophic - able to use carbon dioxide as the sole source of carbon - and are relatively slow growing, requiring specific conditions for optimum growth with typical cell divisions rates from 8 to 16 hours. Their performance and rate growth is impacted by the environmental parameters required for nitrification.

Directions For optimum nitrification and ammonia removal, first treat your aquarium with MICROBE-LIFT/ Special Blend, with select cultures to reduce organic levels that may inhibit the natural nitrifications process. Because nitrification requires adequate levels of alkalinity, check the aquarium water's pH level.

Note: Saltwater slows down bacterial action. For faster results add 25%-50% more product.

NOTE: Shelf life is 18 months. DON'T FREEZE. Store at room temperature. Avoid sunlight. Refrigerate 38°F (4°C) - 45°F (7°C) after opening to prolong shelf life. Shake well before using.

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Wash hands after use
  • If eye irritation occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes
  • Do not take internally
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    Customer Reviews

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    5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
    Does the job. by hobbyist from NY12/13/2011

    Buy this with specialblend & you will have a power house comb. Will do the job that it is required to do. Cant & will not go wrong. Remember always keep up your good bacteria.

    Microbe-Lift is the best product on the market! by sharktooth03/05/2012

    Nite-Out II is a great product, use it to move ammonia and nitrites, it works fast too.


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