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Kordon NovAqua Plus Water Conditioner (16 oz)
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Kordon NovAqua Plus Water Conditioner (16 oz)

Item: K33156
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This item has been DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Tap Water Additives & Conditioners

NovAqua Plus is a water conditioner that adds a protective skin slime coating to fish and detoxifies chlorine and chloramines. NovAqua also adds Echinacea and natural electrolytes with vitamins to the aquatic environment. With NovAqua, you can detoxify tap water and remove chlorine, breaking down chloramines, and also remove copper and other toxic metals. NovAqua is amine-free and is compatible with all Kordon water conditioners and fish treatments.

NovAqua Plus Adds:
  • Protective skin slime coating
  • Echinacea
  • Natural electrolytes and vitamins

  • NovAqua Plus Detoxifies Tap Water by:
  • Detoxifying and removing chlorine
  • Detoxifying and breaking down chloramines
  • Removing copper and other toxic metals
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