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Virbac Novifit

Virbac NovifitNovifit S (30 Tablets) 100mg: Helps support Cognitive function of aging dogs and cats. Behavior*

Active Ingredient (per tablet): SAMe/S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine-Tosylate Disulfate ...... 100mg
Direction: For Dogs and cats less than 22lbs - 1 tablet once a day for a period of 1 to 2 months.

Novifit S (30 Tablets) 100mg
Novifit S (30 Tablets) 100mg

($32.99)  $24.99
Novifit M (30 Tablets) 200mg
Novifit M (30 Tablets) 200mg

($45.99)  $35.99
Novifit L (30 Tablets) 400mg
Novifit L (30 Tablets) 400mg

($74.50)  $59.99
Novifit S - 3 PACK (90 Tablets) 100mg
Novifit S - 3 PACK (90 Tablets) 100mg

($105.25)  $71.99
Novifit M - 3 PACK  (90 Tablets) 200mg
Novifit M - 3 PACK (90 Tablets) 200mg

($140.35)  $104.99
Novifit L - 3 PACK (90 Tablets) 400mg
Novifit L - 3 PACK (90 Tablets) 400mg

($210.55)  $176.99
Novifit S (30 Tablets) 100mg: Helps support Cognitive function of aging dogs and cats. Behavior*

Active Ingredient (per tablet): SAMe/S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine-Tosylate Disulfate ...... 100mg
Direction: For Dogs and cats less than 22lbs - 1 tablet once a day for a period of 1 to 2 months.
4.80 rating based on 10 reviews
Featured Reviews for Novifit S (30 Tablets) 100mg
SO FAR SO GOOD! by YORKIE MOM from La Porte, IN10/23/2012

Thought I would try this on my yorkie Winston, he is almost 14 years old and we boarded him this summer for a weekend and he just changed and started having accidents all the time right in front of us and just out of it and the vet suggested this so I have had him on this for 5 months now and he has gone back to his active self, no more just acting out of it all the time.I love him and will keep him on this as long as I can.

Nofifit for aged pets... amazing. by Irene from Montreal Canada05/03/2012

I seriously recommend Novifit for aged pets that are suffering from confusion or forgetfulness or other age related mental issues. Our 16 year old cat has improved dramatically by no longer howling and wandering during the night all confused. Her appetite has improved somewhat, and although she has not reverted back to a younger 3 year old version of herself, her quality of life (and ours) has improved markedly. If your pet is suffering from any old age symptoms, have him/her get a veterinary check up and see if Novifit works you!

by Poodle Mom03/18/2012

My veterinarian recommended this product, to help my pet have a better quality of life. He is 171/2 years old and he needs all the help he can get! I am happy with the results.

Novifit S worked for our Bichon by BichonOwner from St. Croix, USVI10/02/2012

This product is great. Our thirteen-year-old Bichon Frise was definitely starting to act her age. She was slowing down considerably, wasn't responding to commands as well as she previously had, she didn't want to go on her walks, etc. The worst thing was she started waking up in the middle of the night and would stand in the middle of the bedroom and whine. When I sent her back to her bed, it would happen again a couple of hours later. I was not getting much sleep. However, after being on Novifit for about 2-3 weeks, she became much more like her younger self. She started responding to commands promptly and best of all, she started sleeping through the night with no whiney sleep interruptions. This stuff really worked for this particular dog. It's worth a try.

So far so good! by Righteous Rob from Miami, FL06/05/2012

I've been using this product since Feb of this year. I haven't had any complaints yet. A friend recommend me this product for his aging Lab. It worked great for him. His Lab lived to be 15 yrs old.

Works well by BusterMom from CT01/18/2012

I have been giving this to my 16yr old Pug for over a year now and his Alzheimers is under control.

It helped my dog with dementia - recommended by Amy from Boston, MA03/16/2013

My dog, Amy, has advanced dementia - she was on a prescription drug for months, which helped somewhat - it reduced her pacing and barking by about 20% but she still was not able to sleep through the night. Vet suggested I give Amy Novifit in addition to prescription. About a week after I began giving her Novifit, Amy's pacing and barking almost completely stopped and she began sleeping through the night. It has worked wonders for my dog and there have been no adverse side effects- I would strongly recommend it.

NOVIFIT S 100 mg by maxemax from Corona, CA05/03/2013

Our dog has been on these since he had his cancerous lower jaw removed. He is 13 years old, and acts like a puppy. We beleive it is due to the Novifit medication. We think this will help any pet.

Awesome by BabyDuck0706/24/2013

This has really helped our 13 year old JRT lead a less anxiety ridden life. She was never anxious like this as a young dog. However, things changed once she hit the geriatric stage. Novifit helps her to the point that even our friends have noticed.

by from 12/02/2012

I wanted to share my experience with Novifit. We were at our wits end dealing with a 14 year old Cavalier who had changed as he as aged. He would bark at nothing an had to have us come to the room that he was in or bark until we did. After using Novifit for a little over 1 month he is his old calm self again. I love this dog and I am looking forward to a few more good years with him. Thanks to Novifit

Florida by from Sam"


Featured Reviews for Novifit M (30 Tablets) 200mg
Great product by jlo1516007/21/2011

Our 10 year old bulldog was becoming increasingly confused and forgetful. She had forgotten her housebreaking, was always panting and was awake most of the night so we could not get any sleep. After one week on the medication, the panting has ceased, she is asking to go outside and is sleeping through the night. I wish I had found this product a year ago.

Novifit M 200mg by M. G. Newman10/25/2008

Has greatly helped my 16 year old Corgi. Thanks.

by from 01/16/2012

The products I received are accurate; however the packaging is terrible. Three boxes of Novifit M were put in a soft plastic envelope. When I opened the package, the product boxes were all crushed and some of the medicine inside the box fell out of the box.

more by boxes from ofI


Canine Senility Aid by Pugnfriend from Ft Lauderdale, FL12/06/2011

Our 17 year old pug tends to get a bit "lost" mentally. She has now been on Novifit for one month and she is so much more alert mentally. She remembers once again where her food bowl is, which direction we take on her walk, where her water bowls are, etc. She is still a very senior girl, but we are pleased to have her much more engaged with us than she has been in months.

Novifit M worked well for my dog by Dixie from Providence, RI03/16/2012

After my 12 year old dog started waking up in the middle of the night and acting very confused, our vet recommended Novifit M as a supplement to promote cognitive health. I know one dog is not a scientific sample, but she improved greatly and now does not experience the weird nightly behavior at all. I would recommend this product! Our vet says it is very safe, the price is good, and we all get to sleep.

Improve responses of elderly dogs by fostermom from San Antonio Tx11/06/2012

I started my elderly Australian Shepherd foster dog on Novofit and after a relatively short time saw an improvement in his response to me as well as his activity level. He is more aware of his surroundings, interacts with other dogs to a greater degree and generally aappears to be in overall good health.

Featured Reviews for Novifit L (30 Tablets) 400mg
Recommended by Vet by Walter1111/17/2011

I purchased this product for my older dogs. While they had old dog issues, cognitive issues were never the problem. I attribute it to the SAME in Novifit.

Featured Reviews for Novifit M - 3 PACK (90 Tablets) 200mg
works for Sasha by Bob Bechtold06/22/2009

Sasha is a 17 year old pit mix. Around eight months ago she began to hang her head to one side looking very depressed. After about three days on Novfit M this posture subsided. She doesn't wander aimlessly at night either. I'd say Sasha has benefited greatly by taking Novfit M.

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